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thank you very much the my old pays you one
let me lead a few pages
because this practice buddha actualize his the unified contact
the through each and every action
dignify the contact his conduct is actualized through its body fat gets a good as transformative functions throughout through its speech throughout all time all the elections all over
that and the all practice
unless we are practicing gouda
we have not yet being liberated from one days to the buddha and one days to the dharma
and we will become with the demons or dilema damon's
with the one which means that by viewing and understanding that awakening is awaiting we are bound by nothing other than the view it safe or the understanding itself
although within the extremely short passes your one moment
verified conduct is actualized we still don't know when we will be evaluated on with vein the create mistaken understandings
to see and understand awakening as awakening
this must be the view that is in accordance with an awakening who can say that this is an a review
to think in this way is nothing other than binding ourselves without our rope
this binding will continue unceasingly and the tree does not fall down with the with carrier rehearing we we being a struggle with in a cave in the vicinity of buddhahood
we will do not know that in such a situation the diorama body he'd gotten sick and the real you are the body is suffering in forty
even one of the features of teaching schools such as the masters of citrus her masters of commentaries and so forth who hard of the buddha away from faraway said to arouse the view of garima nature or
that are human nature is nothing other than ignorance
the feature of the teaching school that is can't i t did not say to allows the view of gunma nature on that human nature is the bone days of the dharma nature
the that god is the bone days of caramel nature
on the father he added the boundaries of ignorance
he did not know that there is monday's of terminator
although it is pitiful the fact that he knew that is such our case we add the bondage of ignorance could become the seed of arousing awakening mind
now practice buddha has not being bound by such one gauge
ah she or he's talking about bondage be found
who is buddha and with dharma and
the only practice of yoga can be given a pitch from that kind of bandage bondage
ah to run to understand happy the thing
you know this is really difficult writings because he logan then use different phrases and expressions from mainly lotus sutra and the also shinji me washing machine may not in poetry
and allow calling stories so we need to check each and every quote from the original and fatica meaning in the original text and fuck are change
did he made and forthright for the not trying to show us
ah he wanted to do so i think we need to shear fact is a basic teaching of the lotus sutra
so ah i'd like to
talk about my understanding of very basic teachings of the lotus sutra and for dogan vinci because he was originally became a monk and trained a can tendai monastery in japan or a teaching
is basis of his british understanding
so we're even
when he became the master he he value
the lotus sutra and he said the globe lotus sutra is the king of all the sutras
so i'd like to share my basic understanding of fuck
the lotus sutra a thing
ah let's see the last year dreading the gang zoe
we studied drink shakeology soul who are true reality of all beings and i think that is the very basic getting in the lotus sutra
so i do like to a can repeat what i said about the true reality of all beings or a shovel just so
the show the expression to hold you so

according the second chapter or bellowed etc and titled a skillful means are cut proof
and it said ah
only buddha together with the buddha like you with the yogurt
penetrate to reality of all beings
so cruel reality of all things can be seen only by good us no human beings
interesting point is these road etc are merely by human beings
he saw in the are talking cat had been couldn't see
and oh that is it i think it's important five we cannot see the show the soul who is our human viewpoint point of view i think is important point here
anyway ah about the shovel with so ah this is the english translation of
lotus sutra
it's this is our constitution
from salisbury to chinese by camera viva so common idea by is are ordinary person who used his expression shovel-ready so and
and or
in the chinese translation of community-based conservation of dota sutra it said soho disco is his hat is a ten sadness or do new day

do is ten
no is like this like or gov
where is this so like this or death ten nothingness was happiness
and those ten sadness are actually occurred only in community the translation there's no such things in our already or greek are packaged so this might be community was
dover edition or interpretation or this true reality of own beings and he community eva used the thing expression fan he translated r nagarajan as muslim carica
and i forget the number of the bisexual but ah finn
ah in section neither do not discussed about the ah go
who are ottoman
villa nice with
special shovel just so that means in know cause nagarajan and negate the existence of god or abdomen
and know there's no such things called item on it things are going you are going oh yeah dubbing has a person and as a any other things that is ah or true reality of all beings with that argument was something
have fixed
so the basically repeating or just saw is interdependent origination
and now commodity but
ah into this this idea of ten sadness hundred and ten sexiness is

fast in japanese
the show
i the fuck
the whole
coming months
cool cool cool

the show our soul show
nikki saw in him
a whole and
coming months
ah could kill
he to write this down i like this for myself
so is our forward
ah to see english translation it says
only a put that together with of the can't fathom the reality of all the existence this is to see already distance has such a phone and second is such a nature show is nature
and cage
in this translation says embodiment but i think this is body
i'm vicky is energy
a function
i'm in his cause
in his our conditions
car is a result
what effect
and whole is ah
what is hope
the competence
and the final tenth is in this translation a complete fundamental home complete
fundamental home but the another translation is ah
ultimate identity
from the beating to the end archimate identity from the beginning to the end from the beginning to the end means from number one number nine
ultimately one reality not ten independent items
and ah this is really important teaching button ah not many people extreme for this means i don't think know paid are a clear explanation for this means it's the only said all all got my own have been
it has these densities without much explanation so this is my understanding
i think ah
fast five
is that uniqueness of each and every being each and every beings has its own unique phone
and unique nature
and unique body
and function energy and the function
so each and everything has its own unique way of being
but not each and everything can exist only within relationship with was in time and space i think that is from six to nine means
sixth and eighth in on the car is a variation squeezing time
they know as i always say it
have that example of we used to explain that
interdependent origination is a seed over frank
the seed once in a tiny seed of any parent is a result of the previous in a life activity
before this is a result
and yet this is also our cause
both or cause of things happening in the future
and ah car this chinese the collector car literally means fruit
so the fruits of this are in our life activity of this from it
you know ah
garden grow bigger and bigger and a free mature it has flowers and fellows
i'm bear fruit nut is the result
the dabic of that i know that this sees as a cause so cause the under this are it is a durations was in time
and in and whole is
the this seed cannot ah grow without fighting conditions
such as a more subtle humidity sudden temperature and sunlight while all those things because of the that those conditions
supported by conditions be said can grill
in this cannot see the of grow by itself so with that variations with being from outside
you see the cannot you know grow come up to be
i'm not only the element or factors that are positively support or actively support the seed to grow
you know such as those who and no humidity a sunken temperature and sunlight things that didn't happen
lyca if about came to or he'd the seed
then we see can count grow can be no
survive but any but didn't come the fact that nobody came to eat the seed is one of the forecast that that support this is to grow
so not only are positive and active who support
no network and things didn't happen is also our element or support
for this assists to grow
so in a know but know all the blood
that doesn't come to eat the c support the city will not only the about but everything happening that doesn't disturb or stuff up or prevent with fee to grow support the seat
that means everything the early or everything support this tiny
ceased to will
so without the support of all beings this guy i see the kind of google
that is fraught with in or conditions means
so this entire
the entire universe support with tiny seeds to grow to leave to exist
so with that relations with all beings from you know outside the this he know that being retarded unique features cannot exist
and how the company means
look to groom flowers and bear fruit is a result of in life activity of this frank from seas and the main purpose or goal for this from deceased to grill is too
continue the next generation so pete to are you know they are fruits and produce ah see for next generation is the goal of this wall olesen of this activity
and yet that is not on the effect only result of this in our life activity thin
in a flower blooms you know butterflies come
and a fella of our vanessa
oh are feeling the food
in gov three bear fruit you know
again bars and animals came
and get nutrition
from ah
nice france
and in often we see the flowers nor we become happy somehow and we offer the flowers to put up that is not that reason or goal for without know those plants in on leaving but somehow they offer
something so thin i we are are mature enough we have something to offer to other beings
sofa often we are a baby we need support from all the bees but finally become mature we have something to offer to other beings that is this recompensed means and with is a one on
allergy of our spiritual practice who are buddhist practice please
are so adults can be mature for sure
he that is one of the opening you know where you know baby i'm getting parents born together
that is ah i think the doggett said you know because result of a baby we cannot be apparent so baby is a parent of the parent
so and baby of us to become mature
to practice as a parent
the i thought we need to support about also you know by supporting this small fee these in a beings you know practice
or participate within this interdependent origination so each and every stage of our life we are supported by our beings and also we support all beings
and as i said this is analogy of allows a boy thought about practice finn you know we are ours ability to or were seeking mind we are very in mature we need a support for
i'm a teacher or i done my friends or are we need to study a buddhist teachings from ah the packaged many text and so forth so we need support from
you know others and fit and finish in the process of study how understand could become a rabbi by little deeper and our practice become divided to mature and thin
we are free mature out not we heavy but the bodies had to become free mature was to become a buddha
but as a practice of bodies had to buy two
the are welcome to the reality is the goal but that is not end of the story fan we awaken to the reality we have to teach we've become future or we become buddha and that is only a starting point of another kind of practice we
as a teacher or a senior practitioner will have something to offer
this is in a boys had my practice and our practice is no end
this is a
my understanding of these can such as each and every beings are existing within our time and space within allegations
ah throughout time and space
ah for this is a already the cause of previous life so everything from the beginning is beginning until the endless and
is lung seamless reality
everything is connected with everything
ah that is focus are you know or teammate equality or identity from the beginning to end means this is one seems reality
i think this is a bisque teaching opa lotus sutra
and this is really i think helpful to understand the fuck dorgan his writing
we are like r c frantic and we are living together with the relationship was in time ah you know i became my teachers a student
so i studied dilema and parent piece that my following my teachers
instruction and my teachers are practice and teaching came from his teacher and go back to the buddha
this is fabric means fund organs and set the whole time she
and direction three times
ah past past present and future
i'm ten direction means ah east south west north and a halfway between that makes eight and up and down that makes ten direction that means i can direction in our space over his space and
and are three times means all time
and we are really want together with all beings wheezing ten direction and three times
he know often we a chance citrus during morning services ah we dedicate the merit of this practice
and after deciding that vacation or equal older people who say the whole fancy she who she found the same macos macos down on me that is er expression that we are living together with all beings within ten direction and see time
names including with us would supervise and all other living beings
this is a a a basic way of viewing things i'm thinking about practice in i can be indulgent and teaching and of of of course in our practice we are giving together practicing together with all beings for log
ten election and three times and ah in many chapters of cherbourg angel she discussed the various ah this ah reality reality of all views from different angles
anyway ah that is what i want to share with you before starting to read
these sections

ah here he says because this practice a buddha actualize his dignified conduct through each and every action the unify the conduct is actualized
through each body fat with as transformative functions flow through crow out through its speech throughout all time all the elections all buddha and all practice
so he's think
our practice is a buddha nothing in fact goal with or plug this buddha means so practice a beagle is not an individual person but that our practice and barefoot this could have it means is without our practice there's no such things called i
in this is what r nagarajan i discussed you know without the option of walking diagnose had since called a walk
so without the read option actual means a movement
who is in the relationship with all other beings guys no such thing called a hawk or a fish or bud while flower those are all just like are you know
not have a net this is not of indra's net
can i get you know such individually fixed ah entity named are not not is a name for the condition in these two or more thread are getting together
and as i said yesterday i got ah
babel ground
he has no such individually entity called god or i or safe october or our album
we are just are not validation of all different elements
so without those relations with others there's no such things called a shock
but our my practice for you are sitting in the know or now my practice is talking about my understanding of dogan this is ah you know nothing my original for the line poking is for the i studied from someone
but i tried to share what i experienced
so this action is reality but if i think show hug be the show how good understanding so this is my position and because i have some understanding and you don't have understanding i you know few my understand to
you if we i e know practice with such an attitude it has nothing to do with dharma
but there's no such thing called college show up and there's no such thing are called you know each one of you but somehow we are interconnected and ice shear fact i received from others
that is only since happening this happening is reality but
if if we say this is a emulated teaching this is not original stitching is a dog and teaching this is generally getting and visit my understanding on my family than that it's a dharma
lucky something fixtures
but wish
kind of ah you know a conventional around this is we think in on the opposite is one we are
that means you know we we suppose you know has such an individual person named so are cool camera and if i something and then this is my position and ah legally you know this is protected to be history
in this is kind of an idea in the condition and water but
please in a dynamo land there's no such thing as no such in a position and no such person but after everything thing is is movement and of happening
ah so this practice of yoga
buddha as activity
oxidized dignify the conduct this sort is given how to conduct the source of this dignity is this a ten direction three one
if this you know i the present only me i'm just a india began shock
but if i'm not sure but if i'm talking about football games gary try to show us and hotdog a is trying to show as is really the reality of all beings then reality of all beings is speaking through me
that is the source of dignity if there's such a thing in my uncle activity or
if someone like a poem allah
paintings thing you know they got through the poem poetry or a painting if they experience something larger i can see the air person then we other people can
i'd appreciate if only in libya good idea our desire is express know and care so this a force of dignity in eg is whether ah
there's no legal but it you through our activities or speech the reality of all beings is expressed or not
if we if
through someone's speech or poetry or painting got reality that is larger than this individually person is express than wish few ah dignity
oh we are influenced by that kind of expressions
soften we practice setting the agenda or are working outside the window in whatever price if we do just for the sake of this person than a is not easy that doesn't have dignity
that doesn't express this true reality of all beings luxeon a set of this action is not for the sake of this person allow for this but for the sake of dharma
then ah
not through this inhibitor of being that has a unique features
he's a kind of i don't like this was about a to or device
i threw fits with true reality all beings express itself were actualize or manifest itself listen actualization or manifestation is a gainesville
think gains your colon
this is the dog i used here
ah this practice to the actualized is given to find the conduct this as if is gainesville
through each and every option
you find the conduct his actualized
through its body it's a bloody means
and body of the practice a buddha
and prompts with as transformative function
enjoy each practice as a function
and it might be transformative like in our as eyes
introduced yesterday yesterday morning during my talk
because of that dignified conduct of a soggy or automatic now saudi petra somehow become was inspired and became food as hyper that kind of function or
this is awesome bloody that similar action was through the speech
so if each one of us practice with this attitude you know
we is through each of our activities we express this reality
ha throughout all time all the election time from beginning this beginning to the endless end and all directions means ten directions and all buddhas
in this case are you know this one is seamless
the reality of time and space
is a dime a body or buddha
and each and every beings is like our sangha members really
and each and every beings which has a function to ah
a actualize this to reality of all beings are also put us the also dilemmas and your both happiness
so older but doesn't mean the old practice a buddhist and or a practice or activities for everything is expressing the reality for all beings and to awaken to disagree
charity of all beings is according to the lotus sutra only one type us reason all buddhas appear to this world
this is only thing
buddha ah have been doing to allow us to awaken to this reality
and ah it said ah realize this reality an entire into this variety
that is audible that have been doing
next he said omnis we are practice buddha
we have not yet being regulated from boundaries to the buddha and bonded to the dharma that means
if we separate ourselves from other things and
we based we practice even we've we studied at him out our practice dharma based on this me he would have to make this person more ah weiss visor or more important or more powerful to make this person
ah if we practice for the sake of this spasm for sick of this person
in on this dharma is also has nothing to do with be a dharma
so as and fuck his thing here it has finally are thinking of i thought his collection has is collected for is our he was st agnes
so letting go of food is very important you know it doesn't we let go forth and we just sit notice practice buddha but if we think what we think is to when that is a program we are bound by this thought
about dogma
and we become ah
without a month or belmont payments if we use the dharma barbuda why sanga for the sake of this person will become them

next paragraph here discuss the about this view was thinking
who the this means that by viewing and understanding
what an awakening these awakening
we are bound by nothing other than the view itself or the understanding itself
to understand the artist
five you want standing is a program
ah he's a known as a lotta suter said this shuttle just flow can be seen only by buddhist together with put us at the means we cannot see this reality
the thing i first studied lotus sutra i thought it is getting strange in obese in our teaching
he's quite understandable and i agree with his and i can see in this is too
but the lotus sutra said new lotus sutra said we cannot cede for this means
and plate i understood now we are born within this time and space and we are dealing with within this time and space and we are dying within this you don't need to our corbyn cut dependent origination way
we see things home inside we cannot see this from outside finn i know draw this kind of you know ah drawing and talking than what with the we feel like you know pieces some
we are seeking we are seeing this reality object opposite ah
to overtake theory but this is get that case delusion
there's no such things
you know from our point of view we can only see from inside we cannot really see the opposite
this reality as object from outside whom inside we can see only pud some part of this reality
because i'm in this room i can see on the this part of the room and you can see on the this part of groom
and yet because of my memory i know gary gary is our blog bot behind me but ah
as a reality i don't see it and yet
i kind of a create produce a picture of the warmth and with in my mind know within this room girl is our brock book behind me back into my memory that's not real reality i'm seeing
and the same thing is ah
is our life and this universe or the to are we can only see from where with are
and depending upon fair we are this you know what seems very different you know high because i was born in japan and grown up in japan so i think using japanese language
and because i came to this country and studied english know i can think i'll deal with by using the english was
but basically my point of view is japanese buddhist
and the japanese british point of view and american to this point of view are
christian point of view are muslim or islam point of view or whether we are in a of a o l o s populace of have this view is very different we cannot even try to figure out whether how gift
view eat my view is only my view and fan i listened to the other people thing in my view become a little brother still that is my understanding of gut personally think my understanding of that person's experience so
we cannot be nearly free from fear we are that means our karma
so i only see and view things and think about things and evaluate things on the my point of view
and because this korea i'm a japanese buddhist and i'm a priest so my view is japanese buddhist priest point of view
or i have to say me
made this priest of view
ah so even when i'm talking about in this reality my
understanding and my speech is a kind of restricted will disconnect michael because i i'm studying and practicing in duggan's in this tradition my understanding of gunma is in a restricted
and that is my karma
leaf is no offend someone
from very different spiritual background they might see this reality in very defined the way for this is although guy reality serve you the same but the view or the understanding we kind of create is very different so this is
only one example this is only my understanding of that he had killed all beings
and my understanding is based on my teachers and based on tokens and also based on a body gallery months or a second medieval does
you're not isn't my ah karma for here are two things one is this comic person for is unique
can see this reality and politely expressed this reality but to got reality that is expressed is deleted while were selected based on this person's point of view or petition
thirty four i think what i'm saying is is reality of all being this is really true so you have to be what i'm saying when i'm bound by
the know by my understanding of fat diet is fact that my is from sunlight is
so what we can do is just keep practicing just trying to express my understanding of karma
without clinging to this is true
there might be at our way of expressing the same tooth some reality
what are the my case this is only way i can see and i can understand and i can practice
to make sense
so if we grasp our understanding even about karma than this karma understand you become bondage
so we have to be very and the only way we can be inherited from this bondage is just keep practice i'm letting go of my foot
a good thing i have to speak and i am to speak using my comic in our experience using ah you know very kind of our for our english
because i'm not american in my english is different from your english
because basically i'm thinking in japanese and cooking stalking me in english so there's only a politically with a good at when suggesting that
such a good c area with a broader is does not have the elimination here buddha husband no the mutation
and our practice is really is together with the buddha is
me one day you'll get tired of talking and thinking and know succeed in the zendo
say anything and i'll be your teaching yeah for people they've been a feature of the old
i'm old enough
i'm looking for
the time that day
can help the
where you feel your oh
next centers
ah although within the extreme showed the passage of one moment
do you can you fight conduct is actualized we still don't know fan will you will be liberated and we the create mistaken understandings
this see need to understand this centers we need to
understand his insight on teaching about time
i know who is in this
network or interdependent origination so as time and space she
she has a unique understanding about time and he got one after the show games on entitled orgy are being time and he said being his time and time is being these two are really one thing
and uh hilo the is very difficult and it takes root of time ah
i can you can use that analogy he used in gainesville cohen
he used that out you have filed and ash
hope of fan that three free matured hundred getting all down the florida maybe it is cut
i'm split and dried then it become violent so this is a continuation of this analogy
and fan filed his bond it to become ash
and i may go back to the ground
and through the ground lift can become a part of another three so this is a kind of transmigration
for continuation of life
although you know either continue sharing from the flute or seed ah a forum into the ground and grow again
this is to ways to or of the in continuing life
and here the women said
ha in a fire with it before and fan fire with is bound to become a sh
where is before and after that he said this before and after his cut down
and fire with stayed within the normal position on failed and ash he'd stayed ah the dharma portion of ash so this moment
have failed on this moment of as is completely independent
this is a kind of a strange idea but according to dogan that is reality that that is based on his insight about time
you know this present moment of firewood is has
present moment has no length
right if there is the the evilness tiniest things we can cut it in into half under one part become his past and another path is future
todd has gone already and the future has not yet come
so even the slightest links then gets passed on it can be divided into on and future so present moment has a loadings
and ah this friendly a fire with is at this moment with no rings then this is not a continuation of this in all ah
our life activity of this brand
and ash is not the ah
a result of discontinuation
but fire with is at this moment fire with is hundred percent failed
and thin dime operation of us as a hundred percent ash
phil we think you know before and after you know this is a continuation with in time
but fan we get daddy see this moment like now that here time disappear
and the only fire was is there
so displaying the moment is zero so empire
the only thing there is past that has gone on and future that have not yet come
and this moment is zero so i'm is a pig
ah this a hit the wins and you're experiencing the same idea in the are just use on my
she says
yeah you know
when we see things as an even for a short time
that means you know we woke up at five under son to play this morning but it's time
ah within the schedule of you know this one day
but he said our family sit at this for that moment we this entire
to work sarah time and space become can make a mint
that is really kind of a string thing to say why fan i sit
how can this posture this entire universe become ten direction and three times become enlightened
in often we think our idea thinking mind this is really unbelievable
but this doesn't is the only mean when we sit moment by moment really sit and letting go of my thought of about how about passed on future
we are completely this present moment of zero
as dawkins is that this doesn't is one with all beings throughout time and space
that means
we are completely right now right here we hope and that means will disappeared
time disappear and finn time disappeared we are the ones we all there is this ah entire network will be interdependent origination that on please
kill me or check with his on he is this comic body does not disappear i'm reading this comic body we think so many a our stupid things but not easy included within this reality
idea foolish idea or not my position is coming from my life
are you coming from this
like force
it is only a longer period of is yes this is my view are you talking with my view my understanding and i hope my understanding can be helpful for you to understand the your practice
all for than doing
when you're sitting still
we were inside of me as we cannot see if we tried to see we miss it
when we letting go means we try not to see not to do anything we do just really just sitting
we do nothing based on our thought
that it had didn't go for means getting doesn't we may determination not to do anything based on the thought coming up from my consciousness
that is just sitting or scant as a means
so getting version i'm letting go
oh yeah free from those foot thought that came from our comical nature comic questions
soften we sit on letting go and do anything based on our thought we are very big anything from our thought from arkham comic nature but next moment when i started think we returned to the county nature
what is why you know logan rings it doesn't it is sort of manipulation doesn't is itself enlightenment doesn't it itself
buddhist practice not human purpose to make this person or it'll be a wiser
to improve discussion
so when we sit on the and and grasp this new was shock than we are just one with this entirely to our interdependent origination and that's all nothing special
but i think that is very special
ah the soul in this ah
are extremely extremely short passage of one moment that means we can go
this one moment is rare in zero no links
who is in each this thing on our present moment we are overrated but in our thinking we grasp video the movement has a continuation and ah
you know
because on my caravan i feel now fi i am here
hmm my you know ah role right now is talking about tokens hiking so i tried to do my best
now is my caravan so i grasp i have to grasp my karma and to
free are all like my comic nature so i tried to do my best as a ah fleeced or as a speaker know
but in each moment no i'm not a speaker i'm not a priest and with are you know husband or my life i notified out my children i'm just as i am
love is or that this collaboration but this declaration does not mean i don't need to
no ah do my responsibility
those to are two size of one reality and though engines called know this site as our ah move furniture on this site as who with onitsha
i'm bullish on funny
the up you're right you are is is at the same time yes
i think that is a reality of our life dogan is trying to choice and how we can do both together at the same time is our practice
pc vs which he yesterday in this room when you said that the scanners are lines that earlier owners but on the other hand you know you should not go in your lives at the jefferson memorial such close yeah this is how in fact my fibers can go south at this move
want my skin my five cameras function as a speaker so i tried to do my best what next moment i don't know
you know i mean that next moment there nine per speaker
often i go back to
in my home and with the speaker i'm not a teacher anymore i have killed
behave as a husband who are father
that is how are at to version like this so five scandals are empty and get this emptiness a collection of five scanners features unique kadima unique features so
foam and emptiness are always together
i'm guys off or form that certain configuration and something kadima
but when you when yet we came here in zero and so to speak to that still gets that's the entire world and university
yes so in essence you know
each one of us is one in going person has a collection of five scandals
and it at this present moment we yet if you don't be like now right here
when you become we time disappear on space also disappear
if you know here has some a size ten we can again we can cut into two and here and there
but here has no size the same as our definition of in a lot in mathematics it only has a position but there's no signs and here is a safe and there's no such cold
no such things called sell for a shock so time space and being orange disappearance so they become own
when we are they are we are one with this entire time and space so in
this idea
oh understanding we are one equal zero equally infinite now is my formula
a reality we are one but the real zero and yet we are
hang got together with all beings so one equal geological infinite
that means this present moment right now like here is a gateway to the legality
even though we are living within this in a day today our time kind of a conventional time we will come in the morning unlock in the daytime and soup in the night this is a way we do day after day not fun ways
you know gary focus on this moment for the i'm doing then time space unsafe disappeared and this you know
reality or can direction and three times appeared through this reality this moment through zero
it's kind of a crazy idea i think that i think that is my understanding of of going to save from my study of forty years of my study of dogan a fun football game trying to say
fujian election

ah so to see and understand awakening as on lots as a weekly in often we have some experience of awakening in know in our guys in ah ah then we
times we feel i have a experience about raping
and if we think we grasped that such kind such idea of authentic screeners as awakening and because of this explains i'm working to pass i'm i'm enlightened if we thinking that way we are completely deluded
because getting on there there is a separation between person who experience that and expression in experience itself and i observe this experience on the think this is awakening that is completely as i said you know yesterday using are they exempt
our first sentence open hatches refuse if we get some separation between the person as an observer and the experience than that he's good with derision
so each auction each activity finn we he do whole hakodesh is a auction of liberation
auction or awakening for awakening is not a matter of this person distributed or three the cp person awake and see the reality in ah as l verdict but with model she's always saying awakening is not
this sleepy person become a week but this total reality awake to itself through this person's five scandal
so i cannot be i cannot say a young could watch
you know that experience was my awakening
it's making me go
when he says believers in and peanuts or in ever
so your awakening candia sickness or region
so we need to be become activated from this kind of grasping know i just
because of that experience i'm a liquid who are i p i e c tattoos
because there is still filled with say i'm thinking that way that gives no ego clinging yeah i did what i experienced
when we opened this clinging no fluke we see each and every activity we do is ah
function on this network or can dependent origination
so i think for logan than he thought is a profanity or wow depth of each and every a ordinary nothing special or activity we really appreciate the boundaries
we are in peace
within each and every nothing special actions
what do you often fitting after something special some you know are spectacular experience of awakening but
that is not for dogging is talking about

ah so to see and understand awakening as awakening this must be the view that is in accordance with awakening so this is my experience so i notice i know very i am i was awakened that
he's still grasping
who can say that this is and a review because i did
but tokens and said to think in this way is nothing other than binding ourselves without a rope
nothing we used in a tyke as what we tie ourselves by our own thinking by our only ah how can i say a variation and i feel i am enlightened person and that is
very deep delusion
this binding
we'll continue on says unceasingly
and the tree does not fall down with the us wisteria regarding
we will win the struggle with in a cave in the vicinity or buddhahood so he's talking about the sickness open
people who are already practicing
even though we practiced somehow you know fun we got to practice
almost always we have some christian or province and the we we want to find the answer to my question or we want to find a way to or exit from this problem i have and we start to study something special spicher
and finn we find the answer or a exit we think this is dumb
i understand he knows
and that is a problem
that makes i said i've got donkey
they were tied on a steak and a donkey tied on a mistake can walk only unowned plastic and think this is done this is truth is it the enlightenment
but that is a risk illusion
we need to be free from that kind of he know
ha idea there's something fixed and that is juice or up is time for that is integration
but say he doesn't do
that's right i mean clearly
zendo that's not going to change so doesn't right you know like you're not advocating surely that you could dispense with city and to tennessee twenty four of us sick this week and i'm i'll be sixty this year
you know determined because of my physical condition i'm not sure how wrong i can sit in the way i have been seeking so everything is impermanent
of course i'm still young younger than branson
so i i i i cannot complain that of and i think of when i wasn't in my twenties you know i felt my thousand was much better
so doesn't is also changing depending upon our condition
he knew but somehow you know we have to continue to sit
can you this or three does not fall down in the wisteria
this tree is this basic or ah cloud of self cleaning
and because of the surf bringing fear not many with terrier or veins is you know
in the twined each other and we are really in abandoned and we can't become free
what are how to we have to do is to cut the tree and cut the older vines violent means a lot
way of thinking

ah then
ah last sentence we would not know that in such a situation regarding my body is gotten sick and are you are the body is suffering in poverty
this my body under the while the body him
does not mean you know dica are vital channel buddha somewhere out there or are you are the body is sam boga sample ah kiah is not be far to amitabha buddha in the west or ah
the in the east but those those during my body ah
you are the body was sung bulgur body on the run a boogie or is about this practice with our our practice
you know this is donna my body
he's entirety of network if it with the are born digging and dying with in connection this is karma to see entirety is telling my body
ah is out of all beings are lacking in some way
and are you an ikea this is real are the body
and also in this bloody undermined giving a moment by moment is here to my nokia
so those three bodies are nobody samberg up
what time ah kiah or korea and nirmala nokia is about our our practice about our life is not those but as are not something outside
ah data he discussed about the eternal life or buddha in from the lotus sutra that the same thing so i talk about this ah later this is a time to stop talking
i'm going back to fend off
any christian


a couch
are you like guess here
yeah i always like
i'm guessing
but you do
so comfortable
what is in fact is not comfortable
his teaching

i know sure
but what i'm talking is what i have been trying really a result of i have been studying
through my own practice of zazen and reading dorian and studying ah
teaching english traditions so you don't need to believe this this is just a hangover ah
a report on my he studies my understanding so i know if if we you this is not the comfortable you can forget the i'm just just practice is
the same thing i think funding basically football billion thing is just sit just fact is just doing things
if we question why we have to do things with this just just do
you know this is my understanding of the explanation
not be extremely sorry exactly but his expression
so if you are not comfortable you can forget this
well i live
you india
getting sort of
tr finn i started to understand this is a view of my life or your view of this world is almost completely upside down
so it is nice to be uncomfortable or some and i feel risky or dangerous
i have to accept this or i have to leave this alone
and i couldn't stop it
so i have been continuing

when he came back to the theory of my name's off awfully holding in a tree
and so the tree is actually dead with them tom and seems like lemon you saying like out of this kind of hurt people reach toy and
and that idea
the beginning time again him
is like it can feel saying
and they hold onto that that that actually created of know that the down body has gotten think new
we are thin our
you know evil bringing is dead this as i pass on as the ego is that we are living together with all beings as a part of impermanence and to me this is most safe way of life safest way of life
because i don't care
this will be in know disappear sooner or later that is fine but this because that is the we think so
so in know this clinging to make this five scandals together forever
could i think caused the suffering
clinics or illustrator
he always surprises me like killer
cause i got the garlic
to have some like mean why is talking about geography at this
it said there's also some positive
is one
i guess what
why oh why did he quit
say what you think why is quite another to make
the reason she wrote in this way is to encourage us to from this moment by moment whole habitually
i'm we are really one to get one will we do what we're doing than that is complete buddha that is enlightenment
so we don't need to the gao y enlightenment something outside something in the future but it right now right here
nice to mixes
i'm pretty reflective particular
dollars per person question is i hope
oh so i'm wondering about
right people

degree don't think you really come understand
doesn't doesn't know
razor razor live
what would just kind of or progress personally
who seems to be enjoying themselves in my difficulties and ah then you must fear
what we
hola ravages of think about this person in a social said there's gonna be a personal jungle
it exists
what is a responsibility kind every person
this list ponce be killed that kind person mean the person
because we're here to save my games is president we say oh i released responsibility to those people who an
know that
the person is what is this person standing averages view
i think in aboriginal the view all beings and they're so the person's name is included
as one of the being that has gained sadness
who has intelligence and densities in our the normative me
three upper part of this network
there's no difference
plot other buddhist is somehow because of my column i became a buddhist so i studied buddhism and i tried to practice as in buddha thought
who so i tried to do my best
i think that is and i tried to share my practice under my understanding please as many people as possible if they wish to the so i think that's all we can do