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good afternoon everyone
i continue from ah paragraph four pages to
even one of the features of teaching schools such as the masters of citrus the masters of commentaries on so forth
oh harder of the buddha away from faraway said two hours the view over bhutanese i'm sorry view of the human nature on the dharma nature is nothing other than ignorance
the teacher of the getting school i can pay t he did not say to allows a view of the a nature on the romani jr is the bondage of the dharma nature he failed to say that not a bondage of
of than nature
and further he added the bondage of ignorance
he did not know that there is bondage of dynamo nature
although it is pitiful the fact that he knew that in such a case we add the bondage of ignorance could become the seed of arousing awakening mind
no practice with a has not being bound by such bombay's
this is a continuation of a t discussed in the previous paragraph
about thinking is not reality the everything but practice or action are doing or happening is me thing

and he a pickup one example of that had feature in the pitting schools teaching screws define to or other schools besides them then schools divide the entire bulletin into two parts one is then and teaching
oof i'm gabby teachings
to of the teaching schools based on ah
the citrus or commentaries best soda from them point of view vr
teaching was study and practice is based on without was but according to them than people we transmit with us mind or heart not the was so we don't use was stunned on the was is a basic ah
the christian point of them
sometimes dog and didn't track that position
he said there's no such distinction between with as was on that's hot
but here
he kind of our will be precise through this
teacher from can die a tradition
and here she said those master ah features of pitching school
who studied based studies mainly address or commentaries on the citrus was shastras
ah and she said those are the people who had of up with away from fire wage
that means they are not within the dharma but they are hearing from a distance the here the because work but they don't get in there they don't leave within the dharma they studied panama

button one know that ah
masters in from the getting schools said something as follows to allows the view of dharma nature on the dollar my nature
is nothing other than ignore lines that human nature is a horror show

ah show
and it said in the case of long a unseen can turn on living beings it is called in my nature but in that case be being sick is called the buddha nature but dog doesn't weigh in on
separate these two that money john buddha nature because according to a dog and all beings are all living beings entire beings are wouldn't nature so that a marriage and put on ha the same concept
ah and for a teacher said is
you know that reality or caramel a china how
the nature or essence of dharma is
that is a rarity but ah
two allows the view of the malaysia to think for this is a dynamic nature
then this guy human nature become a concept of the manager
can we do such things we use the title vi real reality but we discuss about this copy of determine age as a concept
that is fun i think this puzzling thing and that is nothing other than ignorance ignorance is new meal

mio literally means brightness and that means wisdom and movie his lack of wisdom and this is considered to be the first cause of to in some coalition that is are not transfer migration
within some seller that means that cause of suffering a this movie or ignorance
and to allowed the
view of data manager on the determine a job so here are two during my nature wines are reactionary malaysia true that a monitor the reality and and is a view or a copy of that the human nature
i e not as same as granita we think about to turn into as a concept it has nothing to do with this are think
at this is the fact that ah
must die in a teaching school can high school said according to our commentary this thing is by the anti t can pay t is the most important must i intended prohibition in china
and ah gorgons nz was became a buddhist monk within this can die tradition
he studied a lot of
a just i his teachings and ah it is said this centers or things appeared in ten k cheese or no cause com or but i couldn't find exact sentence in mccusker
mccaskill is ah manual of
the station practice mocha it being or allies and scan is defined to either from scanned in chicken other scan is she and com

stopping and the tongue is thing
oh up and she stopping is translation of shama tough and the can is a translational repression
maybe i'm not able was possibly new translation is inside so stopping means we stop you know you know distracted thinking
then we focus on one point and see things this is a basic understanding of buddhist meditation
stop our mind
and feet
see the reality of all beings
ha anyway
ah that he is are writing by this mascot the night d
but to engine says
ah the teacher the kitchen and eight he did not say to allows a view of dharma nature on the manager is the bondage of done manager
and he put another word ignorance and logan's didn't didn't like it
he said she felt we thought make dominate as a concept than that is a bandage of dominator we don't need to add another concept that is ignorance
you know in our philosophy or theories
now you know thin if i think theories is it i a map of the reality
and ah you know it's it's good it's a good thing to have a accurate maps in details
but ah no but the how accurate it is map is a up it's not reality i think that is a dog in the point here
you know now
our thinking is an icon not our address not these are ah
a copy of barrier off as has are three dimensions but has only two dimensions so are many methods to me to produce a map or a tourist or fatima address has some distortion
and our way of thinking is that thing as creating them map so no matter how ah
in a accolade and in detail come up with the map is map
i think that is a fat logan and the thing

so even about a human nature or buddha-nature if we grasp as a concept than we lose it
we are bound by thinking
my dog engine said although it is pitiful the fact that he knew that
yeah is such a case we at the bondage of ignore lines could become the seed of arousing awakening mind means to a concept is not a real thing in at this person new a concept of not korea thing but we should see the real real
tricky to know that otherwise we are bound by king olav to know that can be ah ah the seed of
who is seeking mind
a button you know the point is products buddha job to has to be bound by such bondage our practice practice is a real thing
grab this is on the ground or reality it's not on the map
we do really do using this five canvas
and express you know both will and move or ah be an being and non-being or our form and emptiness we express both and we study voice and we understand both
side of our life
form an emptiness at the same time
the so i go next paragraph

ah therefore
he gave said in the lotus sutra
chapter sixteen pilot has a lifespan
that already knowledge i practiced the both had to away
and the lifespan that i acquired then has not has yet to come to an end
even now but will last twice the number or culpas not have already passed
we shouldn't know that it is not that his life lifespan as a bodhisattva has continued unceasingly to the present
you are not his life span as our buddha has permeated the entire past
what is called the number of corpus that has already passed here is the totality of fat he has a quiet
the even now that he has just expressed his his total life span
my original practice even if it is an iron rod with can hold on myers wrong it is also to cast down all things for a one hundred years letting them be either but cairo or court
on time as they wish
i hope it makes sense and hurt maybe not
yeah this is typical lighting over dogan
how fast he he caught from the lotus sutra this is for from a chapter sixteen
the that that lifespan
in a lot judy or home in japanese
come down out of the vase in deception
he's often chanted in soto in politician
in japan maybe not been this country
this section in this chapter to sixteen ah in the lotus sutra said
you know
ha i talked about our
two three bodies okuda who are three kinds are three kinds
and i said the a second sample or kayak was established the latest last much faster they create the idea of our second volume with as a passing who had that who had a five scandals body
young mind and after he died second winnipeg passed away
how they stuck it to think fat eight buddha after the ceremony died and people thought his teaching was buddha and also the reality was
with the other awakened to was the buddha that is a beginning our origin of the idea of down makhaya
so he allowed to bodies the a human body without with human body and also the buddha dharma and this without
my body is has no beginning and no end so this is a eternal buddha
and for the lotus sutra as it is this eternal buddha is a reality buddha
hi with human body is ah manifestation of incarnation of this dharma body
oh our eternal buddha and in the case over that
lotus sutra
it doesn't use the word got murkier than my kayak with guys that i've got by rotana but king the lotus sutra they call this eternal buddha as a shack and money
and i'm secondly buddha as it as a person in the history died when he was eighty years old but in the lotus sutra actually not a sister i wanted to say is the secondary was not that person not simply that person
but secondly attain enlightenment or buddha effort are beginning is beginning many corrupt ago
he like his father
and are beginning of this chapter
the life span of time at i think it says something like this
then the wider owner the one perceiving that the bodhisattvas thrice without ceasing defeated their request to
addressed them saying listen then order we'll this is is secondly is talking
the recent then all of you a pin kiwi to the secret mysterious and supernaturally pervading bathing power of that agatha supernaturally palpating part of the target
all her was on gods
when and usher us consider so people kinda in this world and in the heaven and in god we are mobile ashura think as follows know now has shakyamuni buddha
come forth from the paris of soccer crumb
and seek seated at the training press
i don't like this translation training place this is a of dojo but dojo is not the training place but in discuss these toys awakening so enlightenment praise praise will be enlightenment
training paso dojo of enlightenment
not far from the steel of gaia
has attained perfect enlightenment
so people who think with i was born
the know at the lumbini
and as are
priests of sacking king
and yet he left his paris and practice certain period of time and he
you are sitting or
at just the seat under the bodhi tree he attained enlightenment and he became
that is the way with you think about the buddha as a human being
ah but this a timeout shakyamuni continues but my good sands says i very probably picked every became buddha their have passed in phoenix
boundaries hundreds of other thousands of millions of cookies of night as of colobus i don't know how long a decent is
so he has being a buddha in our favor from the beginning is beginning
what he appear either chicken we or with human body through a show this to reality of all beings
and in this context ah
a few piece radar certainly said
ah that was it is since i became with are in a very far distant past not my lifetime is of infinite are some kayak calipers are forever existing and
and immortal soul but was a motor with i was permanent ha turner
good sons the lifetime feature up i obtained by pursuing
are both had about way is not even yet accomplished that will still be twice the previous number of culpas this is what logan quotes but i don't like this translation so i use another translation that
ah originally i practice their bodies had to buy way
and the lifespan that i acquired yang has yet to come to an end even now
but we lost twice the number of culpas not have already passed
wait are we believe this or not is it had gone on a settler is saying buddha attained enlightenment or the food
many kind of as the ago
and he had not been the ah a can her life for his life span is a diner
and this eternal buddha secondary appeared in this world has ah
the prince of the king in india about through
i've held and five hundred years ago that is a and by incarnation of this eternal a buddha
that is fun
lotus sutra want to say
and logan and court this but ah fuck billion the is saying is very different from fat than not a simple i want to say he he's not talking about the kind of our with
that you know actually that i was a
a the attain buddhahood you know ah
so many kind of us ago but he's talking about our practice
i know he's discussing about the go with the buddha as our practice
so are we have to think what this means
ah and my understanding

as i said this morning
in logan's litres it seems he has the idea of to not two but three kinds of time
one is a time who usually i do we use any think ah that flows from past to future
can we have we are in sacking
ha moment
and there is our past and future
but as ice this is one kind of time in logan's writing she says and know ah hideout and ash there is a before and after
so he
the do not think this is a conventional time
the time flows from pass to the future
but he also said at the moment of firewood ah firewood
stay at this time opposition
and finally to become as ah as she is thing this time opposition and within this normal position at this moment entire ah past and future are included within this moment which has no link
this is as i said busy zero but within this little entire past and entire future are included
i think is another ah
kind of time that doesn't flow
and this present moment which has no links got now like here
he's a ah
away from this conventional time to the time that doesn't flow and got doesn't thrill means from the beginning this bathing or maybe we can say from the time or big bang on cue
i don't know happy the end of this universe but this is one thing this moment
the know we separate by measuring times using in or something convenient like liga one day is a time in our son ah some yeah some go around the move around the earth
a little it anyway
so we measure the time and separate one day or one week or why he our one centuries or lung curtis
you about within the time safe there's no such separation this is one seamless moment and it doesn't flow
but in our actor life experience in on because things are changing
we see times are flowing from the past to the future through present moment
and a we say for example of when we say no
depending upon the topics now has ah
when i say now i'm staying in are staying at the san francisco center that means i stay in this
since into for long week so now means one week
oh i can say now itv in the united states that means i have been united states for fifteen years so now mean fifteen yards so ah there's some things and you know i'm thinking
and and yet when we exactly precisely think the reality now
he's not really now thing we say when i said not who is getting in the future and the thing i say book nice already in the past so you know this really delve movement has an all things
if there's if even a slightest rings we can divided that came into two and a half feet past unhappy future so this is very zero
and a space in the thing but now we're talking about time
so ah the time of the fire
this fire with is jelly hundred percent firewood the time fire with was our actor lived three is already cones and which not reality reality anymore
and the time it was banned and became ash is not yet come so ah like three and ash is not reality it doesn't really exist it go on and yet not yet come only the reality is this more
moment of fireworks and this moment has no rings and yet within this than my position on failed
entire past is included or deflected and in entire future is reflected
we are really just been by now right here will disappear time and space on the sheriff disappeared even we cannot say this is a fire with
then in our as the will say when we sit even
for showed more time our doesn't is one with all beings in the within the time and space in just use on my that means fan
we become vero at this moment then we are one with this time
that doesn't flow and that is a tiny teach and this is
this is fuck i think
logan lynch thing
that is our eternal life of buddha
so our practice
ah not attained but our progress through our practice of just p that now right here we become one with eternity
even though we are living within this time a conventional time that is flowing
i think that this is the fact that you know this if go with our practice buddha's like sprung even go one moment moment by moment stay within this one moment my by moment but and
dyer past an entire future are included that means our practice at this moment this paternity is manifested this is expressed
for example in the in this poem walk a poem about impermanence
i forget the english translation but in japan and it's is it goes something like me
ah you know luck our nanny tattoo in missouri know ah seafood foods you need a husky military know she could sing with food kicker gay love meaning dubbing with
this is a all kinds about in families
the meaning is a busy work is like ah
when our
what about off for waterfall
i think into the water on come up to the surface and ah shake the bill
the bill
from the building or
the or border
this brushed
and are only few second these drug abuse
our exist as are in the bigger beings and it returned to the water
only a few second but within each and every drop of do them bang list moonlight is reflected
and ah the know each top of do
how can i say become very bright and looks like the moon it's safe
that is expression of eternity using impermanence fatality with this moment and this isn't
i'm not only duggan's nz but the order for this is a kind of over here
hmm very common motif or japanese richard later it's like a walker or haiku a tiny table is in one moment or a eternity losing impermanence so within a tiny sink
ah on that exist only very short time that boundaries moonlight what he thought eternity on the something they bought something boundaries is deflected
hmm that is possible because the drug abuse are impermanent it's moving
and hour and gilbert's be the same job that is also impermanent our practice is moment by moment but within each moment within this very tiny body and mind this a out to look at a time
life or buddha
and boundless ah light light is a symbol of buddha's wisdom is reflected

doc is my understanding of you know in injuries
ah interpretation of this ah at another lifespan of the that
it's it's eternity with in moment
within impermanence
an hour practice ah manifest are expressed the eternity with the moment
the next sentence logan said we shouldn't know that
it is not that his life span as a bodhisattva has continued unceasingly to be the present so he's not he's saying this the eternal life doesn't mean within this time within this new compassion and time for
rose from past to present you know he's good as life continues forever
but are these two a very different time while it's time that flows and is the timeless time that doesn't flow
so we must be careful about this that is for dog ain't saying this is not in our sim-free
in that long life
within the convention on time we have within the convention on time you know
everything is impermanent nothing
last forever
so it's in a moment by moment it's separate
it is eating permanent but from another dimension this is permanent or a gunner
so if we think you know
both as a nice span as a to the has continues unceasingly to the president that means until buddha said in on the same
when in within this combination of time and up is a mistake there's no such eternal life in the conventional time
know that his life span as a buddha has permeated the entire past so ah he the elderly
i think you know the buddha's eternal life span of buddha is another different dimension it's not whizzing the time that is flowing within this
time everything is impermanent nothing can be permanent so buddha's life span is not whizzing this
does it make sense
okay with
so fuck is called the number of characters that has already passed that is are part of this quote here is the totality of what he has acquired fuck he had acquired is to totality of this time
and even now
that even now he's also came from this court this means this now this present moment
now she has just expressed his his total lifespan means this lifespan
as a time she doesn't flow
then finally he said my original practice this is also a part of the court my personal practice nappies abusable practice that is our practice one that asia practice of go
to were practiced buddha
even if it is an iron rod with cancelled and myers wrong this means one piece of iron lot with kim
ah thousand miles long as one piece that that means this time
but it is also to cast down all things four hundred years cause down means get a goal
letting them be either vertical or horizontal as they wish means within this time since our it is changing and we have to get to go
but this ah ah one and i don't know that was ten thousand miles is a kind of a common than expression one ah
ah gonna say seamless
ha piece fits a continue forever
and just another expression ah one hundred and that yasser dating them be either vertical or horizontal as they wish is a quote from ah poem written by our sixth auction though was she szeto
who was are they must start in our teenage followed sandakan or up and okay merging of different difference and identity awesomeness
this is a poem about are entitled for ankle

hi is a song and so on means grass
on his hermitage fung or grass heavy gauge i think we can find some english translation of this plane and this the patients saw and also came from the lotus sutra
that is rahami days of fear that you know the son of the media earlier who you know that his father and came back lived when he was ah worker under his father
this was so an hour grass homie days your hut was used so this has something to everything almost everything gain quote in this writing has something to do with the lotus sutra
this means a longer lifespan of gilberto or practice a buddha is eternal and yet impermanent
it's moment by moment think and yet within this moment by moment practice or happening know that eternal life span or buddha is manifested so if we think eternity or apartment is within this
conventional time it's a completely misunderstanding
but see these two are very different dimensions and our practice to oblige now right here with wholehearted practice like now right here are around us ah
manifest this life eternal life span
who is in this
a moment
i think that these tokens in this idea of ah easy job for e o r
ah dignify the conduct of practice
because you know this each and every conduct or manifest in this eternal life span or buddha this is dignified we feel we feel we feel or we find dignity who is in that practice finn someone is
really whole heartedly doing one thing with total a attentiveness then a person disappear only that action that work at practice and within that practice without
sort of self-centeredness the eternal life manifest there
that is
logan's idea not idea but the are teaching about our day to day moment by moment practice we should practice in that way
then what does like his other life span or buddha manifest within each and every option in our daily lives
whether those options are guy down or not best
where it's a mother
we have to make way for to do it to do it will but ah to do whether or not these our judgment not good as document so from this side
from this either means the side of in are letting go for hundred and eight years in a free nothing the our practice so we try to do it even argue with better than before that is bad practice from beside from
in order for example two o'clock in the kitchen neither kendall fan we often make mistakes but we tried to do better than before he's not even that is fun ah logan than toting kinda cocoa
the sofa from our site does ah
our practice is always incomplete
that's why we need for his repentance
but a from other sites
from decide and from other from other size you know
our using our whole hockey practice even eat or incomplete or are not aware that not so well gun still but as within this wholeheartedness now does it and our lifespan is manifested
so there's no judgement from this site we have to always
the judgment and try to even a little bit better job each time
and gets no in there can be no or perfect job
that is in how we practice as a bodhisattva
and from that site in our doesn't know such a judgment while evaluation
in our practice because it is moment by moment fe it down it's done it's over it's already in the past so we have to
a not the best job at this moment that's all we need to do
fuck whole happy i can meet
ah let's see next paragraph
from is a verification this here practice on verification is one word
it ordinarily expression in the show shoe and show therefore practices verification is neither non-being being our new new are being who
perhaps this verification is not defilement
although there are millions of examples of practice verification in the appraises without buddha and human beings
none of them the file practice buddha
therefore for a buddha is never defined by practice and verification
it is not that practice verification is always undefined listening on the environment is not known existence or move
the nexus
i think so
what about education is a translation show

verification is a translation of show

shoe is a practice
on show here i translate as verification
sometimes visit expressions to show is translate as a practice enlightenment

how often does your expressions shoe on the show is used
in his book
general issue is a cause
i'm sure is a result
and this chinese characters show means ah
verification or proof
for evidence
on this show show he's a i think i said many times but she showed his part of the alumni expression
these moves she your show

one she she was sure this is a ah process of practice of buddhism model is to here
she's to think
yeah i'm sure he's brat is on the show is evidence or proof this means of when we hear someone's teaching someone get something and we hear it and then we think about it where they can make sense or
not without it may rocks or not on fan we think it may a right thing for me then we put it into practice then after practice
you know through alone in experience we know that that teaching is too
that is this show means so proof or evidence of that the kitchen is true

but usually with their desire to practice his so-called enlightenment you sometimes this issue is translated as practice enlightenment but this indictment is not a literal translation
he's so i
i e
i use me this word verification move for that translation this show
an english you are the enlightenment is the be word and many different coin quotations so it's kind of a dangerous to use ah
increase so will go shovel
can it be described as knowledge that's been verified through practice yeah
that is the as a result of practice we understand that teaching is true
that it had show me has a proof or evidence
ah but thin dogan enjoy it says he's one of the most important expression of dogan show show it's seeing you
it is one our new is ah
nothing is or therapy that means focusing his shoe on the show is one thing one reality
mean ah
if the kitchen was really to we don't need to wait until we see the result but practice is it's sort of everything's practice is itself it shows the that teaching is really true
so the fan he said the show show issue on the show while three properties under verification or one that means with in philly we practice that is charity is already there
it is also
means you know in time
past present and future
because everything is connected with everything you know practice and are the station will might be in the future or the iconic paid this is one reality
or cuisine ah course ah bizarre is already included that means within the seed flowers are already here that is the and this idea of show as one

so he added organs says show is neither know being or beings
no being is who
but he it
and he
this he knew she moved to is be
move is local being or creation of being
but being unknown non-being english studies makes sense to me so i didn't use this was all and the remove who is to be or exist get there are new is it's not there and this expression he not to i'm not to move
is a very common expression in mahayana buddhism to show emptiness
she will not heal mean not to means move
i'm not move is
so who's
i mood and moon and not need that were i'm is ah the como expression to show the reality of emptiness it's there but it's not there
this is about how we are i'm here and talking now but there's no such things called shock
fino alla
the liga waterfall
they know all there is is ah
shape or without notice at his shape of the us or ground and i wore ties keep running until we call this our water fall mega niagara phone
but there's no such thing called waterfall it's everything there is just as in shape of the ground and water that is continuously flowing
so there's no such things called and niagara for has a fixed entity if you know if we take a water from that for waterfall and this is not anymore
nine i thought
so when the fuck is niagara falls
there's no such thing called a fixed thing called niagara fall and yet we cannot say your name niagara for doesn't exist it's there
and actor niagara fall and that you know no
photo of nihil for are defined
in a photo is a real copy and it doesn't change his continue forever
it's a permanent but actor nine reform is empowerment and it doesn't bear and deep and yet it's really here and it has great power and energy
he got his foot he hebrew he knew means it's not or via as a fixed entities but it there as an actor how can a safe movement of energy
i'm not only than niagara fall that we are the same
an hour practice is saying our practice is like are you know waterfall
it continue and we can say on our practices exist scattered they exist it's not a existence it's happening
so we can say cow practice or practice with that go with the is wow guild is moot
he knew that wouldn't know i'm moved
and our practice verification is not defilement this the firemen is a translation xin this is also
ah importantly are expression in logan's teaching this to and new and also the firemen came from ah story going story
the about her first encountering of the six ancestor and his disciple r manga who seo
i think you are familiar with this story
i'm no grigio was a young training monk and he practiced with certain teacher at mount through and ah he heard about six ancestor three so he traveled to visit six francis
the and then he fast i met with three young children asked where are you from
that's fair you from
and long ago just a know replied i'm from sagging mounting of or something teacher lived and i plugged it fair then ah shoot on asked again
this is a kind of i interesting question of what is that
that does come as make sense
ah fuck is it that has come yeah ah
is the the expression is
for more
he didn't want
for more is a fuck
and with isn't think
an emo is thus
and lie is come
she's asking to asia
not fear not the press fair he stayed before he came to his praise but he's asking fuck
that thing that come in that way that i mean fuck are you the there is
ah but the story
i didn't understand for this question is and it said he practiced with three none for eight years and after eighty years of practice he finally understood the meaning of this question so ah he visited an issue now
i'm and said i first understood the front the question you gave me when i first came so ah six seven sister asked ah how how do you understand
then an anoxic ah
the citrusy eating motorcycle for to
maybe i need to write that mean if we tried to say something about this with things
with miss the mark
whatever i say isn't is not hit the mark that means i can say anything about this thing
nappies ah shit nah nah cause us then
dogan courts in the next paragraph then ah
oh no after the action on asked again
if he desert dissing it cannot be say anything
when easier a practice on the verification shoe on the show are there or not
when ah
how long have said we cannot say there is no practice or no verification but practice and verification cannot be defined
so this defilement means you know
how our practice and verification is defined by our desire
that is the origin of the changes expression just practice just sit
who is or try to avoid the defilement of to practice something who is x expectation of some good result as a reward
the but just keep sitting keep practicing without any expectation
doubt that are practice without refinement

again ah think a hearing on a hot
in this answer of from long ago
sure enough said that is from logan caught in a paragraph seven
ha that is simply this known defilement he's fathers' being protected and maintained by you all with us
you are also like this i am also like this and all the ancestors in india were also like this
this is our calling story about non-local and gina
i'm using that story
though is it a practice that is a job or two
he's need a mood know apple
if mean that came from machine are christian is that a for if we get we cannot say anything about that thing is the a practice and verification or not
that means if there's nothing this is nothing then why we have to practice
this is completely empty of do we have to practice do we have to study something do we have to make able to become something
that is ah
three nuns question
then monarch said you know we have to make way for we have to practice we had to study
and yet our study and practice
it should not be defined by our desire of gaining something
and are three none
i accept nine bucks answer and said ah
this known the firemen if known refinement means this practice and verification without the refinement is about being transmitted from ah secondly we got to himself through that a six and
the practice without refinement practice without ah gaining mind
these front has been practiced fact has been transmitted

go back to
i so except million said although we allow mediums obey examples of proper verification in places without buddha and human beings
none of them the fire practice buddha so better you know mediums or practice and item in our the activity of practice a buddha or and gilbert
ah he said in the crazy without without on a human beings
this is a two million to call the police without buddha and human beings but that means
you know we are human beings and
our goal of this practice is put up to become buddha
but here there's no human beings are no buddha that ms noisy separation between starting point and goal
but we just practice moment by moment
even though we practice reading this you know ah the so-called bodhisattva path
from the starting point to the goal
not these our vow both the rabbi was to ah
fantasia for about forth by ah with as way is unsurpassable we vowed to attain it
why become it that is the goal of the was that about practice but have the way the same here with the expression the press is or to put down the human beings means there's no such a separation between starting point and goal
that means we are already in the goal from the very beginning and yet our practice that has no end it continue forever
it's very contradicted and almost nonsense
this is programs idea of practice and enlightenment or our verification or one we continue this practice without defilement ah
the end of my life or even after and the wildlife
they have something to say

users point
so a person can never
hidden strictly
yeah that is for no insane i think so enlightenment is something like a personal experience
are from from modify the all our personal extra experience is experience of an item and
whichever you like
i would be equally the is think about a person killed in shock the movie as having become lame
that's why
you can only happen
yeah reality is only this moment
sitting on are allowed my experience in the past even though that these are regularly experience it's gone it has nothing to do with fun time doing right now on i am awakening not
right so if no engines fundamentally they want to say is whether we are ah
ha important thing is practice not so good awakening experience you know awakening each other's is a kind of are passing are a thing and there's no way no i've got people can judge if know get some the second method or practice
in other tradition but fuck dorgan said if we cannot you know
evaluate something someone's experience only way we can
but not there i don't like them at each evaluation but we can see where this person is working in are like truck or would have the brother is that person's activity how this person practice how this person do things behave
glad to them the person instead of oneself or other people
so practice or auction is rare everything
of course the experience is also the everything but we can share their experience
that mixes
hurry up
so those millions of examples of practice education does not defile the practice buddha because practice buddha is moment by moment
we cannot grasp fan i did last moment in this moment is already this moment
ah therefore practice with our is never defined by practice under verification so if we think practice and verification who are cause undesired are to survey thing then according to the organ that is device
already we're thinking
and it is not that practice verification is always undefiled we know we can defy practice in nathan and our practice in many ways and almost always we do and yet this known the firemen is not long
a distance while move that means we cannot say there's no such thing it's via and we can practice in that way but the unless we are very careful
we define our practice if i could brought practice our verification
it's almost four fatty so i think this is a good place to ah stop
any more questions
please elaborate a little bit more on this last sentence here is not a file is not
the past two years weekend
only the file our own him not to file by not existing thing but i'm still not understanding the blossoms
it means that we cannot say there's no such from vilification without defilement it it is there as a job with to our practice buddha and it ah
we often it gets the always there is a possibility to the it but we cannot say because no such practice enlightenment or practice verification we thought defilement
we can't see there's no such practice verification the here we cannot negate the possibility of such a sad practice with such an attitude who is i defied him it without you know ah good design
how to make dispersing you know ah
take up awesome