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good morning everyone
this morning i start a paragraph twenty four page fifteen
let me be a few pages
we should know that is kava tea and to scar means that was the pure land and the heavenly whole are the same as seen in terms of these are the places we transfer migraine
as for practice what we do in the pure land and a heavenly whole are both practice as for the great realization were whether we are in the pure on the or the heavenly whole it is
the same great realization as for the great belgium whether we are in the pure land or the heavenly whole it is the the same grade the region
these are for a time being nothing other than the wiggling of toes were using the astros fan real old practice without
sometimes it is a sound of a fat or the we overshoot throughout a single path or practice buddha those who have no stories can smell read those who have a as body and practice can hear it also
so there is a time when we attain my skin flesh bone and marrow father though we can lead through our practice we don't get it from outside
having broderie leads to the great way of chronic clarifying dive and calculating the this they are trees and utterance from the ancient times great sages interest life on this to the mind interest
that i found this to their body interest i found this to the way and trust that i found this to i found this itself
however it is not within the flow of i'm from past to present that this essential please through reviews itself the be refined conduct or practice buddha is free practiced immediately the
essentially priest prove that the i found this and the body and mind are working as a circle of the way is understood under found immediately practice it free and cry fi it free however it isn't
not an option accomplished by force
it is very similar to a person who do the angry thought his hint was lost and is astonished by seeing a reflection of his head in amira
it is the same reality as turning the like inward and illuminating the safe
the gravity of authority beyond the reality prepares to practice without this is totally interested to being actualized in practice
to penetrate this principle of interesting to interesting we should not fail to study the mind their steadfastness of investigation in zazen clarifies that the media dilemmas are nothing other than the mind
we know and understand that thinking that the three words are simply the mind is great separation from the mind
this knowing and understanding
excuse me this knowing and understanding are nothing alike on a part of the media dogmas we practice the homepage of the self and simply leaving out this exact often
well maybe that's enough for now
in the previous paragraph he started to talk about instantaneously going to trista and instantaneously going to
scarlatti that these are amitabh was pure land
and for the he said his uncle was pure land scammer t or artist to heaven is not somewhere else but it's like now like here within each
in our practice
but opposing our ah
you know will you go through many different conditions and situations
and just a heaven or ah
the cavity or pure land might be you know one praises waste may go through but more often
we ah we practice in one more difficult to conditions it's not like us
ah just i haven't with my three buddha or either pure land ask about the with uncover buddha
ah there a suitor asked about the maitreya buddha interest to happen but i never let those address but in madera ah the sitter as described the pure land scabbard be pure land
in a suitor us
used in pure land buddhism and in those citrus that landscape of the pure land is described a jedi in the
if you're on the buddhism are practices called name widget

he rarely is sibling as the at the thought
boonen london and would a buddha and this
well as our commands a as your name with is a chan chan chan to amitabh as name guppies are namu amida boots now with i take refuge taking refuge in amitabha buddha this practice chanting using our
month in japanese the pure land which with him
that is called name with it but this practice empathy is originally is not simply are attempting using i was mouth but this man is for me to a kind of visualize the longest
cape of the scenery landscape or the pure land and r a description of the landscape of pure and in the does girl on pure land buddhism buddhist texts or citrus a kind about our guide for
for such visualize practice
and it's really beautiful everything is a re-review true and there's nothing daddy are no problem
in the pure land
he button that is not the only place we can practice
actor in actor you know actual life we have to go through many you know the difficult the condition and station
it is so now he says we should know that scarlatti and trista means that both the pure land and the heavenly whole
yeah just the heaven is still in the ah
within a three large while of desire ah
and know my patio
so the heavenly whole was just a heaven is within this
and a pure land is the alesha
but without we are in the just i haven't lot a pure land
both are that was in our practice
our in actual prices
and it's often more difficult than these two braces
and he used this was trying to migrate
yeah that is being

keepin it is fair the usually translated to price migrate within six tdi looser with and sarah so it's a kind of strange you want to use this with that are going to teach to heaven or are pure land but according to dogan
not only dog adequate within the
higher teachings
ah our practice is not get out of this transmigration as i said before we need to practice with him this shore and within vistula returns migrate that means we go through many different conditions and situations
and of it very difficult
you know because of allah boy set of about to enter nirvana is not the choice we make with we made choice to stay in zamfara and to practice with all beings
so our practice is still not to steal back to the end
cuisine transmigration of within this shore so we don't get out of
this sure we keep practicing within this shore and practice the liga was of our federal you know cupboard with not and soaked with water that is our practice so our practice it is not easy finish
so going to sometimes we feel like we're in notice to heaven
now if you saw you know ah
peaceful and ah the we have a great true but that condition doesn't last forever
we began to the south era
a sofa t the thing here is same as a hacer logan says in a show bogans or case a shocker
cases hancock who is a sound over a stream and cause of mountains
in a chapter of the show volumes or he says something like as follows
but as soon as you allows not as soon as about having a having a rousing our body mind for bodhicitta awakening mind
after we allows we have allows for the cheetah
even though we trust my rate within the ethics to the items and four types of buses transmigration or i didn't they
it's safe
will be our practice of vow for awakening
wow for awakening
the word
one thing one why is it was missed that is ah are not that's okay that is both are you know yoga

boulder it is transliteration or boogie or awakening and the your
he's a practice
and young his bow
for wish
so of whatever condition more must already know the not like our killer and
you know in a difficult conditions
but this difficult condition is our is a for that
brackish and valve of for awakening
who our practice based on vow or practice of boy had to her balance
so you've whatever condition we are our practice is a practice of boys had to a bar
try to live together with all beings or being syncrude dispersal of costs
then in whatever condition if we practice with this attitude he says as for practice fat we do in a pure land and the heavenly whole are both practice are not even grander or a bot or
the whole living or yoga or realm of hungry lost or hair or a favor the practices practice so this practice it is important for the condition we can't make a choice we have to accept the condition we have to go to
to any condition we are in but our product our attitude our posture or practice upright posture or practice is the same you know even in our in we have to go through many different conditions
in our mind and also outside of our mind but we do we do is keep this upright posture and go through any conscience relied difficult or a joyful or enjoyable and no condition last forever so
so we moment by moment we tried to keep this upright posture
and according to the this upright posture is awakening and his enlightenment and is runner
so as for the great realization was that we are in the pure land or the heavenly home it is
the same great realization great realization is diego

a in the next year said as he said his great delusion that this diet names
was there you go and i may is ah
not sat in condition of our psychology but this is a
how can i say
enlightenment are awakening of idealization
that is wisdom of course but we have great delusion
to save all living beings how can we save all living beings
and we think fat is a good things to do to do this way or that way how can we be helpful to this person was in this condition and we tried
and sometimes it works and sometimes doesn't work like as far as we are thinking and making choice
that is delusion
and yet that it's a don't use the was that is a great delusion for the sake of awakening for the sake of ah
a practice that boy had lockdown
so both great enlightenment and great revision
ah not put narrative think

so these are for time being
so not forever
nothing lasts forever for time being
nothing i was on the ring ring ring bring of pause living of toast with the some local practice without straw sandals is of course are you know used fan we walk so this practice who dies always walking
so packed for there always were wearing a ask for sander to practice to go through
he said
we have to go to taiwan or thailand or some other places within sixty items are there are many more reruns of fan fella
but fe about we go that moving is just are we ring of cause we didn't a sandal of ah practice buddha in the journey of ah was set to a path
that means the condition favor had feature of condition we need to go through that is a scenario of a travel or trip
on that was other a pass
so i'm not a good day not a big deal
so we don't need to be to in albeit a exciting or are overjoyed if when we see our finale beautiful scenery riker ah pure and ah ah of your true but my pay through us sad can
mission which don't need to be all are overwhelmed by difficulties but try to keep the same upright posture and go through and together with or beings
and next
this kind of a very unique think in a buddhist scriptures
sometimes it is a sound of a heart or and out with of a chic throughout the single path of practice buddha
those who have not always counts married those who have ears body and practice can hear it you know five to laugh at
ah shit is not so we used in the broadest
a lot and not only british about the our script sacred fish but he i can hear papa three
use this this expression in order to compare the he a this description of the landscape of the pure land there's nothing ah
jackie o r nothing that has a batsman
but you know our actual practice now this is more kind of over a family after you know that excusing condition we have we encompass but this this in a smell of a shit and sound of fuck ah
not not different from in know
the us
the singing of the above in the koran
so we have to or appreciate
these things we really actually an income our experience day to day they are not so you through and they are not only beautiful piano you know ah ah like side and dark side always together
the hand yet that is the our joanne that is our practice praise so we need to go through both and we appreciate and how and ah we need to be grateful to
can i have no experience to give including fat or shit
you could that is our life
so those who have not read can smell and we have not to do so we can smell
and those who help he as so we have ears body on the practice can practice so we need to be a great through we need to appreciate you know we have this five scandals

there is a time friendly again my skin fresh ball and model of course i think we you as you know this expression came from the story of dharma transmission from border you gotta my to the second ancestor a car or we go
voted out him a hug for the high priests and ah he he boy that my asked those for people to speak something about the understanding of the delma please
you know the second and sister pick up electrical
three ninety six stances that right
visit a story
how fast three people say something and to the fast pass on balderrama said you attend my the skin and to the second person whether i'm said you attained my fresh and have passed to the salad person he said you attend
ah pick out like he got the didn't say anything he just came in from or bodhidharma and make prostration and began to his feet
then what am i said you attained my now you see the story but so common understanding is a shriek or the first person was a channel and it's getting deeper and deeper on the only
pekka or hugo a second ancestor again the ss or bodhidharma that is a common understanding of this story but two games and he didn't agree with this common understanding he said he that the skin fresh born or mile of they are all
ah body dharmas so there's no such a
fatty call
great yeah
so you for this is our dharma transmission that means family keep practice we may have some of no occasion that we attained the bodhidharma his skin or fresh raw bone
while model that is dharma but that is nothing from outside
yeah but he said though we attain it through our practice we don't get it from outside but is about our practice the happening within an hour in a five canvas nothing is trial is you know
ah coming from our side
at his hearing the president knows you earlier we're talking about the gate
show up at some point explicitly
getting all coming on know going
we have higher
how much pointing field
get him
yeah okay our next paragraph
in this paragraph he again talk about life on this
having broderie reached to the great way of cry find life on life and penetrating of this there is an applause from the ancient times so is attaining ah
skin fresh bone and marrow is about our life on this this person's life and this our life
and to or
clarify and penetrate the in this life and this our own life on this are there is one thing we have to study that these great sages interest but i found this to the mind
interest life on this to the body and just life and this to the way and interest life on this to life and this safe
this interest or use gonna my castle
but ah the chinese character for maketh his game
and this a flood is a also use the in the machines you may
i think
interest to the nature
and or ago to with the way is the expression in changing me for this and this interest means
you know we don't control but then we he and trust someone to drive a car and we ride on that car we entrust our life to the driver so we trust the person's dragging his
ah attentive and careful
so using fan we practice or undergo through our life on this we need to some somehow we need interests something instead of a contrary everything by myself
and she said does seem to the thing we need to trust our interest is ah said great face interests life on this to the mind mind you the shin
and ah body is an aggression
the shin and interest to the way with door or down
and interest but i found this to that i find this itself
that means
we trust our about our mind how our body and we trust the way that in fact since you may said we need to trust our way
to as trust ourselves was even the way and freeze because any significance that he used hiragana instead the country
i don't think so in this case sometimes they use utilize the the kanji for to
the point out something but in this case i don't think so
to execute trees
will more of that
her troll
so life and death
i'm sorry
to interest
disinterested same as in xing in you may trust the face i our trust the my dashing as are not assume his mind your hat that is what we have to think that ah
beta he argued use about this interesting
so that we talk about the interesting that time
this means you know
in i as in we entrust ourselves to this posture
we don't control our body and we don't control our mind but fun we sit we entrust everything to this upright posture so this doesn't is not dispersal is a personal individual actions that is a puppet meant finn and they said this
spray with a missouri

and however it is not within the flow of time from past to present that this essential principle use it safe
the dignify the conduct or practice buddha is a free practiced immediate-release so it it is not a good idea to practice
by going through while stage to another
nokia fun
i often said in a way of practicing within the kind of of conventional time for each flows from past through present to the future but our practice is a moment by moment
and we were in this moment by look as i said this is jail within this moment by moment practice
the eternal life of buddha
froing of time appeared or manifest
so our practice that the zero at this moment by moment he's a kind over how can i say
the intersection in with eternity and empowerment is how can i say meet each other
both are there was in our moment by moment the at auction please
this is the way things are
the practices
it sounds like to do so
but actually been them to doing because when they actually are this we have to realize how this is the way things are
the about google
but we don't really understand that we i think we are thinking in this you know flow of the time and we make our story
the thought in kinda case of dorgan awakening really just be there just to be zero just like now like here but usually we make our story that goes
froze from pass to the future and within this story we think i'm getting better
and before i do this thing i get some the result or are you for a while cause we become successful that kind of story are always in our mind
but practice is just do it
get political that kind of story we create in our mind
does make sense
he saw
got my day for really to go it's kind of eatery can live the moment
we'll use i will often grasp grasp it crinkly to hard under we are not free painted a problem so that fido and said open your hand
but he had to the story for
ah he really just something else how is the story and that is fun but it's fine if we see that is just a story we don't be achieved by that story
don't if we cling to it we are deceived and this story is really other thing than real reality that is a problem said the other side is jackie ages past years story he says don't ignore car and
not worse than me
yeah we are grieving using cause and result
do you know how five five canvas is how course of course
that fido and said we have to think we have to inquire
so it's that way
he often we practiced moment by moment we are still within this flow of time so we are still within the history who is in the story
you know that far you know i continue to practice in this way and try to
how can i say
because i became my teachers disciple i tried to be a disciple that means to continue his practice so i'm in a story of you know the continuation from my teacher that the the story and that might be a delusion but still i have to leave
together with that story
the story is different from thinking about this story all that time
so important point is to see story a story and want to be deceived by to see usual as an illusion than usual doesn't deceive us it's like are seeing the movie on the screen than things happening on the screen is the real
illusion but if we
is see the north things happening on the screen is illusion we don't the we're not deceived by fuck is happening on the story and yet the story happening on the on their screen makes a lot of influence to us it might be very educational
he might be getting inspiration so
poison can be a medicine but me some candy poison
i saw a further point is is there any
the upper line
is there any moment to moment other that not being deceived by the story
i think so that is a family we entrust the state of i do something because of because of the story we make so we opened our hundred mean that we let go of that story and just be like now right here
notice how do we do you know that in and we do moment by moment in our day-to-day practice is
how times thing is your story
ah the idea is a story but fenway we really did go and just do it that the good this doing is reality that is duggan's point and he called this doing at francis buddha
so doing or action is the things but thinking about that action is a story
so never we think now i am interesting
then that is a story that finn
we did go over even that story and just do it when this this just do it is real thing
does make sense
excuse me
no gaining idea that
ps just do it but within their story i think because of this action i get something i understand something or my eye open to some something that within the story the as over those things happening but within the actual moment by moment moment
in north
no such evaluation
he thought
this practice buddha is moment by moment and they as stories as it is like are during phantom and hour of emptiness so we cannot grasp friend grass we already in the in the story
so even up his writing in this show volgens or is a story and would now i'm talking and we are discussing that he put out in a praying with a story about the reality that is not a story
otherwise we can be deceived by studying shovel gains of
are you carrying on the teaching on your teacher and that is not story in the sense that it's made up i mean that is a real thing on and say you know there are many different kind of story while studying is completely funded ah ah
pictures and whereas some story reactivity close to the reality so
we have to see whether that story is how crossed this story is to the reality or not
ah where i'm not sure fan i talk about my teacher and fat i studied learn from my pitcher that is a study and that is a storage and sometimes because i'm too intimate my
the stories might be completely fantastic
and it know already more than five years ago so i'm not sure
you're thinking about you
i just that mean your
any much story she never really enjoying the practice during his eyes on him
we're doing is we are just sitting israel is the thing but thinking about sitting is not reality
thinking about sitting is not really our thing it the story it's happening in here
the essential priests through that life on this and body and mind are working as a circle of the way his expression cycle of the way is though com and this is a very important ah expression or don't come in dogan us
kenzo josie
ah josie's continuous practice
dois way and can is her crew or regarding
and he used this metaphor as are in a put up a away arousing bodhicitta ah
why was she and practice ago and awakening and nirvana ah like a fireproof
he has no end
i'm in the he said this is this is not not only one soccer not it's sacrificing our practice is like with
ah each each moment each moment include arising bodhicitta practice awakening and nirvana and it with continues was
moment by moment
so our life on this and our octavio body and mind our practice in this way moment by moment it's complete and yet we continue to practice
ha as a falconer of the way is understood and are from immediately so it's not it's not a matter of the real value to gradually but moment by moment we can affirm it
please we're working
oh yeah mine ah walking is my edition
excuse me
i think we need some something how can i see some action are doing instead of just say are the cycle of the way out working as a sacrilege the way our life and this and and also our body and mind are working
as a cycle of the way
instead of our life and a sound boogie undermined our psychedelic away
as mixins not and
i'm just trying to understand in the sense that that brought up for you didn't manifest manifested or day
if the nature of directv
brings forth brings first is that great fear our practice brings forth
now this a cycle of the way
practice it's free it's free meal completely this moment and next moment each moment and cry cry for it's free clarify me to really penetrate and understand the nature of practice woman
the by moment
however it is not an option or compressed by force so we're not being forced by someone else but this is our practice our act to practice using this for the undermine it's not we're not here on
can forced to practice in this way by someone else
the seem charming used in yogi yogi ah evening dot com go forth ah
i don't remember he is described in enjoys you are not but
no for the heat it why expression you used he's going

go is or force and he is option
the action that is forced to be down
but sometimes we feel you know i don't want to go to general but somehow
i'm forced to go
that first nothing
ah makes me wake up even three beach i'm going to gender is also the force of my life please
have you
i think so
ah oh you know another expression is doing it uses vinci

zinke's is a total function
a whole block
this is a you know we have some energy and we tried to do things but only in you from inside does not work
as if will me aside and support from our outside needs to work together
crap is called ah jeong hee in logan zingy and he wrote one chapter will show the organiser in packers janky
so even when we have ability to hear you with in our area if there's no sound is made outside we can appear so the energy or force that makes
that for example strike the bill
and the force the person's force or energy to strike the will become a makes the wave of the air and it leads to my ear and i hear that song
in that case the person's energy and energy of the wind or wave and energy or function i can accept it and shiite is one function we're one fourth
hmm that is vinci mean so we're not live separate from the rest of the world but we and all other beings are living together is expressed with this expression also so my you know where you bought to wake up
might be very tiny part of that
put on function
a peanut because they know because our older other people wake up and go to gender even they also sleeping so i have no excuse to stay in the bed ah you know there are many things happening so not only my personal ugly power but
the empire beings within this community allow me to wake up and go to kindle
i'm not only within this community but you know or
you know on the austrian are many people are waking up in the early morning i'm going to jindal that or how can i see
it says of connectedness
allow me to wake up to stand up and go to gender

areas as had somebody had sent out
light and also even though in a very difficult the conditioning my teacher continue to practice so i had no excuse to keeping stay in business that kind of feeling also so we have connection with in
time and space
that connection
makes me to wake up
in the early morning even though i'm sleepy and
let me go to agenda
on both negative and positive for yes of course
so it is very similar to a person food building greece thought his kid was lost and is astonished by seeing the reflection of his head in an area where is he the same reality as turning the light inward and eliminating in the safe
the fast examples
excuse me
there's a story in a a sutra i forget outfit sutra
but someone ah
the thought the heroes his head
and he was looking for the head all over the town
but someone tell him sit out mira than you to see the head at the means even though with i think we got our head but him is always there and we just ain't
see that to make sure out in a live here by thing the media so the reality it doesn't change at all but you know when we think i lost my hair and when i see i found
the head if here
who is in
as a condition of my life is very different but as a reality the head is always here
so our practice as gilbert the the thing though nothing new
we just find that we have head
even though that we have had always but somehow we thought we lost it
chris does it mean to take a that
are you usually use a metaphor
but is about the buddha-nature
take that you don't have
three out while we don't see
but when we find it it's a already always their recent decisions will be talking about earlier
is just going past
like and realize you have a head yeah it's always there but we don't know so our practices to see the media and fit and fine we had hit
so nothing new
and the next expression is very he
excuse me are important expression in logan's and pitching
ha this is a translation of equal his show
he often use this expression
ah excuse me

ha he used his expression if congress angie and as many other places and this expression the echo hinshaw i think originally appeared in again sick talk since ah so
anka was song of grass hut progress hundred page
isn't a real meaning of this is this is a description of scenery of the
the evening
like the after sunset
he know fill the sun set
the sun is already gone but at that moment the entire sky become really bright
the song that is already gone oh i said eliminate can sent a while and it's become really bright and beautiful
that is fuck this eco ensure me so aiming to become more than
who is like and hen is return
for son is already gone but fun we can
to this wired and illuminate this entire blog on this to become really bright and beautiful that is the origin and meaning of eco hinshaw
and a in the case of kansas and heat thing he described his doesn't he's use this expression or to you know we usually try to eliminate things outside and ticket fuck is this but we
he found that right inward and eliminate this being described canvas instead of things outside and make judgment that is the meaning of this echo henshaw in tokens engine
to return
shop is illumination
so this is a illuminating itself so nothing nothing there's no duality
between the light on that it is illuminated
the clarity of the query tv on the crowded beach
may you make
three to practice with so we are eliminated by the light of the safe
the light of our safe the light over our life
and that brightness he's prevails or permeate to this practice without that means our practice
this is totally interested to being actualized in practice that means that it's not the cause of allah allah or because of our effort it's not happening because of my practice my willpower
my effort but when we entrust our entire body and mind in this practice
out this in a brightness
is happening
century often says me have to make a very strong africa he is
yep between effort on interesting than the point is zinc you are taught total function even our willpower our effort is a part of this ah
a janky so it's not really a my power has no such since cause my or me
the has something to see
so to penetrate this press press prove interesting to interesting
this is a strange right but he from a he depicts this new castle
twice mean
so i translate this as entrust ourselves through this interesting
that means ah we cylinder keep up to control things but what we do in the case of doesn't is keep this upright posture and we interest everything to this posture
and to visit we interest to this interesting
and this is
hi how our faith are facing as in or office in dinky office in ah shin or mind or heart
a we have faith in hey yeah
we entrust ourselves to this interesting to everything to this posture or this ah
put that a function
he the word prevails
he can you say a little bit about that
if are you
is declaring you are
okay i'm pretty is a translation of meeting

i mean it means a something is fear that we live in this entire space
i got a because a lady and to light from with us ah for help
ah eliminate the entire universe in that case that light meaning to prevail or permeate entire universe at this idea
so to printer a police freeze through of interesting to interesting with need
so we completely interest
we should not fail to study the mind
but no guns and use this right by the mind
without making distinction between mind that the pr with pudding
that is that means
a force canvas the function of allah
mind and also ah later he is not a moderate about next sentence he is this a free ride on the mind this mind
what is one that is itself three yard
how can feel free
as a new stage of the lot we we need to be careful
this mind as a force canvas dica sensation perception formation and consciousness that his mind of course but are think he said three was our only mind that these are happened at the
appear next round
ah this mind and this mind are different as i use is
so we need to be careful and he may we are going to have another gains oh yeah sanctions in bloomington and we're going to study of three chapters over show volgens or during his discuss about fact this mind is the three are
the functions able to the mind is it safe buddha and second edition catwalk for mine is unattainable and fad is corporate machine the mind or heart of ancient buddha those three are very short
writings to show to or
the talk for five days so i combined those three and study fatty mind or heart or shin friend organs and use
in this scene is a deity in a confusing
bc means many things and in chinese and japanese text we don't we use them without making korea distinctions that is a program finn or difficulty fan we make translation for
i'm chinese or japanese to english
anyway i make a shin in this sentence as a ah
capital in mind this business this is not a or for candace how do the five scandals but this mind his mind that
to include this entire word entire universe in often ah
you know the title of circular his book the mind beginner's mind these to mind are different mind in the case of billion as mind that is the function of our five scandals but fan the circulars discuss about their mind he said this mind
is a vast mind boundless mind that includes or three want and include entire dialogue
and our functional allah five scandals as our psychology cannot include those in our entire universe
agnieszka english you are mine doesn't
for in that way but chinese unsurprisingly while the seen can mean both not is a source of keeping up confusion so i'd like to the study fact is mine
a hat or in sanskrit star on the free there
and how those things those was are used in buddhist text and then literature
i'm second chance good william cheaper and was effective down the day free they are in the late in the name of the heart sutra pricing up mccaffrey free day sutra is frida is a hot it's never mind it's not never translate i've mind the sutra it should be trans
with as hard cetera because it different world
so i proceeded this a character in mind that mean this is not a function or valla five canvas
so wish the study this mind come
the steadfastness of investigation the steadfastness is a translation of good g

and this is this expression good to see also from shinjin me
so she used in so many expressions from shinji made in this writing
and this goods is used also in kansas envy
he is this expression go to go to t and go to means immovable
you know blasted fuck steadfast that means ah this extra checks appeared the in the a conversation between among and a young son of how do you think you are are immobile shit
during this email by risking is both a lot of t got this chinese character is a kind of are interesting this is a kind of shape of a mounting on fitch you know you can see this mounting
the desert go guess no trees or grasses fundy or look so there's no change in thing on even within new four seasons because there's no t or no grass the koran never change and it doesn't move
not these are he made of this
the chinese character goodson and
chinese people use this is like goods are three to express this has to the first female bobl thousand it's riker
how i got a that aika know
like this you know
monkey in the desert without any trees or
grass it's really stay upright and doesn't move
so this good as a means steadfastness in our guys in that why kinda policies i put this was the invasion
excuse me
the the fanciest of investigation
indulge in qualifies for does not that means not the star
investigation using our mind using our head trying to lecturer
excuse me down qualified that the media dharmas are nothing other than the mind is media termites of course the been pole
this is a same
i was doing things using ngo colon media dilemmas ah without safe
so he said a this media mar is itself mind or heart was she may i termas or nothing as i'm done this ah capital in mind
and we know and understand that thinking
i'm thinking fed this thinking come from i going understand that the free world are simply the mind three word is some guy
sunday march three was referred to a lot of desire while the old metairie or underworld without material the disregard is another name for panthera in peculiar time for migrating this sun sarah is nothing other than this
and he said his grade separation
from the mind
this great separation is
the thing while with a said with cuckoo from the separation between heaven and as and i said dorgan is this separation
with guy great
i'm at a time i said this logan's in the use the issue where the separation in opposite meanings from that user usage of separation
great separation means you know
this one mind where mind
ah nothing other than three wild and the also nothing other than me and
i must be other things
all dimas each and every things are nothing other than one mind
and yet each and every being a different
we friend and the not it all of them are one mind
sauce again he knows same and difference are there
and when we see the difference of each and every he thing as a media dharma
the completely sensing appeared as a completely redefined things
this complete be different the side of completely different thing is expressed as grade separation of this one big mind
he's in your problem would be recited it this morning it says one side is illuminated cubes
he said the same shit he has friends we see oneness is just one thing and
van for is hidden or in the dock that phone we see vulnerable or the collection of all different individual things were mind is a hidden or are in the darkness
and ah to show that
variation of lungs oneness and many things are he used this kind of strange expression
so both a menace and oneness or in some okay difference and reality
how was there
i understand
the side of oneness and
missing the other side yes
oh we even we don't miss it but can we see one is meaningless or difference our in darkness so we don't see it
this is same as i often said of on a positive of young really on the or already fan we see already younger really is completely the about we don't feed it hidden cuisine the older lady
i'm thing we see that yung gravy for ordering is completely hidden even though it's completely there
that kind of strange ah well be is expressed or in this way
so wish to understand this strange structure of been of our service of our life
and this knowing and understanding are nothing other than a path or familiar dimas
we practice the home vs of a safe
i'm simply giving out this exact person
he know to understand this way our understanding about this structure of being is nothing other than one know the media the things
and the this kind of understanding studying and understanding
ha it
he's within this effort to understand this structure of beings this practice this are action is a practice the home village of the set of cellphone villages sf is fear we're originally from that
is you know that praise ah our oneness
and yet at the same time simply giving out this exact person means this comic existence as shock
so within this a foot of seeing the reality of was structure or this how we are how we the happy the structure of v how we beef with in this world
together with other people as one on the eight separate
you know this kind of a strange way of being
two we try to understand
this structure and this or this trying he is he's down living as a part of the way of all familiar dharmas so it's not oneness and get this
one about activity or practice as nvidia is a practice of this oneness and also exact person a this exact parcel means one of the media darkness as individual so both are there so he's a
you keep saying the same thing with many different ah
expression time to change the aspect or andrew
this year sentence that is that what your teacher and it caused the self living in itself is at the same thing years at sutton of six different concept
sheriff leaping out the city himself nothing's going wrong
i made me from their hearts
i think so in this case in with cameras use this word this expression decor or safe it's has two sides again run itself is only the safe
so we have to leave our own life as dorgan said we cannot take not dug in on those of cellulose we can ex extends even a fat so i have to read describes canvas and they have to do that five scandals but we are living together with all beings the
is are to side and and even think he used this lab article was safe cause both sides so this is a thing the same thing
you know this home village his universe himself and i give up to person in this particular person who sat in particular condition anonymity that was in time and space
and both are there and we have to divide that self it has both sides at the same time
he's a very kind of a strange fittings
ah i think it's time to stop
we have two more
crassus for a property eating a popularity complete disliking but i tried to