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good morning
ah today i direct to start to talk on our part three of this book are pulling the hundred showed ah the tighter of this part is the reality or without him ah pay forty one

ah in the last
section which is discuss about wow meaning overtook him
in our modern times and now she's got to talk on how to fit
and of course our virgin practice is based on ah bogans and teaching ah in that photos and prohibition but of course ah fitting
practice or meditation practice
ah to be not a long history
ah it said ah you know in india
before so-called in
in the a
our people came into india that is about a fifteen hundred b fee before common era even before that where is a civilization ah it called the our industry organization since
from about to sell on be fee hungary that they had africa ah know you find about ruins of the those cities in calabar and when you're out my hand or battle in india and the according to some
corral of in dorothy
even within both are knowingly of the city we could define as statue hope someone fitting
and some scattered think that might be a people are practicing meditation of cause new jungle can or can't say anything us for sure but some scattered think sitting practice
exists even earth a for in the area came to india
and soon second when a buddha was born david the about
we are not so sure that five
five with two four six to five century be happy before common era
maybe for oh yeah sure
depending upon the for mud fourth it's almost one hundred per year difference
any way around this time i mean but i do
ah like oh and put i studied to practice after he left his paris ah cheap fast he practices meditation practice with to a teacher corps i'm not one pass on the name is allah
karama ah and another one eat i forget his name
some something lama motta i forget i'm sorry
but i ran that time meditation practice it isn't one of the main practice for indian spiritual practitioners
and are
at that time you know there are kind of on goal or maybe going to pick a goal over there split or a practice in india at that time was to let me know how idea was ah autumn
he's a pure undefiled our so like a phone but before it's imprisoned within this body or fresh that a source of delusions for i'd followed ah man is imprisoned within this body part
mike need to ah parents migrate within fixed together with nist so the goal is to that is adamant from this prison or body how can we you know how can we relate to that album on ah the
east from discord was our goal of their practice and one method was needed meditation sitting meditation or yoga method that was so called the authentic practice in their case of authentic practice they
ah energy or power or body
you know that to allow the abdomen a for free from the power or influence from this fresh than your argument can be free from ah did we ever doing the things that peter are method of
the other one is meditation by practice meditation they he'd tried to become free from god derision came from our body
so fast
a camera practice that kind of meditation and it said he needs to ah ah highest point
his teacher could ah pope could teach but from our put that i didn't think that is happy with looking for so he quit not practice and he studied to practice authentic practice for said the for six years and
and ah he practiced so ah
you know strict and ah sheed practice with such as in i stopped breathing as much as possible
or as he ate only one grain of punk grain of rice so after i don't know happy week
i be so he tried to in a weaken the body a cow his body by be after six years of that kind of practice ah you know we can see i've had to up ceremony crew
a fan she quit that kind of practice sheet body was on the bone and skin
ah but he found that kind of practice was not our or for are right way so he also quick that kind of athletic practice and he studied to a starch he washed his body and the heap some food
from our woman in the village ah got it i grew with milk and he started to fit by himself and other so-called bodhi tree so activity that the beginning of
of buddhism or buddhist teaching is shakyamuni buddha's ah sitting meditation practice and it seems not not be seems but it's different from the meditation practice he he in all learned from i a previous
he was to teach us and the difference
ah i think basic difference between without practice you're pitching and those are practices done by other key at our they just teach us is i hope we all know without found that they have north had seen called the argument for his practice is not
to that is at amount from that if britain coded body
but he found in a body undermined ah just a collection of five scanners and we have north had seen called anathema to be to east thought his practice is different based on different ah infant or our philosophy
he find those things before he stepped down
ah you mean fan he awake when he didn't know that now i may play began to sit down already said when he watched his body accepted the sad
under the bodhi tree at that long lived he didn't have the understanding i don't know
i never asked him
have you
i don't really know you know even with isn't pair speak in fact their condition before he started to fit under the bodhi tree for i get it don't know but ah
according to she's teaching recorded that she the practice of meditation under the bodhi tree is different from puppy land and so i'm not sure if he stuck it to fit under the boy tree here had already that understanding query or not maybe not
but ah
for we try to understand from his kitchen according to data she's practiced his different i think and differently to it it been submitted my gift i have no
know how can i say or phillippi to set this is really true if it may give you don't need to baby
as as he said later off him he started to teach it was five month at a deer park but he found about a middle path
between two extremes who is a self it when thou parcel the fear of inheritance not to
a satisfy all that guy
body and mind you know what i'm gonna is it i got i think she utter the practice he did ah happy though i've fifth torment
yeah mortification yeah you know ah by you weaken the power of a body try to reduce the ah dot pure soul
but he found that puppy fargo has media repast between these two and that middle path was eight for normal path
for his of had
according to ah late that with teaching pup he found was things are death note had fixed entity called the ottoman but things are
gathering and the correcting of homes pack podium this in five scandals and to take care of these fibers kinda athena most here a few way if i'm not being pulled by out as i am not being another kind of bavaria
in a to ah how can i say
ah do i fill in our comment
that if his path so she found this middle path and eight four noble path ah within his indictment within she's a awakening so for him in both eight for an overpass was not a method to did that point
but after he reached that point he found that was a healthy wholesome way or blair and after that he practiced unite the for in our path until his def and fan he thought he student ah
ah she thought this isn't a path to reach that system of the suffering
but to fin
student the dove fit and suffering for with a total as continue to practice a to for a number of path so those it ah practice or thought as hate for new path is not a simply a method to reach their but that was a pass
ah wholesome healthy way of life ah
so it's not not simply a kind of treatment to become healthy to recover his but this is a healthy way of life
anyway so ah meditation practice is really important practice in and bear with it and any traditions or put it him
ah you know it added fan we read almost all that with sit wherever we find fame with a tattoo teach give a damn my book he before that he was sitting
the station ah one of the examples or the our introduction of the diamond sutra we have been studying you know buddha ah we practice meditation the early morning and to the up and went the village to do tuckered too big or food and done
on and eat the breakfast and sh the horse and fit again and ah family to talk to the assembly that worth it seems stuck with his day today you know ah life and the practice
meditation or can practice was really a part of the he's in life of course have been about eight afford ah nagano are correct path
and later in the history of buddhism of course there are many different effect oscars or tradition appeared and in each and every a schools they had their own some kind of meh photo app
roche meditation practice

and did our tradition so called photo them ah
prohibition founded by token zingy in japan is a part of that you know those many schools in buddhism
and i'd like to introduce another thing that is
for ah not only in india but also in china seeking might be not not might be was ah practice not that can buddhism but we were sitting was practiced by he some people are for example is one
thirty in the book have to answer to be no answer as she is one of the most important post ah fierce of philosophers ah try it's a challenge to answer thirty with our armed forced to fad for
century b c sona for if i'm from mr cameron and buddha
but confuse yesterday within the six centuries and loud through also around this ah through fifth or sixth century soul our turn the computers and secure many new it around the same time i'm chances are better rate
ah if you have we not do they do a a chance right community you to lead his books different rearing and think an interesting book and there are so many interesting stories and this is one of them
this is a conversation between confucius computer and the one of his disciples of course this is made up story in obtaining people don't mind about make up stories they don't care for that he's dedicated
through or not
yang yeah usually was one of the cyprus of confucius said i am improving he said i have some improvement in his ah ha scritto study
then confucius said what do you mean by that
ah that the hyper said i've forgotten benevolence and righteousness
in unglamorous is jean
in japanese pronunciation and righteousness is game
and g and g is fast to over of five most important virtues in hunted g e a line t
find a sin
lie or day
jin his benevolence and key is like toughness or justice and the play if car park puppies what quantity that etiquette
ha anche il will come and when is trust for those are five was important the barges in confucianism thought fan he said i fought them whenever a some registries and i fought in in our most important cheating of countries
of course be seized towers the story for need to believe permitted truth
for to forget in a busy kicking his improvement for progress according to published that's a difference between confucianism and or terrorism
ah then you can fisher said that good
computers have that good to forget
but you still haven't got it
so he did i got the roster
another day that to met again and injury the same the hi bruce said i'm improving he said i'm still had some progress then computer said what do you mean by that
ah does to them said i've forgotten lights and music
light either another translation disarray right right to the forms or between things and music

i fought i fought on light and music and computer said that good but the you still haven't got it
another day that to met again and yang who he said i'm improving for he getting better and better
for do you mean by that
ah i'm sure he said guides students said i can sit down and the forget everything if i can sit down and forget everything origin or expression for disc sit down and forget everything is the ball

thy sins are dying or then sitting and bought in forgetting so i sat and forget everything not only in those virtues or our forms but finished
this time of fancy sub he forgot everything
countries just looked very start to the unsaid
what do you mean sit down and the forget everything
ah yang qui think i smashed up my name is somebody i smashed up my demons on the body that the media i'm free from body
grab out perception and intact
cast off phone
do away with understanding and make myself i didn't cut out with a great for all fair
the louvre that make thoroughfare for or and if we are in thoroughfare for the mean
road ah what you know what is too so
and it felt died through
to is right like a penetration and dating
for off and with a part of formalized birmingham she's a terrible names are died through
no i assure you died through was she's done my name and you read this too is used a got a translation of english nothing respect the british time
for example
you know in mixed january i'm going to start the study or talk on the show games or gene through

ginger is often presented as divine cough
this the the through the fence with him congee
i'm in this case mr reason i got our power to penetrate and it said there a fix a divine powers you know practitioners can attain to practice on many patient
so i think finn entertaining people translate the first great to wag he they had some kind of in association with this expression and hugh they used this word with the translation with ginger but the inch of
six divine powers are small path
not great
fisk could also are interpreted as a great penetrating par
and according to the commentary on time to if died to in same as great a way or a down

anyway so he said i smash up my dms and body for you are sitting how we don't know what kind of posture
what if because it doesn't fade but somehow he had and smashed him somebody got him if he was free from she's a good
dr out perception and intact so he stopped thinking
and cast of phone so he was free from any form and do away with understanding she read to go over you know any understanding he had about those as five graduate or countries as no teachings
and make myself i didn't cuddle with a great for oh fear that means grade now are we so he become really one with now
ah this is what i mean by sitting down and forget everything or van gogh i think this expression that boasting and forgetting it used in some other than literature i don't remember fit one but
i think this was sometimes used
then confucius said if you are identical with it with me with that great down
you must have no more likes but only likes his mean likes and dislikes preferences so it's much different from with teachings it so faint with he said refund you forget all those things and become one with ah
dow now what how are we you are free from preferences like and dislike
and if you've been transformed you must have known or course pansy constancy is job
if in bullish come this toys payments
that means i think key is free from grasping or the attachment to something which doesn't change
so you really are a worthy man after all with your permission i tried to become your for this is cautious
it's not possible causes accidents i worked the europe started to shift to live anyway this is one of them example know fitting was kind of these practice or used as a kind of
you know the station to improve they are ah
a spirituality in now a terrific taoism i don't think in confucianism
so in this idea how in on sitting on the forgetting and ah in later ah
then put him in china had i think are very cross connection
they have that same the great way is not difficult purposes of pesticide athletic from sending me so that the see that great away and this great way my for tiny the people not so different thing
but ah
i need to be careful putting the things and difference cause it a familiarity use ah but it's fitting and now is teaching
and dogan when the if fit in there at the time of logan in sung dynasty there either ah tied note of idea that ah confucianism taoism and buddhism are similar or hadn't bought out of three legs of
one point
but and and query negate that idea and he said but it'll be defined from confucianism and taoism so he didn't like that idea then footage a difference we have to make it korea
that is one of the point do if and we study enough history of chinese them buddhism it fatty famous or similarity and difference between then and now is to practice
some people say they are theme completely safe family thing i mean some people like go in said know
he knew it ah
so we can fit in or or even in china before put it in was ah introduced sitting was practiced
but when we started to or try to find how for i'm not the process of in on ah interaction or you move from india to china and are chinese
civilization and its atmosphere said he asked each other ah philosophy on the courage our practice ah an income car each other and become infant each other and become something chinese that prophecy she's very interesting
the and dynamic and it a complex so it's not so easy to understand
for in the early stage of chinese but his history
chinese people interpret with teaching ah using a taoist ah concept that fine for example sanskrit word body that means are awakening is translated as now
ah another funding from the or the translation of ana california somebody is a mojo door

mu if no and germans about or up for nothing that that the mean supreme or highest way if or the translation of earth have could do an adult paraffin wax somebody
and the also that keep our chinese translation of a bot bodhicitta awakening mind if door seen this door bell shin of mutton body or mind of now so they transited
up awakening or body with this was a bow
is not really the same concept
but somehow chinese people interpret what is teaching of awakening to the ah you know ah prefer to reality
so they thought also true to reality in theme of down an awakening to that reality is also now
like okay yeah so here is andrea
they are twist here but that is one of our necessary process in chinese people try to understand ah one no religion or teaching made in india
and that a process continued about and a seized four hundred years
and ah along fix fifth and sixth century ah fifth century our first a tough with a month to commodity about came and he was the first it said he was a first person he and his students to
any student while the first group of people tend to people who tried to understand prism with buddhist concept
before that they had no way to understand but it's buddhism as buddhism but they incorporate put him with teaching using coast in a concept and ideas
on translate the notion of nirvana
ah minibar now by translate the as measured
in italy distinct ah distinguish to walk pretty chic
the think
opposition know the show show is arriving
i'm this myth is also used to ah you know i got name oh god thought to suis inform our a tooth myth tiny or in just cases turtle with sufficient and so
they understand ah nirvana i guess ah i got pretty punishing
i'm that come interpret perishing or you are a of desire what they will be recent desires or today it could mean both
an alcatel put on death is called nirvana stuff
thought that interpretation was possible
so later
ah they stop translating sanskrit word were using are nourished concept known nervous comes
she they found nearby is something different so they try not to translate
thought nirvana is transliterated as mere hum
maybe i don't need to like the country
i'm not only now my thought for prajna if was not translated by
cause recurrent
as our yeah well hang out in china the something like a pangea that is the transliteration of progeny
and they define be sanskrit word means that how the times people who make good his teachings in their their own
that was happened around a fifth century but was fast or their interest vagina in the first century so it took them about imac for and poor five hundred yes
and ah
you no one know that are imminent chinese are buddhist masters this person can die team the most important features of our must help in chinese tendai tradition ah lot of tech
it called mccaskill
not right

mccaskill me the tiny macau is also a little reputation maha that means be a great
and she is stopping and can't even feed or viewing or absorbing and de luar the see on the kung is a translation of sanskrit word samantha
and the passion
summer time the person is to method of meditation in indian buddhism
and ah this person can the see
or in chinese answer a procession he e g japanese t and t d's up on a t e in fact i a chinese and he lived in the fifth century
and he was the most important a teacher how feel of a fire in tendai tradition
i'm he thought he lived around the same time with bodhidharma
i'm buser finished my can mar ah summer and be passionate isn't what the important are taking to a monroe of meditation practice in not only in tendai school but also in
in ah tiny to put it him later they got on can i t
and a this is a kind of a big ah text
and very an english translation
ah made by paula swanson who do the now we are you in japan
anyway ah
so it's difficult to read the full text but he also t also lot ah ah short are by zone of the same kind of text and the recording the source can
show mean smaller more as can defeat much sugar about the happy pages or for it said ah this person cheese brother bought a flower dinner military but he was thick and it said hewitt
his brother where she's been it's but i was kind of time he he see recommended his brother editor brother to practice meditation so for his ah brother
he kind of 'em made a short arbeiten of miss fisher mad money on that was the show she come on this show skin is became our much popular guy on my couch come and that it to they could corral
when with a manual for meditation by g become ah are tickets of meditation practice in china including them

about how to meditate ah but like a posture and breathing and then people in this girl didn't know invent invent something you know i could something you the followed our phones and method of most patient but ah
then them people who are are kind of are interpreted buddhist teachings very kind of a free way not like us cut off hungry expressing their inside ah
fredy in they are using their own are expressions that was ah ah
difference between then school that one then tradition and other are teaching schools so either meditation technique like a and grazing and ah how to control a mind
mainly based on those two oh
tip is to buy t apiece or for today's scholars think so this to meditate with or money or are really important to understand how to how they practise practise to in chinese buddhism
practice meditation
and ah because gorgon goggins mg became a monk ah in kinda partition ah for bergen the markers gun and choice can our so important a text

now ah i thought it on token
the about a dozen practice logan lindsay lot
cool that mg
or maybe i joke that a description of how to practice dodging
at least ah
four times
ah the first
glad written fan he came back from china to japan in a third of a twenty seven
right after he received governmental permission from his teacher in the unusual dingy he came back to japan and in this a light after he went back to japan he lot of conducting the

and he rewrite it in cairo happy three
this pair of thirty city is are ya she founded on his first one actually causality
on the name of that era of this year it can pool
so we call this by the tenth go bomb or woman bottom ten cu bottom of candidate
this is a in are written by a himself and up are calligraphy is steer ah remain
under that in or scroll in my office is erdogan's kira few of contact mg of this of item
of course that in a copy url for the cookie if we italia kidding
the national treasure store the up a hazy
so this the weekend the this button to the and ah fog is a in
twitter forty three
this is the yeah dogan moved from khashoggi to not only a hazy like a fool ah the thing
ah maybe we can fit a hazy
but he was not build the until twelve forty five hawthorne
in this year he wrote a show bogans over that english

the thing is the fab ah that english
and candling is written in chinese but show bogans over mg is written in japanese
a bottle of corona show bougainville
and the force
the date is unknown but ah
another version of candidate dish ah is included in a coke
ah volume
and this is the badger of conducting you we usually read
and there's a little difference between a can cuckoo belgium and that we call this out before porn
to coupon new humans ah fuck rating that means popular
oprah bottom
so we just did both ah converting boss but to by jones of contrasting he and his carotid study factor difference and ah where the pen year difference between could have thirty three and forty three
and the they tried to soon
see oct up that difference of dogan under family of judging by comparing the to badmouth kind of interesting but the first fathom did an incredible twenty seven was lost so we don't know photo the fast
right them look like
i'm there is another description of than him are in logan jane's writing it's not running back it's included in ah ben dor

pinto who is a part of a shinji an aging he is ah you know ah
the book dog logan standard for the and community is a constellation of a hissing and the bender who is paperweight
and bender who is ah
description how monks practice within a four door for those monks for ah day or night including are sitting flipping eating
for those things and fan he discussed for not discussed that describe how monks practice in the monks school he described how to how to sit thug there are five kind of a thickest and four of them are available
today so often with study logan teaching about the guy ah how could you tell him we can be good for thickest please
isn't there a tax scotland said
doesn't she doesn't she is not about our how to practice but the meaning of practice
says let us left so much i'm reading this is not getting instructions it's not about how to practice but how to understand better than practice is so it's different
ah i don't know i didn't remember when but i translated or or vote for that engage if you are interesting you know you can make a photocopy or before drinker a are today give
on dogan far those for regime if are based on chinese challenges she included included in ah then nine she's

the congested it pronounced as n
but do we perhaps then and m become van men
chrism so called than men cindy cindy is a pure standard
oh then and asia i got at is like a garden then means ah the monarchy
and this
pure standard is our digressions
hope the monasteries and ah this
degradation was compared in eleven or three so about one hundred yards before the against bath
and the part of this donation he is that mg
and bitten by a one time the mastiff was a name with tall know
for fuck


and i also medical translation of the chinese loving and discharging his i still used in danger in school so ninja in idea days to use of practice based on this language
but ah somehow tokens and he didn't write something she had keep there is a short pretty sure to likings of dogon ah god why he ah composed jogging g she's on g and he said or in this a chinese
i think he made by kotaku can some distortion according to dog him
but fine he wrote his own da vinci but february compare bogans know for thickest what about that in and this on the chinese rng about the posture and briefings
does no difference but at the beginning and end in converting you for example dorgan and the way is perfect and complete
that kind of in our understanding of further than is it's very different from ah sofa couldn't engaged in and shinji so it's also interesting ah to understand dog and understanding of for meaning of chatham practice
these ah and logan's
ah so sometimes sometimes in the future if i have a chance i'd er i'd like to study both five mg thing you know compared to five the loving and try to understand what is to
the point for the difference
and ah kinda skirt think that form of georgia who are like a posture breathing and those things in ah this chinese or danny is not so different from ten days
source com or
ah dies it because description of how to fit for debate about a posture and breathing and those things ah
they didn't change so much but the one know that might be important difference between candyce that mg or
the summit are manual and then meditation including this ah
chinese and lng is in then would from that now we keep
our eyes open in ten eight and the growth their ice
and ah for some mean significance of this in opening and closing it's a pretty subtle point but ah of discussed file in this change happened
ah so those and that is one of the point think interesting point do we study the thickest
anyway i'm thinking visit it came to study dogan and ten guy and chinese thudding so i just ah ah encourage these kind of information as i introduction to deed which mooc description
on the typing

so i i did the how to copy of the translation my translation of for the identity if you're interested please
how could you make a photocopy
id be on this paper
okay now ice pack to the is fixed
ah pay for the on the reality of a sudden
how to the vagina
ah maybe i think all over you are already familiar with how to fit so i just read and if i have something to comment i say i talk and if we have some question please give me
ah page forty one the meaning of his in must left to bury on the act to open that in itself so the question of how to do region is a fisher
first of all volume vi you do that in should be as quiet as possible
i think we don't need to argue about beef
coffee to
you know better to sit in a quiet forest very difficult to spin a noisy press
so quiet place in best
it's to be neither to light know how to duck
and it should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer
and this is also desirable
sometimes it's not available
atlanta's you in under ten dollars for ah
good building it to anti he was founded by ah shit and are funded by page with the orca for than noisy and finn they found found on page to earth ah
beginning of twentieth twentieth century so untidy was very kind of new temple and untidy was established for the students who graduated from komodo and lebowski and wanted to study dogan harm
and i know that not like a school but like are monastery so i'm peggy was built it either studying one after the study monastery
the idea came from one lay person who was are successful business man she was ah probably he used to be a but he quit to be a monk and became a businessman and became a successful person and so she wants
to use his some of his property he were if for dharma so he make donations to build their ah templar for study
of course so one person made that
donation to build the temple so that it not tripping out too much money so ah you want to build a temple buildings they moved the old temple buildings
in probably in hunger be the fuck british the old buildings and mood and i finger it again so or that ah templar were was new button a building was not for new and finn i was highly fast
fat fiber fish in there at the was a half that may be about fifty yards after to i've rebuilt on that location so the building was mazor ah in a good shape
between the wars and paid off as a space
an for we have a very good air circulation
in the winter to be cold the temperature was not for different from our fair with could be ah i don't know that may be if and hijab in all i got ah have little be
ah you're freezing for something that i got to be the ain't worth five or eight
infant great and i got mine at five
so it could be very cold
i'm in the beginning right after are the one to with general shan from overseas that my brothers i moved to unpunished they didn't have money at all
so you're that to prevent the air comes in ah which analysts are made a paper cup in using ah in her life bugs but was free from our like chump
the paper copy was still used for ninety five ability the abbot was nineteen sixty nine
and at that time they already had a small kerosene stove
so we have some cheating but didn't make so much change
for it was really cold
so you know it's desirable to have a cool in a farmer and one in that we know but if we think unless we have such a you know our praised we cannot practise than we may have no time to practice for sometimes we are
haven't we need that determination whether it's cold or hot we just cheap
but if it available it's important to you know make as current possible in a former and as oh i'm as possible in the winter
interior surf with heat and cold that the traditional attitude but that the the corn but other reality even in up in the traditional ah more after is been a monks hole in the summer you know monks
as kind of work for the record in a to
oh wallace wallace and this specialist other key him walking meditation and people certain defeat cold night gun
this is called guy can hear it another seat this is called guyton and here these are empath and ah monks in the monks whole or fit on the on this brought home and here or manjushri
and in the summer day at the interest both out front and back entrance in the summer they he hung like our bamboo coffin
in order to allow the area comes on the going
and in the winter they could ah grow a thick growth cotton in without not to allow doubt wind comes in and even not the time of dorgan
according to ah a c for bend or wow bend or hall they could ah
at the core a fireproof in fitted they banned attackers
so it's not very one but they have fucking you know
ah things to the fucking airport to make it one

so ah
should be warmly in the winter and the in the summer
care should be taken not to allow wind or smoke in the loom
so ah both ah this award and if not inside now was there are windows
to get some light from outside for that no direct sunlight in agenda
there are two to they as or windows for ah
it must be better than on pages vendor
you know when he doesn't
out and called it doesn't come viene and it a little bit you know cooler than outside in a summer
that's how in are they tried to make it a cruel read in the summer underwhelming the winter
and not to back to the bright
ah and care should be taken not to allow wind or smoke in that room
why the room itself should be kept neat and cream so monks or clean the monks whole and of course up with the whole every day
in not know new in transition we still do he added after hopping on ah that then we clean up
in other words try to create a settled and a through environment where you can continue to sit on a regular basis
thought to create a peaceful and clean and quiet ah i'm in the from up in a winter quarry in the ah summer trees is ah
desirable and tried to take care of food we need to pick up pick out that praise we sit because in a can we think that ah
ah jargon or our fight is candace hander wired or about space is really one thing to take care of them to is to take in a bar but he undermined or and him we sit the vendor fit together with us so
you know this is not simply as space i can we can use to practice my second but me and we and up this space practiced together
not these the basic idea
if possible it is also good to enshrine buddha statue of our for a while and burn incense in the case of monks for in all our is on monday she is i
and in a into
ah on the you know
for our can do and in fact is offered also order is offered
sometimes not magically but fab his name
ah two new from jordan than me know the first man crew and after the a buddhist teaching among no among the five monks in the alpaca such yeah
i'm not sure it with said it the that became liberal decide later after those five monks appealing in
come down here
ah in japanese coach know
oh was it enshrined as up in a first or in a monks hold a so fast buddhist monk he
who understood token not to him up with of teach you

but the sheer dogan not to do the motto general she's writing for knock on the people who practice in now modesty
so this is written for or lay people nursery food they want to have a the our own sitting space in at home with our today he sees thing without to shame in than me to be majesty or are charging you any buddha statue is fine
but should i not ah said ah buddha statue you present that tonk edt of the found him and is an artistic expression of the compassion and wisdom of in
this way we create an atmosphere that support our doing that in
so on the not only our five kinda fitting but this space and that neatness oh my space and air circulation and put a statue and the flower from some air from their nature and
incense and all those things support our practice and actually sit with us
this way we create an atmosphere that that support our doing that in so important point it will fit together with all beings ah of course things in the agenda at are people who incidental and though
sona gandhi things and people in the or monks whole back also ah old beings in the entire universe supporting our practice and we practice to get our of them
so we should always take good care of the environment that supports our that in paying respect to the praise where we fit
and bobbing when entering the window or fitting whore
so you wanted to do is show or express our gratitude and respect to that space for neue and other agenda we bow we may in a bottle standing bow with castle
ah twenty five maybe i can read one more paragraph
to complete your arrangement lay down a large frat christian i got tongue organic that is the ah you know that without question or mud we use
ah in japan ah we call it d'amico and double tongue is a much smaller one we use a commonly used not only the british templates fact that you know our common of family houses for you but smaller same kind of mark recorded that
the other big one ah used in dimora temporal i'm honestly i thought adam is called veronica
and okay ah tom not rabbit on but tom means in ah tokens and kids underwriting storm means joshua
the food is

and the futon is this fruit and tones
and or together quality the tongue so verbatim actor him in joshua thou allow the question christian not that ah are from cushion tom mean something round
so he had some no confusion
but it's not that serious important share confusion saw we call this doctrine got to define
on this fool
his name of a fucking a brat
ah ha fabric from that trump is used for making futon not a cotton before we had caught on
and i don't know the english name for this brand i knew i see some on some of those branch of in he even in bloomington
god taught me something like this and it's dark brown with tales and cat pee cocktail or do you use yeah it's usually a grow in the with press
the use this platform making i got
ah starting oh those
i made some with cattails
get flat
in the fall or winter yummy this card to become local like a cotton they used in this brand in china and the in japan north for ancient times now we all used a cotton
the plan a day off the taco bell
in the room those that have set up about to read
the plants and flowers the ah no it's different different brand i think that is ashi as you your she and defeat the but his name of different is gamma
i'm chinese
for an officials who so futon
now i used in this country came from this futon

so fast that we put the square or tongue organic mulch
and put that that wouldn't go along the question on it but i have been monasteries that's it i got our your they
i'm not sure right now but they didn't use dot com in the photo
because they thought me is dufftown
tammy there is a khatami on the blood home and they thought pepper me is often so they didn't use the in this square month i'm not sure like math

anyway for sit down on top of that on capo vaticano at could play santa food around farm question
sit down on the tough room facing a war
and the for that your legs
fit on the front part of the cashew not squarely on the miserable or wheat i think you and after i don't need to the this
a few people who can cross both legs by putting a light foot on the left thigh and i left foot on the right fi in the parish table graphic for the lotus posture
the for your for i think they know decent but it is not possible for most people this you know a few people can and packaging not possible for more people is edition by the show where erica whichever into hiding
you may be able to praise you are left foot or your light fae what you are right foot for your left leg
this is called the half lotus position fifi or five in any of the that engage made in china or japan on the fruit or that petition or kick up with hour and half lotus or canada is ah
ascribed nor add out where metal dog sitting at there
you are need should be listing family on the topic
this way the weight of the upper part of the body can be distributed stably on three points
boston is on the graviton and the buttock on the tough so if he is a important point to make lot ah sitting at table to support our and that wait obama upper part of our the on three points
both knees and the paddock
but focus on the
winter of vancouver
and these are on the doctor so this become like
three clipboard
this is important to make our drive in stable
ah the committee that are up one more sentence
this is about another ah we be sitting and ah
ah with general she's origin know this paragraph is not there so this is a was and edition
if you cannot praise wow foot on the other link you can sit cross-legged with both legs and feet listing on the vatican
in the posture known as pommies see for your six for both legs are on the dot com not the under five
if your hips or knees do not permit sitting cross-legged
you can fit in a kneeling position now at fazer and rest your buttocks on a low bench or or no duff said on end see for your seven flipped copies you can also do
the virgin
sitting in a chair this is more difficult because it it harder to settle into a stable upright posture on or tear
fit with your knees slightly lower than you ship your feet planted on the floor or on a christian if necessary you may find it helpful to use a christian for lower back support but the app
a buck should sit fredy upright if at all possible so ah just wanna added this is obviously he penned by additional way of fitting
the shows teacher who has taught him pulling akiyama he he's a friend of mine and the fan he led in august added this version of opening the hundred foot he asked me a decent cage i mean
the the way was sitting in location but to add beef you know even whichever is never as she never seen never gone i've never seen you never know fatima think i've found in practice to up his
so you know his writings
ah i mean she's opinion is it okay to give that information in this book because it you know about all i think i've are almost all residents to sit in that way so it's okay to gb
at didn't include this information about fitting in bumi burmese or ah phaedra who are using ah meditation bench or chair and we also would fit even i sometimes sit on the t
or database les les to i have to fifteen by me and i have hit on my knees for it's okay but is it okay to put this thing as with terminals writing or not worth his questioned and
i didn't knew i didn't know
things it added either in a main part of the book and peter different published so i'm still ah this is still a question for me not i'm not either our practice but either way to make a book
yeah i have been like this
appendix off the or something like that
ah actually finn i was a fantasy
ah i was a kind of iraq in charge of a vendor and anda dalam practice and also a good time i was already studying english and ah one time i dare you either this guy
i'm not sure he was a america know i'm not that he came and said i wanted to practice judging but i couldn't fit on the floor
ah it it possible to fit on a chair at that time i have to completely no idea of sitting on the chair can be challenge
and only we had only one key advantage but there were used for general usc fan he gave lectures so ah
i thought that person from you know we cannot fit on a tear in linda and i said even we don't have to check in a tip
and ah for the personally couldn't practice at and pacey and upper time the person feel looser to me that you we've had to do with def pitch means are people who cannot fit in half wrote that for real
does punish him
ah to me until i came to this country's to black that them into practice to sit in their way logan danger described in contracting
nor other method of a still in touch it
to meet him in a pub is very korea and iraq kind of of ah ah stubborn about that point
like a pattern for a reason i am
today is sitting in rockets or have and as ethic
right now i wouldn't have person got that visit our said i have to deal with it not for the for other people but for my script now i cannot sit in for rogoff and now i have to sometimes he in by me how if fitted
burger know if i cannot fit
in for lotta to are a lot of i have to quit why i continue to city other ways
you know that is a kind of according to meet ah first ah february earth
the coptic as in a group were a personal with a handicap right yeah it's kind of her discrimination or dejection of those people to properties if we say you if you cannot fit for a class or how focus you can sit here
we don't have them through a who don't have many people i don't think it's a good idea here
but of course you know either ah think practice in on quora that it more stable and behalf growth that is a little less stable because for he said half lotus in only this one side is put on another fine so even know to be
ah pup of about body lean this way or that way so it i didn't recommend people if we if we will sit a half lotus change the our lives each yeah each period if they sit a lot like a fishy you for the
city on the wifi week that's fine that's okay but if they want to fit a lot in half a lot of think without the change in all night lift our legs now fully not not exactly each pity on the the often in order to keep him
our ah spain straight
if we sit in on that much that i find the fish in every month him at his team time if i e up for twenty years if we want to sit in a certain amount of time we must be very careful about our posture or though i do we in our into our
ah spain
another kind of are the risks of as it was
sometimes the piano or just take it is his posture ain't ever really yeah advanced and i never tried to and let her poster like to so it seems kind of important to
yeah that encourage people to sit if every possible needle even zero by the you personally will be no ah to her fit to have not that are full of us
yeah that's a pro aren't a problem
so clinging to have wrote data or a theater problem but to avoid them is also a program

i think it caught to reopen this is a good place to stop any question please
first version
the facts straight from sam
without any additional
ah not hundred percent ah lue me and tom light and dish dish was also had to killed by to show la noche there might be some ah changing
but not so many like that i couldn't dislodge him
well as i phone i mean only reading
hundred times on earth
he i mean obvious recognize some
it's like yours alone
i think he does shit i'm she to show are not locked a lot and
in terms of readability it's improved but i find some crazy some examples that
meaning and change it or twisted
ah some meaning is lost so ah know whatever we do some people didn't drag on bracket it
so i i don't know complain against the shop but ah i also want to keep on with to bite and viagra
and i also try to beat that origin are
ah japanese of item
and ah another thing is you know this is not the faster transportation little second like kinda over and would ah ok now original translation the first translation was published in nanking seventy three
much higher than this one that took that device him watch better peter rogoff approach to them i'm translated by ah steve unique she was one the american practitioner through it can read and speak fluently
the ah for from crude japanese fluently and fewer the main passion to made a five translation but ah of i'm a fan i was that i might have to hit that at present the we used that about him but when i went up to kyoto and
a me on family to work on translation together i'm frosting that we wanted is to make our a divide another to new translation of this book because we didn't think that five transition was good enough
ah free
meditation instruction and surgery in the
i'm describing beneficial says
a trip is occluded by yourself is in quirky and then also that he go to a put up a tree or rock community or think something happened
even with these changes are him from sitting together in room
in india i think even today in care about traditions i eat a monk have their own hut was there for more kevin
and in the morning the ah
since the time of to that they had supper by themselves they didn't have a like agenda
ah for an older member of the community to fit together probably even with a gay bar or my book they get together and be because buddha was sitting on those be profiting button be e on the isn't to good as teaching
but ah i think i mean they are be didn't just it together and also some buddhist monks i com how cachaca didn't like to live in a monastery
up but continued to live in the forest and that try some still could continue till today day in thailand
they have our in a forest tradition
and they continue to practice meditation in that way and some in our people ah the time of buddha ah practice meditation in a graveyard
yeah in a dead body why are the what the process of you know i became of the body to see cut impermanence and to be free from attachment to our own body so
it seems in india it was important
not not important but that went away they practice meditation practice inner nature that their cars sitting in front of our trees as would have been or sitting in the ah ah
indeed forest or faith in iraq where those pretty fit and in the beginning in ten hours or people said sitting outside his bit our important
but not only in them but also in ten day partition it seems they had gender and they had up in our doom or whole ah for a in the community practice chatting together so it started
in china
and ah saw him then more as to live in china had a known this kind of monks horse and the he stay in that whole twenty four hours to get out with other monks
if there were a reflection of the
edited more of a social aspect ah it might be so
i mean
that is one of the kind of a reason they started to practice in our ah ah monks whore
and the gorgon lng fed it is important to fit together with other monks and the finn and up it's time to seep to have to sleep is heaped so do things together with all the assembly is important in logan's
condition in range iteration turning where i knack for getting lot of fishing
they monks who practitioners were encouraged to the outside after that evening are done is done if even in the winker do have fish in sat outside had the rompuy that they wish and it fit and until the air
as oh i see us went to bed in our junior mask couldn't quickly
so go there is a different tradition ah but been the case of dogan vinci's our tradition ah we understand it's important to fit together with iraq ah monk seen
ah saw no agenda
source yeah i mean we felt that yowza
yeah literally means yeah means evening or night the fittings
o k