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good morning
during this community retreat
i continue to to come
opening a hundred pounds
how today i spot a page happy his second paragraph who paid happy three

let me be the program
from the standpoint of wisdom hope we are everything must be defined visionary
that goes beyond definition is nonsense and utterly impossible
but from the point of view of them practice the very poor that goes beyond just thinking
and create creating definitions with who was much to be the reality of life itself
the t suzuki lot about spirituality
i've had transcends or in cruise or dichotomy
this word of spirituality opened up only when we actually practice the reality of life that transcend rationalism
so in this section general has been discussing about the meaning of this southern practice under he fed to practice southern it to enter the word or practice of reality
of life i'm not reality of life is beyond thinking
and ah for he has been discussing ah are two ways to prove deviate from a practicing
directly practicing these practise reality of life i know i'm way is are they today ah terrorists and other where you are viewing feet and second way is to ah think duration irish and make ah ah concept
and the using those concept thinking ah in iraq
a discriminated are discriminating and a logical way that it home ah christian philosophy according to general us from philosophy and for ah scientific way of thinking
and ah then he said in buddhism or this reality beyond those to it or chewing things or a of thinking
if cause her to be that way are to reality while reality or or or beings

this reality of all beings is ah
and he said in the previous paragraph
it's something we need to experience not way of thinking
and here they are be discussed up about the bar a british conservatism
and fuck he said in the beginning of this paragraph ways are kind of a depiction
even though from the wisdom where you have offered on our thinking ah you know the reality beyond thinking
he's not he said
nonsense and utterly impossible
because that reality beyond the thinking cannot be thin can come to be thought so if we're everything should be you know quitting are thinking less no way than the something beyond thinking cannot be the object or thinking
so it thaw kind of nonsense
but ah
knowing that mean the role of the twentieth century this ah reality beyond thinking became kind of attractive for in a whole western people
i think through hope i know who were no you wade through a british conservatism and i go away his people started to realize that imitation of thinking an ortofon imitation of
ah oregano scientific and technological therefore industrial we have no
david brent and we kind of materialism on my periodic civilization
ah finn i was are
keep their basic information i received from entire ah japanese education system is
this word is getting better
because of been on the federation or way of thinking puppies beyond our superstition for as the past shaft ladies and and or thaw out there scientific way of doing things and technology
if we continue to make my for in this way thing all the problems we have would be preserved and we do the free from or difficulties we had that worth the video in know optimistic
ah idea but not a message i received
the for never kid documenting the
the fifties but after sixty with changed people are started to phone number
that way of doing things and that the way of life to make everything in more and more convenient and enjoyable
ah do have become wealthy
not the way of life is based on not only based on our way of thinking but it's a yeah
for the tablet to people started to think we know that during up life is not a reality ah healthy way of life so i think they are people happy to find out gonna people way of life and
ah in or and that in this country in the fifties in a fuck outta peter generations and speaking nations started to find something you know r s and they found put it in one then or meditation
practice from different traditional awkward isn't that what kind of beginning of ah but if moolah them practice in this country you are not on the discounted but in the west i think

and in this pillar temerous they had two dps a quiche
and bts as us are actually the pioneer of frida introducing then ah to that west
ah so attractive really be talk about this far from d t suzuki

she was born in a king eighty nine the eighteen seventy
in canada
and according to his biography he the father was ah ah medicine a doctor
ah and end up in the op ed carry carrier the and beginning of made major ah
to be a doctor mean to be ah one kind or value were educated people
some of about you know don't ask ah studied out western medicine ah a cabinda at a pay period only praise the japanese people who could study western civilization of in nagasaki priya
on the one floor iran and the outside of the coast of nova tacky called fatima
ah only are people from koran or that
were allowed to with japan and do some training
and that was only a kind of a window of western civilization for japanese people since the early seventeenth century ah that with one sixteen hundred
that means the beginning of ah tokugawa or a the shogunate government ah started ah they don't government closed the contrary to the west because before that from the fifteenth century ah
wisdom people who like cause portuguese and spanish
you know came to japan and ah christianity became really not so much bacteria become popular especially in our cities like a kyoto and from city the tissue
but our ah rather with up earnhardt that do map youth that job christianity got i'm catholic
ah missionary is a part of town
but he not tom
a fabric or strategy your western european countries to make those crazy cronies and that was kind of a tool so ah that file the ah ah bang or christianity
and grow the country to against the european countries and the only that's your horned was allowed to continue because ah know her andrew i flew like a catholic a participant so they thought they act yeah
to be fit a secure
a good
i'm going to law school alma three hundred and a half until the end up of a nineteenth century
so during that period are people who want to study something about the all they had to go to different more and he never hats
and only cut the august caddied they could was medicine so doctors ah could the study was a medicine
and it seems dts a could father was one of that kind of a doctor thought he had he was he was a will educate a puffin he knew something about three europe and he also studied are
you can you send him and many other things
but ah he his father died fit within btc says you're really young
source he said he couldn't he had to stop going to school
i'm but wish he had our erica arab brothers who are already grown up helped him to continue to to study at schools and it said you know financially right have meters cu scores to them
one of school jazz gromit friend was a nice shit up at all

what's that old corrode his personal name like she's far family name for dps so this is a key and mr caravan very close friend films you and until since he was a teenager and this person winco are killed by university and he became a barrier
well known philosopher
but i said the last last time in japan into far are fattened japanese profile picture of five did was studying western philosophies and translate and our interviews who fits sure of a did said this and that and they
never created their own philosophy but this person's left our the only i think still consider the only one tapenade philosophy which create his own system of philosophy
both initial at thorough and acidity at d t key practice reinvent their thought for their philosophy are influenced by european ties him
anyway ah
ishida open to kyoto and the kyoto university but d t suzuki i went to tokyo university tokyo a nearby fee under kyoto university yeah to to best university in japan at that time still to be even today they had to most ah prestigio by
teeth so they they are kind of are enough or aids
ah but fireteam and to try to he was the university children's she started to practice them with ah
names either mustache whose name was a coffin
he much stuff
she was the our top or indirectly
in kamakura
come up with was
was a at a city in a fatty fat in fourteenth century five though intense in
and are this
them enjoy them more actually in got crazy was founded ah little bit after and vintage death
by you
oh no god but the shogun button sewing ah ah up a accord ah
assistant named hold your documenting but actually that the assistant had actor pulled the car a power and a fan he established his inadequacies he invited a chinese the master whose name was got with game

so a big is the key you in are stuck into practicing with this our tradition colbert die soon in the shoe is not but nopal i gotta pursue in photoshop cocaine than the was on do one fonda
even though there i'm so many he engages and his unfortunately our to sub
and they make two separate
almost two separate sub or schools but both are from tocantins but in the case or put it invite him there are many teenagers ah oh god tiny the master who came to japan and also a japanese must have who went to china and class
make it fell on teachers rhenish hundred sr or twenty four different king ages and the t kidney chatter its own or main more actually ah in photo edgy and for year on the to me monasteries
but indian guy there
so more than twenty may monasteries and they are independent each other so the system over the nice to didn't i school and the thought was you added with different
this a coffin much though or the our body and the mother of three yards after d t suzuki ah started to practice with fifty jack feature guide and his successor was ah

ah soccer saw him
it was our first japanese they must have visited the united states in eighteen ninety three finish him thou art parliament to congregation why i heard was the each camel
so the time the the they doesn't like a circular twenty three but it is said i'm not sure i'd true or not his in all the science presentation or the parliament was translated into english by
i the silky even though he was still barely younger university maybe he finished university
the and passion and he wasn't a really good at english
and the thin subforum sub soil was also a very unique person
ah in japanese and can master
ah sh
after she i think of tacky finished training and a sheep inca indians or condition she was still very young age mirror twenties
he decided to
go to university
because he thought you know ah education in the wisdom way is from that time necessary even to study and teaching them for he was a first them matter who went to university and after he finished
university ah
she you in to tighten tied under a feet on probably fail fail me the freedom card sri lanka to studied one practiced er care about buddhism he prepped therefore few years
for him with suck soil whether where he at that time pretty unique person who are study the western way of education and the also she didn't stay on the within ten privacy but he cried too
understand and experience the kalevala prussia mall shop for he was a kind of very progress bottom
ah finn sexual an or came to this country he met a one person i forget the name up his name

poor locate us i don't know now spreading poor a set of a part of within a month polo chaos shoot while the kind of a scanner
and he wanted to translate chinese graphics to english and this person poor or the sexual into send ah
an artist and a young people who could affect help this person to provided timely transfer the no graphics to english and ah is and recommended or they fit for a key to come to this countries
so he came to this country in nine eighteen
ah a keen ninety seven
and he say stated ha
in this country ah until june nineteen or seven or four and he you into english england and though impact to japan in nine t all name
what you want outside of japan for a twentieth and during this time he translated a diode seen them direction indonesia awakening of faith in mahayana
and he also wrote a book on the behind our teachings
and he went back to japan that time he was a pop ah three thirty three years old
and when he became a teacher at the gap showing university he taught english
and ah
she was that the university year until nineteen twenty one
so during this time and it's almost are not almost but he was fifty one and this time he was an english teacher he was not that with scanner but are in this year he became my prof a professor at all tiny universe
in kyoto and this author university is up
ah pure on buddhist in pastiche
no famous kamado either photo them with his feet rusty ah pure land buddhism specially i jodo shinshu
well covers this university to educate their own priest
so after she was the fifties he is it's cut it to teach put him and ah
he lived until
nineteen sixty six
so more than forty years

ah she was a ah skara
so ah
when they didn't think he was young he practiced are diet then ah ah les practitioner and it said before he went to came to this country nineteen ninety seven he he had i can show explain
nurse so she had somewhere like meant experience
but after she's happy to teach our hawtin university he already he studied them he studied art history of spit out a history obtaining them are the histories therefrom ah bodhi onto you are six sunfish
a and also he studied many different aspect of thin so he was against color but not only him but he also studied are pure land buddhism
and or together he lot more than wrong one hundred books in japanese
and according to the list of the book he wrote he wrote about hockey in books in english for or together here no no one hundred thirty books in both japanese and english for he was really
great scott
but probably in this country she was known on the other than teacher who enter the stem from the east to the west but ah vanuatu not only thing he studied
so she was really are
important coffin for to tinker this thin put him to know quest

in japan he and his friend misha
ah ah question the other kind of ah fei hung out of school
named coat of cool

he should have fear softly and good luck to the keys are then
study are kind of combined and if be called to convey boston bts the and and electric that terawatt very expected people
ah specially after know are there are two detrimental nineteen forty four after forty five at a time digital keyword more than fifty seventy five i think
and ah
you know it as students
the this will cause a student become very influential after of our do to
and are one of the one of the book tickets for the key lock in nineteen forty four
or if ah ah called a new home ticket a fee in japanese

ah me home
he a fee
visit a book but i don't think this is translate into english the on taking japanese they say me spirituality
les mean spirit was feature and fe is a nature think they have a thin fi sim kanji i got in with nature
the nature allows the hilton i say the gotta spirituality or how we shouldn't say this this japanese word they say is a conservation lobby english you are spirituality
and in get a book ah she discussed the about foot his spirituality for different was spirituality in a kind of a new work for japanese readers and so she had to explain
what spirituality means
and he said split charity is different from our mentality
mentality they go out functional mind thinking mind is open it or ah my patio my career and member
oh out with chemical subject and object fan he used this throughout in ticino mind and are my paleo he co-starred i think he's thinking about our materialism and ibrd idealism that towards pity not be
issued in are doing in our twentieth century even are politically sir
important issues and you order to go beyond this materialism and in i carried him ah did the key
ha you tried to introduce this i no idea if way that it's patriarchy is go beyond the dichotomy
between mind and matter and subject and object movies if precarity go beyond or a basis of these two separation mind and maca coauthors coffee of a fee my painting
read and the idealism
ah that was a you in unnecessarily in japan have gonna wonder add to you cause ah
japan was impressed both in our soviet union and united states and japanese society we're kind of a separate into two cars one is ah
communist or socialist and is our capitalist you know
being familiar with armory united states and they are politically they are fighting
it had a conflict
and there for some people with thought they need ah something beyond or include or m embrace both
the probably happy to fight he started to use this was spirituality that is
beef that before separation of these two or beyond our my patriotism and idealism
and this idea philosophical idea is a again in our combined with thin
of coffee in unbeaten for good teaching is it came from thin and we should have a feel for few was also based on them
oh we should feel inside him
and that is considered now you know ah after far apart about to in japan fuck of them for ah
general sherman mentioned in oddities lucky ah here
because many of japanese people for nothing isn't for them in interpret at a time
and as i said last week last sunday you know existentialism anthon with combined and she does and the is not be the definitive teaching is very thin cotton see that philosophy and their north also combined
and in this so-called the kyoto school they are still on sugar on the difficult to good student such as ah summer the cet him

ah ah miss ten kg

they are or chaucer five and professor of kyoto university but they practice or inside him and i don't know if somebody book was confident thing to english or not but the one when he studied book or transit we was twenty eight
it ah the to renegotiate region under nothingness or maybe you heard the title but not for many people ready i think
anyway those are kind over them you know in japan lotta time ah and which i'm on a shitload this booklet that was it ah early seventies was still influential
but they are rough he was very difficult to understand specially you know if you read dt for get books or even we should act out book to be a discount where logan needed this country
be a rooks hour or so difficult for and also out digital goes way over lighting is of kosher enlightenment walk a short experience
we're getting is something beyond ordinary people on the people enlighten the people who are only they are incorrect or of people could understand so that
is a point in our cameras to want to ah
hey you know
learn who are
no reality beyond the thinking if nothing nothing's it's not something mysterious on the enlightened the pattern pattern can fee or understand why expensive and also this is not this is either actor ordinary ah reality
god thought it's not only for the value very educated in character people but everyone can practice and experience ah is reality appeal beyond the thinking that is fun ah whatever
as you want to see in this paragraph using here pretty if i went to the t good at teaching
so a pure basically facto terminology thing here is you know this reality beyond thinking
isn't the for this kind of thing it's not the only for when we educated or enlightened people we have already been out cat reality on thinking
and to me one interesting thing if in our digital qian foggy called or la sua contemporary

ah the as i said legislative in a thing a seventy and died
nineteen sixty six so he lived for ninety five year old almost ninety six and until ah right before his death he was printed his mind his barry korean creative so she continued
to like the books and which if he was at ninety five years old is a really amazing person
and thirty cold or she was born nineteen eighty four ten years younger than d t suzuki
and ah she died nineteen sixty five
thought they died about the thing time one year or less than one ear ah i
i thought the falcon or she was eighty five years old
but these two people are very different him of arena
ah how can i say oh but not i said digital q and to tokyo university and studied english and can do united states so he was in our ah frequently speak on even write english so she was barely
and he ought to know madame one hundred and thirty books
but thirty tokyo a super was from very poor families
his parents died and he was ah shit mother that should father that and he was five and his mother died
ah i forget fitted fast and anyway by and to oh by the time he was eight both should get into bed and he was
ah get to burnish his uncle
and yet ah after six months of uncle died
so he was adopted again by this person or hockey key kitty and this pattern was our camera
and are an apartment wife yeah fabulous his stepmother was ah ah exp prostitute for his ah you know ah condition fan he was young was buried
narrative he had been ah had i'm friend he was a kid so he thought it was graduated on the elementary school after she finished elementary school she took the current for
asked him to walk
ah lancome mecca and or thought other what of what printer that prints for gambling
and he didn't like that way of life so she escaped from with a family his parents and he went to a hedge fund he was sixteen

so she
when you finish the elementary school for he
what am i pay cut or and after after she became a monk who are taught end
you know
as he was drafted so he became a forager for and he with a further four years and heard a fighter ah
i was getting there were between japan and russia he was almost killed
ah for her for sibling yeah she couldn't pull the study or practice at or for he started to practice and study buddhism again and he was twenty seven and he has no money
you know
thought he studied buddhism or god
one monastery lot of photos the monastery but ah her social monastery
for sure or her first cool
cause sure show user name or the japanese are the over tara school
and ah the monarchy the name of the ministry was whole luigi
holy is not not one new capital really oldest buddhist temple in japan and is located in nada
fortunately she practices studied a overture a kitchen
and you almost finished the course of this teaching to become the teacher in within this school but somehow he quit
because he found that in many people many buddhist priests monks at that time want to study and become ours cut off
but not many people are really practiced yoga and dangerous combat our just sitting
so ah she quit studying in owatonna and he asked our about over this ah consortium one i study ah she's in a more fire quito in to allow him to stay in a half grow
yeah from this temple college and she started to fit by himself
and he had every day all day
by himself
and he said he only ate some relies on daikon and some beans
ah that was how he studied buddhism understand it hundred practice then after that ah he has thin he has some questions about ah them properly practice tokens and practice she visited a teacher his name
my the aka fata
oh okay
thor can
so he was the a catheter with kind of a teacher of calculus but pesquisa close your order for the a self-made teacher said have made them the matter
he practiced by himself in that way until she was about fifty
but when he was fifty he was invited to be down go though of fuzzy monastery and also our professor at cornell university even though he only finished the elementary school
and after that him focus became a famous ah then photos and teacher
and he was of professor komodo university for almost thirty years
but the difference between dts for can falcon kotler losses fabulous never locked any books
there are many books published with his name but all those books are someone's transcription of his talk thought was never like anything by himself
and he's his in his books are not not scratch ticket all
in a food
in nineteen sixty five i was seventeen years old i have i was hired chris to them and i fostered and with yamanashi the book and i became interest in them at that time those two people the tcg on fabulous you are very popular can teach us personally at what i like africa
i think def
i'm so i heard that both the cases a kid's book and thought it was a book i could find any of those books up any bookstores
i'm often i bet if btc book i couldn't understand even one what
but fabulous is i didn't the area understand who got and teaching or they'll get them but she's way of talking with very kind of funny interesting and and funny he had a very good sense of humor she never used ah
philosophical or buddhist applique technical terms
he talks
i got to in ordinary people because until he was fifty he was not of color
for she's the audience was always in a common in older people
i saw when i read the boss
diacetyl forgivable can focus or losses book i to me too much more interesting and attractive so i'd stop reading picky to the key
and until february as ago i never let pt search it was too i thought the first impression on digital a good book to me was
not possible to understand
but the hob several years ago i started to correct his english books
his english books and she's on books or the two different she the english to come up to me meme maybe because the me on my the knowledge and understanding about ten and put it in ah broke after happier
did a good thing with so difficult to me anymore
way of thing oh of course it very difficult different from goggins and fuck it i stan utan but he he up his things pretty straight forward
and ah or another difference is of the and of color and he was not are the master sword he said that is not really necessary to understand what his writing
oh i got them the truth ah that ought not right in practice
and to me that it's very big difference
the naval training of his own work
he wrote the english
training training of yeah i know have put course there was a personal note on
anyway when you read that as nobel oh yeah monastic practice while we're he has
maybe if deviate from yeah that's why i said she's japanese book fumbling which macfadyen different in japanese books she was really ask rock
but i fan he died in english he was a horn was like commissioners of them to persuade people to pakistan
hmm that this kind of interesting point of the lucky to me
ah for fuck it was young btc a contemporary bakunin very different and fun ghost is said it we should practice setting
ah so that feel the reason ah tomatoes information about fifty searches with wacko spirituality for they see and do on the fox she want to say a non deferred income
applications key is how i got in on this reality beyond the thinking is nothing special it's very ordinary reality it's not only for that people who attained enlightenment are on the people who are ah believe we're dedicated
it are incorrect or people like a of us but we think we experienced that reactive beyond the thinking
and whichever assurance oversight interesting person i mean she's tired of writing or explanation
but because he studied for a recent philosophy can you at young so if he won wanted to write in joseph cairo or ha ha scholastic way he could but he found that if fan he lot in that way now under the no one
his writings because he was not a professor she couldn't couldn't cross for so she stood them to league preppie lot thought he found that on t unless he lot in the way even come on people could understand no one had she's writing
because he has no authority rather just a practitioner and the poor monk
thoughtfully try he he tried to find our lighting style and fitch ah he could explain in all
that reality beyond the thinking without becoming so much in character a car p t suzuki or you should have to that oh i shouldn't be as children's
i'm sure minutes one sin ah he wrote an essay about his target practice and the couple that essay was translated by tom wright and appeared and that but i thought a mama mama i think few years ago
that didn't you to
in it's our website oh really
anyway ah here chandra said key lot that ah se in one evening
and she found a way he could light in that way to believe me he also thema falconer she didn't use ah in a british technical contents but you think he's very concrete an interesting ah examples
he tried to
say that thinking i flew was scholastic people trying to teach to that ah intact our people
ah and visible crazy ah canada example sometimes he knew that to show that fab he thing because it's so kind of easy to understand but he tried to show this is a came from she is understanding
and in and our interpretation of very you know
ha traditional british are teaching sometimes he incur the is that was such as you know in the previous days are a page she is the emptiness of reality they are clear victory is or beyond logos or inn express
the qatar or to emptiness in japanese these are traditional buddhist terms and due tomorrow she ah use these were knew that didn't use the was
and yet crop his it here but he he expressed a theme
reality with his own very comprehensive and on temporary ah well express your express views are using out in ordinary expressions
but the in order to make sure nobody else can see in know fact he's writing is are colloquially expression is the same at in on the traditional buddhist technical committees can to say that five he sometimes you know you are included
is this car comes
nikita why you know she's lighting is not for a scholastic or academics and his way of explanation is very understandable
ah but to me that his honor
that route spider or the explosion has some difficulty your anger that means because fat his writing is understandable
we think i understand it i know it
but with i'm getting from the so what i'm trying to do in often i talk on
this kind of t texts by says i kind of precedent in or she's ah
pretty unique expressions of garima using a colloquial language into our kind of of our our context of buddhist teachings in that tries to run away or in the context or logan's teachings
let me know because
i within kyoto ah killed the for validation that we had a small dmitri and we had some are beating practice and can be asked to something to read i know introduce ah
my translation of with tomorrow she's then they did it for enough your days
what next i understood this
petro the kind of our shop through him i had been
ah trying to understand up his thing and for this country who is in a few day visit i understand this hot next
but why i tried to explain inhibition of thatcher easy kitty
anyway that is what i'm doing now thought ah
finn you read with cameras tickets are like this or or for are not defining your life
it's understandable that is okay but that i hope people study or out in a dog and teaching that was enough for easy
but not a lot ah for supreme pedestrian rise know people like a or to our two models for i hope you know i come to the american back with on people fatty in all that teaching spies ceremony and ah
now i'm just an adult and teachings and dogan
and fuck is the reality do russia or fabulous trying to point out
and how you know ah you can express it in your on language
but is my wish
we have plenty more minute
so i tried to
go next paragraph
maybe i can next few paragraphs of difficult for probably i can finish thriller three four more paragraphs
about amigo paid thirty three
is this reality of life
that transcend definitions language and thought
some mr car esoteric word de pre hidden somewhere something we are unable to talk about or even imagine
no of course not
since it in authority we are always eating out the reality of life so this is a point he want to see you in in the are teaching look of fatalities so gmg the and andrea ah student
it's very difficult it so people who tend to understand this is only for a special people but
at least a general
oh cameras his point of view in know this is very ordinary thing war was all over thirty ping that we had a key beyond thinking

if you put your hand nick paragraph i don't think i need to the explain this
if you put your hand up to your heart
you can feel it baking steady
it does not paid because you are thinking about making each paid
nor does it paid because of our physiological or medical definitions
the hi paul phelan must regulate your heartbeat for example but it is not the cause of your hearts activity
as long as your heart is activity beating inside you it is the reality open your life
a power beyond the was and ideas is at work
it is this reality over your life
oh your bath and death not definition of them that i want to in bathgate here source is talking about you know the reality of this five is candace
you know ah over our entire body and mind five scandals actively working and this work is not down because i think or because i in control you know those things because i cannot recall we can't control
happy hour hug and we can conquer our stomach
we'd have i thinking
in our some pop some part of our body this is also which i'm interested in summers i got hung we can now use our hands finn i think i need this i can pick up this you know pair of glasses so
ha i can use my hands not completely but had second degree
but i cannot control allow us to my core i'm a hot or you know even know are even now i thinking
even the function over our mind is beyond well beyond the control of how i thinking
so that the octo energy that function or
but token not to go in but we generally use it as ah fourth life oof that allow both our body and mind function is with reality so this reality i'm thinking is not really beyond this world for
something mysterious beyond this while and on the fat in speech are people who could find it but we are always living within that reality beyond the thinking that these cameras you want to point out and he never done
when we are settled down by you can go with grasping discriminating thinking
ah we settle down on that reality
that allow both our body and mind what
is another way in a from the ttk fit in spirituality is beyond subject object
i move up subject to a mind is dying is is doing it thinking and making definitions
and making separations between self and the others or subject and object
yoda to explain in this separation and one if not the to explain this separation and the oneness you know ah way of thinking
without limitation because our thinking on the part of it we cannot feed this reality at our or an object that the fine in the explanation ah in exploration we try to make in our mind
left to our dirty work but fry you know ah you should actually have a few oddities of christian teaching pickup not only them but you can dog and fitting become so complicated who are the same gotta do not know god is not teaching become so in a cool
for of contradiction and products
because no other
our mind is only part of this and tried to feed the oneness of is reality
and our mind is part of that so we cannot feed the activity a objectively at the object because we cannot be outside of this that is a bisque problem for us for our mind to in off
explain and discuss about put our reality
so fun with that to discuss the wide screen is totoro vip beyond if ah
separation between fabric to object ah
you know we're thinking it seems i got hide link
it can't be any work at five you know the philosophy and also bullish or and pitching becomes now so much
ah difficult to grasp with other he was hundred watts kind of way of thinking but got to reality therapy it's pretty ordinary that you know we are getting this reality twenty four hours a day
i know submit a week
and our thinking is part of it
so we don't need to take isn't thinking out
but we need to using our thinking we need to understand thinking is not this reality
that the a bisque program
it's treason
of course it ryan in a things are no i got ah idling how will recover thinking is hiring whatever you want the wider concept or logic who use sunlight doesn't lead to three
that is a problem or family that golf phone we're like the
that is fun too much want to stay here

so attractive finish one more paragraph my brief is a little more under my control them my heart rate i can take a few with by thinking about it
but it is completely impossible for me to be in constant cause constant cause of control or my breathing
it would be a terrible five collage kind of problem to be afraid to go to sleep because i might forget to breathe so many times a minute during the night i go to sleep interesting my breathing to the great power
wow of life beyond my control again though this is not a power i control since it is really working inside of me it is nothing other than the reality of my life
this breeding these another a
john bruce
we can
who can't control but it's always watching
so i don't think i need to explain this
so let me go next paragraph
let us go a little further with the concrete realities of our lives
i was born japanese and perhaps you are born american this is not something we chewed by our so called wheel and yet in fact i'm a i'm japanese and you are happy wow
this is the reality of life that transcends our own measurement and discretion
or so i am a buddhist priest eating a life of the exam practice in a fucking temple in kyoto japan in this way of life away
a i cued by my own power
yes of course in a happy since i did too late but where did i get the power to choose it
i can't help but conclude that this choice to has been given life by a great power that transcend my own willpower on the fog whether you call it chance face
eight life itself or the probe providence of god
so not only in are things happening within our body like heart beating or briefing but the way we leave i thought he might guess ah a japanese are buddhist ah for
is as a christening in you know did i chewed can we turn to be born as as bunnies
oh and he said go on for he made choice to become a buddhist monk were priest but
you know paula or energy to make such a
choice i'm in order to make choices we need to make discriminations
you know featured better know that to make judgment which to that to become monk or not to become a monk in a way up to make a discrimination for these difference between this way of life and that way of life so we have some way off in are making distinction
on this is this is fab and featured better
ah ha
oh no it every you know in that way making choice who had make him torso we cannot do anything so that's why we think not make our thinking and the way we make discrimination or distinction is important and this is our life but do you terminal
going to say it
create this ah
ibp okay public to make distinctions come from
is this in a par or fourth like fourth ah
if given
to off because what we wanted
it was this our choice to have that ability or not and of course not
so if up his thing is even our ability to make discrimination is a gift
from much larger power or life worth
and that is
you know i'm always the thing is not growing this indra's net
oh yeah
we exist either are not over this net
the of our causes and conditions who was in time and space
and without variations with others in undisturbed different no one not even one lot cannot appear or alive and stay and the core away so each and every not can exist on the a connection
politicians with others but without way we think is a have we see in this collection or network from side
so and we think in this way separation between seven subject and object we only see this part of that mcculloch and for new we think only this network in all that is this is happening and
in that sense a know if in tapping i was in fact limitation this ah
i've put proper know i madero but it but even the ah
ability to make that a way of thinking to think our ability
in discrimination on the concept is a gift from the same a network
that is what he
want to say thought he called this thought out a fact not our reality of life
and the purple with reality of life we have our ability to think and making discrimination
but if but
often we think in this is that or now this pattern
but is a basic problem if we can't bring to the small part of our life was more part of the network as me on this different over the world then you know our ability to think are making discrimination
it's not harmful
right before we think this is that in of are we he make our
well you know giving are tied them
so a fuck no we do in our target practice in the since our we will cry for awhile the way of thinking it upside down with turn it out that or we do we know that him so our day is not
kind of our special mr way to view in on this reality beyond the thinking ah like god how object because it's not possible
but we just thicker than on this ground off ah into dependent automation
but you know in with the movie kurdish a network coping codependent fascination and they are it's possible to name this in many different ways and he kept something like
ah ah chance fate life itself over the providence of god not eat fear for far wife in car or legends may call this great our life the life because than a fair for thinking
who is different names
ah and the final ah paragraph i think we can finish this
to come up with some answer to this we can only come up with a one sided or obstruct answer
by using sapping expression in or same entire dependent origination wanted to our copy that pendants polynesia is a british time
ah providence of good if a christian palm or we can use to more like a ah scientific tom but the whatever name we we used to refer to this thing you know
we kind of our how can i see it
and it become another concept
and yet we can't avoid it can we talk either because i'm a buddhist i have to use it his time terminology
and christian people returning your question comes home after of fears of us can be used a car comes up but for paper towns or was have some imitation because cats
i'm ah
did it with some you know position within this network

so ultimately or we can say is got the reality of life is as it is just as it is
the reality of the life of the sheriff a simply to be life just as the please
phillip does not exist because i think
about it or because i don't think about it whether we think
in this way are not including this way we are reaping that life beyond the thinking
either way this rife universal and partner is my life then is a way of truly putting this reality of life into practice so when we practice other weapon we sit facing the war on letting go we don't
use the word even guarantee through our copy that dependent on nashi fan i tried to talk about it because i'm a buddhist i have to use i put his thumb so i used the our interdependence but you can use in not gonna go was a favour why do we use
it has some deputation but and we had a fit and it go for even that kind of but idea even the reality of life or interconnectedness
that to try to we do not have him
we are simply being there at it is without recording you know using this time workers christian town or scientific time
for their value tongue is okay to use but do we need to understand any comes as it on imitation
can thirty three
so today
i took on february
ah paragraph pretty fast i think it's a record
but earn
and this is just a kind of a conclusion low fat she has been discussing
ah so tomorrow i'd like to continue to convict or fiction
ah any question or comment

for something
the issued very helpful
the actions other gain a
say one united states was
that yoga if and he did not he ever said practice
well yeah
to ship him but southern summers said that as far as communication
inside and is to students with very little too
that and a lot but
schubert that
i mean
and he spoke probably a lived with poetry i don't a few friends that ah i did the a few yeah
he was it anywhere
that is here in america why we bothering in latin
and also the earth remarks about
getting way too technical firms in ah
that's very effective
he helpful to and i know that i
a of gift must be good when he often said the taping it that when you when you're talking about i like that
what i live very smooth and very it's really easy to read and then he said but trouble is you really think i got a better problems yeah
and another person ah what a kind of a poem you pay on yoga i'm going content is ah ah it's okay on for funky ah she was not a disciple of a shock for him but he was a disciple i
soccer soccer with you know this person he doesn't
fedora for really interesting person or yeah he was her disciple of suck for him and he
who became a teacher over group for re practitioners name can do more on
the all more
joe more germans had to are both and moines forget so forgetting both or forgetting to actually teach is the name of this group this means injury to you have subject and object
and ah
so he became a hit the
les group
in the group and definitely person came to this country
said nineteen or sick
ah no huge this person you okay california came to this country with eighteen option to students and he wanted to who is published and communities in california
i'm he purchased along from i find up north of san francisco i think with these groups are there and he really wanted to his publisher than community there but we to sit and focus on perfect was one over eighteen
will even though they purchased a farm they failed
forgive i also getting soggy and funds for cancer secular book said they are or interrupter people who are artists of the rocky water off artist he was a corrupt cop for all those pepper every interaction of people they didn't know how to know grow better
so they are farm became free
so chuck saga to move to the city of san francisco and it opened the tender but it didn't work so he went back to japan in ninety ten so his attempt to not transparent and
ah committee on the practice they are you
san francisco but failed and the all of them went back to japan with suck saga except ah so gam ah after this he lived in seattle some and moving to new york under founded our
fast the need to choose to open america in new york and he's ah wife for that her name news roof for turkey he went to japan and continue know so
and roselle go
andrew from their group no one person to fuck his name
he had a french champagne maine or than knock he went to japan and practice or die tacos you with our daughter cause she ah
reagan door and it's worth a go to fast american or fast wisdom who receive income from ah with you in that direction and he had dogs and sent i mean it was more than a than group and affinity with the massachusetts i visit
did that group it was our fun it was a nice breeze
and they get the agenda on with my periodo in they weren't given from ah the building we used to be are dunkin components
dunkin donut shop
but somehow is no on was a musician she i think he was a pianist so he quit teaching them became a musician again i'm sorry about that
he actually found yeah thirty quid for a the credit and kenny said i never heard what happens though why i'm not sure i've written the appraised finn
in nineteen the middle of seventies
i've got them he was there but i have a he quit or in the song maybe in the eighties i'm not sure if he's still alive or not
so from know the shop cheyenne's in know ten years you know try
many important people
kind of are pioneers of american family always tons in appeared
even before focusing new dice came to san francisco
maybe in the time was not ripe for this person thought they had to go back to japan
more christian document
freestyle swimmer doesn't of you know what's what he or she was a practicing by himself with the temple he dared talk oxford to support so
i don't know i think his biographies it didn't feel how he get food
ah maybe someone
donated the food don't think he regularly beat a carter
so it said he didn't eat much for ah you know even though he wasn't she his mid thirties she would he said he looked like a seventy year old no passion
so in often he visited aka for them the rossi okay fourteen certain worried about his health because he you know what asking for extreme will practice that five him okay africa became the app
a have a big temporary in kyushu digests she ah she invited circulars to be a teacher there because all cut of them had already hit on temper so he couldn't go so he invited falconers to be that to teach other
and in kumamoto the name of the temple was dying jesus
i i the e or this camper was founded by kung di was one of the suck one of the bogan changes direct the cyprus for disorder a big temper
ah and even according to calculations biographies fan he became a teacher not the about what the teacher at this temple she found ah the thumbs group of people from wanting to practice
with with calculus in his way for custom fitting
ah so fast he found no
i'm happy proof want to practice in see it away until then
for he was how i think he worth about forty he practiced by himself
so i really don't know how she she's practiced for supported fancy david with the by himself
but if if he didn't care
got any christian
okay thank you