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i couldn't finish the paragraph twenty seven i took the unclear
one to start centres from the bottom of page nineteen so let me start from there
ah let me be the rest of this paragraph and or i'll go farther
theories were really and like
that does not overstocked struct taking hold and letting go
it is the monks whole the buddha whole the kitchen under three temple gates
fida there is the and to light that is neither taking hold nordic and goal it is the monks whole caboodle whole the kitchen or the three temple gates
also varies the i got to penetrate that can directions there is the i that completely embraces the great off
clearly the a moment before the mind and is the moment after the mind
because i'm sorry if you are not you are not here yesterday afternoon police the right the translation of the next sentence and
because this is initially my translation
i didn't i forget to tighten my own translation
to execute my translation of the sentence is because
such virtue of the radiant polite
come on in eyes he as nose tongue body and mind
come on his real us come up there are all the buddhas of the three times who are maintaining not annoying come on and vera katz and quite often fitch
throw themselves into knowing
i read it again okay because such rights you over radiant light
in eyes nose and i'm sorry eyes ears nose tongue body and mind come on his vigorous come up there are all buddhas over three times
who are maintaining not knowing
i'm calmer and vera katz and quite oxen
which throw themselves into knowing
ah the financial centres of this paragraph when this nose ring is present and this daruma i is present
the dharma expound practice buddha and the diorama listen to practice law
that's the end of this paragraph

ah this expression
that isn't as there is the lady and polite
that does not er was rocked taking hold on letting go
it is the monks whole the with the whole the kitchen on the three temple gates this expression came from ah
things have of mom

ah in tiny this is
young man he is a founder or founder of the one of the five chinese then school named my issue
so he's very equation on the master and
in show organs or corneal

i used to the afternoon i introduce one are things of the master truth out about the entire ten direction is the i have is the monks i and so on and also than
embedding direction is the gravy and collide como is radiant like a the and
like over this entire can direction while the is the
arabian polite or the safe that saying it by i chose occasion he was a disciple of bustle are measured and are the ones in the quote in the same chapter of shovel gainesville entitled to
meal or lady and polite he caught this things by mom
and futterman said is
he accused me
each and every person has the agility and polite all people each and every person has this radiant light mentioned by there are there must have chosen this in
entire ten action world is itself as radiant light of the sheriff and ah
among follow this expression and said each and every one of us has with radiant bride
what he said when we try to see it but count
family tries to see that radiant light of each and every one of us we kept we can feed and he said hong kong kong that means it is complete darkness complete darkness
ah then he among asked to his monks in his assembly what is the way the underlying to fraud is the radio and polite or people have all of us have fought a that
lady and light fan we try to see we can see so he and he asked the monks to kill me for is that light looks like if you see who you're trying to see it you can see then how can you exp
press this lady until light of a safe
when i know on say anything
so they just kept silence
they've been two ways
the the our common understanding he didn't say it did they didn't know how to say at all they didn't really understand and mar more
people often dogan integrate this silence as that is the complete perfect expression of this radiant right
so we can interpreting whatever we way we want
anyway so no i say anything so on the about our said for the sake of the monks and that thing is ah the monks whole the whole the kitchen under can prove gate
ah of course monks horrid saw dog

and with a hurry boots the day

and the kitchen easier
ah to go you could

and some mom

ah commonly than one after he had seven basic buildings that are usually more than that but those seven are very basic facilities are more i see a nice to have
one is a
ah photo monks whole affair are monks sleep and practice doesn't on a station and eat
visit monks whole
was hung a whole
that hurt
is a diorama whole that they've had to lie down the hole and would fit in with the whole
and ah across to the monks who is a zoo crew
ah this is not only the kitchen but or the temple offices are in this building this is called vehicle or cruelty
the same cool and gay is this was this time his character and ah
can brew gate some mom
no doubt was doing a note is found this son means three so i translate three gates but this might be the just around gate this is than someone is a name of not one a temple gate and this
sometime this is written as these kinds of some guy this some means mountain so sometimes we call the gate as a mounting big mountain you fight with this temple
he was the thin with gate was pulled someone three gates it might have the temple might have three gate the front gate middleweight and integrate but it's also some it said summer
one is a trans is i have aviation have sung guess at the mom

yeah that
mom and give that to me the revelation of emancipation
gate is a gate
to add the demonstration or revelation
those are one two three four five and there is our our postal under yoga courses are folded and york is a bathroom those are several basic facilities in a kick out of them more
last week and five more is saying here is monks whole with a whole and a kitchen or
we're giving our all that temporary offices are there and also this but and brigade
this means
of course these are the prices in a monk's practice
in different ways and the people are coming and going
excuse excuses
so the information about this lady and plight of or each and every one of us is for our fees are charged concrete practice or each of the buildings you know can prove whereas three so this is teaching for the monks
of course prince
there is really liked it does not obstruct take over larry brown
the water into cause problem is not have step the water water the wounded not great the water
ah i think so but this grasping on letting go in a dog and several tie with mentioned in the the t not a fab i think it meant that means from monks or we practice
at this monastery we logan said there are two side one is grasping while taking hold and they can go
i think that is for whom logan mentioned
was grasping and letting go
get different than the perfect activity are holding on
i think same get this is how how we use our life to study the dharma and to to practice or dolma we have to use to side
taking whole means ah we try to understand fact this is and how we should practice and letting go means we just do it
just you do it you practice using our body and mind without thinking letting go of that kind of understand but just to and it on the other hand we have to really study in detail as dogan has been keen on the thing
these are two side of our practice so that is fun but the gains thing here for he says
the i got a levy on to light
that does not always loved that man over struck taking hold
so we're gonna sound the fuck we should do at the soul
we practice doesn't we have ah ah or your communities we
among seep you know the around thirteen
where are your manners identify the conduct within monks whole and at the buddha whole we do certain things that i go are doing service or i could have done a whole we study terima i'm at that
temporary offices each monk
you know they are ticket
yeah depending upon their position they do different things
he so
there are certain things we have to study and understand
what this means and fan we actually do don't do the practice buddha each and everything we do we did go that kind of understanding on just do it that is to side over practice i think that is fact the again same here
this gathered of you know the monastery the practice phrase does not overstretch to either we have been on the dingo
and next sentence he said there are no those phrases or facilities
that is neither are taking a whole lotta tingle
that means ah that is how we use this facility crazy it to
they know the study ourselves to practice dharma
but from
that phrase nuggets from outfits from our side we say the practice phrase but the from that place it has nothing to do with taking hold or letting go that in fact we are going but this is just our innocence good as run
purely decision you know like a scabbard p e pure land
only you know without practice buddhist practice so it this in your target like a school to educate monks from one side visit a school or practice center with start study and practice but from other side this is just as there
there's can already life outside cake
it is of course
so this is our to side of thing one reality it's not two separate things
and next he said also varies the i that penetrate the ten directions this is same as far a georgia said this entire can directional art is nothing other than monks
i saw this entire network will be interdependent origination
he fits we are just a one not have this myth
this is nothing other than ah one single i have a monk so this entire
word is one i
so the read the either penetrate the can direction this reality itself is i good as i for a monk say or die my eye
and vr is the i that completely embrace the great us
this is the same i completely gray in in i embraced the great as mean within this to there are many different things you know
the mountains he was oceans on the fullest and all been called human beings this i embrace all those individually things all these not in the entire net
that is the lady and right of each and every being so each and every beings has the and light and also dooney teach
because everything is connected and being as one and this and this oneness of the reality is good as that my body so we're apart over the that my body of buddha
that is the source of divinity and beauty of each and every beings including ourselves
and i don't really understand nigga this
see there is a moment before the mind and there is a moment after a mind
this moment is my audition
what he wrote his
there is before of this scene and is after of the sin so i don't understand what this means before different
i think this is a capita in mind and with it and there is something before this capterra in line and something after this mind i'm not sure he is to ah saying about the time or not
but i temporarily put moment that means i tried to leave with the other ah
the time she's talking about time want this is this is entire network of interdependent origination and as dorgan said the entire show bogans or fancy job you know this is also called among came on this mountain walks
that is fuck
ha dorgan discussed about about in san feature or mountains and order cetera
so this mountain is not a fixed mounting this is working with in time
and it might be there is a before and after on get maybe he didn't say but he said as he said indians aucoin this afternoon before and after is cut off
maybe that they had he tried to say that i am not sure
excuse me
if this isn't not about the time i don't really understand the fuck this sentence means that before and after this mind how did that
is severely mystery to me please
possible that the before
adjectives for line
thought you out after my how that is me
the state of mind for
oh the condition of our our mind
ah in gotta pace this is not a big a my mind but smoothie mine is that the movement of our psychological mind
hey that's what you are
trying to say
i'm not sure yeah i'm going to show that he didn't say so we have been coverage that is a program for difficulty february duggan's writing he just express he doesn't take screen that's a problem please i i wonder if
it might be late and of a way of saying there is also no by
before the my buddies now
he also
after it
well because the guy said nothing so we have we were young
we have authority to income way to of our on fatima way we want
this is one of the interpretation impossible i think cause your brain can politician from my understanding please
he or she did the nobles citation this far as we know that the folks that actually heard him give his dharma talks to the disciples write commentaries ah yes one of them
unfortunately only one of them
one of the disciples of dogan was thinly
sen ne
after after the organs and died
a lived a his and the time to kyoto and he founded a small temple name your cause your cozy
and center under his disciple he was co go
hyogo those kill people to engines disapprove
the sydney was closer to be one of his duggan's thelma as
and he his disciple kyoto it said a when he was young very young he practiced with dogan genji before his he died and both of them wrote are made a commentaries on seventy five a tough cause kosovo get
and it's to available so this this they are they are commentary is called are commonly called go show
go show
and the commentaries as difficult as during the right
a later
ah no i made only they are commentary on the angel colon only and i was i had a crush hear about the opponent guardian angel corn so if we want i can give my trans
ah yes so there are easy one but it's not so his to us
i mean is there any way of knowing they've dug into cycles understood what he was saying i think so at least in their ways
the fat dog they one wanted to say on fat his disciples and as might be i don't know whether they are completely same or different there's no guarantee
one he
he knows that day
he said
the monkey the monkey is a record of logan
informal talk to his monks so it's not a commentary
but i think at least ah israel understood for dogan
what is your was that ah
that measure
all this disciple of dogan under a success is he he was a second about a hazy so easier to covert organs position after few dog died and i think and israel
a devoted his entire life of tire tokens death to ah
to keep show angel
ah without losing anything so he copied and compiled so we have to really appreciate agios effort to keep duggan's lightings
and the issue himself was very quiet person he lot on the one typing in his entire lifetime he lived until you're eighty four or five so he lived much longer than gorgons and twenty more than and think about thirty as after the organs and diff
so we need to really appreciate issues devotion to keep dog in the writings much he says safe road only one likings and interesting that a that the title of his a only
one night in his your ah
call me all those are online

no event called she doesn't neither does your online but kong a your cord the same practice at home your ago on my the samadhi of the treasury of this lady and right i'm not sure there's a is english translation or not the

oh i didn't know that to thank you so if you are interested please read that book
so he of course
seo avenge his understanding of practice is who is from logan changes and main point is this daily and right to know each one of us has radiant right that calgary entire dine
and that is our dog and so busy the same basic idea please dogan vinci's ah these years on my fan we fit this entire can guide option will become enlightenment
so the third on this entire universe ah
products kid and one it was a penetrate each other

excuse me
and next sentence my translations us as i said because tatoeba chou of jellybean and proline this call me on to rachio the radiant light in our eyes ears nose tongue body and mind
ah those of cause sixth sense organs of our body
ah so our body commit this and right
he's and does this right is viewer us that means ah
michael are like very vivid it's it's it's reading it's not it's not that good right but if it's our value right
ah gala he said the allow all buddhas of the three times that means within within the practice using this success organs using this entire body and mind
get off
all us of the three times within described using our practice using our body and mind and ah those are those good us are maintaining not knowing not annoying the is


then he said there are cats on the white auction which dems threw themselves into knowing with knowing his ah cap table

can't crew
he who
who to is
ha know and who is being or is
and cap is louder
on t is same t on some
of course probably a many over you know this expression this is from the thing of nonsense coogan
the no-nonsense nine ch one he was another the famous and important the master in china who was a disciple bustle or my module
ah he's saying i think appeared
ha in the show your local
ah cases sixty nine
sixty nine
in many cases his statement nice same thing not so long it's quite short said all the buddhas of the three times do not know it is
do not know it is it is it transfer on this issue
and lava lava
cats and white oxen know it is
no it it is
that's all and said
or good
as in the three times do not know it is and law that ah cats on a white auction knows it is
and this expression according to the engines by your biography ah finn though get offended organs it was a teenager
ah like a few years after he became a monk
in can they tradition he had a christian
a very basic question if if all of us are already enlightened buddha any have buddha nature fi audible does had to go through difficult practice study and practice five with as allows body mind and practice and ago
in ah
that was according to his biography i now managed scars doubt he had such a christian fan he was a teenager hex kissing
it said billions in the visited many teachers in ten days school and also outside of tendai school and of one of the teachers humidity it
ha recommended him to with a site that was first time tokens and g visited his essay was the first japanese are my staff who went to china and transmitted chinese them to japan and he founded
it a fast them monastery in japan named can enjoy
so the biography in the biography said fanned organs and you was fifteen years old he visited essay and give that question and and the by iraqi save his says answer is this nonsense the same
to is christian five good as and ancestors has to announce bodhicitta practice and attain enlightenment or awaiting that it a the master is i said
ha all us in of three times know it is and gaga ah i'm so don't know it is
honda our cats and height oxon got any mars
nose fact it is
that was he says answer to the organs question on many scholars again doubt this income cream because ah van organs and you and fifteen that last twelve fifteen
and that was the year is a died
and many scholars think he died not in kyoto that in kamakura so he couldn't be in kyoto so dogan is couldn't meet him
so we'll knock
anyway so this has something the same has something to do with slogans and is rife
anyway ah the meaning is you know
it is a say this with all buddhas in three times do not know it is is the same as and said in general corn from buddhas are truly put us they'd done
no way that they i put us right now but they are buddhist so can they keep ah
advertising or gave verifying voter
so think they are book i didn't know that their buddha
but they keep practicing buddha
keep practicing as buddha
he saw as conduct in fact this means so buddha naturally from this would have conduct with that knowing that they are with us please
so is the corollary of that
corollary he just said i know that i'm a little i know i'm a good for you are not buddha
but this cat or height auction that can identify adoption if i do connoisseur
you know we know we want to know and we know what we're doing that is puzzled of our practice as a human being to grasp to take hold
and we try to know what i'm doing
and failure but according to this expression that is our practice of cats and height oaks nappies or a comic side of service and as a buddha
who doesn't know please
how do i know it's way

you said or not i think it in
i think in that joshi was the student i'm just you asked to nonsense
lansing wright manson his teacher and neither said no way has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing right i think so
so please
hands down there
they gone down
ah many of the cause i think they never meet each other taking captains
traditional it said the dog met a safe and he was fifteen that was you know one day after he became a monk he no clear him became a he was fucking and
on thanksgiving
charlie after dog a met a he practically studied to practice them
at can lindsey but ah
these days gotta think organs and stayed at a month here until he was seventeen why eighteen he stuck it to practice least mueller's infant he was eighteen so when
there's no evidence but ah from reading many different ah ah manuscript about his life
currently scarfing dogan never met a say that he studied practice with milligan can he was eighteen so he practiced unstudied attend i e teaching for four years instead of two years
also fatty or christian
does it mean
nonsense said it is not a matter
not i think ah
the same as it has a does not have a solid taking a big whole taking hold and letting go taking hold his to know i'm letting go is not knowing but in our case as fat during the thing in this sentence
is it always in this yoga to our practice are you using our practice as gilbert to get are two sides and both ah all good as it over three times and cats and white oaks and idea so from one side
we try to know and the from oliver side you know milano
but in a case of nonsense
ah onstar i think
finally school
ah knowing the region and not knowing is ah something that i got bronc got mine doesn't work
so yeah
both are not not positive in the case of nonsense answer
that means this
total reality of can die aktion love has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing i think that is the meaning of nonsense thing
but in a case of a job or to in goggins teaching we are both side
not knowing and knowing
so i think that the difference between nonsense or answer and fat dogan the these things in in this text as ah
a practitioner which has both buddha nature and comic nature on both are both one hundred percent breathe
kind of guy
sango guy fitch by those on bouquet

captain by offering him
that there
that's the
ah fatties or was in sang okay do know
oh who goes on my
did you get co yeah something
see that means a comic side of my life as a particular person ltd we use it was in time and space we under with this condition of this five scandals that is you know and thank you about life but this life is dying
you know ten naloxone word
in that says we are part of this than my body of buddha
so dogan is always talking from with decide on this side
and within our practice we have both side and both side are both both sides are hundred percent for this he notice the early side the both one hundred percent so we are both are completely wrong and yet completely
separate that it's fab he on to say and syria this writing they are you know the nature and the to are completely same and yet because not only because they are complete is the same thing they never meet each
so from one side our practice the entirely sure how could practice using so awkward the body and mind but from other side there's no such things called so haku i so arkansas body and mind so it complete it is love
a practice or buddha
that's time we can never experience it
if we know not knowing is this just decide
so what we're doing is as is trying to understand both sides from this site
that is how do we do feel we study the thickest and the thin we really sit in the zendo you know we
you know you forget all these laws and just sit
that that sitting is a manifestation of ah you know this all with us in three times and also in on this cat and hike awesome
at the same time
the to go further with what it says
nothing in our a spirit
that is
the other side
the other side is outside of our experienced anything in our spirits this time this play
i think all only scanners is that side and my our our thinking on memory or whatever all i have got the experience experience now i'm extracting a that is thinking and that thinking is decide fan the fan
the person who is thinking and the possible for is experiencing is separate them with a disappeared
this is a function of our karma a function of our ah
so we can't do it can never grasp it and said i experience
it was
working was asking how did he knows the way how do you know it's the way
have how can we understand suddenly know what the way in the way is by definition
relevant him so nonsense and is that there's no way to know
frank is a good yeah it's it's it's in there but we cannot know for new we tried to know we'd with it but when we just do it and then it's pretty there
the program how he did he know that
that is a my question that these crusher
so that is very good call on how he knew it
ah yeah the
okay cause i wouldn't be like that accuracy
i don't know i want to be a are somehow it came up from my life force and i don't have fear is that
the desire or wish your vow came from a we didn't get it don't know and as out expression which amritsar that is from baltimore our life force as a like are all the prime try to grow throughout the time we tried we
we is with our before thinking we have a and i can to grow towards the some to the healthy way i think please
my name of that
yeah this student and teacher and student and of what is a package down the whites that kind of thing can be transmitted data is a really good question
yeah last sentence of this paragraph is
when this north rink is present nose rings he's a hobby

this is a are kind of a common expression engine literature and hubby is a you know ah fan of farmers used a high toxin or cow made a whole on their nose and regarding yeah true
you know through the cow so that is something that ah allow or make a cow a walk in sagging way that is something which lead our direction
love is no nose ring
he's president on this dharma i is present so he said hobby and guns the guns is another expression of eyes
the dharma expound practice buddha
and a practice on listen to practice buddha
practice yoga it means our practice and daruma mean this
ah was media dimas so often we practice
dharma expound the practice of buddha
and practice buddha dharma expound practice with the to practice with that to the practitioner
and the listen to practice buddha means plucked with expound alma band alma listen to it
soften we practice our understanding this nose ring this does mean that direction we should go and a guns a means that my to see this structure of a life that is a combination of indeed
video rarity and universities or are moment by moment thing and eternity
yeah the one thing or connected and ah
those two side i expressed within one practice at one moment right now like here if we know that that you know the structure of our life then dharma on the buddha are expanding each other supporting
each other
that is for billions and gdl you want to say so i think this is a conclusion of this liking your t go to our practice expanding dyneema and all dharmas expanding this practice buddha together each other
hi my listen to us
before expanding was speaking and listening ear to size
analysts to this bragging is are the images are how can i say comments he caught three papers as easy must have thing about ah ah frame and velma
would i
and he analyze these see people's things as evidence of up he's saying in this centers
buddha and the buddha expound dharma
ah it's eleven five so i don't think i had time to complete your finish this liking but ah maybe i have time to introduce and speak a little bit of a don't see
the people things and are important part of the dog and changes comment on don't see people the thing
so let me read next see
play paragraphs
first during the court said paul vi som
maybe i don't need to write them must i do us or mount show fan this is our set for the surfing is the support in japanese to the assembly
all the buddhas in a three times ah abiding within the frames are tanning a great the remote be
our next great master jaw he oversaw on sharp monastery this is this person is usually called the ganesha
thrasher is a chinese translation for this year
funny throughout pronunciation getting shot
ganesha cb on this is the must offers i said you know the entire can directional word is one piece of bright jail
and dog and nz respected ah
ganesha and his a teacher was simple or through finn
find the from our surfings v news two schools of chinese and appeared on his own mom and are those hogan hogan issue
so football was really important they must i type in the history of chinese sin
and the gunshot was supposed to disciple
and photog geisha said is
how high the frames are expounding the dharma to order with us in the three times
for the buddhas in a three times are standing on the ground and listening to the dharma
in a case of support he said all buddhas in the industry times are expanding dharma within the frame and geisha said the frames are expanding malema to all us industry times than oil buddhas are standing on the ground the disney
owing to the a dharma talk by this frame
and had his angle
zen master yuan in young who is ah
a chinese pronunciation for angle
on his name was a google ingold who
go on
this is a way
well known rinzai zen master in a song china
and this is a person who
compiled the heck a gun locker while brew quiff record
so he is elisa is a master and the tokens in the very much be respected angle and heat a angle was one of the the masters tokens and called with the ah not a title but expression in
chan to put the or colbert's
and this see statement appeared in the record or angle coupons because the things
kinda cater within the look or the record of dermal lamp that story a little different
jinja had something different and human sick fuck gacha is saying in this story so we don't know which is original
can you do engines use the version from ngos record
i saw this person engle said
i thought he he said about these two state things by simple and the ganesha
as for as i thought this person was whole by in chinese and in japanese cool hukou
but there was another person who is a whole hey of our coal hukou
how me
they expound his dharma
one after another
he was up yard andamans vanished
raising frame covers the entire sky the as are expanding the dharma
the entire sky is in a brain brazing frames the dharma is expanding the buddha
before the wind blows the midst of entanglement has been cut off
with one single word the human activity was examined undefeated
this is the comment ngos comment on these to the masters things about frame and buddha
so fast fast ordinary person was shooting was simple he said this ah on the occasion of ah
excuse me
no doubt over the day the first day of the winter
on that day in a monk's whole they fast i put said ah our furnace
but that is usually are a square books
but filled with ash and they put some charcoal on it to heat fan jindal
and that he is our the first day of test months foster old testament in lunar calendar is all about ah beginning aka are building over november in sora calendar so it was quite cold so until then
no matter how cold it was in a they sat with that hit any heating
so when the finest was set
a p and the monks in our monks whole we're kind of released
and and that was a day also during the summer the entrance of the general was is our screen
so that when we can come in
but after this day
they put the and of general or something like a cotton to keep that warm air inside the window so dates for something about you know to make that you know environment of sitting not only sitting back for monks
sleeping and eating via
so the on this day i think monks were very happy
and that was the occasion this simple the must have a simple said this saying
this frame is not something abstract but the ah
you know fire in the fire but in the fairness in our general so this is something very close and the familiar with amongst this very concrete thing
happy you know that support is talking about he's not talking about some our philosophies of causing the in the buddhist philosophy fire can make
can be far are two or three important things while faster i might be
on the burning house of three like from the lotus sutra
and i think salad topped out the lotus sutra agenda a story in a very old house children's are praying and father ran somewhere and when he returned he found that all issue is all the house was burning but
the children ah ah
enjoying themselves with some toys and even the father asked them to get out they didn't it out that is that one a parable of the people in the three wild you know or even though doubt entire house is burning somehow
we enjoy with industry-wide blurred or desire when we get something that frou frou figure our desire we feel so happy and we don't want to get out of the korean
so this fire if could if i to does three word that fire that is binding the three was
on this banning is also means impermanence
and adult another way this fire our frame is used in buddhist are are teaching is a fire of praia yeah
that means the pricing our gang all our desires and versions
and this in a fire is mentioned in hockey them like that song of jewellery mira somebody in on this massive fantasia are thing
yeah so this is one must oh yeah fire this means this entire pill dioxide is a fire we cannot touch this because we are inside of it and we can get out of this recount you know
give yeah fire
we can do anything because this is where we give and this is our life
and so that is another meaning of this fire could mean so i think these are the same fire the fire burning the three world and the fire of that virginia under fire as a the entire conduction in the same fire
even a thousand years later
it understands a fungus
not exactly kill me that kind of it's a very easily common everyday here
saddle their east
of the like
so i think that amongst were very happy about that thing so this is not our
yeah so fire is also a buddha of compassion here bust through sit in their colbert please
you're reading you
yeah this can mean anything
having as i said he doesn't explain so we can interpret the in anyways
whether it's right all along
so the supposed think it on this fire in the fireplace in the monks hall
expounding kadima i mean that three all buddhas in the three times are expanding the lama within this frame and fat dog ain't saying in his comment is ah suppose to saying the press the
the pretty fair three all good as are expanding diorama but the praise and the and the dharma and buddhas are all same thing
so if there is only this myself the fire
and within this one seamless must have the fire is a buddha dharma and
ha buddha dharma
fire and the buddha and arima are those three up one and same thing
notice how dogan interpret with thing oh shoot our support
and i hearing this i think disha was a simple assembly so he had this statement nice hippo and the cancer said
excuse me
why the frames are expounding the diorama to all the buddhas in the three times for the as in your three times are standing on the ground i'm listening to the dharma so far to get inside the thing is frame this frame
and is expanding dharma to the for the sake of or with as industry in our are three times and or with us in the three times are standing on the ground this is a fact
team and you know fan in a dharma whole from the about
i send the guy outta
hon like are like your new about does octagon my mom basic ceremony so the other is on the alka and all the monks are standing on the ground so this is about that see
mary how monks here at our dharma ah discourse by the about so in this case ah in our that choir the frames are on the alta and oh
love with us on the ground and the fire expounding dharma and the all of us are standing on the ground on listening to the dyneema to the teaching dharma teachings by the fire with by the fire
this is literally this means
so in this case there is a parcel for is our frame that is expanding dharma
and the there are people who are listening to that terima so is a subject and object now i'm talking and you're listening
but in the a statement of our arch support he only said within the fire three or with us are expanding dharma that's all he didn't mention some is someone listening or not so
ganesha is good her the saying means
even though you know this is in a frame and buddha angela or one thing yeah someone our frame is expanding and all of the does listening they are induction speaking and listening
so this is a kind of a separation
who is in one is there are two side
someone's talking and surmise someone listening
notice a difference between circle and gains and thing
so in a piece of gail supposing this is only one therapy without any separation know a division but in a case of see even though this is one seamless reality i'm talking for my insufficient get are two sides
that is the difference between simple thing and gates as thing
and our next for the ingo said in his comment on these two things is
i thought this person was whole the whole by hole violate japanese cool hukou

and another one whole hey in japanese whole thing co and cocoate
fast a co op sick and poor cookie
how cool is white
hancock with the block
and there are two
ah two ways of interpretations one is these are the names of a save save really easy legendary thieves thieves
people who steal
and another is these this call
i can plug are this call if i kill among monkey monkey
in that case in of fan
we put this
ah part in this country this means a monkey or a big monkey like a chimpanzee
but in the wind takes doesn't this is not there
so i'm not sure fits is a right but if this is our to the reading area thebes i think it's more interesting
they're both thebes and this year despite a thing but difference is fast of is quite next is brock
and this this to really a reason that the thieves appear in a chinese a classic text and it said core hukou was our man coke boys are women so among male thief on
the human thief
kissing and the story was kind of interesting but not so meaningful
how can this the faster and white core hukou was walking
by a win in the come by out where this woman coke was stunning
and it seems he she was in trouble
so the cocoa cause that fit of may thief asked for the fat was a problem then the cook said i
we lost our job
i and job fair into the will
so if you can go down to the where and gothic i will pay half of the price of that jail
when the may a thief thought well after i get it i just you know
keep it on the and escape so i can get in the not half of the price but i can get this doing
so he a cook off your and all of his crossings and positions by the were and he
getting to the rim
and then the woman thief take all those
closing ambitious politicians and disappeared
this cohort couldn't get out of will
that was a story so both are thieves but the woman i see if his mama smarter
danny this some better safe than the fast but we're both same kind of people that the point of this thing by angle he says the information he says a simple under ganesha same
as know these two are thieves
before he said i thought this person was cool haku our whole valley but there was another person who is who he was caught hacking that means i e thought a simple was very
the he skillfully thief
but there was another much more skillful thief named geisha
that was at the same means so the angle or phrase these to their masters things
the expounding the dharma one after another and good appear on them on polishes this is a common expression in chinese and japanese at some
yeah some part on like a thief appear suddenly and disappear ah
suddenly without leaving any trace so appearing and disappearing in now suddenly appearing suddenly disappearing without leaving any trace so these two thieves and is to their masters appear and disappear or ditto
also means fin ah in the case of a set for the saying in this entire oneness of foot frame and buddha is mentioned so that side one is appeared
and ah
to cite disappeared but in the case of guess as saying to size appeared and one side he said the ad so this goods and damon's defer to oneness and tunis or defense and unity
one is up here in support saying on the anodized disappeared on the run into yard was i should be one side up getting into the thing and another is a disappeared and yet both because both are same thing completely same thing
in this appear and disappear is just my of our way of thinking
as a real reality beyond ah
oh taking hold and can go
both are completely there with that being
we that's been hidden
he had something of who are you
it is god's fury
the cemetery and on
it's good
ah in this case gotten them on doesn't define to good and bad in a case of chinese ah
chinese in chinese culture
people who who
we had a happy dying happy this become gods got some cause is not a good but a human speed so often people died a hut
condition he can goods and people died in a very difficult conditions became damon's so that's it is only a difference
so on necklace he said raising free brazing frame cavas the entire sky colors means as entire thing direction while praising frame then the buddha expounding dharma
this refer to a support thing
and the entire sky is embracing frames so ingo just change them order those was
the entire sky is embracing friends the dharma is expounding the buddha so buddha and dharma are expounding each other in each things
so same thing but different direction
before the wind blows the nest over entanglement has been cut off this entanglement is a expression i mentioned i don't know when that is cut coal
entanglement cut these are quizzes and pose a wisteria and as i said in shoguns or cut though he is this expression in a positive way but here the gang is a are common usage as a narrative entanglement of
ah are thinking
girl keep thinking so within ah
he said the nest of entanglement has been cut off
and i'm not sure fat before the wind blows means
queen to come
ah defy to our thinking our discrimination
sometimes when you know
the ocean is is jacob without with nature but finn wind blow
or shall i made the weeps in this case this week we knew when the fight through ignore lungs
so it was possible interpretation is before that when the bros mean before this before our life is influenced by even ignorance
hello the entanglement has been cut off
our entanglement of our thinking
then who is one single word
female activity was examined undefeated this means in the umar katie cetera there are many discussion about non-duality
the finally but monastery that was shut the valve with some said the reality of the p cannot be he explained i expressed by using was and a month usually asked to the iraqi fat is your opinion
then or the when katie kept silent this is very in a famous story so be more accurately the silence is a symbol of non-duality beyond discrimination
but here anger is saying ah with this to the masters things even the visual acuity the science is defeated
because the using was they express that exact reality of
duality and beyond duality
that is i think that is
ngos thing about this to the mustard things
and list of this writings will have time he marked
dawkins and g had made a very indicate comments on those see people's things so by reading this we can understand how pagans nz study coins use call on the other are to or studying
in reality of all beings
but he didn't add any t notice anything new anything he didn't like
in his writings before they get this section so i think you can read and understand how tokens and analyze this kind of up the simple statement but he see these statement from
many different angles and tried to examine a felt this reality is
and last thing i would like to mention as are kind of a conclusion of the organs and g
ah para forty four
ha from page t nine it's had twenty nine
ah da vinci he said
the winnie the pooh pooh pays twenty nine he said we should be the right that although this kim rug was born far from fear either says lived on the time
i think this i am used to be we are the time we're living in is a long time about from kinda siege lived
we still can hear the transformative guidance of the entire sky
although we have hard that the buddha expound dyneema we did not know that the dharma expound the buddha for many years
the next paragraph therefore all the buddhas in a three times have been expanded
excuse me by the danmark
in the three times
and that my in the see times have been expounded by a whole with us in a three times
so this means you know as i said in the first could lecture at the time of the dog or many of japanese buddhist think they lived ina
the degenerate age of final garima so the it doesn't work to practice anything that there's no way to attain enlightenment to because we are far from free up with alley which and we're much data young finn
the time with the loop but here though games and you want to say basically want to say in this entire ah
liking are not only disliking that in his entire life is because dynamite expanding buddha and buddha is expanding gunma finn our eyes are open we can still hear buddha's message buddha's as teaching if with have
i and years to to kadima and to hear the dharma booth i still alive
who is in our practice if we practice buddha and garima he's already there so ah
he he want to say in this writing and everything entire like dive properly said is it up class
three of our ah dot com you know manifest itself or dilema is you know over or disappeared or die away it's up to us whether we study and practice karma and we have we opened our eyes and
open our ears to the garima then within our activities
the appeared
and dharma appeared on this and this one a each and every action we practice using our body and mind with whole hearted attitude that is without
i think that is fun to and want to feel
and i think it's time to stop talking i'm sorry i couldn't finish this thickest but not everything is has end so we have to end i really appreciate your practice and patience of listening
in my for our english
ah and i appreciate my or somebody before this time
and i i'm sorry i meant so much noise in the window and during my book
and i hope this is not the last time to meet and share studying and practice i hope we can
meet again and practice together
i know this is a very busy time
this this into idea really appreciate your help i accommodation

thank you very much