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thank you
good afternoon everyone
this morning
i talked to on the materials duggan's and used to compose this paragraph
and i didn't talk about fuck his writing he's you want to say so i tried to start the from the beginning of this paragraph
we are still in pages seven or dope fatty and half a mile a half of the danger is over but after this paragraph where general faster
it fast
he says reading the gate immediately are grasses entering the gate
immediately vieira grasses
within ten thousand miles there is no single ensure grass
ah my understanding is
leaving and entering the gate is our practices in our daily lives with that we
we think our gate or ah
at the bottom the gate we are coming and going in our daily lives as our practice where we can see we work within ourselves and also york with other people and beings go out and come back or
in innocence
we go out in the morning and walk outside in the daytime unbeaten in the rink and go to sleep
he noted the
our living activities and that is fat bogan said nyhan or displays
within this phrase there are many activities coming undergoing
and ah
within ten thousand miles there is no single inch of grass is i think that praise
what a shock him
and now hey
for thailand or fat i think hot dog and as you want to say is this place and that's crazy the exactly the same place right now right here with this five
and in each and every moment and each and every activity both are there
there's no such you know ah
how can i say beyond discrimination the outside of lie beyond this world are beyond where we are living
so does to are completely
and rated each other
i think that the front
logan that you want to say
and the one word into into and
they won't another was leave new and the ships it
through the gate said the visit are useless either displays or that place
chateaux an outdoor setting on knocking on shuttle and not though the same what same meaning
because there's no such separation between inside and outside
whether we we enter a lot we leave
oh look are grasses all over
but this this with trays with full of grasses is the exactly the same phrase vr doesn't know into your grass for ten thousand miles
ah next sentence the present grasping does not wait for the letting go but this is a dream a phantom and for our in the sky this grasping and king goal came from
a shinji me i introduced this morning he said can we are in know decision engine mated when we are deluded we create heritage and those a your artistic ivr create you know that moved in

ah again crew gig

ah in the dps is a good translation he trusted that this move and as one was as a vision
not get to expression more game came from the diamond sutra
and in diamond sutra i said all conditions condition time or conditioned beings are like or new
who guin and whole
you're moving or a
new ceo bloke yolo
he accrued
cortical your den
so since you may took fast to examples he from the diamond sutra and this disease mean phantom whoa the bubble
and a shadow
and blow is ah do
and then is lightning
so the in a diamond sutra shit or conditioned
mass are like a dream like our phantom like our bubbles like a shadow on riker you broke up due and brightening
ah gleam phantom
and babble and shadow means they are they are either as off phenomenon but there's like nothing substantial
i do and lightning is examples of impermanence it's do is on the blade of grass only in the morning fan sung are lies it disappear
and of course lightning is only does the a moment
so these these are examples of ah
and all substance or emptiness and impermanence and a shinji made a pick up fast two examples so i think a lot better to translate this each of them as two things dream and phantom
is that are making this valid at vision
and this our next to on the school gay
it's as i said in the morning been choosing a crew there is a erosion venue we have ah some disease on our eyes even though nothing here we see something like our floating
india that these crew gay
ah but had no guns and zero one tactile with show gonzo and tighter the puig
and or he used with expression ah in a very positive way
so he his way of understanding of cougar is frau of emptiness
and he said he every all dharmas are the flower of emptiness means it vitro
and yet it's ah
and it has for every everything has form and yet this form is a form of emptiness you see that
all frolov all being afro us and yet all those for was a expression or manifestation of emptiness so we are all for our emptiness
i'm he used this expression as a another word for to reality of all beings brief
last like that like the flower
the water
i i don't think so
these are not like our container and i poor the button
this is one thing
the saw in the in the context of shinji may you know those green phantom and a frog in the air
ah ah illusion
so we should not grasp but funny we are deluded we grasped and grasped discern that and rethink footage better i like this i hate that but since you may say that don't do that
since you may they don't grasp
don't take hold
and but he's and the syndrome is it where he he let go of all good and bad the hypocrisy to and wing and root game route so in the case of a shinji may are grasping
is a
something we should not do and letting go is a fact we should do
because give visa illusions but the in this hitters in the agencies say thing
the quite different think
they think are grasping and letting go or is to side over practice most important
and as he is this add a morgan cool gay
as another claim of gilbertson
you know go with the has no substance it happening so it's riker dream fan it's over it's gone
and it's like a phantom new york
ha i think as saturday morning going during my talk you know i talked about neuropathy colossus way to do ceremonies and mm it was really beautiful and ice
had i was very inspired by his way of doing things but is shady practices go
that he he's practice was only that moment
it doesn't stay so it like a phantom theory and let it stay in my hat in my memory are lit three friends you know in my way of life but still it like a dream on hunting
and also i golf pro in the sky
it's it's there but it's not really there that they had kruger means
so this is the school to get is like a expression or another name for practice without
and within this practice with a valid goes to side why is grasping another is getting go that to mean grasping means fan we do cashew we just two guys show we have to graph this february i'm doing
but and yet at the time there's no such thing called the gas or so shall we have political and also in each and every occasion or situation where or something some way we should behave
the structure of the sentence them to translate
settles the present grasping
so getting go on grasping i'm not good ah ah how can a fish
the artistic or reactive
wheezing one why the boss there
when be accurate to make it a more active sentence
don't wait don't we are letting go of graph now or something like
you know
this is great this is like says the way things are in
where do we can live in that way that is how we should do that because we should practice
we grasp mean that we just do for the week we should do and get we should not cling to that think we do
at the same time
we're staying in jersey and drawings or the and we should really focus on does nothing other than jersey but we should not going to what we're doing wish politico
you know
that thought this grasping on letting go
is to to say the one practice of yoga to practice with
really doing something now
where it's not narrative at all
you know now my role is talking speaking so i tried to stake wholeheartedly
this is my way this my karma you know i came to san francisco to give a talk on goggins
teaching during this again lawyer so i think this in fuck i should do so i'm where i'm grasping the of this is my duty is my responsibility
and thing we do gus gus show we just we not busy the time to do gusher if you're grasping and yet at the same time we should let go we should not going to for the i'm doing that means next moment we should do something else
so it moment by moment
because we grasp we can do this whole heartedly and because of lacking go we can do something that is next moment
this for asking me that engaging engaging
ah i think so
i think so

eh next sent this to who would hold this mistake
i saw miss
while this in previous sentence the present grasping does not wait for the letting go but this this this is go over to practice a buddha go with is a dream a phantom underflow in the sky
why quiet her but
i'm not sure
are sometimes logan's nz
but kind of a twisted the connection of first and second sentence so sometimes even though she says but but it is it that means because
for therefore so now we have to do anything very carefree from is a collection of despite an expert
decay literary go he said but however but i think actually means
ah the president grasping does not wait for the letting go therefore probably
so this
gang hoy oh i just go with the is moving away from being a phantom flower in the sky
don't know if a remarkable thing is
this is is
our next scientists who would hold this mistake and make another mistake saying that this
so this species also ah
gilbert go to go with is
he's a dream a phantom for in the sky
yeah the still a little confused about this to present grasping does not wait for the letting go ah yes don't need to let go and order to grasp something else
i mean we need to let go of gosh show and hundred
yeah telling it to the floor in our
i got sort of thing
isn't that maybe the english while wait for is not that good translation wait for means i do something waiting for something other or another another thing happening but this
where duggan's and use go out much food my food light
ah if not that include martha me to wake literary but did not feel also means
he use as a ah
component k day
two things were for each other means reactive
and ah
other solid is the time

means pair two things at the same time
not so two things ah facing each other is reactive in japanese
and that means no no such here is absolute
hi die or thought pay he's relative thoughts on
in this case
grasping and letting goal is not a reactive that means if this one happening this swung disappear or we have to make choice dissing or that scene
that is a fad or wait for
oh i think dogan means but they are
at the same time
does make
maybe not care
he always in single reaction both grasping and letting go idea
at the same time
and they never meet each other because they are the same thing
nothing the idea

so ah any practice yoga grasping or letting go
he's a mistake that is what he's seen in this sentence everything is a mistake
who he would hold this mistake so we should hold this mistake that means that we should keep this mistake keep are making this mistake
and make another mistake means this ranking dogan engines use that made one mistake after mistake i've been a mistake
canada mistake as our continuation
being on d c the same as towards us are being hotels on my in the vale last part of hookers are my continuation is
these are expression
a is a host
so this this mistake it is not a it hasn't no know i could meaning but this is something we do without fixed ah identity you are surf nature
hmm but
good night
no no knows that without the surf nature
it's he actually says she herself it really is your mistake his
in yeah ugly yeah we should continue it but because
this expression mistake is used because it would in which we use a positive way that we grasp it we cling to it so this is a mistake and therefore we can you know how can i say
but we need to make way for to do to even a with better way next time even can we do the same guy show us a prostration was saying you know cutting with covers are not talking about dharma we have to be no
what i'm doing now is a mistake so i tried to make way for to the a little even a little be better next time so there's no
i think that need another possible meaning or mistake
keys or incompleteness of our practice and gorbachev so we keep going
so we will who would hold this mistake and make another mistake saying that this job to is a again a phantom afro in the sky so he is asking us asking us to keep this practice
of being font and for a lot in the sky has a gilbert
recorded in this job to is a dream phantom and flowers on the sky there's no trace that also means traces
practice without trace
so we can stay i practice so much of cause as an inner in my memory i can say i have been practicing this for fabby for the years but that that thirty the as in the passage already gone through not here that these are phantom action
and the practice i'm going to do next
don't how many us but that he has not yet come so reality is only for i'm doing what i can now right here and this is like a hunter
it's gone next moment
so it very a good food
in each moment it's flowers blooming and yet next morning visit next moment if we don't keep this making this mistake it's gone
so it moment by moment
looking for next sentence stepping for the is a mistake
stepping forward is famous
getting out while leaving the gate
i think and stepping backward is began to the side
so this this getting for and states taking back what the same as entering and leaving the gate
both are mistake and fair about we go we find their grass
stepping for the is a mistake stepping backward is a mistake take one step for step outside going out the gate that is already the mistake and second step is another mistake but we keep
an ongoing
so you're not making mistake
it's the kind you for stepping back here the same kind years and a statement taking the backward step to eliminate the settle yes ah spring for the is a simple

stepping backward tiny hole

on this is our express and organs and use his in candidate ji he said that wish to study the backward step of equal henshaw a coin shows are turning the light inward and he didn't make safe this backward step
and ah
for the step was stepping forward is to go out and work with other people or other things
getting so high who is getting home and the boys go out but as a common expression simple means progress can pay for means
but these i have no progress
eraser is so this is never give this is positive in ah
common language but the logan then use the is are to side over practice
so whatever we say is a mistake may be this centers in the bracket is not necessary
ha and next sentence because the separation is as great as got between heaven and off that the ultimate way is not difficult this is also these two hours of
flume the since you make but ah
this to ah
you know the industry you may set at the ultimate way is not difficult and yet it reject our preferences and if we we make some preferences and maybe even a slightest deviation than
it's a bite
well we are far from the the supreme way dica heaven and earth
so in these two cannot cannot be he gonna see
but as a
call so he made some twist contest here
she can mean on here
the over like
is possible he said actually been causally related their him
have to be here the soreness the are these two up to contradict each other but he added to said because there's such a deviation the this supreme way is not difficult so there must be some twisted and we have to understand the meaning
of this twist
and that is a difficult point to understand dogan i mean he's a usage of language

i think he is same kind of a strange logic not ah heaven and earth or can and t
ah course separate ground or us and sky are two separate things and as a common sense you know visa a faraway
so there is a separation between ten and g
and ah
this separation is
ah be the word
ah separation is as great as that between heaven and earth
laika in this writing he used this abyss separation is cuckoo

can you can cuckoo this means they'll set agora separation between this the and that
not later in this writing he used the expression
i cocker diamonds
we go a great big and great separation
i'm in this case he i think he this to our separation as a separation between a young lady and all the id
are completely separation so they never meet each other
and get get are the same thing
that means grasping and letting go never meet each other and they are the same thing and this praise and that place are completed a thing same place therefore they never meet each other so they are completely separate
have you visit a strange was a guy thing
this is how you know dogan zero rosie has been incorporated in the television of photos in
the because they those two are completely wrong they are completely separate they never be meet each other

so because ah
this place on that bridge
are completely separate that means complicate completely saying
you know
in the way that scream or unsurpassable way is it is not difficult
i hope it mixes
and ah next one next centers we should conclude that didn't you find a contact the i'm i'm sorry didn't have a dignified the conduct our practice of activity
as a practiced is conducting divinity he is again playing with was he he know he used hitting just change the but he
i'm sorry in the us
he said e g and g e
his ingestion the pulled with a lot e g and g
that means displays and that brace can be you know
the change exchange the press and nothing you can't
yeah for
ah the essence of the great way is boundaries with essence of the great race bound this is also from scenes you may
a lie expression that k though

in the t kiss translation this are lying is translated
this is a section fifteen of since you may in the pieces good translation and he translate this as the great way he's calm and large happy
come and large happy this com is vast or boundaries same color as the come in the of name
it's also it also means are flexible
also means genders genus yeah and pay in discussing in essence the sense of great way is ah boundaries flexible
and and next to in changing maze for it nothing is easy nothing is hard
he thought shinji made almost repeat the same in a message for with gov very fast train ah supreme away he's has no difficulty
but here he says not only no difficulty but not no easy neither easy nor difficult so maybe even in the fast flying of since you made this means that the supreme ways neither different nor are easy
it's beyond the easy or difficult
so to practice
go it is neither easy nor difficult but just do
this is my understanding of this paragraph
you understand
the new christian
dignity dignified contract is that dignity is or
easy or and
we conduct have been conducting dignity
oh if you put his for is there has to be a college i see two different things he dated
we would say well why is dignity
dignified canada
why is he
why is the you know how to conduct conduct dignity
excuse me
hmm that's ok
you know jazzy the like azienda
however buddha practice jargon and italian practice for the are buddha expound gunma and dharma my expand put that is the main
ah fie one of the main themes of this writing dharma and buddha the same thing and a person practicing and the auction at his practice a the same thing that is the point of this writing
i come
a great way the essence of great way is boundless or blog or vast
who are flexible

okay let me go through the next paragraph

ah we should know that when we are born into life will come into being together with the way
fenugreek interactive we leave together with the way from the lie to be beginning until the light end dignify the conduct that is like the jewellery tanning bath and a power spit are spinning death is
manifested sharing one corner of the buddha's dignify the conduct is three other in the entire universe and a great off and also together with the entire coming and going of life on if
it it together with dusty runs and a lotus flowers each and every one of the dusty runs under lotus flowers is a corner or with as dignified conduct
student often think that the entire universe the first to the southern continent of djembe view do people are to all the four countries i mean four continents otherwise they associate it with a single run over china
oh the entire land over japan
also when they hear of the word great off they simply think of the three thousand great southern two hours or are some of them image image only one state over one province
think we study the was the entire grade off and the entire universe we should inquire into them repeatedly three times five times or more do not stop thinking with saying it is simply a
i've asked the space
this statement means that the reality that is going beyond buddha and going beyond ancestor
that is that extremely guys is a same as last mourn and the extremely small is the same as the lodge
neither last is being with particular form know as small is being with particular form this is similar with nothing but this is practice buddha manifested through dignified conduct
we should the study that dignify the conduct of the entire universe and the dignify the conduct of the entire us mentioned by the buddha's and ancestors as a prince principle of nothing is ever hidden in the entire word
this is not simply that nothing is a bomb hidden entire in the entire world this is nothing other than that dignify the conduct of the oneness of practice and without
well the first sentence so he started to come by could i find this and are under go through our practice buddha
i love in the first sentence it says wishes know that finn we are born into life be coming to being together with the way and fan we in cardiff we leave together with the way this together with the way
also came from are changing me
half yeah easy
hindi t-shirt is a translation section seventeen
it said way the nature of things obey the of things and you are in accord with the way
ah this is only for me

is a
the btc reduce the why the obeys but this a small i got in trust and trust the nature
then ah it
you are in our code that his goal in are called with the way
so he used the will use this was board door in accord with away and i translate this as with together with away
me to get together allah too much so without we are born
finally a bone or you're born with the way and the fact we die
we pass away you know we die together with away
but this is that ah
the same thing for new tomorrow says when we are going where you are born together with the entire universe and the where we did we are living together with entire universe and the fan we die we die together with entire universe
so we and the universe are giving born together living together and dine together to cannot be separate
so from the light painting mean think we are born until the light in the minute when we die
we are always together with this great way great way for supreme away for i'm possible way we never get out of the way that is also a during saint louis is inserted in the very beginnings of
of conducting the though motto in the cashew along this dome with the environment that way is
hobbies enzo is a translation
path than the old republic because the wage other than the are pervading it's papa
babbling to i say this also we're not outside of the way for your partner with away and it within the way we do the way and yet we're together with the way
ah the saw our life is together with this great way
and it it is like a dreary timing
ah do a timing and paris spit as are spinning this either
not so common but message is i expression you know ah from bus and
this our life is you know that ah movement of buddha-nature this drill or power the far to the buddha nature
let's say mazza in on drive to power
know that this
why dogan said entire beings are buddha nature
showing their beings are yours for power
so you can we are born we are gym
like a is stunning and we are born has a baby and power is tanning and disappear soaking we die it's like a tar is ah spinning
it's a movement of buddha-nature
does that come from
ah i am not sure and search
and sharing one corner of the buddha's didn't the conduct is together with the entire universe and a great us
so we are living within the we are born within the way giving within the way and dying with within the way
so our practice either dignified of identified conduct of gilbert to practice buddha is together with this entire universe
under great us
and also together with the entire coming and going of our of life on this this is a foot in general is the expression
we are leaving the universal life
not a kind of us separate individual independent life
yeah there's no separation or with other beings with this list of the world we are part of this nicola cabinda interdependent origination so in that sense in on this an entire need to are called interdependent origination
he's thyself is me
and the it from other side from other side guys not has seen something called me it's justa me is just a note of this net
but from other fight fan will take one not
can we you know pick up one not just run up we pick up entire net
so we can see from both side this is this is an just a network of interdependent origination for the north had seen scored a shock and yet from other side show how cool is this entire network nothing other than me
his entire network so with see this reality that we are connected with our beams and no
independent separate entity from the rest of the word
from to side of from a from this praise and from that place
from that press there's no such independent person but from disgrace with entire network is this bathroom
nk you know that is a with embarassment and he said universe itself we are connected with this entire universe
so we should not say in get such as big entity has the universe and surf but this is a expression of this ah no independent or destination
excuse me
our next
a sentence is it is together with dusty runs and a lotus flowers
both are truly our in the in this translation but i'm not sure at this means
but i think this ah dogan doesn't to explain but so are we have to guess but have this just how to the underlying gay
the far too

police as is of course nasty were fairly are living that is
you know santa and
probably lotus flower quite dating game the far too you know diet description in the very meaning of the bomber kill or other a sutra of in the resonate for our bluff my etc
this is a sutra in fitch the a team is our preset under forty eight minor protect our mentioned in a very in the introduction very beginning of this sutra been more kill
i guess is the name of the word
ah in fitch this you know
ha in merchant we chant pure the remark kaja by rotana africa and complete fumble ah kiah rotana buddha this rotten of the came from this part of that obamacare
the solo tenor who would is sambo kayak and secondly buddha isn't need a monarchy
you know ah bah moko and the news
well our all i mean insufferably closely connected so vital of a or other makhaya is a buddha in the amazon a sutra and a rotunda buddha as or kayak is in this cetera and also need a mala keiser
company or appeared in this sutra
and the word in fits this rotana without his think he's called a lotus dice treasury board
lotus daughters dice
d i s
the makes it
see fit if our fear tiny the expressions being gay

though fuck irish

yeah feet and guide is a seat or stand
and do is trivially same xo in sheboygan all this is the name of the word ah
this rotten nambucca is staying
and ah it said at that time in the lotus lot of guys treasury wired up on that gathering heaven heavenly brilliance lions from
in this translation should be shanda vega
i don't know how business shanda but with is a lot ah the shana or low china buddha emitted light
and i reread the real guy said again it said at that time all the house and over hundreds of millions of shaquan roads i hope the hand blossoms allows from their gathering
lions thrones songs in a lot of guys treasury word this you know the hand over hundreds of millions or cycling flawed is sakyamuni buddha has a nearby nokia
ali recreate i said these secondary with us millions of second was that good as last thing on each and every seat of a lot us
and all those millions of says ceremony would i not only one medians over sarkar second when buddha i new by nokia idea on on the seat of lotus and they descended from the lot
us dice treasury word so he left this world
and phone the are defend the entered the service does nature empty space for all our brilliant samadhi i don't know fantasies
and returned to the are or is in our homes and and is the bodhi tree in jam view deeper
so from this world second are those millions of sakyamuni buddha us as a nearby loci he can to
the seat under the bodhi tree so this is art thou wild over
lotus flower and this ground
under the body could we are correct pit so secondly
into with playing gay offer low-cost flow outward and began to this
a dusky brace
and he practiced and attain buddhahood
in this world not indra ah
want us who are
i think this a source of this expression genes or to or dusty land and lotus flower
that means that also means displays on that press
alternate reality and this day-to-day compassion are no good for nothing or for fruitful of travel through programs press
he saw it included the both
this practice began a job it's is one with both this dusty rung on this in a lotus flower work
so please
some chinese chance use the word just refurbished death dust to different thick
really does
tickets an army hello
yeah it's what happens become the red death
that is true
premio be
her death
i don't think so i don't remember priest
maybe in the pure land buddhism they have such expressions
so it is together with just sit around and the lotus ross means the to trailer boss got this practice buddha is fear that are they unified conducted is together with this that phrase name like a lot of wild and
and this place like are dusty iran
and each and every one of the dusty dank create about we yeah and a lotus flower or a lotus flower word
is a corner of as dignified conduct
so our dignified to conduct our practice is together with this entire world or universe including this dusty round and also the
lotus flower what are these that praise and displays are all
within our practice
the student often think that the entire university for to this southern continent of jumbo you people want to all the four continents city to the ah indian buddhist costs
biology ah in the center of the word that is a huge amount in core the smell ooh and ahh
in the for direct from there are four continent
and there are oceans
hey wait so
phrase we are living this is called john would you people law some bush oof
that is in the south of the himalaya as a bizarre so summit months mare and this seems like a india
in in the indian cosmology anyway
or to all the full continent not only fair we the only the continent to your living but color for continent
otherwise they associate it with a single and or china or the entire gang the of japan
so can we hear the word entire world for entire universe we grasp with hacking concept or something image
but dobbins said that is not right
i'm also finn they hear of the what great off they simply think of the three thousand great thousand world this is this entire gulmarg in appeared in the ah
buddhist scriptures
for some of them image only one state or one province
when we hear the word great off
hmm but logan
asking us when we study the world the entire great us and the entire universe we should inquire into them repeat to the three times five times or more but that means ah
what this means is boundless wow great or big or large
this means
do not stop thinking was saying it is simply our vast space so you have to really carefree think what this means and
this great way
means something bigger than smaller ways
but as the chalmers always say this guy or a big or great means
is beyond comparison
beyond compare them as far as a good there are two or more things and compare this is bigger than this and this is bigger than that there's no end and we cannot tell fitch's big and freaking small so often
this was great or a big or large or boundless is appeared in the biggest terrorist watchlist tokens writing is means absolute absolute beyond any comparison
and this is happy to win
our emissions in me
this take it means that the reality that is going beyond buddha and going beyond ancestor not you that extremely large a the same as a small and extremely small is the same as the large the
this is also are quoted from the shinji me
ah in btc suzuki's translations it is
appeared in our section twenty eight
said infinitely small things infinitely small things are as a lot
is definitely small things are as allows as bloody things can be
and the force here no external conditions of pain and infinitely large things as small as small things can be for acceptable limits are here of no constellation
this is our expression in changing me
and you know when they see the same as you know months is included within our poppy seed
i think this up here the in there are you gonna kill or of human activity citro i think so
guess no sides without comparison
small is something smaller than something with if there's no comparison with kind of see who can tell you whether this is small or us so be a fan we stop cool
com comparing things we can tear is dodge and fucking small and got it had to we do in new jersey and by letting go
we stop comparing things so we cannot say this in the eyes of more
or even we can say this is good or bad
can we did go of disc comparison
i cannot say diffuser are dusty done or ah
lotus flower water
neither allies is being with particular form north more is being with particular form does nothing fixed as big or small it's a motel comparison
this is similar with doubting
we share this kind of in a statement we think that is a skift car we doubt
but according to dogan this is
there's no fixed size
got there's no comparison with our practice
our practice by been us know our practice by experienced practitioners or
duggan's changes practice while buddhist practice in on the guy shows saying that show whether we are
first time to do a show or
after forty fifty hours of practice we do crusher gatineau no difference
so there's no comparison
when i first received
ah does a selection fan i was nineteen a by the teachout commando universities
i think he was a
according to saluki or chief he said you are fast doesn't doesn't done by very experienced practitioner in the same as him and even fathom by buddha it seems awesome
i couldn't really understand fabric means but i remember that one
and that was for the year
ps for the ago so i have been practicing after that forty years and i now i really think that is true
my first lesson if and i i was nineteen and now i'm fifty nine
does ain't a thing
you know five scandals justify was canvas that all
of course the thinking the thought coming up from my
in mind or brain is defined when i was nineteen i had so many in a forest thinking and so much energy to do for many full things
but forty years later on so many so much energy and my mind doesn't so work so quickly so i don't have so many for his thinking but that doesn't mean i become enlightened or i become better this just are in a changing within in a
time and space
because he now other than we did go or are they were coming up from our thought the
thought might be different but doesn't is just sitting on letting go of whatever coming up so as doesn't you know my first doesn't penalize nineteen and my doesn't today for the other data it's the same doesn't
if we don't if we compare in often i was nineteen and for nine fifty nine no i didn't understand fun this kind of thing doesn't means but now after forty years of study and practice has a thinking i understand
fabric means so even funny i was asked for and i was nine thing i couldn't explain anyway
i know i asked me to it to talk about that
but for the as data you know people ask me to say something and i have something to say that this difference if any we compare but the in our doesn't we stop that kind of comparing
so you know that they just doesn't five scandals ah years i wore on the five canvas you know you for the ezra data that's all
so no competitive
who should the study that dignify the conduct of the entire universe and dignify the conduct of the entire as mentioned by the buddhas and ancestors the prince proof of nothing is ever hidden in the entire world so he
again mention this expression nothing is hidden in the entire white handkerchief zozo that means there's no separation between the sheriff and police took the large so nothing is hidden or ah
you know we are one with this entire world
we are connected with this entire world and the thing we he practiced zijin and pilates prostration are lacking in the getting in on aika for example cutting vegetables or creating the ah garden or whatever we do
as a practice for the sake of dharma
oh yeah everyone together with all this entire universe
so this expression hint guy who's also get not the only expression but this attitude there's no separation between this person and ah little gap while why universe or are older beings
who is my attitude
by letting go of this separation
that is of this ah
ah dignify the conduct which is you want together with entire universe so i entire lot on this great way is actualized
so it's up to our attitude
if we do don't see those options for the sake of desperate for the profit of this person
the our goal is to to get something for dispersal than this practice is separate from less on the word but given me
but our practice if when i our our practice together with all beings and that in fact we try to do that file you know after the tanking we say who he he
a pretty sight dedication so this product is the merit of this practice practice is not for this person but for all living beings and we he tanked the hawthorns easy who she saw with some macos macos as yahoo of that money we are together with all with us
in the ten direction and three times and all the bodhisattvas and on beings
is the expression of this attitude me and all other beings are not separate
and last sentence this is nothing other than that dignify the conduct of the oneness of practice and buddha

this oneness or practice on the buddha is

translation of go
good through
i'm sorry
go with the to

your is of course practice and the buddha
in this writing dogan will use this go with as long as a name of the buddha that is our practice
go with it you know in the dignify the conduct of go with to it is one
i'm to is a center
cora we do
ah in but this in this case with one to means the
ha ha hobby called the car or other
nobody's bull's eyes for the i have this practice buddha
that these our attitude of our hank i don't for those oh there no separation between self and all other beings
i think it's time to stop poking any question