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do my best
good afternoon
which is that page seventeen
paragraph twenty six
therefore the shaking the safe again and again grasping preschool wearing phrases on seeking skillful means outside was there is taking hold beyond the
and there is working go beyond lacking go
the forecast of one's efforts is as follows fuck easy life but his death what our body and mind for giving and taking away fat are interesting and going against
do these practices to the and life and death although coming and going through the same gate near our meet each other or are these like us stone from that game of go having been for
waste already saw that although the body has been conceived your horns as to exposed
is it possible to understand after using great consolation is it possible to know using much much the way of thinking
he did one facet of a bright jewelled he read the entire library of all buddhist scriptures
he did one piece over a monk stuff he did one single faced is it possible only thirty years after you begin to practice
is it in myriad ideas within one moment we should examine these point in detail we should carry out such a detailed examination
when we investigate in detail we hear the sound with entire eyes we see cars with whole years
furthermore we open the single i have the monk then we find that this is not a thing in front of our eyes and this is not an object in front of our eyes
there are gentler faces one is smiling and another is a king his eyes this is the single moment of the dignify the conduct of practice buddha
this is neither being pulled by things know bring things this is not know of us are no fabrication of interdependent origination this is neither or is in our nature nor denmark nature this isn't nida abiding in the daruma position know i
just being as it is it from the beginning
it is not only a farming vastness this is simply practice buddha with dignified conduct
therefore in the way of practicing for the sake of their dyneema and for the sake of their body we entrust our life and death to the mind
in the in the unify the conduct of are dropping off life and dropping off of death we entrust our life found this to the buddha
therefore it is stated the media dramas are only mind the triple word is only mind
morrell right to speak father of going beyond the alleys a statement by only mind that these faces and wars tires and for the fences and walls tires and peppers because it is not on
only mind it is not fences wall tiles and pills this is the dignify the conduct of practice
what is the principle of interesting to remind interesting to the dharma for the sake of the dilema for the sake of their body father this is not fuck gradual enlightenment or origin or enlightenment can reach
not serious
longwood is too vigorous three stages of the wise or can stage of their face can reach
this dignify the conduct is simply not understanding of each person i'm not understanding of each thing even if it is a vigorous activity it is as it is in each moment
is it one piece of iron road
our the to head both moving
one piece of iron ore is not a matter of long was short to head moving is neither safe nor others
when the power or expressing one's own insight and throng oneself into a function of an ancestor is put into practice unity covered the media dilemmas and the i can see much higher than the common
pupils away or building things in destination
vr is the radiant right that does not obstruct taking hold and letting goal it is the monks whole that would whole the kitchen and three can prove gates father are is variety and right that is it need our
taking hold not letting go it is the monks whole the with the whole the kitchen or a free can prove gates also there is the i that penetrate that can directions there is the i that completely embraces the great
there is the moment before the mind and there is the moment after the mind
ah there's a mistake
freeze is the translation of the next sentence
and this is ah
this is my translation
i started to up but i couldn't i didn't have time so i just type message by translation and i made my on but i didn't i forget to make change so my translation of next sentences as follows
hutch virtue of the radiant light
come on
ding eyes he as nose tongue body and mind come on his vigorous calmer
yeah are all buddhas over three times who
ah maintaining not annoying
come on and viola cats and white oxen
come on fit throw themselves into knowing

okay so i read italy okay because such virtue of the radiant light come on in i e as i'm eyes he has knows
and body and mind come off
he's a view us
come on
the allow all buddhas of as three times
come on who are maintaining not thrash
not not annoying
come on
and there are cats and white oxen come on which throw themselves into knowing
and next into was my sentence when miss nose ring is present on this daruma i is present the dharma expound practice a buddha and the dharma listen to practice vega

ah paragraph twenty six the seven key
the sentences therefore he's shaking receive again and again
sprue within phrases three i'm seeking skip through means outside was there is taking hold beyond taking hold and there is letting go beyond letting go
he nation the way we practice as a ah practice a buddha or gilbert said
ah shaking the thieves in the sea is ah
a bamboo net to catch fish finger water and ah
the he use this analogy as our practice to ah find the reality to see and ah
catch to knock them out to catch about like arcachon catch a fish catch that that reality
and we should shake a again and again
and grasping freeze proof weaving phrases within phrases is could you

and ah outside the lab is gong gate

cool is a phrase
i'm to is inside and given it was
i'm gay is outside
so he's saying we need to lock on the was and betas and also our side was undertones
this is the know something to do is a tokens in these are christian to the tens of and he first met
at the airport
i like after he arrived to china for is the meaning of wise and the phrase and the fuck is a wholehearted practice
so we need to work with was whizzing with was and without was
and by in in a practice to who catch a fish
by you know using this thief
we have to lock in both way
now now what we're doing during this again the it is to try to the see the fish with in was of dogan genji but that is only one side of our study and practice another site
it is we have to do it
outside the wise
and also in often was sick
in rosendo we did go thought this little war or photos our practice our site was
and thing we read this kind of packaged and thinking up like this means is are studying with was with the studying the truth within phrases there are size in our study and practice
i think these two is riker ah can we travel
we travel guide or a mop
for studying was unafraid he is a dica leading travel mug travel guide or mob and study outside the rug is like octal traveling using this body and mind
and i think not me but dogan in logan's changes this teaching boys to are important
of course just reading
that travel guide or ah you know reading the come up
is not so meaningful
it is riker reading this piece without cooking or without tasting the food it doesn't become
nutrition which maintain getting a maintain our knowledge this body and mind but we have to actually travel using this body and mind
excuse me
ah but to just travel without who is at the map or any knowledge about the who we are in or targeting might be dangerous
so we need both and fenway have you travel with travel guide or map about the information via are and fathers' day fat we see fact we may experience than a lot to i will become more meaning
food and joyful
so ah we need both
ah in my experience in often i was a university student i thought i did was just reading books about with as teaching and organs teaching so i had a quite a lot of knowledge about buddhism and ah
logan's pitching but ah upsetting ah time i found if i want if i i wanted to study continued to study in order to become are buddhist our dog and scholar i have to pay focus on
i'm studying and ah
can it takes my entire lifetime to really study a a scar
the but i don't think that was fun idea you want to do so i wanted to a practice that was
the volcano us since i e faster than which emulated the book when i was high school student i wanted to live like him so to become a scholar i i liked studying but that that was not fun idea you want to do so i had to
make choice whether i continue to study and become a this scholar or become a practitioner and i thought of studying
it takes entire lifetime and practice also takes into a lifetime
and i thought studying buddhism
as as color is riker reading map
are reading recipes who is at cooking or without travelling
so i wanted to really be cook
and paste or idea to wanted to travel using this body and mind without in my experience
so when i finished university and stuck it to practice ah with my teacher at and tidy i put the older books in a closet and try not to to read any books i really wanted to do it
and i was really happy about that
until then but i did was just thinking
just reading and thinking whether this is right or long way that this charity or philosophy is a is something i can agree or not i you know
precise for they were i studied that was only thing i did
when i put all my books in the closet and just try to sit on the work using this body and mind i fast i i said i finally started to do
without you know instead of just thinking and reading and studying so i was a really happy but of car for a while by found that it was very difficult to cook without any knowledge of
alice be
if we don't know anything about cooking how to cook than it really really difficult and also i will make many mistakes so i felt i was lucky that i had a chance to study recipes or eyes
read many of the primary books be before traveling
so i think we need to need both

open we study the dharma reading this kind of thickest
on the also are studying dharma
who is it without gotta just using this body and mind within with other people or things
the family practice in that way in both ways said taking hold the is taking hold beyond taking hold
and varies letting go beyond letting go this taking hold is ah
ha ha you

and the letting go is a whole hill

ah this has only the same has same meaning as hossack that is used in a shinji me
to grasp but take hold
this though is to fix something so grasp on fix something
and the whole is
he's letting go so holding things that means further understand
what this means and in in our activity in know thing we do gosh you're just to gosh off pc that time to do a show so i just go casual this is holding often ah
i cut risk averse just cutting vegetables we hold fat we're doing
and yet at the same time we have to let go we open our hand in each he
bob can with the study we think we think for this means and we think i understand the for this is but ah it's has something more so there is a grasping are taking hold beyond
taking hold that mean we can't completely take hold so we have to continue to study and for is really means and fan we did go we try to let go completely but there's something extra so we try to
lythgoe keep reading go
andrea city so in both way
our study and practice is really endress
grasping under can go but sometimes it have happened at the same times sometimes it happens
fast grass than letting go
when i was studying ah fun i was a you knew i was a student i tried to grasp things and try to understand the fuck buddhist teaching he means and how i should practice were only thinking but try to grasp it
when i
ha started to practice i tried to let go of my understanding
and i could the practice in that way for about five years
running until either fantage i was practicing with my teacher together with my he doesn't progress i could let go and just do but then after that i can do this country and lived in the goods in the western missouri
it that is completely different environment from kyoto and people who come to practice with as are very different so i had to think i have any i had many questions
so i had to a study of teaching again
so it's both both sometimes i understand and let go
about sometimes i'll keep hoarding
and outside the occasion literal

so the point of from this study and practice is
happy life
how is it right
and the fuck is get we have to investigate happy july and father's death
our about our life and this about our you know way of life
the saw the study dynamite notes are studying some you know the system of philosophy but studying dynamite about studying my i and my death
and the of body and mind packer these five scandals of course we can find that pitching five scandal sat empty in the heart sutra and it's very familiar with us but happy to really means
we have to study
within a teachings and also have to study in our practice had this five scandals are empty means you know that india is a study and colon about of a thousand fan he was our children
often he recited the heart sutra she asked his first pitcher you know even though that pass it had this is sutra said there's no i know yes has no no no time nobody but i have i i have no that habits everything
what does this mean
the so we have to the area in question had this means
is in our life not as a buddhist philosophy
body and mind and the fact that are giving i'm taking away ghibli's offering providing something to for the circle and as to help others and taking
what is this interaction with others
and shut the are interesting and going against interesting me to leave something to other people interests something to others who are interesting our life as dorgan said before and trust our life dive and us into to the
a body mind or way or the fungus itself interesting and are going against means i have to make decision
whether other people or other beings are not i read my choice or my ah constellation or are thinking sometimes even or i i'm against or is all people around me sometimes i
to make decision i am going to do this
yeah in depending upon the us condition and situation sometimes we can leave everything and trust every everything to others and sometimes i have to make my own decision
and ah do these these means practice with the and life on this our practice and our life and this as a person out of five scandals
although those two
are coming and going through the same gate
coming undergoing with the same gate know but never meet each other
you know our practice and our body and mind our lifetime this are always clear that of course but somehow ah they never meet each other that means if i'm treating fact i'm doing is a practice buddha
we miss quickly mr practice buddha if we think
if we observe what i'm doing but faded we do we just do
so even though this practice is practice buddha if can i think i am now okay now i'm doing practice to the can i visit
and our understanding or a variation of about that practice never meet each other
he a to or not we have the biscuit
dogan didn't say yes or not but he gives as questions
so we have the investigate through our on practice and experiences
what are these like a stone from the game of go the new game of go
having been praised already saw that although the body has been concealed the horns are still still exposed
to to put one stone in the game over go means to do one action
and whizzing an ah it says the horns as the body has been concealed by the horns are still exposed this is a kind of a gene expression body is hidden but the whole
home is to be exposed that means one side is hidden another side is exposed that is same as doug anglin said in danger cohen from one side is illuminated oliver side is in the dark
so in awe
the option of putting a milestone in fact attacking ah point
something is hidden and something is exposed this means ah can this practice of buddha and this ah ta some named shock you know this action
our practice is
from one side hundred percent show hug with option
but from another site this is a practice or practice buddha
so thin in each and every action each and every practice we do
from one side this is show hackers but up here for three that disappear
but finn practice the appear show up disappear the dot with to never meet each other in our eyes i often says regard the young lady on the old lady in one painting
hey because they are completely same thing they never meet each other
that is a kind of us strange logic but the end and you often use this logic
because they are completely one hundred percent same they are wonder one hundred percent different they never meet each other and you know life and they see the same thing
and ah
there is on great with great and like realization and great delusion other same thing this is a to name the one thing or with our nature and com creature
comic nature or
in often duggan's and discuss a two opposite things
the and yet the he said says get these two are not are separate but they are opened it on the to one
that is a really strange it was fro from our common way of thinking but i think venue the dog and you can find that logic everywhere please
is also the question and returns of children when you sit the rise to you so arise from the ceremony thought to sell from the rise to

our in that case lies
if our to buddha-nature nature and some prefer to kyaw comic nature

excuse me
next is it possible to understand after using great consolation
what is it possible to know using mature the way of thinking
great consolation is guy go

yo mean thinking
of course user you thinking is narrative king her practice thinking it means discrimination but great thinking or dalio is the way we study this is no absolute truth
so you can we understand this reality with this great constellation or understanding or are thinking
why is it possible to know using matcha the way of thinking much about the way of thinking is law sheep

subsidy law means old
who are aging or the person is a clothing and all the is it all she knows she been the old teacher so
and she is thinking again
so not the young green way of thinking
but my job aging old
were you thinking
count we you know catch the fish with this kind of thinking that might be different from our usual grasping undiscriminating mind discriminating way of thinking
why is this one faced fuss a facet of over bright jewelled this of course came from our expression by ganesha chibi she said this ah ginger poker
a economy or you that can an entire can directional lard is simply one piece or bright jeweller and organs in the lot when tapped out the show gorgonzola about this statement this expression can direction was entire ten direction
word is simple is nothing other than one piece on bright jail

so is is a know that fish from piece of work through it cut it is law a seamless reality of ten that direction want
what is it the entire library of all buddhist scriptures
for feature there are many different teachings many
ah argument by discussion about what is the to reality of our beings and how we can be related from this blog of suffering called sarah please what is it
good question i'm not sure
there's no subject in japanese sentence
this sobering think
are these questions are referring to safety after he is that these i think practice buddha
and it is it one piece of art monk stuff monks stuff is are in a our staff monks used friendly travel
the we are still sandler and put our bamboo hut and hold our our stuff fan they target so this smug stuff is a symbol of a traveling that is a practice daniel proxy
fighting or through teacher and also
the our toes at the monastery fan they give a diorama discourse at dharma whole called jodo ah
the other cold the monkey stuff and a hostel or have been hostile quizzical so among stuff also can be
a symbol or my discourse or dermal firing
so it is ah job or to on practice buddha
he's practice squad
expanding dharma
why is it one single face
single-phase me to through face of to face that this came from the expression fan is your true face before your father and mother were born
for is it possible only thirty years after you begin to practice means you can see why you can catch that fish on the after fat impaired or practice twentieth fatty or for geography
why is it the immediate he as whizzing one moment this media giphy as cuisine rambo mentor also came from singeing me
this or as a point we have to investigate the through are studying was on us and also through practice outside was on the breakers
again and again many times for many years
henry be
and we should examine this point in detail
so we have to be very careful to see the in detail of these christians
we should carry out such a detailed examination she just kinda order of the lot
when we investigate in detail we hear the sound with entire eyes we see colors with the whole he as
this is not a mistake
they should've had during says and this is not buildings mistake this is a hot dog and wanted to say we need to hear with his eyes and that we need to feed with years the wins in this not use this extra
russian are after this expression came from polygon
cause i do guy was a fun chinese photos in about ah ha
hmm most your support was always in sentient being expanding dogma
and in the conversation between a cousin and his teacher own gun don't show this experience this expression
we can hear are the expanding or dharma by on non sentient being
when we see with he as i'm friendly here with ice
this means ah you know probably yesterday i said about nama rupa
nama is a sanskrit word for name
i moved by isn't my payer
the un llamado part in this case means the opposite opposite is combination of name and from the matter laughing
and somehow because of our karma karma means a lot ah
our experiences from our life because depending upon how are we are born and how we are educated we have sarking fixed the way of thinking and making judgment where he create something picked out there
hard on sunday system or system of value and then we made we encounter with something almost automatically we think you know this is good so i want to this to make it i want to this my position often something i don't like how we with
and ah
value going on to try to you keep it away
but somehow they come waltham
so we become angry or i hate this this is a to
faster of the three poisonous mind greed and anger our hate week
so did then when we encounter each and everything as nama rupa we have either greed or i'm go hated it he taking up from whether the this is something like or something don't hike or even
if this is a neutral
a feeling is mutual we don't take with can pay attention even while we just ignore that is one of the or
i mean see raise our influence
manifest ignorance means those nigeria's are not nama rupa and those matters or are object are not clear is there but i because of lack of wisdom or that is eagle runs we think these
through things and idea like this and the i hate that and i start to chase after something to get it make it my petition or ah i try to escape from goes ah
ah kei briefings
this chasing after something an escaping from something makes our life some sarah
we're always running
dr something to get something or are planning escaping from something so we are we need to always run
and we cannot sometimes we can be successful and we can get everything we want but more often we are not so successful so we feel pain and refuse suffering that is a way basic way ah we make
we create some sarah we make our life as santana but ah finn we here with eyes that means this is not ah
ah lama zopa
that is the time when it and those things believes as it is
it's not you first time my biased way of doing things
can we see with years in know this is a kind of a strange expression in there must have expression but series with years here with eyes and phone that means the are definitely the three it was such an attitude
at these things like object or not my paleo so we don't need to learn after something or escaping from something we can be taken now right here
on her pet very peaceful foundation and we deceive what is giving me
that it's a delicious food on so delicious food and we he ah great food
and if we have something to a heart just of our eyes
much as possible
if we live in that way our life is not running after something while escaping from something or our like our our life is not the or give and take but the sheep on jofa same thing same movement but give-and-take and and receive
deceiving and offering her as our eyes out in nature made moot nature a car
according to of our life is over it if can we want to get this thing or in order to escape from that scene but can we disagreed with gratitude and we fight
the incident they on
it was just a movement of things and hot exchanging but depending upon our attitude the quality of our life become completely defined
on that
the difference is our practice how we can leave
who is the attitude of the shading on the opening instead of you know taking or giving and taking
i feel ya of us please
the i don't understand
the in allentown they have a github
is additionally the prize
coke kang nam yeah that means seeing the found

the full name is concealed

ha we're in this case kind to seek and say the world
can only be found
the i think this is a quality yeah for other tissue gonna condone is our of tissue gonna and the name of this abelow tissue era
one of the translation is convertible or canoe on this means seeing the sound of the word seeing the sound of was the mean sound old people are living being suffering

i feel ya
so we see fan we investigate these a point of our practice we see not fast we hear the sound with allah or entire eyes
and we see cars with whole he as that means we see with getting go or opening the hundred and four
how them walk we often the single i o the monk this open the single monk or came from one the moscow's a statement

on begins in the quote
this master's or statement in
is it

show bogans or comb your

who is a core and the the light
and new is a brightness
oh you can be illumination
sometimes i translate this as a and right
and in this
of a of gainesville dog engine the quote from there must have whose name was tall tall ah
plateau shop chose
he said ah entire can direction word is monks high and peyton a that songbird is monks i
and the entire can directional was his monks ah day to day was cause your go

cause you go cassio is be to work everyday day-to-day everyday life and goal is what soda was we use dated everyday like a good morning or how are you
how are you doing ah good evening
all those was our
it said the ten directions world is a monks
monks hear me this is something
some is a price recreation of india or south korea throughout sugar mama should modified to ah
the indian
a religious was peter practitioners and ah but as buddha was called sugar sharma or something
pendry so this the mass of a disc the can entire ten direction world his monks everyday was and also the entire connection word is monks vanishing
the entire body
and continued the entire than the actual word is ah decor no coal mill

is a safe and the cormier is the swag
a lady and charite so entire kayaking direction world is the radiant light of the safe
he continued
entire game direction world
to exist within within the lady and to like of the safe
and entire the direction word
within he said it within entire pindaric shown word you has no one who is not the safe
there is no one who is not the safe so this group up his thing is you know as are individually being called out very
tiny part of entire kinda election
and yet
this can direct can directional word is a itself flavian to right over safe
as i often say from a the side of media dharmas there's no such things called the safe excessive is included within the media during us we cannot say safe is outside of million dollars
yogis serve under media got a message fat dog and you'll see in ganjam corn
combat from with see this same reality from the safe this entire and direction is
does if you know this the relationship between each and every being has are not have this network on this entire net
so eating a different and the thread is transparent so we don't see the thread so eating of looks like independent like with me on you and old beings
but when we catch one not we touch entire net
so the therapy is nothing other than in on this network isn't it
that is nice there must are trying to say so this entire world is a lazy and polite of the su

the as obviously must master said this entire
a word is a monk's ah i
so we need to use that i
then we investigate these points not our ah how can you save
but how these two eyes but that means we used to is that my instead of know ah human eye

i'm the family initiate in that way we'll find a piece is not a thing in front of our eyes and this is not an object in front of our eyes he repeats same thing twice that his friend we see you know this structure
not as not from this point of view
as a as an object but we see in this using this i is ten direction while is itself i have our eyes friendly with see this reality using just this one i
then this one
the is one piece or bright drill
so not a there's no separation between self and others since oregon's and the object of the sense organs we see this as ones that the and it's not as topic but it's are moving and changing
and that is called zinc
thought that a function

so we are part of this total function
and cuisine this total function says they are gentle faces
why need a smiling and another guy is a blinking his eyes you know of course this file to a dharma transmission the from shakyamuni buddha to mark i sample finn mark i set up a hold one stock or flour and i bring his
come on i shall pass myers so oh well we say this but ten direction with this one i mean obviously is happiness this you know one gentle face is blinking
and another get gentle face is smiling shakyamuni on the market cassiopeia on at that time in a trial dharma transmission is done
that mean philly we the doing things with this hi this
one i have the monk you know what we did together with other beings or all beings and that is the time law when ah dharma is transmitted from shakyamuni to mark a shopper and so weak
can experience it had happened between secondly on the market shopper at this moment
if only if we have in on this one i and we see things with years and we hear sounds greece our eyes
happy to the a difficult
i'm the it always happening
our this key
then we you mean the candy

and he said this is a single moment of dignify the conduct or practice buddha
so this film we see things with this attitude but thing through one entire i as a whole
this is a time of dharma transmission and this is the a moment of files conduct of job with while practice buddha
hum he end up our moment
this he said this him
this is a single moment of that vision of i'm sorry shake it or this is neither being pulled by things in our brain things so against guess know freeing each other but this is ah being through put things on it
being pretty by things is no the separation between self and other under object and sometimes we proved that things
i'm to make that thing as my my position sometimes we are pretty by those things
that is are you know usually with a thinking oh yeah we prove things we have put the binder thing
but we proved people who are we approved by people
but there's no such subject object
separation but this is total function of entire conduction wired
so this is not know was are no fabrication of interdependent the nation
you can use these are getting a kind of our products of expression
this is ah
what diamonds is saying is the reality of interdependent origination not he said this is not nor was are no fabrication over interdependent origination documents which if we think or i understand that then we miss it
so this is not something within their phrases was on the phrase or within thinking so
whenever we grasp it we have to near the this been on this kind of negative
a statement of our credit card statement means ah
duck is true that we should not grasp it
we should not understand it using our was on the concept and we open our hand and just see and do it
and also this is neither or is it our new the library manager terry this is what is in our nature and got a manager and this is neither abiding in the dharma position or by leaning government operation means i located in
in ngo cohen in each moment at the moment of fire with fire would stay at the term aperture of and and there is before and after
even though they are out there before and after that before and after it's cut off
that is time opposition so
this the fact dorgan is said get your core but here he making this is neither are riding in the dogma petition know just being a gps from the beginning so there's no
no changing just being as it is
but he neared to all of these things but at the same time hissing these are reality but before we grasp these was as a concept didn't we miss that reality
it is not only a farming business
this is simply for our piece of without with terrified conduct so don't understand this as a philosophy or thirty for teaching
what we should do this would have to practice this like this is simply for up with dignified conduct

i can we have time to go next paragraph
yeah for in the way or practicing for the sake of the dharma and the for the sake of their body we entrust our life on this to the mind
he's not the office nobody this mine is not a function of force candace
we interest to this mind is same as visiting another why the for this janky
this entire structure is the mind including served on ten direction's fair for and media dilemmas

and in a dignified the conduct of blocking off of life i'm dropping with over life and talking of of this
we entrust our life on this to the buddha so we entrust our life and our this to the buddha buddha is also another word for this is structure within this interconnectedness we are born
as are not over this network and we moving around coming and going for a while has a fight i we are living and will disappear within this network we never get out of this network and we are giving as a
part of this total function while our chin or with the or buddha
so we live our life on this to those things
he not things it's our one thing singular
therefore it is take it the media dilemmas are only mind media neuropathies the media that it must always in this network is on the from mind
and see word before to though
ah part of the sarah has award of desire for the of
bot or my paleo and wiring of without my career or a rupa
but this is trip through are referred to this entire line hearing about we get we are friday about condition we are that is one
mind that is house
dogan bins use disallowed in mind or she

to me
ah here
sometimes we it is called one mind by edition or was she need for that money
so this mind was edition is not ah
our high-quality
in this mind the to this structure
toby a safe or all beings including this cells ah within this network of interdependent origination so from one side there's no such thing called yourself only networking there but from other side this entire network
his passive to five please
yes it is encouraging the this the exact creating the it

wow over to speak father or going beyond
so this is not fair we can stay and we received now i understand than toggle says
that's still too early to say i am understanding i understood it
issuing to go further she is always think go farther go beyond his favor memory
so excuse me
to speak for of going beyond the is a statement by only buddha so these are the thing or statement by ah
human beings by practitioners by by the beings within this network but dogan say there is a statement you know stated by this is situation itself
not what from human beings
but only visit statement is by this mind
but these fantasies and the wars tires on the parents so this mind or the c is nothing other than fencing on the walls tile sunday papers this expression came from
christian and a savvy thing a monk and ah nio a tooth
maybe i don't need to rent it i don't have either her time now you owe it to was a disciple of are showing on the sixteen sister and organs and you very majestic this person nine way to
the someone asked minority this their master of what is the mind or heart or sin of ancient buddha happy or mind wash dishes shin of ancient put up
and nine way to replied fences and walls
ha tires and the pebbles
how can means everything
these are not special things everything within listen to dog
is a the mind or heart was seen of ancient buddha
and said be so is a statement by this by dissing itself so that this scene express itself by oh are not to buy but as as fences and walls tires and papers that means be seen dvds
itself as all media the things so already all other things on this
well mine are one hot or our issue is exactly the same thing
that is not as testament by observer like a human beings but according to the organ that is us
serves statement by by this mine
this is the dignify the conduct or practice field buddha
so that means we are part of it so that means we are this big mind while mind
if we say we are the big mind that is a mistake
this our practice is directly connected with this mind so our practice is a explanation not explanation with expression of this total work to their function
but if fan we think therefore i am enlightened or my practice is totally function than we cut off
the connection by thinking i think i am or are we are for my practice we cut off that network
the expression
yes yes
we can to get out of this but our practice is intentionally vow to give as a part of this network
so we are vow is to participate
in this
a function of this shin
so far this is not for grocery enlightenment or our origin our enlightenment can ditch those are the you know come on ah
i wish technical pounds as a new concept to try to explain in all this reality so as a concept or with his tongue is are not mistaken but if we grasped the concept and think i understand it i get it
then we lose it
so these are not how to gradually grow brazil enlightenment for our original recognised moment can beach
and you know concept can reach this reality only our practice on the other option for participation
makes it
martinez non british to vigorous three stages of the wise or third stage of the says can reach
this dignify the conduct is simply not understanding of each person and not understanding overheats thing pass financing is a practitioner and are things that practitioner practice together
i so not understanding is a very positive
to fix what
usually not understanding of means a lack of understanding but don't even use this expression of full a

understanding in a very poised to be way that means we understand it and yet we open our hand and do it it's like ah ah
after we learn how to drive
i'm for it those are knowledge and as drive when we just drive carefree we don't think about are you know each part of the car or about the many years many traffic cruise but somehow fit for new we are ah
i can't give we got thinking you know we can drive a car that is
what does not understanding means
we saw this doesn't mean la cova understand but understand it but let go of that understanding and do it

excuse me
even if it is a vigorous activity
it is as it is in
it is as it is in each moment this vigorous activities are come up package that is it i can be as activity like a fish is jumping out of the water
but it is how as it is in each moment so natural movement of our life
and it is one piece of iron dog
north north separation seamless one reality
a piece of iron dog unlit at the same time
ha these are the to head both moving these this expression came also from ah this person to earth as statement
two engines quote this
a conversation between georgia and one of his monks ah the monk asked this the master ah ah ah what we call us wrong to r us ashram is cut into
a to into to patients and both peace are moving
fitch which side is this furniture
when you know each and every day
all living beings how buddha-nature so this so i swam had a buddha-nature but when it cut into two for each side is with nature and freestyle is not good amateur but was the christian to tulsa until sunset
maku mozo up his maku mozo
ah something like don't have a very thinking
don't have everything we saw to see in that way is illusion
but the monk asked again even for both sides are moving
still moving so for each side has a buddha nature
then toss acid something is ah
up he said
ha yeah it's he said it is just a fire fuca wind and fire does not this this past that means fire fighters canvas or not his past it still together so we're moving but
because nothing to do with buddha-nature
anyway a by quoting this expression both had moving to in this is you know
trying to show to side of one reality one side is one iran dot one seamless peace nor separation at all but from other size to size are always moving
that means ah the oddity and
the takeru a reality beyond duality are they're both there that is within our life our life is one
like a long piece of item lot
and yet within this i don't know there are many separate things many in gbp things and we have to see this reality from both side
saturday but i have been continuously thing from the fast day
and i think that is had to in continuously saying
but usually we see this is to or that is true
we want to make choice so we have to
a study in this way for many years

maybe this is time i finish i stopped talking
destiny read a few more sentence
one piece of i don't know is not a macau for long or short
get so long this oneness who are seamless reality is not a matter of rome was shot there's no way to compare that there's nothing to compare with this
this reality so we can say be glass wall or show to a long way short because no way to every piece
and to hate moving is neither safe nor does it to heads are moving but none that yet still the to hit our does if it's not safe and other so there's no such separation between self for and angles or if our subject and of
checked these two are moving but moving as a spothero function as a part of this universe out of movement
i'm one more sentence friend the power of expressing one's own side and throwing oneself into the function or with their ancestor is ah put
into practice dep cavas the media dimas
and i can see much higher than the common people the way or viewing things in this generation
soften we see
things in this way and we practice and leave
as a part of this photo function
ah he said variety with dignity in the expression dignify the conduct or gilberto our practice to the dignity covers this entire construction work so that makes our
conduct our way of life diversified
so divinity came from this ah structure of one and all beings are together and if we allow for our activity do if our option i see who are include both side
who give me the unity with cuisine that action at work tp not only simply my personal because sent an auction to benefit discussion
if we do things as a part of this callback function we feel while we find divinity within that action
and the i can't see much higher
young ah
the way the common way of doing things as in the wired
that means are usually to come common way of viewing things
i buy you know
excuse me
ah separate or make a distinction between like dislike or important not important while those in that kind of you know god's grace period things and we start to learn after something or escaped from something
this is the source opportunities
okay i think we need to stop