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good morning everyone
this morning my drive to start a paid thirty four that last paragraph on page thirty four
is a new section ah tighter with fiction is
living out the reality of life
alec mediate the first paragraph
i have explained that the reality of life is the very living out of life just as it is and that virgin is the practice of to
doing just that
but if he or any other way to leave besides living life as it is
of course not
ah okay by our way of life may be
that is very early tube life
so there is no possibility of living outside for reality of life
nevertheless it is also to possible to leave losing sight of that reality
and because of that to how on the i will nice about our life
so she has been talking about our doesn't practice and he said other than is to practice and to divert this reality of life at it is that it beyond our thinking
and the christian right a he raised here is easier is it possible to the outside of this reality of life fatima that who are your life we live we cannot be get out the reality of life
but he said there is it's possible to do a fight over reality of nice because over a erosion what a region that is ah ah can i pay floggings and i'm six feet of the ground
so even though our body is
casa mind is living the reality of life but things happening in our mind is ah can be a front of the that is floating from the ground or reality of life
and he got
important issue i'm are example here
ah who is that the exam priests on our omen so he entered if his conversations with this woman
but before i started talk with this conversation with similar to the conversation ah with this woman i'd like to him for years to one chapter over show more or and that photo young russians thing is a kinder ah ah
she's understanding where interpretation dog and then you're thing in here this is ah top they'll be szabo or and try to took him more

more is a very ah
beirut known or use often ah in then for literature on this emo or it really mean the path
so it can mean it has no ah how can i fit meaning it had function but no meaning and this was the immortal or saw a june
you know this means what
ah daughter wife are used to defy to for the rarely killed life before any definition or before any conceptual another issue
and our dog invented or discovered that the schema is and the first he told us are one of our our ancestors are things about this anymore
ah not the and ties google go your own good oil guy your show is his disciple call them so fuckin
gold ball yours the phone call
though your
she's a total joke guys about my app
ah thought this is very beginning of this chapter email said great master ah hung jury or coca cola or mount at young jew or
on good are you enjoy chinese ongoing japanese pronunciation of the name of the mountain with the mazda ah door your live with it
was are less teammate the air or we don't shun or i told them
he was the falcon nine generation
calmar defendant over shakyamuni buddha
he was alleged made a sister in the lineage of don't shun or told them
one day he said to his assembly
if you wish to attain the motto of deafness thus with or fatness ah what english want to translate this was the emo
and he i trust it peter my translation i translate ah with english throne you are the vastness
a recruiter newfound happiness or as it is enough or those what
why do you worry about her mother of fastness he said if you wish to attain that mother or deafness you must already be a person of deafness since you are already apart from not governess
why do you worry about that matthau toughness
so she won't repeat this immoral or four times for us he said if you wish a thing if him more the
the mother of him macau but deafness
then you must already be a person of definitely that is in more name
emoji and immunity in his coffin
so ah and he said fence you are already a powerful new governess defeat the again are in mourning you are already a person of emo
then so why do you worry about camacho deafness
i'm a nix said
what he said his gut one who wishes one who wishes to attain the motto darkness must to be a person up deafness
and because the one is already a person of fastness
why that he have to worry about the mother of vastness in first he caught a chinese and she or he kind of a translate this into japanese for kind about the petition
and she ah so his understanding of the same said the essential point of this thing is that
directory heading to the unsurpassable are awakening
for the time being is court that enough for this deafness or emo is directory heading toward the answer answer perfectly awakening that the mean the uno telephonic somebody
for this doesn't is directly going to add that on hip hop on a plinth and a telephonic somebody this directory going mean already there
that means this in more is another what reality of life or the egg killed all beings and according to nagarajan a reality of order beings is it nirvana
so that means we're already nearby
because of that we you wish to attain a map out roughness
so we are already within that the or a job
or beings the ideal life therefore we wish to pay the motto of the had if you're bored beings
that's the mixer
maybe not
ah are the forefoot the unsurpassable our weight range
he's like
even the entire can dial actual one is a small part of the unsurpassable away clinch the conduction why is this entire network cooking interdependent coordination is a small path over and from possible awakening
with awakening is greater than the entire world
that mean this awakening include not only the space methode full time
entire time and space if you know interconnects getting a sold throughout time and space is on a make somebody is though are only to ball beings
and he said we are we are order saw the furnishings existing will hinder can direction word
furnishing furnishing
the either i got got
desks table chairs under you can choose
so no ten directly what is it is like a half and we're like that are furnished him for a honey jars in that what
but there's already a room

have you know
oh how do we not
that we are the
this is dog
how do we know that we're death
he said we know that valley a key isn't that or more because our bodies and minds appear within the entire world and yet they are not our fitted with
she said oh yeah like are funny shoes are funny charge of this want i'm against ask fire why we know that
because he said in on our body and mind our folks kinda appears have one away and disappear within not be to work and he said this is not our service
that means this five canvas a collection of cody's and ah or conditions and if even our five is canvas for the undermined on is my petition that he not a private thing
but bifida furnishing are funny joke this one
that means we're probably see are interdependent origination and ortho we are ah parthenon vastness and we are born within the reality of life and do we are giving out
and we are dying with you can go right we never get out of this reality of life
and he continues
even the body is not our personal position
our life is moving through the passage of time and we can't even stop it for an instant
yeah have our law the cheek gone in rosy cheeks means er for we are tired our six outlawed he but he knew he did or not yet anyway anymore
if cut them into we are getting older for even if we wish to find them there is no trace so we can't control their passage of time and changing of our body and mind so ah mrs simpson i
as a general said in the previous section about we can't control our our heart beating
ah breathing was a blink
so because this is not our petition we can't control and that come on me that if considered to be the cause of suffering we cannot conquer or for we suffer because we want to we have a desire to comfort and yet to
up for with is a coat of suffering ah ah ah another wife some people youth instead of suffering
on this satisfactory enough to fuck fuck fuck fuck tidiness we cannot satisfy we kind of have fun factory it was no i cannot i can't control or even i am even this person describes candace
usually beef is considered to be the cause of suffering but according to ah mo higher getting this is reality of life and we awakened to this reality of life this a cause of suffering is a quarter of nirvana
look cordoba nearby like to
if kind of ah ah difference between ah the buddha's teaching and i am hierarchy things that means but bit one of the basic teaching of hyannis samsara on nearby now one
cause of the fanfare iraq can be a cool job nirvana
phil we going to that reality and finical yeah ah released from clinging to this five candace
then is five of is a gift from buddha
that if a beer for a fun but not with about kogan fit our life and death is put us life
they found it is
oh i see life a little authority

is our chinese translation one of the chinese translation of fan that i grew up life from this
but then sober gangs or shoji for i found this dog and then said this life and beef is good as ah rife i'm being disgraced bit of the you usually ah
with our chapter air rife
that means but as a panel life that is mentioned in that rather sutra
so without in on this our life on this ah casino without rife
maybe i don't have time to talk about it
well maybe it might be interesting and continually ah the one japanese pure on the priest who are friend he was about sixty maybe he should sixties she had cancer thought you
faced now much your own matter of life on this and he is no of
i'm gonna say contemplating all this show the life on this and one day she found
in often find out a stroke of this country life and the fastest rock of this country this is a fame line so he
make this a
one kanji
he could be together because he found the the to fame fame right same stroke so he said this is one kanji not to life on this
and he ah it asking me to too many of the buddhist teachers and how do you read this country
and camera shop
why do i know that teacher who was asked
and ah temblors the way of leading this country no know oneness of know from this
the photo a finer throw cobb life is too fast stroke or death for there's no separation between life and death and ah the she he read this read this as like now right here
this moment
for this moment it is a is reign
can be it which include both like a myth
so without this in life on this that's no put her life
so ah you know within this know both samsara and nirvana are included
that when the reality tokens and django general's ah booster tried to point out how do you live this
one of life and death
ah innovators so now she logan vinci described that in prominence and impermanence mean we cannot control even our own life
for even the body is not our personal position our life is moving through the passage of time and we cannot even stop it for an instant
here have our lodging cheeks comb even if oh will you wish to find them there is no trace
when we carefully contemporary eight we understand that there are many things in the past that we can never see again
yeah she said there are many things but not simply many thing but everything
everything in the park we can see again even in on if the same thing mocha and i saw us yesterday and this is are different
so we cannot see ah yes padded mirka and we cannot see yesterday to me it's already gone through only this moment that is by fun with like an hour right here and will you only have one
within to media and over yes
i'm not the only a body but the here red hat does not stay either
bit by bit it is coming and going our mind is also coming and going
although very sincerity with red heart mean cynthia heart so although gary sincerity even if we dig sincerity
it does not stagnate within the boundary of individually on equal same time to finish
although very sincerity it does not stagnate stagnated stagnate stay stagnate within the boundary of individual equestrian center and a thief
so even if now a mind is gone
my with passed mine is or the already come as a know that they want to death sedated thou art my already gone through can't grasp it that future mine is not ah graph paper because it has not yet clear and present mind how
doris or ungraspable it could be have no thatched you know tank of time to grasp so mind cannot be grasped also for the either always changing mind it also changing nothing is our under our control
so got pointed without we awake to this reality and and ah the based on this reality oh you want to
no created fantage
and live always in that fantasy that is a point of ah have fell down nirvana
without we you know dave
based on that are to be permanence and eagle business about we create the story based on our a authenticate this and put our life into that story and developed within that story that is the difference between san fran nirvana
so i'm not so much different speedy fat with different but this had a different makes our people difference
i thought ah although it is that in this tough guy who often use before our faith
although it is thus there are some who aroused awakening mind without any particular reason somehow we want to awaken to that reality
because to live in the fiction who in the story
does not make us make our life stable and peaceful saw from how we want to awake to that reality is a desire to awaken his awakening mind or ah bodhicitta
ah from the time that this mind is allows so book for him but it is announced we throw away everything we have been toying with queen
praying with
we wish to listen to what do we haven't never hard that it buddhist teaching and do we wish to verify fat we have never verified
all over these are not simply our popular activities
did this you know that i had to awaken awakening is not a personal desire
somehow not fine now with the most of roofing this awakening is not in this very good person or a contemporary reality but he said reality of akin to that reality so defeat this practice and his awakening is not it is also with activity is
or practice is also not my or so how with action to make sure our better person but the of a couturier reality through this passion
ah and oh i wish there was such a thing
talking then said wished know that we are thus because we are pass on the of fastness because we're a partner over emo
because we are living within the reality of life we somehow we wish to awaken to that reality of life
how do we know that we are performed of vastness
then he turned phase
we know that we are the parcel of deafness precisely because we wish to attend a of roughness
he said know we allow protesting because we are prefer know that deafness and he asked again why we he can see we are platinum deafness he said because that is because we want we wish to have a conclude
that that myth
so thin net is a month you know direct your life
you know because we want to awaken to the reality of life because we're leaving the out actor a the reality of life and how do you know because we want to have a to the reality of life for this kind of our repetition
but that is only reason we can find
ah yes we already have the face of the person of vastness
we should not worry about the present matter of deafness
for business is something the is not something lacking but we are within business and we are already the personal governors so fenway we awake that means flip and we let go of this in know our companies we are to within this deafness
forgiveness is not something that is something ah last and went from your health but
within vastness we have kentucky and he do the height of the vastness
so funny that call this country than we are like the in the middle rope tetanus the active life
got file he said we don't need to worry about it we don't need to find winter need to ah woke wondering aloud to find fact is that reality of life because it eight working order to working with now famous candace
ah map he said one another interesting thing good next because to worry about it is also a motto governess it is not a roaring through rewarding a wrap how can we awaken to that
but this worrying is also a function of dartmouth
so he said it not worrying
that means we we hit the reality of life or we try to find the reality of life and we tried to keep awakening to the real kilbride at it our practice
but this worrying and faking is also part of reality of life because we have our in like are a brand growth while the thumb
you know we have our life fourth ah to awaken to the reality of life because we will be added to life is us

also wished not be surprised that the mother of deafness is gus
the motel governess is tough
even if there is darkness you may be applied i'm scared that is nothing other than deafness forget nothing ah side of toughness everything that happening within this database or reality of life so even our fix
just a way of life our company is also part of reality of life but i'd found out we are living within this fixers story than i do generally said we are losing sight of reality
so we have to practice we have to study and practice
at it off our study and study of gonna man practice of them
that there is nothing if
their investments should not surprise us
so we don't need to surprised
and don't worry i'm scared
simply this cannot be measured with the measurement okuda call-up to be measured by the measurement of the mind cannot be measured by the measurement of the dynamo word and the can't be measured by the measurement of the entire world so be
the job in any way because it and crew include everything
it should simply and precisely be
already being a person of gaseous
why worry about tomato deafness
for this reason toughness or found and the color is tough
that's nassau body undermined his death toughness of or with that must be death
in a found and color is usually what we think couple project and body and mind is subject and ah as i often fade the sound and could i become a nama rupa and the subject for the on the mind is being pulled the by by clinging
the to it some part of the object anti-theft anger and hate work ah dislike like another part of that ah object and we try to escape from that of a life becomes from farah chasing after something why escaping from
something but when we see vastness of found on cut off that means object and nothingness of body and mind then move up his thing is have nothing to chase after i think to no escape from that is a priests we can find
in a through foundation of our life
ah then he caught one phrase from etc
for example at the time of falling down to the ground falling down to the ground means and we are working for them in we haven't had trouble with some in some difficulties for no sight of his reality of life
we thus understand as a batting isn't as many
that the time of in a with in a recovery standing up on the ground his death
we should not doubt ourselves if we for to the ground that the mean if we've heard to the ground we have stand up on the ground
and this ground is parroting life
i think basically had to chandler's is thing here is the same as for convinced his fame in ah
this part of emo we are already living within the reality of life and we are but always part of reality of life we never get out of life but we do it sight of life vip real-life so we tried to awaken to moment by moment then
we are already there because we're already a pattern of deafness
even though we are pattern of gluttonous we do sight of deafness the by our fun parties
so our practice of today is to to awaken from that you know dream by letting go of foot
moment by moment
i think ah now i'm ready to talk on the conversation between with yamaha's and the human
i think it you know and i in a previous fiction he is talks about you know
ah the of life oh wow that the up that in practice it to him to awaken to and live out
the a job life and there are two ways to
obstruct are awakening to the antioch life that is ah
avas federal think that limited on condition that way of doing things in our daily lives
and thickened our relation or a way of thinking to behind everything
and she said in britain we
important point is reality beyond thinking that means it beyond discrimination i think the city ah in recently we studied the fiber eyes in the diamond sutra i think both save those three are fast free ice in
no physical eyes divine eyes and off ah with a my or a president i
and the fourth is daughter my eye on the fifth it with her i would i include the ordered four and a brother i e the perfect ah function of all those for ice i think
but ah for theory is that my that is a kind of are interesting question and
ah no new in the very beginning of this product but to he which interviews ah sheed dialogue between one american businessman who had some ah feeling of emptiness each is right
you can go she was very successful possum
and he gave some advice i'm here in japan into woman come ah to talk with him and he gave some advice
you know within these conversations which emulates to always never rejected or from coming to ask a question
and if he was really sick
in our friend he was not think he meet order in a business and or the best i've had some problems or questions in from there
life and
i think he already took about that she's aptitude foods fan he met with those pistols with question fan can meet with those business or person who had our problems she meet at a part of she's right it's own life and the person's bro
name is his problem
that if his attitude
and often he'd you really ah precise answer so ah i'm accomplishments businessman rudy ah and as to the fact that with him what i should think i'm a terminal she understood that it if if instead of point
the abyss american businessman's question that is according to his book that the the alienation
that is similar to go to my
and dog teddy ah she wrote this book to raja kind of our are gathered i know ah that i'm practice for foreigners because she didn't speak any western longridge even though many ah western on k
aim to practice with him she couldn't give instruction one by one by within a conversation without a translate are not convenient got five heat on this book and ask ah
ah she's ah i across children to translate song from the rip very beginning she wrote this book he his intention was defeated for a are a selection that a new direction for freenas for this is ah
this is our function how he's gotten my works
i mean she racked activity of blighting this book

so you know those are of by ancient teaching from the diamond sutra is really still watching today in this person who's near my daughter mccoy shock
for this is another example of vitamin was ah
talks with one person for who have in kind of difficulty
and this
conversations quite long for ah i need sentence by sentence and i don't think we need our explanations thought if i have something to say you know i make comment but i just read
hey excuse me

one time
a woman in her forties came to talk with me
so here she was one of the built as she's to talk with two terminals
she was this drought and she told me half story
she had always loved to paint and was quite talented
when she was in her twenties ha parents supported high and helped her make her life as an artist in tokyo
initially she met with considerable success so she was a painter
how paintings were exhibited everywhere
often winning prizes and the even the critics gave her generous prize
brief as an accomplished young artist
so fence issue as he had twenties she was at a young harpists you and very successful
however her brilliant beginning met with an obstacle
just when her deputation was starting to grow her father lost everything he had

it was still a little too risky for her too deep only by her paintings
and she was also worried about how disappointed parents so she returned to the country and did all she could she could to look after them after her parents
years went by thor ah is he left tokyo to the kind gonna have parents that means she didn't she couldn't continue to ah well gotta artist
he had went to buy and her parents grew quite old
but how i'm facing passion for painting would not allow her to stay in their country and wither away so she moved back to tokyo taking hot a two parent along
maybe it might need some explanation and poker is i think our to palm
and if not only the artists at all for any scholars or anything if they want they want to be little known famous in first craft people a successful person he or she had to go to tokyo
if we're they said in the local places you know they might be a local presence and within a local but it can be a really successful person so are all talented people want to be success two hundred success
need to go to tokyo
and this idea that pen them while the painters or print a small on there is you know in japanese society everything is like a pyramid up in a falcon in a very you were known or kinda cause and
ah without know ah entering this small pyramid the coffin cannot be successful i'll say that cannot be in a famous for a fast of rhonda ah bottom of the plumbing often should know
crime the other
if the person want to be a successful artist or even now nobody's to a point
that is a kind of our system will be japanese ah for fatty
that for you know in order to be a successful artist see me to be stay as need to stay in tokyo he finished he def tokyo that means
she left that you know pyramid

ah but thought she lived in the countryside to take her of her parents for many as maybe twenty or so because as she was successfully his a our twenties are now he was in half fourteenth so he he deeply in the countryside for almost twenty twentieth
yet went by and her parents grew quite old but ha i'm facing passion for painting would not allow her to stay in the country and wither away so she moved back to tokyo taking hot a hit play
in for long
she worked during the day so she had a part-time job and devoted herself to painting at night
she continued this effort the for february earth but she was unable to win recognition the way she had he had twenties
every painting she exhibited and praised her hopes in dust in competition
as a result she was unable to sell any paintings and was forced to continue working to support herself and her parents
which sub to all her energy and spirit so ah she couldn't really focus on have painting
ah lamenting her unfortunate situation she wept over being unable to do develop her talent because her family had lost or it's property

that what hard story
so she want to
this is some advice from ah lucy

ah when i totally sympathize it with a heart in ability to achieve her goal at a paper due to the shutterbug he has circumstances i rebuked her for her own sake
so now baton rouge ah start to talk to her
ah it's a pity kind of are in our strong thing to that person for our difficulties and ah
ah kind of up
i think if i got he sees are vulnerable
but if allowed yeah
he said you are thinking about this all wrong
it's the kind of throng thing you are wrong you are mistaken
it's a big mistake to think that it is only natural for a pass from to the ship our family inherent in hate us
fathi is natural in that a pattern has no property at all
in a she was ah young it cause her heart family had a lot of wear with that fi she could do study a painting in tokyo but mean parents sent money to support half buddy
and it was of coffee transmedia i use her
a situation ah in japan at that time you know now in japan japan even at each country so many parents are could send money to for to them to receive good education but ah
maybe this is our bad there are thirty forty years ago
i'm she was about forty so it's got about fifty sixty either infancy when she was twenty in only are bitch family could send their children into tokyo and in are sending money to support the pattern
and education at the means the family was to really each they had must have nothing i'm a big properties
but probably because of some ah difficulty and how she's foot half father it had a are bankrupt or something and he lost or that petition
in my family my family was the merchant in osaka was a
is the second biggest city in japan and the center of martin nice
ah my family lived in not in downtown a for six generations thought my family had sat in property and with but ah we lost everything on
one night
when you know american air force bombed osaka everything is banned
and only now lung remained but my parents thought that land to raise half to related have parents so ah afterward the to my family yet he had nothing and
ah my father for now but a teenager my father said we have no ah property
to know i have no to inherit and will we have no family business my five out afterward were february years after while the way to my father into our country side on and did some farming it could do was difficult to live in the city people as
stabbing and he after our separate area he came back to the city and started the work for a small company
so we have no family business and know where to inherit i thought my five our in on ah or the said you are free you can forget where you want and i was racking i feel i wound up i've adapted for i'm free
that's why i to become a monk if you know about my are the family whereas are there i was a battle who succeed takeover and economic so i appreciate i have nothing
three he it
and then you know
also i have a buddhist teachings know what we have no petitions
that is the reality so if we have something in heard of and ah some ah but if we can leadership some financial support from family that is a huge up that is fun written russell told him to this woman
so the pattern should be grateful about that
ah so fat it naturally isn't that a pattern has no property at all
you were able to study painting by means of your family it with until you were past twenty that is a huge job
and something for fitch you should be grateful
no even though twenty some odd years had passed
you are still lamenting your family's loss and being dragged around by companies over the past
you have to open your eyes to you a present to reality and start off with a totally naked safe
put i think nor property you are anything else
and before january that we are born at a make safe without any position and we are born and then we die you can't take any position behind
we have to leave a with everything behind so we die at half naked safe oh yeah own at the next set of and we're die in an ape safe or during a bus and this we in i put on different kinds of drawings
all those conditions and situations and petition knew where it with or even the petition or jobs was test status who are additional of fame those are all growing up according to do with cameras
and ah
in fan he said dropping off body and mind that i'm interrupting of those clothings and he cannot make safe as we are born well as we are going to die
that since he said
ha to sit facing the war i'm fitting is it i got to be in in our casket
not without grasping anything with have to put a think anything that if the reality of life
and that is fair we find our peace of mind if we are worrying about fits quoting we can take and we hate that clothing we we i would put on now or do we need to what we want to get better clothing
in on this is what we be doing he not life beating brass and this but from that fan we are gone and when we die we would come next year
so according to a temperature teaching to practice it to sit facing the world under the good didn't go forth and dropping off body and mind in to become not become but beach and make it safe without any position so happy about we
we can use in only even we can we sit we have quoting of course and this clothings a gift from buddha in on because this is a british robust so this is actor or gift from buddha but even if we don't put on the british growth group this law
both still both are the gift from the nature groom them from the of happy so is the ddot great food and yet we are always complaining is not good enough we need to better cravings that is how
how we create a story for makes me for java ah me that i would pass me
i will we try to find the cause that was wrong
that is how we make a story of my life
and on even oh and always that sent out that story or throwing or he wrote of that story is me
so ah she said we need to wake up wake to this a totally naked self policing no property or anything else
then we can be added walk free
and we can be ah grateful for every anything we have now
and besides you are still looking back to the time when you were in your twenties and the paintings you exhibited always warm prizes for you and wishing you
could taste those days again
isn't agonizing over thinks that doesn't to walk walk out just the way you want nothing but being dragged around by more fun parties
so that means she has he was she was in travel because of how companies
about the past
you have to begin with your present reality so we have to step know who they are from right now right here
we see if that didn't happen i must be better
condition now thought that is the problem but we don't think this is a problem
and for generous continues what is most basic is that you paint because you enjoy painting isn't that so
you enjoyed painting
can you let yourself be satisfied with that and with having a part-time job to support your yourself
if you can make a living like that and enjoying painting the left of the time them you can have a rich life
the this is something to be happy about whether you're the ship recognition or not
so from a your thing is
at a ping-pong
painting itself should be the person can control but huge huge area or come on me in a painting
through painting we who are many people want to get something else like our prize or recognition while status or fame or width
ah that in the problem so what we need to enjoy what we're doing ah the kettle pinker thinking is fun ah most important but often we think in this panky
thing is a means or methods to get something is something desirable so this is not the thing we want but we this is a method or means to get that think and act according to hmrc that the a belgium fight on
you are if you are pinker just enjoy pinking i do you need a recognition of fame from other from vessel family just enjoy painting that's enough
ah maybe i took this are many times but on know that ah japanese really enjoyed your master
ah shit name was malina foco who was ah ah put off
durante angie not not ruins ah smoke to improve ruins and he was a present or another know to nagano university that was have been die in boston
he said samadhi about for money is a family is like are in all a kid ah praying with our son in our sandbox know what i crush her reading the fund and put it in a bucket and make some
i'm something
ah for the kid casino auction it or she just enjoying that action
so if someone else said we want to change exchange
then the kids said no because the conducted is enjoying this but ah fan ah grown up though the thinking of submitting the fun at a joke
you know for that walk up know this submitting a fun is not that the pattern is enjoying but
he got pissed in order to get which or money so if someone asked a worker they want to exchange and if that's how my earth can do it and still a person can get the money that no reason the bottom fifth know
but if i could according to that marina arrows not the difference between samadhi and job what task
so ah the for the painter painting is enough fame other kids in are praying with funds so painting should not be a tough quite job to get that thing
file photo photo terminated thing is if you like if you like painting painting is your for my beach
if you want to use this painting you that item method to gain something else that is not ah
clear a paper well you're happy are doing is not samadi pepita job and that is not good thing
ah this person this woman is a eye out for i remember
calculus is a within falco she's your life and i said she was born he grown up in a very a difficult situation she's our stepfather was a gambler and ah just a matter of authentic prost
attitude and a he was forced to work in that situation and he really didn't like to the been that way
and ah so that was the about ha
about finish she was about kenya lord
the he just finished the elementary school
the internet in his neighborhood there with a family and his father the job and this family was only one exception in that area that the area was a custom
only one exception and hidden the funded job was for the something i don't know english what
his work is to among a dab paintings or calligraphy shh on the frame
frame i'm sorry framer have something like that and anyway and ah he was with exceptionally he was very not very educated popham and he know a thumb yeah
ah knowledge about that ah graphic teaching of countries are so i those things and his thumb
said ah i see out war that i'm ah fuck was a ping-pong
i mean she she was sixteen thought she was not a painter yet but he was studying painting and that person i talked about the pink us ah to fabulous and one of the story was in one value
well known paint that she never worry about money he really loved paintings
i'm so he can paint for money for one time he paint know with are kind of our i extensive don't know expensive paper with using the expensive ah
they've got cut off
ah and it's a big paintings
but there are he finn a path who all got fainting
i don't know how much it really a very cheap
but ah sometimes fin are rich person came to ask god
paint under she painted aretha just our inc in community or for
and the person the person paid something that i got ah what happened data
so the painter doesn't care how much that you know how to clock customer
what them a pain but she just light up he wanted to paint
ah khin kyi he thought it was when she was ten years old he had that kind of a story it really different from the people she knew who she is library food source he had he young to back way of life
without confining are worrying about how much income one up but just focus on family are in a pink can just paint for the ethical painting
yeah she had gotten that the was up
i think motivation he wanted to escape from russia's ah
ah situation from registration and became a buddhist monk sources until his death fabulous empathy just fit for the thing called fitting don't make this are fed up with think
but is really important point in calculus under general is talking on the same things
so if you love painting just meant been to worry about you know ah money or fame
thought he said this is something to be happy if that to be happy means as she has a talent to paint and she could paint that is something to be happy about whether you the ship recognition or not that is not that
christian you must be happy just you can paint
and she is that to talk about his own life
about that in so general shortage of following prep calculation are teaching to practice at him this is very important point
i haven't been doing regime because i want to make it into something cerebral
i've been reading a life or virgin for thirty years
but in the first twenty i was completely ignored by the word
and practice doesn't in of security we've barely enough to eat
but just by doing that virgin i was able to discover the meaning or my life my own life even in those circumstances in very different from difficult and ah poor circumstances he couldn't find a meaning of life
for to find that praise yeah ah we can find a meaning of life
is i think most important that in fact that dog and vincent in ganjam corn to find a police
if we find a place we can find their path
that if unless we find a press means factory we want with daddy want to do and we can enjoy with how he'd achieved some a profit or fame that the it praise for know we find that priests we can find a pass to go
but unless we find a praise we really
can stay and enjoy then are like to come from farah
if we find that thing that even one thing in a painting for painter or that in practice for that in practitioner if we can find only that one thing then no matter how difficult canada patio bar life might be
we can find that meaning
ah during the last ten years people who are sympathetic with my attitude towards doesn't have come to join me in fitting but even
no i haven't the slightest intention or making doesn't into a terrible product
i'm just doing my own that him
for you painting your picture if your life
shouldn't just that be you your greatest joy
so ah i also i have been trying to following ah this attitude from falcon was about that when i try not to make that an at a favour thing commercial product
that's why we have two small
a tank and peel on only people who the able to practice can come
is very important point in a wedding age from thought it was not only falcon spotted from logan tinge

you know you know in our i'm talking from many times i've been issued for any from fashion which include
i'm before i can make company i can make enough many different the front of is if i didn't become with generous with april but i continue to study and become up with is colored comedy university in or the current president of comedy you missed
dubai theism theme asia with me so if i study the thought maybe i i could be a printing of continue
that one point the front of the i could have and another one before either or being became which emulates the cyber i was asked to become a defy proof of fat and priest for the profits are getting rusty and he had a big temper but he didn't have any yeah
successor so he has asked me if i was interesting ah she's disciples so if i said yes to that far from now i could be the about of a big big big temple
but i think not i was not interesting category of life life or fan i was twenty
what twenty one
that's why i became whichever as the february
oh it was the applicable and but has no them family member i thought that means no income
is how i have been giving and
i think i'm pretty happy about five i'm doing now if i became know that
cut off emma university you have prophesied the university and a for many things i have to
i'm fanatic a up a topic temple i didn't have enough time to practice that
so to me if it or best way right
and you know almost forty years later i could still practice ah i was taught by my teacher it was really fortunate to me and we have i have some people who could practice with same attitude

well it's ten fatty maybe he said i could press to stop and i continue from here tomorrow any questions or comments

no question
heating do
the sake of painting
does that
dancers theater
i'm making movies yeah in any of that had a selection of writing was headed for while

in the case of right think we need to readers gas lighting can attach
sima painting painting painting need are some people to fish right
but be too different from chasing after the fame and a profit to in or three paint and five this to the people who can enjoy it and musician can be the theme or make a movie or lighting are no bears or points can be the theme
but i think important point is we do this for takeoff something who are just do this
at first or time
he actually called
doing a full time
this one was reading that him
have you know does what she his regret
probably here she want to for time painter that means to support her life and carried by painting
to be because i mean as well as you know know
need to practice for time and we all wish we could do practice full-time jobs
ha and sellers is a little problem in riyadh and so we need a patient from the lightweight out how we need a patient stand continue to work
to create such a situation we can ah practice for the time
it's not possible for me now i'm even know cause her i haven't my sort of my income is mainly from network here
but ah for north if we continue to work
but that that might be another coach of the problem
you know if we have enough support financial support she are we could ah be ah for time practitioner
that might be a causal problem because people may people may become that part of community because or can find that somewhat not not a plaque if it's safe
so we don't know if happy the best situation
maybe the situation we're in in
difficult but somehow could very interested he could bury it
and practice that my topic
this destination
lot about things about our situation in but
we have an opportunity to try to make our word i could work that we're doing we're trying to train your dragon practices that were you know
and yes sort of a continual engine try to keep my energy levels up and stuff so i could work here but it's also a challenge that and a good thing to learn is to try to have our says an as the work with you are lying along her own deaths or whatever job or not
we are going to order to to not just forget about other than yeah good point of our our practice those activities can be practiced part about him practice in dogan changes you know ah
ah tradition working with very important practice and also offer him something to other people
so if we have a job ah through features can have something and him something you know ah thumb
ah i had approved thing for at us
even though most people are not the buddhist their nature practice for us
so it
i think a good point
about our practice please
one of the same line of thinking
im listening in this is much less
that's good
everything we've discuss could be true for very upsetting situation in some my air reminders about bodhisattva in of better know why is our death
yeah that's something wiped out for that we don't forget the boys that but he already mentioned me do something for other people but otherwise if everything you said could be by somebody who's who
heard a voice that
i'm not queer fucking that forget about your said police that i be people back at oh on there
before selfish yeah the rest up their federal center
just practice for the ethical practices of health center do thirty two hundred and i could be me could be interpreted as
cutting-edge does mean the escaped from the society and focused on snow practice by the thick of home we can enjoy it yeah that was a okay it is where
i don't know about the paper
what about our practice you know we issue both up a precept and we take refuge ah but i got among summer and we take our for both up about valleys so ah even
no for example of know ah dogan changes way of life
you know she escaped from the in kyoto to that there are very deep mountains and create a very small community gandhi for the ethical practice it had fed fish or not
so we gotta be careful in or even feel the case of dorgan even though she lived in a deep mountain kind of escape from that are noisy be if you want but still here his activities
what best tomboy had my powers so even ah she's right time she's getting kidnapped her in france so happy for what for why to be but ah shit because of the life of sheet about
thomas pow ah life options pilot entered your peace powers
you know later she's teaching spread all over japan so we even though we have now now we are very small community
and that it okay but we need to yeah maintain that kind of ah energy of a pow bow tie for so bow than it can you know even little by do you know ah car com
niti become wider
yeah somewhere i remember some stress of criminality and great not forgetting and graduated we repeat the valves or something it's not forgetting what is that the our
then for me an interesting aside is wrong
yes can actually talk to people about necessity
even though responsibility we have to work ourselves and you city
about a possible time
but then the other than yeah it was that are highly put it
he said but even over made doing this work on ourselves
i'm working hard and he said i couldn't he said
our efforts are supported by people have been never hear about that are far away and practicing and he said that their efforts are helping us menu and but he their mean we're still mysterious people that are nobody do at that he conceived
just practicing but the day up scotland and he was sure i was very impressed
yeah we are supported by think i admit to our coping by dependent on designation so we cannot be the area alone who are separate from rest of their work
that it had been the in taconic did enough means so no matter how small our community might be i know i'm carol know you know pay a patient to happen we're doing now maybe not many people in this country don't know what we're doing but
to we are connected to do with all those those people
so it important to month not hard to forget about the connection we can to be alone even if we in vienna deep things
can ah okay anymore question or comment
please critical person to go back to run the show began so festival you're talking about ah there was one thing you mentioned dumb and gonna near the end of where you're where you're saying about that and it was about a body mind sound and color him or something
got when they exist in dustless there's nothing to claim into and that reminded me if it is that one of the rings comments on the precepts the first the yes she said kind of ah
he added ah i think if he had the infamous kind of things similar think on the second the precept of not steve
the finn subject and object in deafness the gate over the operation the open something like that
yeah that mean that no nothing to steal
if fan body and mind and found ankara in bussiness is no separation and to make the think my my position yeah he said the thinking
so ah the preceptor not stealing it would not simply ah ethics or morality but it's also ah
ah expression of our understanding or away quickly to get in reality our baseness
that is a very important point and we he study and understand and practice or got a precept in our tradition
okay thank you