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ah i
finished talking and here with our
third paragraph four page forty two so i start from the last paragraph of that page
ah this is a fiction with yamato she explain how to or explain or describe how to for practices that in ah
and ah so far he describe how to growth our link through lotus polish know a half lotus position or by me was caught out notice petition or by me off
ding looking further how as to natya
and now he's got to talk about that
ah applied to put the posture her upright posture the upper to poverty
well yesterday afternoon i only asked about the ah diagram in this book now button up this book
as i said this is not there was anyone who is the origin are in japanese thought i'd show you
diagram which cameras made forces or japanese bunch of the on the the tongue and i just route
condor for us and ha half load path that nothing so this is made in america
our time job cosmic missouri
i'm nick one kind of interesting is also different
ah you've paid fifty four
the diagram of ah you know about them if we think ah start to think i know that humanity grow and grow and finally sleep with dream ah this is also
little be different from for which are more god in japanese
for those whom diagrams are made for this bottom for thirty are different without in how we feel be to fidget buddha
anyway ah
that the last paragraph page forty two
ah thought this is after we put our earth ah like fifteen
for road before half that her anyway
straightening your buck
with your buttocks naturally but family pushing outward and you are pelvis friday tipped forward for can we will fit across our legs we make our the our upper part over our body
to the sole ah you will have to make a kind of are a natural if cobb that pain we
what i do it fast i obtained my a puppet on my body to the front and try not to move that ah la la la back but the moon
currently down to the upright posture ah nyquist then ah spain has i'd like to know if com
that is a happy and here but if we don't ah i am we should not have any tension on the muscle
that's the team put on the pistachio to be street but then you must not no matter how any tension if we have some pizza know you have pain there
so it should be straight and yet react that'd a kind of a difficult point your neck straight so often we said on it should be totally threadfin we received that instruction in japan ah we are totally
no got your next to should touch it now are color over your kimono
so it's not like the if we bend our neck right fist as a space between your color and nick so doug pinnick is right now
there's no space between the qur'anic switch
like this
for next should be straight and political change package
ah keep your next trade and peru in your tea
cross your mouth
and put your tongue firmly against the upper pray up a planet so we put the our tongue ah balloon
oh the off
ah so we a don't breathe through our ah malice to him that than we do breathing through our know if and when we try not key
keep any a in on us
and project
the top over your head as a free to are going to pay off the feeling
so often we make our next straight and put her our chin
the i got in what we should piazza server feeling with our ah cup of our head
i'm it said that are sent over our head should be the center of ah that dafoe
for his obituary straight
the ducks your showed that
less your hands at die crease of your torso and the faith
who is your light hand come up in your lap
and your left hand in the palm of the flight
we put hand you know
oh well up the finger like this
and make an oboe with our thumb
like this and the tip of our thumbs is about the height of the naples
ah you are famished his touch like to read just about you are pumps this is called the cosmic mandala or okay joe in
keeping your eyes open so finn who is sick we sit keep keeping our eyes open what we can close our eyes
so thin you know we e g to make on an equity or it straight and priorities and the keep our eyes open and yet we the for the record a i know i said don't like this
so he eyesight go about our three feet in front of our body
so naturally to cleaner eyes are not wide open but half was half open and the important point is who we don't focus on anything
just keep our eyes open without focusing on anything
in often you know we sit in front of this kind of war it's okay but finally fit or in front of the wooden wall you know it would rhythm were have written different patterns
i don't know when we're out but finn i sat in sat in general in front of my i i had barely at the corridor ah not not
and they're difficult to ignore this
so naturally i focused on this thing and it's earlier program
i got this thing become bigger a hot chocolate movie
for it's not like so quit after maria read even not every
the peloton try not to put be that thing you know you front of our eyes so it's important not and also evil we in our focus on one thing for such a long time in our eyes become strange and we may have you know paying on the my favorites
so it's important to fit in front cover ah wars without any pupin
oh wow
if there are some guides become a kind over it it i gotta i don't i forget the name over that are testimony in a psychological test and would put the guy in romania it become fatty know i think and it become
ah my god
daydreaming for it's not good it had to have our war without any patterns

ah thought cheap your eyes open look at the war
i don't think this is why the look happy how good you are because we don't look up
we just keep our eyes open
and drop your line on vision slightly
ah one
you have taken the doesn't position upright position opening your mouth and exhale exhale deeply this will help change your whole frame of mind in order to work out that to tiffin
miss you are joints and muscles story swing two or three times to the left and right finally settling in and a moving upright posture
whilst you are to breathe quietly through your nose the important thing here is to to grieve naturally from the condemn an area in your betty or a below the navel
allow long breath to the long to be long and short breath to be short
rather than trying to control each one
do not force you are breathing while make noise by breathing heavy
the judge and posture is a marvelous posture because it is the best one for throwing out for petty human thought
this era sent last sentence and i think is ah the introduction to the next chronograph actually in the japanese they see the beginning of the next paragraph
anyway so this is about that him
so can we make up for sale upright
ah for you opened our mouth and exhale deeply that means ah we exclave ah
all the air
inside our body go it so ah exclaimed thoroughly as if no air lift him up with in your body so ah ah exciting you know
we'd have to make making noise thoroughly
and fan we finish exhaling we cross our mouth
and inhale through
our know if it means that ah or the air inside go out and new fresh air comes in through north thought that fine he would generally says we feel definition
no and we can repeat this ah for your four times

thor in the beginning we need to have some exercise while the after why you can you do this naturally without thinking about it

ah the soul
after doing this deep breath ah before ah the shootings to ah we say our body thought now mouse it already closed and we see our body
right to evade okay ah i'm in that case usually we are i put our hands palm up on that me at least and a move like with fast the moment is a lodge for
other ideas i move until you know i feel a little pain on decide this path
and the open side then make our moment arab a little more
but each time i try to bend not sway had followed i had some pain he up
in chinese in some dazzling collection pieces called a map i might someone who isn't message so that it for the ducks are muslim
and finally we move for the our now correctly until we have some little pin on decide on this site and the fin
become really ripped by peter and finally stop
and this is a starting point of santana

eight rain and four
going other than the national labor
i don't know i never done that and i never attended a talk by actor a passion i never met actor perform full practice enough to hit but i read in some books
ah and some people in danger in tradition they do not to way
but i never done the and i don't understand like
he asked
what did you hear the explanation why ah
yeah i heard was too
the way that he said
sort of stayed up some i split up
you don't work that is an
he settled under that they did a superb com pressure that but energy
well it and then it's easier to say
down and isn't my way to do that is resist he ever going out him and then reserved to coming in but didn't take it with the whole period
out of the way to only the beginning yeah ha away so down to help them get their then and then he he that is worth of it yeah you are naturally was active in wants to go out like him
he said as she resist that will that naturally or catches at home and add a you
the same at the air
exhalation know you at the curb and he claim for hope that hi fi
remember saying that make sense
so i've been told that i heard
is that within
but it was to push your died from downward him and
muito bem by breathing opposed to a ah well it was not clear it came from treasure books i inquire about forty good grief oh ricotta technique also sick on although i see that i use the
same phrase that the car
you is ah counting breath no we're not going to grow up
your how the intention in your diaphragm that we are reading normally work on
when i think any red are angers out if you go to
read out for your nose
you make it like top or your i've you know them and also you have your breath hitting the back of the top and the effects an audible noise and sometimes i accidentally do it without even thinking about it home so that the way of breathe
he thought your in that tradition yeah it's taught him it's not taught that everybody call so it looks to talk to her
yeah but it's time what it's hard is a lunch well made somebody might end up being a reflection of it but it's hot more like a i guess she cautioned mother and but it really you can get really concentrated focus super focus in during their
but yeah with without are quite a free doing with we can have an address i cannot do that kind of breathing
so it must be in delhi forecast concentrated on breathing i think if we pray practice in that way
yeah you are currently focused on me breathing not in bird breeding
so you forget breathing ah so fun you forget you stop doing that way you know my there's just no often you get used to it you can do greece you can breathe in that way nobody naturally without thinking without the intention
yes in not london a mean i think anybody the didn't do it you notice museo hear an audible sound and fury oh after you know but yeah you can do it
but it really makes it a concentrated until it just becomes a rhythmic thing without thinking about it
you know but of course usually before have problems or something i a lotta times the the focus also beyond new and with libera outra and neo not out loud and near him
and who are whatever on hi fi anyway ah well we don't do you rely that different from our practice
temperatura your with shade which breathe a natural as possible as if he know the best pressing is that we forget bleeding
and jaffe or comes in and go out much money a natural function of our five is candace right have imagined to do is how we breathe and that came from dog and teaching about ah breathing in charge him
and with general caught
enough to it she's not on in this book a dog and teaching the is at from a cold and it is in the the not in this book
page one seventy six
in this version the not is underneath
i don't know if it is more convenient but a this our dharma difficult from a cool look and
ah if only
teaching about breathing by dorgan so we he follow in on this teaching and of course now there are
in on different patient possible in often ah
i came to this country and ninety three i mean ah someone who practice who is a circuit ic and beta kappa or and find out who was meek ah the python thin a regular spot counting breath capecchi last
noice thought watching brief and i don't do nothing
a buffer is idiotic confused and the all those three came from this teaching or bogan how to interpret this logan teaching so i'd like to introduce know for dog and fit about breathing in the him from in a cool look and gary the truth
freshen in this book but i'd like to introduce my who are a lot proliferation from a corner the meaning is not different
gatineau no ah misinterpretation but added that to nuclear you know wagner
compared to them
i mean both of my translation and be different the fatima so the hundred
ah but in five
purim five
are more difficult three ninety
three nine little so in this book page or three four to eight
and a tighter we made we mean cajun dante to know me made on this dharma difficult if how to breathe in virginia
he touched quite a long a paramedic course but let me read a fast read entire discourse
about two pages and i took a sentence by sentence

ah how to breathe in belgium three ninety dharma whole discourse
in the virgin of patch robed monks fast your should fit correctly with upright posture
then regulate your breath and federal your mind
in the late harvey crew originally there were two gateways which ah why counting breaths and contemporary think impurity
in the less savvy crew people used counting to regulate their breath however the buddha ancestors engaging of her way always the fog from khalifa legal
a buddha ancestors said even if you arouse the mind obra les plus the press wide fox never practice the fearful regulation of that to vehicles
the to decrease referred to such as the school of the for part of inya and i'll be doubted my cautious school which have spread in the world these days and mahayana there is also a method
for regulating breath which is knowing that one breath is long
another breath he shot
the breath beaches that tongue then and comes up from that can them or though exhale and inhale the far both of them car depending on the condemn
impermanence is easy to qualify and liberating the mind is easy to accomplish
my late teacher can't on illusion fed breathe in breathe breath entered under reaches that condemn and the yet there is no praise from preach it cometh
therefore it is neither long nor shot
breath emerges from the tongue been and yet they are these know we are it golf therefore it is neither short nor wrong
my late teacher said it like that
support someone were to ask a he
master how do you regulate your breath
i would simply say to him although it is not the great vehicle it differs from the lesser vehicle although it is not the lisa vehicle it differed from the great vehicle
suppose that person inquired again
ultimate fat is it
i would say to him exhale and inhale ah neither long nor short
someone asked by john that yoga shala bumi sastra and and the drill necklace sutra contain the my higher present
why don't you practice according to them
by john said what i take as essential is not limited to the greater or lesser degrees and that's not the far from the greater or lesser vigorous
i convinced and the combine the extensive scope or regulations to establish standards for appropriate conduct
bhaiya said it this way but he he he thought certainly not like this
it isn't not the case that it is not limited to the great or small vehicles or not different from the great great or small vehicles
what is this small vehicle
the affairs of the donkey are not complete
fuck is this great vehicle the affairs of the host have already arrived
not the extensive scope means the extremely great is the same as the smaller
not condensed means
the extremely small is the same as the great
i do not combine but get up over and drop away great and small
already having accomplished this how shall we go beyond
after post dog and finn
when healthy and energetic we do that in without falling asleep when hungry we eat rice and know we are fully satisfied
that's it nothing
so this is a teaching about breathing
you know that kind of very interesting way of fame and that we can interpret in different ways
we have you know expressing his idea is
kind of a very korea and yet not so korea we can interpret from different ways
i talk sentence by sentence
ah so this it about the breathing in found him and he said are this prison in the than is not simply bleeding but miss it at all about that tour soccer it was injured in how to ah
i think we use detour and award regulate the day great riff
but i'm not sure this regulating nice right to or not as i said another possible meaning it harmonize put it in hum many up feet in order
dog is that talk
i follows in the virgin or catalog the monks cut it means patched through means this okafor is it is our in a patch to rob monks means monks who put on aka
first you should fit correctly with upright posture as which generally describe and pew and previous ah paragraph
then heard a great or harmonize you are brief and chatroom your mind the cetera your mind is another thing about this mind and being discussion instead of this chores you
and we got let this tea as to better than come down
so posture breathing and decorating or harmonizing mind either free important point and here though in books about how we
ah neglect or harmonize of our breath
in the lesser recruit a savvy chris translational sheena yana
he nine small and ah night in japanese a soul and jaw
i saw it is more
joe is vehicle the proof and mohave court danger
of course this is not these two
i'm not that tongue
ah used in ah ah
buddhist groups beside behind our people
so there's no such group or buddhist who called themselves not yana busy in the word used only by mahayana buddhist so to kind of a great side yeah
at a price shown on bulletin before mahayana so ah today we don't use disorder chinnaiyan how i saw your to know if i to any at a buddhist tradition beside alford mahayana so we should not
the use this weather tina to define to some ah group of people because you have no such people
constructing themselves hinayana
in higher night in highlighted i got put on distant know chris side that the traditions or addy it put it in before mahela you want to make a distinction that we are not we're not the same with those people and
they wanted to say we are better than plots people in of they have to use these wife
so today we don't use ah
kenai yana adore
but fan i think and to for now at a university student in japan and put in ah this web is used and visit tara forgot to put him in fast east and south southeast asian countries are called show you why kenai yana
but today no one called such a what they call you know ah that ah buddhism is ah
asian countries such as thailand burma ah carried out by that that was her name a youthful to call them service so we never use fifteen ayana anymore
but in a program with fenway translate ah the text liking by mohinder people and describe it used in that text how will we translate this while
ah one time told i fan we work together to write tried to translate sure your article about up at the approach that caused another problem you know in dog and writing and use this the key nyanga and before we translate it as para boda in
in order to avoid this one sheena yeah then it means kogan than the credit side of either buddhism but pagans and never knew from para pagar buddhism wife she only understand so-called hinayana buddhism
bad credit side by he mahayana for this web is only used to reading mohinder context so if we translate this guess why the as tell obama that is a problem for example if we try
if we did this in in terra buddhism in on the practice no company grief and she said we'd never practicing at the way then dog and the against ten about a perturbation but they were going to have nothing to do with you know that they're about a pastrami
a tree
you know practiced in ah but if countries in asia and i in this country so in order to appointed that on a second problems ah oui
i mean an i towards i make my translation i use this one as a keen eye yana or in this transitional use frb crew was smaller vehicle yoda not to confuse to make that confusion goggin was talking about thirteen
ah ah at approach to practice to good is practiced at a time or mahayana
and could fed by maharana people we should use this was a soldier or hinayana on the e in that way
so you must be ah careful about the usage of this word
so anyway in this translation that we use are the far equal
ah in the referee crew originally there were two gateways
which were counting grief and a contemporary eating impurity
counting breaths is a method of meditation practice mentioned end up ah the prism
and contemplating the impurities another metaphor and hope or meditation practice some time in a buddhist monks went to that are forest that easy you start a graveyard ah it's it's
said you know ah in india sometimes at some crazies a project ah ah deep the dead body on the foot in the forest i'm so monks when the forest in the graveyard unfit or actually facing
our ah that the body and ah ah absorb the process of became of the for kind of body in order to see in on his body isn't cannot be the object of attachment that is how you know that
ah the least from attachment to our own modi
but it seems later that not practice is to kind of extreme thor ah don't they
in some ali but is to not really watching that that body but contemporary door ah be your eyes dark our process of that nothing became so it became ah ah miss out of contemplation
that is one ah approach of ah meditation practice in rd buddhism
so ah at a metaphor dope harmonizing brief are discounting breath is used
and it still you're still in a pretty a commodity
ah in the lisa recruit people used counting to decorate their grief so they can't breath from one to ten
and the beat
however the buddha ancestors engaging of the way always differ from the less be crew so logan says ah our practice in them is that it had me in that in fact without vista means them practitioners
their masters
ha way is different from this method

branch had them on one thin she in a fancy still started to plug that sedan with the or she was taught to practice counting breath and after for a while she said to getting
dr she said now i can count brief the entity the ten and the beat you know any booth
the she asked for next
been vigorous with the score be happy
you should never say i am damn
anyway so to count breath i'm i'm completely can do it is not the myth is not a goal or purpose of in this practice so if counting breaths in the practice keep company
ferguson is not that i placed in them this is not thursday's ah by stage practice step by step practice
anyway so counting with one of the way to great or harmonize our breath but dorgan said it's different from our ways
a buddha ancestors said even if you allows the mind of a repressed while the fox never practiced the fearful degradation of that too vigorous that isn't fry i don't want to translate differed at a
regulate these this word here though i use the same thing congee here not dog button with this rough thing by nagarjuna from digital on a commentary on the map reading upon him the sidra and know why the nagarajan i use it
a detour
thirty de the thief
decorating so if we practice sit in this upright posture and try to regulate our phillips how to breathe how to ah how our minds wax that is self control who are self regulation
and are not only dog him but the nagarjuna quit said that kind of practice in on the person that they did i got and the python fitting or profit that is like operate out their car
and try to control the movement of the car
and we compared the cody body posture breathe a mind if with he made our the day is like them then we lose the fight up ah mah hire black piece and i often fade in the heart sutra if in the guy
the beginning the first sentence of the heart sutra if we think they're the person for the name was about tissue gonna sitting in belgium and the thing that five candace
and with the aid or aid of the prajna parameter this person see could see those fed candles are empty
actor it that they'd have been fed
and after the first sentence of the other october but but if we understand ah fuck is written in the heart sutra
and what do we do you know that and in this way we completely lost the point
that means
you know if we think there are five scandals as side of other occupational and an object that is a mistake
i know had a reputation for like nothing other than types candace
so funny kind kinda thing not a i'm not the is kinda outside our object but five candles in the five kenneth
but not something ah outside of the person
and ah see this five scanners are empty that meet up abrupt tears when i himself is empty
and with them that allow us to see the empty-net is no describes kenneth itself so there's no such things in the person who is sitting on the object ah hope that a meditation and that reality that is emptiness
of these beings
and with the help or device of pricing a parameter you know this python c not only that your face but the old soda ah reality of these beings if we understand in this way
a food for me to written in the hudson tomorrow although it is written in this way that norway nor other way through like using was but that is not really true and if we think you know other then in on this person i can
compare all this in a body and mind like got drive driver alpaca or are open it out with machine then it's a really a mistake it has it's really against that reality of emptiness emptiness mean there's no such separation
again of and object
that is a meaning of self-control

ah so that to decrease to be chris means rebecca and the a up with those two because are considered to be the small be us he not gonna
the to decrease before to such at the school of the for part vienna
for part been ira in japanese she been with it

depleted minaya and that she would deter him in for parts
but this is one no doubt pinas ah translated from sanskrit to chinese there are three or four pts was translated and this is one of them
and are one of the chinese must be but his moustache was the name was door thing
she was a contemporary of ginger ginger was a person but it can join chinese ah i forget but you can do as a patent who went to india what by himself twelfth transform
you are the great our translators and the also found out how saw your what chinese your telescope
it looked at one son translation work so he lived in the seventh century
and he studied this vinaya
ah and he founded his own school named a chevron did the shoe
school of seven with pina this is the been a school fair people who study where he studied vinaya focus on studying banana and are trying to keep the been area
and this school was transmitted from china to japan by the famous chinese are thermostat up his name or gundy
in the eighth century i think a century until they start this tiny the mazda gunjan came ah in japan ah but in buddhism was already there in japan for three hundred
three years
about three hundred the us but japanese in order to receive a bit i am to become off of shallow with monk ah to do now in on ah ordination ceremony
the in the tradition they need at least ten free ordained monks masters three preceptors and seven witnesses and attack until guns he came
japanese didn't have such you know her masters so there was no of so autonation dumb but this python gundy for was already very well-known teacher in china came to japan with many options to defy proof
and after that ah in japanese buddhism in on this day shipping out where i approached it became a possible
this is the the school be obadiah school existed in japan at a time of a gorgon for i thought about four hundred the earth but benaiah school or precept of our practice opener never become for ah
popular in japan because of maybe i i already took many times why japanese people didn't like vinaya
i heard
carrying the preset precept retreat i talk really
maybe this yummy maybe i didn't but anyway after
yeah next year
i don't either have enough time i think i need to finish the script for age
anyway ah so i school was one of the called a hinayana schools ah in japan existing in japan at a time of organ and other one is avatar marquesas school and hammer crusher is had a little by but
bundle but banjo of course was that was the one of the most important ah yoga tell school master she does a five but this day but panzer wrote this text before he became mahayana buddhist
so this this idea my kosher is a in china and japan is a very fundamental text to study at dharma teachings and is where the also introduced to japan in the and under before the in six or seven
ah fitch have spread in the word these days
in the my higher nagar is also a method for decorating brief
ah choy so cool features and known that one with his long or had our breath is short
me to watch the brief and to see long breath as wrong showed the brief had sought
ah this method is mentioned in the mahabharata a parameter sutra snuck the certain about the bigger larger one has six hundred volumes my paper we it is said ah we love
both fatima of and sitting what the brief and fee long live at a long shot the breath at shot
the graph reaches the den and then is are lower back of our abdomen and coming up from the pan then
so we breathe deeply or if he goes into come in here how did a bit below that neighbor
although exhale and inhale the far both of them aka depending on the campaign so tandon is ambitious of this ah breathing and also contains consent to be that sent popular gravity for new he said
in palmer is is easy to clarify
and the regulating the mind is easy to accompany so this a deep breath from abdomen it helpful to a come down and seeing the impermanence that means our mind doesn't cause he and there but stay here
a and fee think that changing
so this are counting watching brief is our kind of bob method
to britain to help our mind ah come down
so this is my on a method of ah liberating or harmonizing our breath
and the next key interest fatima his teacher kept on rouge in a thin
a brief enters and reach the tongue been a i now it he said in the president bottom the sidra and yet they must that or or always and yet and yet there is no praise from fit it comes
so a i just enough calculating this entire work coming and going so we cannot tell fair this air the comes into our body
therefore it is neither long nor should so we cannot
consider if this brief feet long or i thought and actually you know we can breathe on the one brief a time for can't compete with brief is longer or soda is and if we think and overdraft this
ah present current brief and compare this brief with the breath in the past
in way for we do such a think you know we don't dare he focus on grieving for that no way to see one breath to be long or short got shot isn't it really are a kind of up ah data give ah
kind of why ah concept how can we say one braces long or short please
when someone who had away at weathered by comparing
printf ah
said that
the red goes into your lungs and then it goes down
reading and more deeply than it does
the find your lungs expand a little war and he said only then should you call it a long breath on the other
okay so that the there are again back to the comparison
at a time when we're sitting and breathing
come we are without that that he hadn't caused and lungs with free expand
if we are observing that thing from getting a separation between the pattern or perturbing and a breath underlings well yes
the usually that is called a contemplation who are watching but the point fat dog and want to say is if such a separation between of java under things happening than that is not somebody
so dogan point is kind of ah how can i see unique but
i'm probably many with his plugged soon as don't agree with fourteen fishing

and this is not talking about his teach up in the unusual therefore it is neither along know i showed
breath emerges from the tandem finally we exhale a comes from then
and yet there is no yeah it to go with therefore it is neither short nor wrong
so there's no had to competitor on and observation are possible but think fun but
can can do jin said
and my a teacher said it right that
suppose someone were to ask a a him is the way himself
master how do you regulate the a grace how do you come on i got a great your breath and logan said i could simply say to him although it is not the great to recoup so he said his practice is not great vehicle or am
hi diana
it different from gallup survey crew saw you he said his thinks he's practice isn't neither my know i keen eye on
although it is not walesa vehicle it differs from the great vehicle
so neither higher nor hinayana
supposing that person inquired again ultimately foot is it i would say to him exhale and inhale are neither long nor short thought he he though in agree that with his teacher either longer know
a short and he said this isn't if not mahayana and this is not hinayana
forget up you know that our next part the final five feet or so important
to how we can interpret for the a dog and thing
someone asked by young by jean was a the hacker job in japanese who was the person for traditionally a this performance chicago was considered to be the fast their master who compiled cindy
xing eat up your decoration or pure standards for them when asked me
so you
this part from the your or by young if published then regulations that the different from my high up she in iowa i'm sorry vinaya regulations are precept and also mahayana prison
that that is a point of this question that yoga terrible me sutra
i'm shastra and the jewelry necklace cetera contained a maharana precept
you know ah both ah both
this yoga terrible me sutra is made the in
india lob ah iowa law school and this disaster it a five tickets mention law three for the pure present
and the jail necklace cetera is concert to be the made and to be made in china but this in this certain are also the free for the purpose of these mentioned so you higher precept in there
but the hackers or by young established so-called there then regulations for i don't you practice according to them that modify them to i did you made ah you know ah
degradation on the for wax on the way for than community
then by john finn
what i take as ascension is not limited to the greater or the fabric that mean he don't make separation between mahayana and so-called hinayana
i'm got not differ from the greater or lesser beakers so if she doesn't take neither out them but he he didn't ah negate he helped him but ah he i condense and combine that extensive
scope of digression to establish standards for appropriate conduct that means he uses both but lead free from both and he he in a fifth pick up the allegations worked for ah she
he is community at a part of a chinese buddhist ah for community or family i mean some of the fun part of india benaiah doesn't work in chinese ah so foggy or so chinese reno our climate of the chinese
no lag time
so they had to create something chinese for chinese needed practitioners and
one of the most important on the return on point no difference between for with or by young ah made
why she had regulation and to be an heart is in than monasteries in china or monks did funny
i met was a query and he prohibited in india mean i
and the early february in off amanda point for example ah having our hubba evening meal is prohibited in india but ah they need from food recall as medicine so they started to eat
ah evening meal cord are york city but mean that literally means medicine as stone to when he asked to mock
and the ortho ah you know yesterday was day before yesterday kinda fun ask you know the way monks practice meditation
in india they emit mutation by themselves ah enough forest but in china established started to ah
practice together in one ah building
cold photo or monk tour probably that was because specially he know me northern china
in in the winter if not literally not possible to method as site in the winter so they need a warm praise that finally beat it ah monks hall and the practice inside the buildings
i think that is another difference between ah
pure standard who are cindy in then condition and are indian been i thought i have a package the point is we don't negate they don't need need out him
let me see niagara and lahaina but we don't cut up near around him but we use them
in order to create the best to we'll practice ah for themselves within their culture and climate in china
so dogan and the quote from with a statement by by jan yeah and to cut c know ah his question ah to add this the distinction between mm higher number key diana
and logan said he is different even is different from bhaijaan
it this way but ak is certainly not like this
it is not the case that it is not limited to that great or small bakeries are not different from the greater great was more vigorous
so they are not fame and yet not defined
fathi this more vehicle
the affairs of the donkey are not complete foot in this great vehicle the affairs of the horse have already aligned with this is a famous ah
then expressions donkey on the horse expressions before donkey leave horse allied
before don't he has left ah
both has arrived you know donkey on the horse are similar kind of anymore living beings but from human point of view you know donkey cannot run so fast and the horse is more youthful
donkey off cause is better than duties
but a and thing or to save from a human point of view
ha donkey on the host or different but actor these to ah
look for different same thing
yeah and if you like a dog in your same expression friend he discussed the up at our comic nature and good onitsha
donkey and horse before don't leave so don't the still here cause how to already alive it so within donkey you don't have horses lacking
so dog can also try not to separate these
i'm great at my and under kenai yana
he's had his method is different from bhaijaan to combine and take or need a things pack it works
fuck he said his
ah not the extensive scope means
the extremely great in the same as the smaller
i'm not convinced means
the extremely small either fame as a great this is also our lives of thing not the in particularly in them but in mahayana buddhism
it is often chosen and car within our
ha poppy seed months mirror can be contained an extremely small thing an extremely large things is ah
i didn't care
so happy thing is but you get no effective distinction between mahayana so-called mahayana and hinayana
i so he said she should i don't combine cappuccino or by zhang said i combined those two buy target and i don't combine
but get up over and drop away great and small that means great and small become one piece
already having accomplished this how shall we go beyond funny to know
the three two one piece is not enough according to dogan we have to go beyond that mean how we did based on that attitude or understanding
then finally logan said after post and said
when healthy and energetic we do that in without falling asleep
where hungry we eat rice and know we are free satisfied if mean tsp natural
you know this damage damages caused by dog can be interpreted in different ways and with generalized interpretation is she's a method is different
our from camping breath and watching breath and if her heart and this crazy cousin neither long nor showed so just breathe naturally we have been watching or observing it
in always had accounting or work without paying any a special attention to a brief just breathe at natal as we forgetting that means we don't feed or or fabric or contemplated just breathe
a visit which is our interpretation and that i think came from a falcon noises
but ah ah hashimoto rossi team approach he was a teacher our competitors practice to with at a hazy at a motel
he has evaporated commentary on candling he discussed about this damage is caused by logan and said
fat dog and recommend is watching breath because his away is not different from mahayana
a at one possible interpretation and another possible interpretation is she can to make such distinction so we can use any of those three
the pen depending upon our you know ah condition at the time if we our mind the the daddy bd probably counting resume like help for ah you can come to breath but the thing europe ah mind come down then used to be
so this way of and thing by dogon kind of know
bake we can incur interpret in defined the weight so none of those three teachings securities company breath peggy roy said watching breath and regenerative do nothing is that i get not against football again things so we have
to make a choice
and because i'm a different global seminars i practice in this way and from to me from the very beginning me of my practice of in family in often i was young for know whether been i tried to come to breath
and i sometimes i tried to watch my breath but i found it different from just really tough city
seems desperation pity you know i'm counting breaths through a separation between i'm so happy for sitting and brave battle is to be watched
oh our county so to i felt this is a kind of ah ah active shock
practice so ah you know i tried in accounting or watching brief separate times but i e
didn't continue

where it's ten forty
any question please
tens of thousands
said he asked the body like
conveys a name or part of their body that is said about few inches below our neighbor for this bug
physics if if he's got his
his discretion does it mean that be cheated concentration some
yeah some people say so
i'm even in
not dog but ah kingdom ah he said friend our mind is busy we can put praise our mind on the hundred and hanley and i mean cause nick mira and quoted allow not catholic mother
is he front of tandem so the femme idea or in candy he manyara of meditation this
but also the border between here and the forehead
and also sole purpose of our nose to praised ah ah obese him and if the same i do watching brief
because braille please is the ai coming and going
it at and here so this one is point and this point and this point is that or phrases some teachers ah
teaching these are good point to praise our mind but i think dogan didn't see attacking other you know decorating or harmonizing mind that he says
only thing he said in cotton conducting the is think i'm not thinking how do you think of my thinking beyond the thinking
cut his his teaching about decorating or harmonizing our minds and are invisible terminal see kind of our interpret or understand this ah you know sinking not thinking beyond thinking in terms of getting gold shot while opening the handle for
when we open the hundred foot sobbing there but we don't grasp that is thinking not thinking and are thinking i'm not thinking are taking press waiting beyond thinking
that the basic understanding of tokens at logan vengeance at him by hear my voice and lie or our practices are based on that understanding
please you have something to say you definitely a hundred
honey about
they have handled at
follow your breath and
from say that
a emphasis to record if
finishing their less
he miles but you just found your breath and with maybe sometimes a occasionally
that as soon as we noticed it was lie
i think
it is a stage confusion in there
well maybe a to say something along the straight about the confusion yeah move further confusion to consider scandalize are some and i get a condition for stage of our mind
and yet we cannot reach their yes
papagayo said or you are misunderstanding
not misunderstand me i'm sorry you are interpretation
hey a rather i visited by myself oh and they are actually many people are saying it this way
people say
azumi relishing this teaching them
her lips she thought she could also was too hard for most people today on the dunes
ah but that's not a service i think our yet he he was my you either i think that came from holidays so alkalosis teaching
hello santa croce was our is apart from ah network where the teacher them yakunin so he was ordinary person or is i thought both a masterful went to denver and the a funny complete com practice and i bring back comb practice in photo
the monastery named the quasi
on ah so how did the hurts our clothes shoes how originated person office in on a holiday i yeah funny crime and some fumble killed on his part of it and amazing or year is also another of people
and in his book ronda rousey the book she said something like ah dog and and is practices contra is highest practice and to teach ah it's to the beginners is that i got to teach for you
universities children to study to that ah kindergarten key
that the bottom
how does that was his thing so fast i here she is metal get faster we have to a practice with columns pacelli something that i our moon or i found the one hand and really able to concentrate on see law
emptiness through our can show experience then after that in know in meantime after casual experience they could study with is fixed before that they are studying politics is prohibited on someone
one foot our practice at the japanese would enjoy monetary sit on the books they were allowed to read was comics
they never allowed to study buddhism until they attain castle come to console experience because in all those orleans before that kind of experience his death confusion
so after they had our of going sure that is called a fast buddy out then in know they started to teach different aspect or buddhist our study buddhist teachings in order to do so they have to ah go through
in are many hundreds of coins and the that to ah
the one coin after study sat in battle with teachings
the current system is ah god
method that allows you know monks or practice on as ah study and practice and study based on that are and i commend the experience and includes all those teachings
i'm have apparent out of it was said is after in all those costs practice is completed to pass on jan first practice camera
that was his teaching
phillips canada is a really difficult
in practice on the people who had already enlightened could practice in that way that is how did that losses ha in application
ah but when we studied organ building never felt such a thing
so that the id have a nice candidate the highest ah practice or highest stage of the practice he is from had heard that talker grasses are teaching
you know logan
said from the very beginning we have to study tassie have he said the kind of having
so that is a kind of defiance
what is can show i don't know i never heard such a case
ah come tomorrow

the everywhere
an early the interested and i come away with
or she's is
vickers history
the impression i had was that
they would try anything
a initially
they get everybody knows that was still out i forever
if assuming and feeling i came to that america was so far too so are
a bookcase
most out of one way or we would within he said that after eighty three months back
he was a well as cow bread oh and then and then
and it would have been elaborated are people with
question to and and at least my experience at the the feeling i have both
was there ah they didn't think her than they ever experienced temporarily with do this who didn't use intellisense i hope in category with you and they caught their breath meaning and then at some point though
maybe he would be for our people who say that of this the exhale to describe and inhales or captain hailed and then seo that and count backward electronica whom but at some point somebody would ask him about coffee breath and he sailed with mine and or i know he did
so young he taught in different ways depending upon the person or the commission vs my i'm gonna whoop pardon i mean that they were you know it was as i think that but that was my feeling that it mama oh so he didn't really want people to go to make progress he didn't want to lose people who
so i may have been a lot of on how to the puppet mean some people said the of us to give candy they gave can be ha
well in blockade like a change and i says that you are younger who's dead know only one i with that and home birth
but you know knows that knows that whole just that that whole a death and this one i can either exact
did epg camping breath from that beginning now i remember that hundred i love that right clothes that write with a comrade who went bust but others is remembered in talk whom then after a year so who's that i was very is many that twenty as we didn't know where did i come from
but it shouldn't make connection historically i see him he just said oh those people the computer
pacifica hiroshi was something like that except ah
i gather it was left to develop soon so you know basically what do they are going to let the empty why out
but a pro
yeah you know at the time of the kiddos your co-pay or even they want ah their students to study that no thickest to study that killed yeah i heard that know that it was found will benefit and everything into about here
yeah but then as they would come in it was then boy i can't make the connection for then somebody would ask him if they will quality of breath about passing about how hollywood flynn know some critical by and every gram of question and say that is why was it true
no i don't follow too closely
i think they were adjusting the moon you know my freshman year as they could and still be true that teaching that it was no with the arab slave example lehman beginning however and evening that then we can
temperature during login know after the level of oxygen when i get there was to him thinking lower their prices ah but
not i'm not a few times megaphone there be two people whom neurosci at my door only to
wailuku petrella and one of them are why you
napper years only to the heart sutra and i guess you never went back home but he's turned out that way man then gradually but then that are looking up wrong and then we regain more people i remember said i liked it i i'm better with right we do it and he said
ah isn't that necessary a man know
oh yeah i would like is all i feel very we are here as dark with to a the but of a nice for three years ago
he was there yeah we are three in the very beginning of the history of american them picked reuben no fewer we are still in the beginning why you can see even in a preheated page now
we are meeting a time of preparation
in or even a heckler cause motivate i'm from there's no way to check for the dog and thing about this
okay it's almost everyone can thank you very much for your practice