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because the morning everyone
this morning ice start page nineteen
paragraph forty two
in the previous section during introduce this chinese them must our owens ah time a discourse and made some comments i know he compare this their much
star on and ah
oh god chinese they must have he met actually met from here was in china
and this section is not or difficult she's just simply complaining
so it doesn't take so much time
paragraph forty two
even in young or on is like this
if we look for a pass on like in young among the areas at various monasteries today
it isn't not possible to encounter such a person even in many culpas they even if we such as hard as we make a home or know our eyes
eating not possible to find an erudite equal ways in an
isn't palin's recognize in on has an eminent master however it is difficult for me to accept that the buddha dharma had reached him he was simply a dana in the monasteries nothing more than
i'm an ordinary monk
fathi the reason this is because in young has the ability to know a person to meet seems there's some those gotta twist here or it might be a the program the text
a the three sentences many people in recent times to night in young as an amen to master
probably be stop it or to be right after even young even ah
in an easy like this so he side in
in an and yet he said if in he compared this person to the press today's
a must as she's much better and trays people are much inferior and than fuck is the reason
this is because in on has the ability to know a person
people today are not able to know other people because they don't know themselves
even though in in an has not penetrated he practiced the way
it as in these days do not practice the way
although in an has accent was those was do not enter his ears he does not see them with his ears bros was to not into his eyes he does not hear them with his eyes
although in an used to be like this he might have realized those was by himself by now
today's as as at the various monasteries in great song china do not see the east side and the outside of in an
yeah utterances and behaviors are not equal with in and stand up
such people do not even know that the true reality taught by with their ancestors is with the way or the ancestors or not or not the way over the sisters
therefore none of the unworthy elders of the past two or three hundred years have never seen or uttered that to reality
i don't think i need to discuss about this point i mean we're not sure i for the wins a comment is fair or not because we don't know the reality of those people his time in some china
vertical thing that were okay
it's probably have ever seen it is a
i have ever seen okay thank you
i don't want to slow you down that he
but that
you know what does it mean
c c with your ears and here with your eye
difficult especially for yards from our go on of are expanding karma by ah
the in sentient beings
i think chosen saying if you here with your eyes you can hear the expanding the my by can constantin
these are you see with you up
ah years
this means if we hear on fee with our empire body and mind
not only thing we visit one of our six or fixed since orleans that we see with entire beings and we here and we experience with all the sixth sense organs and or a being factory
i think it have to the this means
okay then i saw the he complained that known or ah
to their masters in china other than he did the not really in know ah express is truly ip of all beings
i had except one person and that was his teacher
kendall unusual so he now interviews
opponents of this through reality of all beings and organs ah logan's experience with usual
i think this is the area view true or cracking about his experience practice experience in china this was written eighteen years after he had this experience but he wrote
so precisely about everything he experienced
so let me the that section that the from follower forty three

home one night
my grade teacher can come the ancient buddha
said in his general discourse at the awards quotas
add can't on tonight there is a calf
the golden face gautama is upholding the true reality
even if we want to buy it there is no fixed price a sound of a cuckoo about the solitary crowd i'm sorry becomes a mistake this is a crowd not good
thus very ever investors who have penetrated in the broader way speak of the to reality
those who do not know the buddha dharma are not study taboo the way do not speak of that to reality has another type as space between two and a reality
this utterance was made in the far the lunar month in the spring of the second year of the a bow king or whole cure era of great song china that his trail over twenty six
when it was approaching the fourth watch this is around two in the morning
i had three strikes of the drum from above
wearing the cassia taking the boeing growth or i i i i exited through the front entrance of the crowd home and found the sign of entering about room being hung up
first i reached the dharma whole following the assembly going forward by the west wall of that my whole i walked up the wrist stay as to jacques cousteau was seen like whole i
i passed in front of the west wall of the kodo i walked up the west stairs to guy call your goal
treasure or great alien like home i call me xo is one of the about quotas
woking the south side of the west side to side holding screen i reach in front of the incense incense stand and i offer incense and make our prostrations
i expect vr is a line of the monks waiting for entering the about oom but i do not see any single monk via
brains are down at mill coal guy another about quotas i think really hear the garima sounds over the about the great master
the you know ah joo koon or so calm in japanese from siege from our lives he also have ah seasons under makes prostrations as i big we see your kodai and of
find that all the assembly monks are standing along both the east on the west side of the about curtains at the time the january discourse is going on we quietly and car behind the assembly assembly
monks understanding to listen to the about viscose the about introduces the story of the mustapha chung or whole jaw living on the month me while he is talking the fortune was the
cause made overload the sleeves and eight pine nuts many monks shed tears the about also introduces the story or sakyamuni buddha having a summer practice period at work our peak in wiki
many of the listen as shed chaos
the summer practice period at man kan tom is drawing near know it is in the spring it is neither cold nor hot the best time to practices as in
brothers why don't you practice virgin
after such a general discourse he recited the above verse after finishing the last the about hits the light side of the chair with his right hand and says you should enter this room
for entering the room he says a cuckoo cries and a mounting bamboo sprit such is the utterance for entering the room he says nothing else although there are many monks
no one says anything they are greatly impressed and simply owned
this style of entering the room was not practiced at other monasteries only my mileage teacher kim tongue the ancient buddha practiced practiced this during that time of his january discourse his chair and
the folding screens are surrounded by the great assembly brings great assembly monks standing in a crown while they remain standing the monks who are ready enter the room
those who have finished entering the room the the about quotas through the entrance as usual
since the the remaining monks keep standing as before they are able to see the monks dignified the conduct of stepping forward and just stopping and the about behavior
on to hear their conversation in the about zoom
this peculiar is never practice or any other monasteries in the various this district
are there other areas are not able to do this other occasions of entering the room people who tried to enter the loom before other people in the case of this entering the room people who want to enter the loom after at r p
april we should not forget this difference in people's mind
since when until this first year of hanging in our over japan that is twelve forty three eighteen years have passed safety within the changes of wins and like
i don't know how many mountains and rivers vr between mount ten tom and this mountain in it isn't my plate masters beautiful was under wondrous phrases that express the true
reality has been inscribed within my body mind bones and now
many monks thought that the about gender discourse and entering the room where unforgettable
in that night the light of the crescent moon frye three weeks into the temple buildings although cuckoos cries incessantly it was a quiet night

the in that description of his own experience with his teacher
ah i think
he has some
my mistakes and i mean in the beginnings of this experience i translated using a past tense but like i used a present tense i want to make it a present from the beginning
that is a
start talking about service honor yeah
this template you can hear the other monks doing know
yeah i could incur this description yeah entering the room is initiated
so eating a pretty area doxa

people could hear their conversations and another differences you know dogs on today
one student asked question to the teacher but prp just a question to the students and students have to say something
as a difference i think my discussion
hurt mister we could need a bitter i will incur
the shit iz room
so ditched is entering the about or pitchers or master's room to talk
how about dharma
so it's our intimate practice with teacher please
but luckily to teach your to
right for this is a practiced in japan i'm not sure if dog and practice in this day or not
but i logan said this is very unique
hey evergreen in china
it's not no secret
so fast the on the court nagios
a statement on discourse
ah at ten on tonight there is a calf
a golden faced gautama is upholding the true reality even if we want to buy it
there is no fixed price
a sound of the cuckoo about the solitary crown
hobbies are fast usually range said there is a calf
this monastery tonight i think cough give to
he was that was some people some commentators said this week have referred to a buddha nature
but i think to me i think the scarf has something to do with the ah
i narrowed you are primarily used in the lotus sutra copies you know where are three vehicles
we should have a car pratica with the and bodhisattva and in got fad
the lotus sutra said go see a kindle practitioners out bar with as children and it said you know ah
one of the children prayed with the poise of ah
cheap cut and second one had a toy that these are cheap gear vr cut and rough fido on has ah yeah how come hox box cut
and so there a fully kind of vigorous or points
and god father and those really tearing out praying in a burning house of as required under federal law buddha husk them to get out of the of this running house but those three children get him to want to get out because they are
very enjoy enjoying playing with those three toys then our fathers a buddha said
get outta here there is much bigger point out here
and fan they the was literally get out of the burning house the only find a big white
cow cut
that is a symbol of a kayak or out one vehicle
instead of see vehicles
so on this cow i think means that this a cayenne oh i'm vehicle
the government that i got a map of one vehicle absolute ultimate reality
but the cuff is a tired of your account
so i think this the fact to both happened was that is all the monks
i the monastery probably including usual himself
so i can turn tonight there is a cough and the gordon faced gautama if i go of course a secondary buddha the father who was calling not get out to get you know that our toys
and ah
soften they get out instead of a talking about those three different toys he is today he talked about this to reality of all beings at his absolute reality and that in fact doesn't mean the true reality through reality is just so
so that you know the of all beings so ah second money
you know expounding this to reality of all beings to ah ah
but unusual said even if we want to buy it we want to buy that you know
pig cow card we cannot buy it because there is no fixed price this truly eric has no price since ah priceless so we can provide that means we cannot
make it our own position
so how can we
awaken to and see and ah
experience this
ha to realities than usual said
a sound of a cuckoo about the solitary crowd that was i think for them they really they was really hearing the sound of cuckoos
a part of africa he growls
i think cook or didn't go to about the travels but it sounded like you know the song please
using cloud as in the sky or crowd gravity the sky i'm sorry
crowds in the sky
so they hear that sound think of cup could go from bad debts from the up
and that is
if had notorious thing that sound the singing song of cuckoo is the but as expounding order to reality
not the only the cuckoo by her in solitary ground solitary to find to oneness for crowds of oneness and of course scrounge asia symbol of impermanence and are ah emptiness
so cuisine this impermanent and it and empty reality cuckoo or
he's expanding this to reality
happy that image so this truly erica of all beings is not something feels off or buddhist teaching in as sutra but ah that's fit song of cuckoo now they are hearing or who can see how out of or
those leaves and flowers those are all expression of this reality of all beings
i think copies
fatima your said
but then dogan started describe his own experience thus wherever masters who have graduated in the put away speak called the true reality unusual was one example
those who do not know the buddha dharma are not study a better way to not speak of the true reality so he want to say those there must have in china he met were not
ha know that with the karma

ah this utterance was made in a father gruner months in the spring of the second year of the bow king or hotel a lot of great some china that his twelve over twenty six
the millions and the fastcomet new mg in twelve twenty five
fifth month so this is in fatima of twenty six so this is about by year after he started to practice with usual zingy
when it was approaching the force watch for swatches
about two am
hope the night
ah in a sober organs or the monkey logan and talked about the new shows style or practice and it said nigel his predecessor dozen with ah
ha training monks in the monks whole until can i ever know clock so this that they went to this day every day saved in the monks whole but
at any time
the she's created
made his disha in a barrel and ah gather monks and give this kind of i'm teaching
but only during the whole here it takes the expressing about quota sometimes he he talks in the behind the monks for so this is ah
use yours state or practice and organs and was really moved by the you know your yours
practice together with training monks because other i would he met didn't come to the general come to the monks home but here they were busy to in a who is ah
people from the government or ah high our societies
and you saw following turkey and so i think it was the just started to sleep
he here had the sound of that
ah drum
the usually about quarter is if you visit a hazy can see a quota is a highest priests and monks whole is it will praise on among on the hill so they had to walk up the stairs sometimes getty
so let me lead and other a present tense so i hear three strikes of the drum from above
clearing the cache or okafor
taking the borrowing close ones are good
i exit through the front entrance of the monks home crowd the whole mean monks for
and the found the sign of entering the about through his new shit
can there is a same board in front of the monks whole if are some special event
so he knew gotten there is a are teaching their
how fast a beach the dharma whole following the assembly
i usually go to format or
monastic buildings is something like of monks whole
this site as queen is your kitchen under and offices and is monks for
i'm sure is a very hoof and
with a whole
a whole and
the whole and about quota is about here so monks have to go up with and it seems are kinda monitor the other three
how about quarter
he does it though entrances
the dog was a muslim as below the good i think so usually
and ah
the portion or bathroom and and that through his bath and are mounting gate those are calls on two three four five seven main buildings of our monastery
can you be so he left a monk's whole and go up through dharma home
following the assemblage and going forward by the west or or gathering my whole because
priscilla west
with enough usually
tempers are built the facing the south so busy itself
going forward by the wish to order without him a whole i walked up the west stairs to the caudal
it seems that the entire are there
yeah i was quota name's jack kodo
in english sitting night home
and i passed in front of the west or or which are kodo i walked up the wish to as to they call me old jaw michael moore's law is another our quota
we at an atheist today they have a nikon mount also the whole building named di canio zero that means treasury of great alien night whole and daikon years or is one of the about quotas and walking the south side of the
west side folding screen idh in front of the easiest can't and i offered incense for a dichotomy or those he offered eases and make prostrations
i expect there is a line of the monks waiting for entering the about june for he expected on defeat praise for teaching me going on but i don't see any single month there and the bundle brains are
down at your code i visit another ah about our quotas
ha i think he here the dharma sounds of the about the great master
as solution he was around here the you know the com was so come from a from our lives
he also of as on the makes prostrations as i did we see your kodai on the find that all the assembly monks are standing along both the sea is under west side of the about quota for long
was standing was side of the other quarters
at the time the january discourse and usual range he was sitting on the chair in the center
are this course is going on we quietly into behind the assembly monks understanding to listen to the about discourse
the about introduces the story of them mustapha chin or whole jaw living on the month me
i think you know this person spasm is a guy by whole zoo is a disciple bustle white muzzle and ah finn he met mozzie probably for the first time my dad said
the mind is it safe to the
are focusing their brutal
finn cause your this person had the pitching he attained so-called enlightenment and he
he just left
his teacher and into this mounting dummy dummy is great from
and he practiced southern by himself in this mountain for thirty years
said he never get out of the mountains so
and after thirty years i so a man chrome or well-known bathos of the cyprus monastery accidentally
make this person and offense he does monk began to his teacher the teacher said or thirty years ago setting monk ah
the sharing the teaching of the mind he is it safe buddha and the this man things are probably this that was that monk
and the among the that this person ah i asked him to invite him to come to his master you got ah she didn't die i didn't go out of the man pain
lava he went further diva in among things
ruffin bustle that they are kitten that teacher here this
and he wrote the poem i forget the poem but of in muslim muzzle or bustle hear his poem he said ah know before that
ah the that must up of god nearby monastery
cent among to this person and i made a monk to fail that this day the battles kidding has changed
not today batteries thing no without know my no buddha not mind not buddha but bustle general of nano a horse or said i don't care
prestigio easy not sticking anything can speak anything but to me the mind is a safe put this is enough and he went deeper in among pains finn russell had this story ah she said the from
it was really ripen that is a story and organs and liked this story and also respected this person die by hordes your on the fame he the organs and you went to china he
like out that
yeah by hozier david became a big monastery so at the time of in knighton the a he escaped visited this monastery and stayed overnight and bogan it's according to go into biography he
had a dream that guy vi hosel
the ipr the his dream and give him a ah
tree branch or from
donation safe or not this experience from that might be true
anyway so usual angie was in are talking about this diverse practice in the mountains and it said
ha in front of here i've i lived there is a pond and in a point there are many lotus france and he used the lotus leaves to make his clothing
and he ate on the ah
pine nuts in some some it's the pine needle but i don't think machine
china is better for
so unusual talked about this story of die by hosel and he also talks and morgan said fire his talking the fortune war that causes main the overload our sleeves and a pain
not many monks shed tears
i didn't shed a tear gas
so we're different from those that kind of monk
photographer is
i'm your guy that are you rough
i properly i'm not a good enough money
and the about also introduces the story of sakyamuni buddha having a summer practice field at the vulture peak in detail of this according to the commentary this is a story that is second really had
as for barbara the period so you must practice period a displays but on someone some rich person ah promised that he offered our food for the assembly for three months but somehow this person changed
his mind or forget about it was too busy somehow he didn't offer the food so
a second money and ah shit assembly didn't have food or five
and it said as a farmer
true had some grained have had a call as or our the for the horse
yeah i said i can offer you know this
for the for the for horse horses and shakyamuni accept the go for him so the himself and his assembly i spent three months practice j the eating the food for the horses the story so
they both die by hosel and second money on assembly practice in a very kind of our ah simple
yeah and rose are difficult

then again many a traditional said chaos
i thought after me she talked about these stories usual said again
the summer practice period the a tin can is drawing near
it said this is the third months
that editor of twenty six are usually the summer practice carry the skirt ah the fifteenth day of force month so within
a few weeks the start this practice period would stop so that will be fine usual talks about how by by hozier and secondly with our parents peace during their time
so so this is our encouragement from usual to his own assembly that we should practice for hockey gd
the summer club this or the ottoman finn tommi is drawing near to now it is in the spring he did neither cold nor hot the best time to prep surgeon
bravas why on your practice virgin
so he encouraged new jersey nj encourage his assembly to sincerely and whole heartedly plugs doesn't
after such are january discourse he recited the above pass the vast the in port talbot
about down calf and gold coating face gautama preaching virtual reality
after finishing the vase the about shit the light side of the chair with his right hand and says he wishes to enter this room so listen along
around use your there's a bamboo screen so people could see inside
and usual said ah
i invite people to come in
ohio is giving us as a is talking cat and every screens as a camp
i think so
through the screen they can see
have you ever since bamboo screen
wondering i was i haven't been back then the high
i'm not sure but it's for commerce
custom that something like an emperor or as shogun in japan are always behind the bamboo screen time and on it gives talks things haha maybe that is a has some connection
here we are to return
ah the after that here nigel said before entering the loom she said a cuckoo cries and among came bamboo street
so they hear the sound of cuckoo and also sound of the bamboo street i'm a shave the bamboo really speak or not but somehow that it's front
is your thing
cut bamboo sometimes street and make a sound
but cookers are sound and bamboos sound of street you know
at the same time is i think very rare
but i'm not sure this is just the international phonetic a statement or it's really the really hear the coup and sound or bamboo streaking please
saying that he expects the months to say something really special
this that is the purpose of this gathering
for entering the room
this is it
kind of i example of expression of to reality of our bigs and your request the monks to express something like this please
that kind the first month has been my thing
he first monk first fast
is the is february
he is ah
his father my father managed that i got april and oh baby so pretty one
ah such is the utterance for entering the room
she says nothing is
although there are many monks
no one says anything
we are greatly impressed and simply old
this style of entering the room was not practiced at other monasteries so this is user's unique style of teaching
only made a teacher can turn the ancient buddha practiced this during the time of his general hit i'm sorry during the time of his dinner discourse his chair under folding screens are found
the assembly monks standing in a ground
why they remain standing the monks who are ready enter the room who are ready to say something and ten a room
he was really fast the do three bows and grow working to add the about and say something and finn up like us your son or ah one it's ceremony
of kind of kind of a ceremony or no question and answer
those for have finished and cadenza room the the about quotas through the entrance as usual so i'm by one monks came come in and leave
since the remaining monks keep standing as before
they are able to see the monks dignify the conduct of stalking stepping forward and stopping on talking with the airport and they are both behavior and to hear their conversation in about room so there's no secret
so it's kind of different from our dog some this is not really a some or people are seeing and hearing their conversation
this procedure is never practice at any other monasteries in the various district
other elders
i'm not able to do this
i don't know is true or not i know
why please
theatre other able to why
to this kind of and cutting room is kind of conversation
according to dorgan yes
she said no no other they must pass more to you plugged in this way
ladies and masters of their own way of practicing lacking the stick
yeah yes
so i'm not sure if this is titled practices
it's a car it i don't like i don't want to make judgment this is better than other styles
he about the photo and this is really important time on please
he refused to say said at one point he didn't appreciate shows up
and that's what this sounds like this

you have something to say
a larger context
this practice
happy states
so scenes
this is a practice
oh for dog and himself this style practice was really important
who who isn't he is a process of studying dilemna with usual it was very impressive for him
ah other occasions of entering the room people try to enter the room before other people
to finish fast
in the case of this entering the room people want to enter the loom after other people because they want to hear in on other papers in a statement and nagios answer
which is not forget this difference in people's mind
was once you enter the room that you leave me
so i can see play with people like
i think one of the meaning of this kind of our pressure nine downside is there's no secret no secret teaching
everything that dharma is revealed and not nothing was hidden so you don't get and had a kind of my favorite individual meeting that he had made he make had a meeting or gathering with all monks and is
as about dharma on to reality of all beings
it may not have hiring compensate i'm not sure i'm sure she doesn't hundred chances to visit him privately and he
he recorded his conversation with unusual and he's ridiculously still remains and it we can read his personal conversation with job on that is corn entitled the whole kochi
there was a tradition of is hidden other monasteries for yeah
yes yes get even there a story that griffin someone had a conversation with the moscow ah the
know like a book from other monks were hidden by room and tried to resume
see that that's kind of story or so so it seems you know that conversation or it was
is there today indians i tried it on book science really private
and ah ah the practitioners cannot say anything about family he had from the pitch out in look some so not kind of
muffled and this usual methods are quite different
have something to say
oh you
either the majority his writings captain yeah they were
in one collected more or less than one collection well
you mean billions ah
it disappeared or or last now the manuscript do we have now are are all by copy by someone only only several small pieces
hope and had handwriting still remains some or a hazy some
different for campers or larger japan
please so
how is the practice said attaching
docusign don't speak about it as can partly because here it said cetera
blanche are so many years the feeling was very strongly when richard baker with the air but don't speak about what you speak and doxa
but that
nathan he was very influenced by i would say teachers will usually be killed with a be and
how was the phone circular she was alive
ah i don't recall any feeling you mustn't say as a m
i see didn't say that i see
we're a fantasy we will never have bookshop there's no such thing
the antis a small temple a new terminal she was always in his room so can never he's available i can go to his room oh wow
after each muse we have tea with which are model she's so if we had we had our question we can talk or terminals so we can talk about burma ah who is it
who is a privilege of other monks and before i want to talk passionate wanted to personally i can go his room anytime he is available he mean there's no dogs are not have formal to know for marvel crown told you to formal ceremony and up day i mean i which with yamanashi
no never i'm so we had no no for my books aren't on
kind of us unique priest but ah
i don't think a doctor is practice many soto zen monasteries except the lineage ah of has us close will got pissed r cohen practice in coimbra his dog size it really necessary
but ah at a monastery they use corn practice
but we didn't have that have dukson at voc
they didn't know
please just curious
we seem often to bring first personal problem see him
during a session
but i was wondering if in japan
have a practice any place that is an anti aging but i mean is is is there do you
create a personal problems to did you take company that
do you take this one keep personal problems in two one's teacher ah i'm not sure because the because i have no experience of berkshire in japan
so i'm curious about it
over here somehow
but at least in the case of the sung in ginza
there's no such personal issues can rotana
during means i they only talk about nicole on a given by her picture so there's no such discussions about personal issues on
if you're having if you could visit which young roshi informally could you bring up question what should i do or issue i in we often well as well fuck i can do have a passion to show for it was a former joke somebody we have our communication with teacher
that they cannot former and it's not a fucking
this related time
and it wasn't just practice related in and yard we can talk about anything yes
so on as you're ready for my praise nothing former except sitting
story i heard he could maybe tell me was that was silicic soto roshi asked him to the advocacy time
im services or ceremony just a little looney then i saw desires and separation okay
so what i agree
yeah that's some rags how can see
ah on the out
many lay people visit to terminals from they had some problems submissions we hit they want to know
to talk with with yamanashi on whichever is never reject those people and he here
then give otherwise for a nearby it's possible
so it's not a dog somebody
the teachers are available to hear and cope with any kind of our questions or issues we want
wise choice
that nine points
in his seconds
and he said ali he's a priest him
yes i got braces like of i grab fish tank
ah yeah we are
oh pamela fifth piece
so this is the express our description of his experience with usual in china at man came from on now
when he is liking this ah ah tactile the show bougainville it was twelve forty three so since then until this first year of hanging era of japan the total forty three eighteen years
i've passed swiftly within the changes of wings and right
i don't know how many mountains and rivers are there between mt ten tongue and this monkey in editing yeah doggie is now my a mustache do true as and wondrous phrases
that expressed the true reality have been inscribed within my body mind bones and now so i'll just
he enjoys things at this occasion and the way he knows yo and not monks in the assembly was really impressive and he couldn't forget ah
even after eighteen years and she's description of guy has seen thin is really precise so i think kid that expressed experience is still really
the existing i'm living within his mind i've even after eighteen years
many monks thought that the about generate discourse and entering the room where unforgettable
so of course for dogan zingy this was really unforgettable
in got night the light of the crescent moon slightly leaked into the temple buildings so it was dark but there's some right from the crescent moon
although cuckoos cries incessantly it was a quiet night
i think this is really beautiful
pretty poetic and important sink to here are addressed to me is his caicos sound of cuckold cars and is ah stillness ah
in silence and with inside as cuckoos sounds sound makes this silence more silent
that the this kind of our feeling is expert have express in haiku for example by was a haiku you know something happened but that happened or sound of that thing makes now a lot more cry
ha who i know that what must a famous example is in our i caught up ah frog jump into our old pond
old coin is you in on quiet
something that you can narrow but at this moment or frog jumped in and made some sound this song is a sound of silence hammett express this in a complete silence
so this cookers
utterance or just singing
it's another thing is it said cook cause voice sound is not melodious
i'm don't know
we read a haiku about sitting zazen in the morning and the sounds of a garbage truck
that sound on garbage truck makes yeah yes
makes our that a more quiet
sort about the lights like leaking into the temple building some
i think so
let's see
this is his description of his experience so
many years ago in china and lotta time he was he was twenty six years old he was a young training bunk and then he wrote this show called you so he was forty three years old and he was the abbot and yet he has no he didn't have to
the cool temperate were still under construction so he stayed in a very small temple
so this passage of eighteen years and this change from young training monks to the about open a new monastery pretty has not yet built
i think this shows i mean so
wow his insight of cruel reality of all beings i think and as ah tokens and use this extreme out what being time
in each and every bit of ah reality of all beings is our he said he used to like a faucet of being time so i think hopes he's trying to show us and fat he wrote in sheboygan
or was he a the same thing
and ah thin ice
studying this
the show just so i found that this is a more korea are in detail explanation
about for hero the initial bogans are busy
so i'd like to introduce i know how much time but interests some part of uzi and ah then i think fab he want to try to communicate with us using this
hearing on description of his experience
either to reality of all beings that is within throughout time and space each and everything is a chronic pinch
therefore this moment include all
it past the entire past present and future and entire space and next and
i know that moment also include
entire past and future and a half connection with entire or being seen in any of us that his foot dogan are always want to you know
show us to reality we are connected with all beings with in time and space vinegar he talks about thousand and books about our
reality of all beings
this in indicator case of uzi using that ah
a christian i was happy time and fatties being here i think he is always trying to ship ah show us this reality and as it is said in the lotus sutra or good as appears to disregard he order to show as
with to reality of all beings so i think for all because are doing according to the lotus sutra and the front door gate trying to show us is exactly the same thing
and finally we need a sheboygan which he was he is very difficult but when we understand we study and understand show just so on this lady a concrete example organs experience i
we can save but ah dogging zingy wrote in wasn't more ah korea and concrete ah basis so i don't think i need to
who is is really difficult i it takes more than one hour to talk even one sentence but let me good thing we did he have some understanding from georgia so in this chapter shall already so i think what he's writing was used enough for this
i hope
in shovel a i'm in boise being time so bogans are being time he
as follows
we set the of ally ally
a railway hurry
ira and make got the whole word that means we set ourselves a i am make that the whole world that means me on the whole varghese the same thing
we must see all the various things of the world i saw many times so all beings are all be all times
because time and beings are biliary one reality these things do not get in each other's way anymore gum various times get in each other's way so sings is in spain
nice things with in space
and time
each and every thing doesn't ah
ah do not get in each other's away and each time as an mathematician
ha get in each other's way so that means each thing and each time are independent
because of this varies on arising or jared
the religious mind or visit bodhicitta
ah body mind at the same time
and it is the arising of the time over the same mind so when we are our body mind this in the entire time and being that if you want with this being allows body mind
so it is it was practice and a payment over the way not only ah arousing body mind allowing for remind practice awakening and entering a new banner is a process
over each stage
each time it's different kinds but they are all connected an old one that is if a dog is discussed in shovels you so
and we set ourselves out in a and we see that so in each moment we see this is a and within this moment entire cast an entire future is included over
reflected in each moment
i had passed on the future are included
such is the fundamental reason of the way that our surf his time so are the time
since such is it fundamental reason we must study and plan that media the phenomena and the numbers grasses exist over the entire us so each and everything
exist over the entire as means we're all connected with everything so easy on and everything ah
independent and yet at the same time his entire
universe is this thing
and each of the grasses and each of the phones each and every fundamental things exists as the entire us as this empire network code in fact dependent origination fee to know as exist within this as this entire p
and these coming and going are the commencement commencement of buddhist practice to awaken to this reality in each and everything that means ingredients including our sales are connected with
all beings and all time is the beginning was starting point of our practice
can this is the same reality that you know i introduce the description of a incisor master
luxurious experience after many years of in australia grilling with the koran of move he found he and empire and lot is one
according to the them that as just starting point of our practice
so we we need to see this we got that kind of in case you know meditation practice this is according to do him this is simple reality
the practicing after thirty years
i realized like like
the play ground that i'm cultivating for his is
it is thought
in that case of logan's placing to awaken to this reality as our personal like our experience enlightenment the experience but this is a ground on which we allow his body mind and the practice and the together with all beings helping me
supporting each other so problem is a decrease in is in not after such a intensive practice we should personally i welcome to this reality
but our practice in our ordinary day-to-day activities are taking place within this reality
me too
and praying you have arrived this schools in this field of sadness
it is our single grass a single phone film we see everything is interconnected we are i think jerry we can be a single form was single grass single person we can be only independent with that we don't need to rely on others
when we rarely see we are our interdependence with all beings who is i need to depend on others
the forms are understood are not understood the grasses our grasp and not grasped was this is same as are incorrect or not encamped in the in said in as a whole is you saw something in these early everyone sometimes
are really independent
as a time right now is all the iraqis died right now this moment is on the reality each being time is without exception entire time
so within this one moment entire palace an entire future therefore cause and reserved are included
ah entire being the entire world exists in the time of each and every now each and every now these are all now
i just referred to right now easier an entire being or an entire world missing from your present time or not nothing is missing everything is included
ah but in spite of this he's always think it's title this or however and yet i pass on horde various views at that time he's an enlightened and has yet not allow that
buddhist dharma sharing the was the time being he thinks that at one time the old buddha became a creature with three hit and eight ounce this is our exam bristol in court in the very beginning of the bougie so will
we don't need to
i don't have time to discuss frog forgot these but this is that condition of each moment sometimes
the film i used this in average we have put us fan we just started our the body mind and start to practice and ah in the process we have to do so many things going through so many different conditions
ah so or the would i became a creature with three hit and eight aunts and that at another time he became a sixteen for the buddha as a our total all different kinds of experiences dental practice after that became a black
he imagines it is like crossing the alibi or among thing now we have to pay attention that fat logan said the mountains and route between clinton and it is in the he's ah
saying the same river and among pain in luigi he imagined a nap is with in time and space you know there are many different mountains and we have to cry mad and crossover
she imagined it is like crossing alibi are mounting that era under mounting may still exist but i have now finn caprica become buddha i have now left them behind
and at the prison time i reside in are stranded by medium paris that mean to put a hole but i was enshrined in a political and he he said the time of
practice has gone
to him the mounting or diva and i are as distant from one another as hearing from us than we think in a common sense you know for of the time i was nineteen or twenty are already gone
that she said that is not only one will overseeing the reality
but the true state of thing is not found in this one direction alone
at the time the mounting was being crammed cells often were climbing a mountain that means are practicing ah
going through different ah conditions
and forgive are being crossed i was there in time and the time has to be in me because being and time or one so the time and being can i am climbing a mountain or crossing the river
then even this moment this time of growth mountain climbing a mountain and crossing the device to part of this moment this this two separate
as long as so yeah so much as i am via it cannot be that time passes away so even in this time from i was still in the to the whole the time she was granted the my pin is still part of the
not a fan here like the night about his experience at mom can turn eighteen years the data issues experience is still part of his present moment
as wrong as time is not a majority of going and coming
ha this means time doesn't fry doesn't flow like a stream
ah the time on the mounting is a humiliate present like now on the time being and yet as long as time takes up from itself a majority of going and coming so it here again
he said to side of granularity by his time with showing his way and another guy's time is moment by moment
in include entire past and future but this moment is only a reality past has already gone through children appeared to come so it's not there but another way of seeing disabilities by me throwing from the past to present to the future
so he always sees both sides
ah the being a me in the very immediate now
oh the time being is being time so he did you see no time being and being time
so does not
the time
climbing the mountain or crossing the diva throw out the time or a splendid by medium pace with a time of climbing up mountains ah
throw up means
become one
who is this time and does not that times time spit out that time spit out this time so again he said these these two times by one time and the also he said the two times are too
speak me to be one one thing become too so again he's saying these are not one or not too
and creature with three head and eight times is yesterday's a time under sixteen for the buddha is today's time
younger is the nature of the truth of this yesterday and today lies in the time for you go directory into the mountains fan we go directly into the mountains and look at the myriad peaks around you
hence there is no passing away
he can understand
he said we should go direct to go into the mountains and he doesn't the extreme focus mountains means but i think this mountains means you know the mounting ah
ah in the poem or sushi about the man to know that person is coming and going within the among pain and yet the monkey is it seems very different depending upon the person ah he's standing at monday
sofa of thin waist
at one time then the entire past and the entire future is here all the time is at this moment and we are really within this this is one little you're bumping within dismounting all things are like
a finale of this moment entire past and ten future and all beings are part of this banking
his there is no passing way
has there is no passing away no movement in
and finally he says so even that the three headed eight and create or makes a passes as am i being the time for both how to become buddha or done plenty mung become the about
ha so even
creator makes a passes as my being time although it might seem as if it was yeah it is far away it is a time right now
and the sixteenth to put a bully with the present moment also makes a passage as my being the time although it might seem as if it was some yeah is over there he did a time right now
i think
verizon billions and g right about what actually the expire experience eighteen years ago in china i'm liking
so we have to see him his situation now he's sitting in a small room in a monkey in japan and lighting have experienced eighteen as it ago in china still that is not something
you can find praise on different time but he is that experience and go for his writing this is at the same time
so nothing is the are beyond what the outside this moment on right now like here and organs tribes canvas
so these are ah
two and one and yet when this is a reason cause and presented or past and present feel these are all really a corrected
oh wow we can see here the one thing so all the all past experience is to protect myself at this moment
right now up here i think that is fun
dogan that is a reality token onto choice ask us to awake to
and that is a fuck with a thought as our reality of or beings and our income connection of all beings
where absolute i booked to wrong
thank you