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ah i start page seven king
ah paragraph forty seven
the in quote when is the mustache a statement and he made ah
comments on this person's statement
ah them muster inc on tongue sure in japanese pronunciation oh and don't gay
was instructed
the honorable monk the day three think
if you wish to understand easily simply face arising mind and moving thought through out twelve hours
just following these moving thoughts right there
you haven't we clearly see that there is nothing to gain like the great empty space
also the empty space has neither shape know our boundary
inside and outside our one reality
both william and it's object disappear
both reality and understanding a week are eliminated three times past present and future are all equal
those who have reached such a feed are court a person of the same way who hasn't nothing to study and non doing
the organs comment these phrases uttered by the old man in an are all i'm using his entire strings it seems that he's simply chasing the shadows and never know
new resting
when inside and outside are not one is the buddha dharma not there
what is inside and fat is outside also empty space has both shape and boundary
is the occurrence of the buddha ancestors
what is the empty space
i suppose that in an owen has not yet known what the stealthy space is he does not see the empty space he has not yet grasped the empty space he has not yet this
struck the empty space he mentions arising mind and moving thought were is as principle that your mind does not move how is the or arising mind within twelve hours
the mind cannot enter into trail of hours the twelve of hours does not come into the of minds how is it possible for the mind to allies
what are the moving thoughts do the thought move or not move why do they not move or not not to move
what is moving like and the fact is that not moving back but does he called thought you were thought that exist within twelve hours do to i was exist within sought do they exist finn the around know
no dichotomy
he says that it is easy to understand if we simply facing arising mine unmoving thought who is in i was
we understand easily that he mean we can easily understand the way or the ancestors he saw the buddha way is neither easy to understand know are discarded to understand that is a fiery ninety way or now
a cool and john she or coffee engaged in the whole hog the practice of away under the guidance of the teacher for many years
he said suddenly clearly see that there is nothing to gain he has not yet seen the way or the ancestors even in a dream
such inferior capability which to understand easily
i can judge that he has not yet fully investigated the great way or the ancestors the buddha dharma why of he said how could it have reached until today
so he make a candover
ha heavy
yeah criticism again this person and i don't really understand why he picked up this pass on this thing in the context stove disliking about to reality of all beings
before the previous
section he recited the idea of
ha i think he killed three teachings and if this person is mentioned about that the idea there's some meaning that he me doesn't need to create side is pat on the same but
he didn't say anything about would say teachings
and i don't think in know this person's statement the things is especially wonderful but i don't think i don't see any mistake
how do we maybe it's not perfect from talking point of view but i don't think he's mistaken so by dogging
that these things of this person and made such a severe criticism
i don't really understand so if you have some i get pretty cute mean
tolkien wrote a lot
dogan road a lot of stuff he said
numbers game service
the think so
for hero too much and he didn't believe him
where ah maybe run possibilities
there's some kind of twisted karma
even though he criticizes his person it seems to me like he's not
will later after that he compare this person and then the chinese there must have fun here she met his age so on i was about sixty as it
before the game went to china so i'm she said oh on disposal is much better than goes the kind of humid so
if you don't he doesn't do
it is praised this person
he says maybe dynamic
let me sit up and that means that means fan he will be able to have got more monastery he wasn't
hello to me it seems
it's confusing because
it seems like he's going out of his weight
bigger sizes
yeah so either let's talk about kind of interested caravan
in within some china
how this all on
me type in japanese because i don't really know chinese politician or one dome gay
for as a disciple of a cook you showed you

kochi you showed you
and the cookie was sure you into a disciple of angle
poker wrong
angry the person the i mentioned this morning i mean go here and quoted the
discussion is a person who made a broken record and logan respected this person and another disciple of ingo capone is diet
and diet be february is fits them to go

and cetera to core is a teacher or mckay the oh ha
the suicide yoga is the able to tend to monasteries and dogging visited
hi joe do
i don't know
and dea is a person who are with
really great creekside are
photo the masters as are silent illumination
and those masters are are in our news ah showed up
hey you
and joy is a disciple of com cartesian

young guy is a disciple of quijote okay
the person who i mentioned this morning who you go crying the their matter who was examined because he active hit invitation from the emperor
and total serious or in emerging a this person is called sink a cereal
solo is the name of the temple despite on gig and think it is this person's goal name and total failure was terima braga is once a show

can is the person who made composed one hundred buses ah on one hundred columns on that later became ah sure your locker or book of nep so this way a person who made
hexagon know who i'm getting a powerful me and they are show your look
and total failures disciple is a so rock

and ten those over the head celebrate the said choice can
and new york
i'm going
yes however
charles ceo danny so-called related
this is you're danger this is a soto and this this
the person or the news is most popular and powerful in this age because of value was a really popular route teacher
this tradition is called a on thing
one can show them
in their tradition and enlightening experience or can show experience is very important and has a missile to haven't got in and i commend the experience the use corn or another name with come
come now to then kami is too
but he saying go to war is cohen or story
and the his uncle cliffside a sink itself on the one says style practice as ah
silent ah elimination or mock show
to the point is the just sick and they have no enlightenment at this point so this to are kind of a have been you know
fitness this is in the credit century
i saw after twelfth century until today this discussion have been continuing that are just sitting or having enlightenment is important who just sitting is enough
get the discuss start here
and of course dorgan is decide
he dogan logan's a main target of cricket team is dire
if you lead a shovel are you
kind of dogan chris side or even attack value and they attack these people so it's kind of a see the caravan
from organs a point of view this kind of practice is
not right but from these people this is not right so the to the karma and there is another twisted kind of that piece in in japan
before him ah data to them groups was in movement funny of course a size
it is i was a faster japanese must have who went to china and transmitted been ryzen
the things i am a site re-submit it is not from this lineage but ah another remains your brains i named a call you were korea means a year old dragon school
this the is from yogi yogi school and choreo school and to
grand school is how the school in i in some dynasty
this is and a story was a and catch up
and museum was logan's teacher
when the will practice then at camden nj in japan and get the another person who started his own school corruption in japan around the same time with ha his name is no need
this person given to go to china that he liked meditation practice so he practiced by himself and he thought he attained enlightenment
but it
but he didn't receive transmission but because discussion
was very powerful charismatic person but he had many students and his group was called that my shoe

yeah that must normally is a teacher or cackle and
and the calculi a peach of a original pitch of israel
seo is the wins major disciple and may up and second abu dhabi haiti
and beside the a joke
another a cocoon disciple is a come
first the angel became told the disciple
the later in clear the forty one
his dog and was still in kyoto this person ecom a had already teacher and he had many students with his own student become became billions disciple
and pecans or students why people like guy
guy he can
he he many people who has a g in the first part of the my name ah originally pecans the cyprus
and those people after a israel you know continued photo shoot for the school but on just awesome morning started
ah you know the practice ah especially after s i came back from china hotel achieving that i'm a transmission from chinese their master nor new was grits was brains that he has no transmission so
partner indeed was she wrote a letter about his enlightenment our experience and understanding and sent to his disciples katana
and ask are visiting grandma transmission through hither and that
chinese there must have known in received transmission was dispersal set them ocho
days the his disciple
so there is a trusted caravan
you know
hadn't even take over
so is the basic kind of our country could begin to engages and ah
dogan criticize this person but ah these people who is originally from this in age he came to organs disciples so there's some complicated surgery
anyway ah
and i never import not important but interesting thing is
you know why she was the other of
can do monastery for many years and he was the person who made kendall monastery a big more lastly he gave it a issue i have a a more athlete for more than five years
and thing once she died this person or i'm don't get the kill gathered gavel to a the monastery of kalonji
you know that of shuddered at the monastery is supported by the government ah the abbot was selected by the government so up
the our about to that monasteries not necessarily in a previous about disagree so after ones died this person on became the able to can come monastery and i pinned also of this
possibly the also became the other to kindle monastery
and of course the usual was the able to the monastery for all these people are why we about the kindle monasteries fear broken practiced this is another up in anything connection
but so are ah on was were out of ten tender monastery about sixty years ago before dog and he visited
so proverb property dorgan you know how the this person
and another point is ah
at that time on and day was compared and coat and considered to most eminent kinda masters at that time
even though i the owen was a diorama nephew obadiah this person seems very a
imminent awesome
hmm that is a connection picking dorian and this person so it has it might be some
you know ah
twisted the caravan between gorgon and discussion please
this a monastery who
and abbott practices
and then they bring an avid in who practices or is committed to ones i what happens in that monastery
high rank amongst for her
the practiced always runs she and don't want to practice with this person have to leave them a
well as the ups ah
that is a system of a so-called oh
it's worth that kind of more after was called the you for subtle at the means the morass three supported by the government or empire
the about is selected by the government so if this me about guy died a lot with
that resigned another one is directed by the the about not by not by discussion so ah practice style might be completely changed then the monks who want to continue practicing this style have to leave
and ah
she's a student came to the monastery so it's a moving around and notify you know for example in japanese reading a monastery like be greens a monastery like died takashi there is a many smaller sub
emperor's was indicted crazy now or the reason why there are so many small sub tempers within like big monastery is finn or guam have a guide
the about disciple
it may get it a stupor of the deceased about and as a kind of an excuse to stay they did
the small temple to probably not protected but take care of that they are teachers grave and
getting that you know many is centuries there are many such such tempers within this big monastery so it has a good point are not good so good point i mean all those group are always
conflicting checkup
and now
he attacked
in japan
yeah today they don't have so much problem
good have so much energy to fight
what is a family coping or is a kind of a complicated connection between dogging on this person so one day is and gorgon kind of a crusade is this person is this time not bad sign
it's too
i don't really understand you know within this the context of this writing or shovel just so she's
the state to his saying oh and same and organs you know ah how can i say point doesn't clearly
how can i say much i mean
ah but probably a bit we could even though i don't understand fuck up point dog and want to criticize probably at the time of gorgon is meant to be clear enough i don't want to say
so i tried to kind of introduce
play on this
type of practice in this a
and i have never practice that kind of so-called can show or cohen's and and i don't know much about it
but ah it's kind of interesting how different from the organs practice and so-called the canadian or coins and practice doesn't sound like a is talking about candles in no know
or like us right in this statements that fire i'm wondering why dorgan crusade this particular
the thing
but based very basic difference spitting this type of them and the type will begin he would that understand eyebright thing through this one person so-called enlightenment experience
ah it's really different
ah this is from
a d t suzuki is a phase indian buddhism and title of the essay is factory
so deviously is explicitly about photography is and and according according according to the keys the keys how happily read most essential point of rinzai zen practice
and he'd vp suzuki or introduce several
examples think ah sung song dynasty must as expect can show experience
this is one example of morocco's socgen in japanese

i also mention discussion this morning
she came to japan from china offering some dynasty was conquered by more
and he became the first found out of anger presume on a street in kamakura
this person
it is focused on the colon or move i think you are familiar with knew that is joe should buddha-nature put dogs but on hr if they all kinds of britain and show or not ah gotcha said move
and this is interesting but you know enough means a tradition this call corral focus buddha nature is based on ah
hong kong or gate less gate and morgan this stories only it summon up a monk asked if with a dog has put on a chair or not
joseph said that's the end of the story but ensure your local wants you to show soil of guess another path fast ah
to the fast monk a georgia said him
and to the second man crew of the same christian joshua said booming be the dog has put a nature so a
story is different between january and soto
and in that if you read our show your local can see that this but meaning of fast much joseph had to move and second joseph and who is ah kind of over our
the stage your practice of ah is a or students fast
no ensure your first georgia said
and second joseph them
here without commented the person who made the comment cage in obs show your dog's head fast joe she'll give up agha candy
you know but as a dog even though has put on a child and later she took out that can be
hmm so busy that i got like a stage
oh ah education or teaching method but friend organs g caught the same story in show organs of the show i should change your order
the first joseph had to move and second joseph said so it seems dolans our interpretation is also is different from while she or show your locals
the fast joseph said and second so it's not a step by step teaching but for dorgan oh and the movies to a side of one reality are alive
true reality for all beings is not as skip
dr difference between show your and organs for show and ah in the case of mahmood can ah good was show or buddha is just move and this move is beyond any duality of and moon and mama cass said
that patients should
take that
new like ah ah hmm running fire goal
how so you cannot think of anything
that is didn't i approach of this coil or moon and this their must have got children is working on this coin
saudi pieces it the case a more oxygen it was more extraordinary than that though wake up before he's talked about her queens unfortunately in this case we help his own recording of it in the
detail so work in decode the tv experience
and his experience was
when i was fourteen i went up to kingdom kingdom is it ah well as week
the used to be the airport when seventeen when he was seventeen years old i made up my mind to study reason and began to unravel the mystery of your shoes moon so he studied to practice
on josh's a move thank you and seven king
i expected to finish the matter with in one ear
but i did not come to any understanding or week after all
another year passed passed without much a brave and three more years or so finding myself with no progress so he continued to walk or move in the fifth or sixth year fire north presented change
came over me the moon became so inseparably attached to me that i could not get away from it even while asleep so he put he was sleeping he was fighting a kiss move
this is a kind of a practicing right right issue
this whole universe seems to be nothing but the move itself
in the meantime i was told by an old monk to set it aside for a while and see how things would go with up with me so he said
gave otherwise stopping for a wine
according to this advice i dropped the matter altogether
i'm sat quietly so he without working on corn he tried to sit quietly
just thinking but owing to the fact that the move had the being with me so long i could in no way shake it off however much i tried so more was always theater with him when i was sitting
i forgot that i was shaking
nor was i conscious of my own body
nothing but sense of other bronchitis prevailed
how for he does past
like or bad escaping from its cage my mind my consciousness moved out movie about without restraint sometimes to add sometimes ways to on sometimes north lot or so
swab sitting through two days in succession
one through one day and night i did i did not feel any for geek
at the time there were about nine hundred monks is are residing in the monastery nine hundred monks among whom there were many the voltage a student of zinn
one day while seeking
i felt as if my mind and my body was separated from each other
and lost the chance of getting back together so body and mind a kid
ah all the monks about me thought that i was quite good
but among all the monk among them said that i was frozen to a state of invulnerability higher has absorbed in deep meditation so it in this type of vacation know we
me experienced this kind of the extreme condition of in a concentration
and that
if i were covered up with warm crossings i should buy myself come to my senses
so other people thought he was dead
this proved to for i finally awoke from it and a friend i asked for monks we are my seat
how long i had to be in that condition so he had no consciousness
they told me it was one day and night for or one day or night he was in a factory condition
after this i still kept up my practice of seeking
i could no shape a little so before he couldn't
when i crossed my eyes are broad expanse of emptiness presented itself before him which then assumed the form of our farm yard
through this piece overland i walked and walked until i got thoroughly familiar with the ground
but as soon as my eyes were opened the vision or together is appeared
one night sitting far into the night i kept my eyes open and was aware of my sitting up in my sleep
all over southern the sound of a striking the ball in front of the head monks room ditched my ear preach at once revealed me the originated among or is another among in full
there was then no more of that vision which appeared at the closing of my eyes hasty i came down from the seat and wrung out into the moonlight
who did night and went up to the guardian has called of countries korea looking up to the sky i laughed loudly oh how great a the term ah kiah
oh how great and immense for ah
to pay by more
this is my joy new to knew no bounds i could not quietly sit in the meditation hall so he couldn't sit
i went about with no special purpose in the mountains walking this way on that i thought over the sun and moon televising in a day through a space and it's had the no four billion miles wide
my present award is in china i deflected them and the say and they say the district of young is a sent out the us
sophia he's now is a cent of the ass he saw this phrase must be ah to be on million miles away from fear the sun rise
so he saw the sun and how is a that as soon as it comes up it's raise lose no time in striking my face so and sun rise and the person is very the far this
kinds from the sun's to the moment the sun rise the sun light he his eye
and he was surprised about that
fritz did again valets of my own i must review just as instantaneously as those of the sun as it beach gallagher my eyes my mind are are they not the karma
eight sieve
so that means if sunlight come to or his eyes instantaneously me his eyes go through the sun instantaneously so he he found that he himself is that i'm okay
i'm thinking thus i felt all the bounds snapped and broken to pieces that had been kind to me for for many ages
how many numbers ears had i been sitting in the whole or aunts that means sitting in the whole or in gibi there to serve as the evil how many number is years had i been sitting in the whole or and to
they even in every pore of my skin their lie or a buddha lungs in the king as in a thin coat and is in can directions
i thought within myself even if i have no greater satori i am now always have sent on to myself this is not the experience and interest in interesting point to me in this
rory is finally he found that today even in a every poor or my skin well i order to the land in the ten directions a the same as though going the same or not
hmm to me this is very in interesting and important
if did this to either fame than
you know i practice and soda practice are not completely different
so this is our go on
and i only practice in the way so i cannot make sure so if you have some experience in danger and please let me know
as a walk vistula to me as a thing you know me and conduction are all connected and there's no indication was beside spasm and beside and without the connection with constructive direction word
is president doesn't for the any
exist so oneness between ah that not have the network of interdependent origination on this entire network is completely connected and contact completely one and yet as dorgan said it ah
he joined of us is completely independent
this kind of our
how can i say not simple or front but are very complicated or my than two dimensional in a reality
so i have no answer
but it's seems that they are point of the discussions about a marathon was titled practice the finer in our reality we can find or awaken to to me
let me start to talk about this pass on thing
so i i i don't think for vistas on all i'm saying in this statement and bogan he wants to say in this liking
two completely different so that is another reason i don't really understand why dogan criticized discussing
he saw the new orleans i yeah
she does it
he and his life july
no i'm not sure if he went to pure anger or not but she studied appeared on the bosom

okay this person owens said
if you wish to understand easily
this was easily might be appropriate for dorgan
here are the he mentioned greater
simply face arising mine and moving frauds ising mind is not our mind is always arising
staying for a while and pretty sure this movement of sorts coming and going off of in i thought and moving so did the same thing
page seventeen
throughout trade hours so we should watch this moving mine
who are arising arising mind or moving certain that coming on going of our own mind
for throughout thirty dollars throughout the of our with twenty four hours
here in the sunk
in recent times are in china and japan one day as trade vallas march twenty fourth
just following vs moving thoughts
right there
he now practices we did go of thought but this person said we should follow with fraud
the there might be some difference here
he was suddenly clearly see that there is nothing to gain like the great empty space
sophie you see each and every coming and going of thought
ha i think it means they are some space between one thought and another phone even though that these lists than soda than one moment to see that empty space i think is important point in the scandal practice
so there is nothing to gain like the great in his case
also the empty space has neither shape no abundance empty space is at no shape of course and no boundary and space just one empty space and within this empty space so too are coming i'm going nikon
in oliver then we are like a blue sky and within this blue sky thought are coming stay for a line and disappear
same thing
and inside and outside out one reality no separation between inside of ourselves and outside of ourselves
and both wisdom on its object disappear
so guys no subject object a relationship
he both reality an understanding of it the clarity of all beings and
our understanding observation or we are heading be naked
three times past present and future are all equal
those who have reached such your field
our called a parcel of the sad seeing we
person on the sitting when he who has nothing to study i'm non doing is a expression
from show okay
the joka that song of enlightenment of the way
the saga camino com biology
anyway according to this person this is our practice and
are you greek
and logan make comment on this on statement
these are phrases uttered by the old man in an it on using his entire string
it seems that he's simply chasing the shadows are never knew
i don't understand this
some cases she has simply simply chasing shadows and never knew resting always chasing after the shadow of something
following it i am i know that but
there were listing for does it mean and he said he's list
a curious
in this age
hmm is it
i think is really following facts is no different from
hey once you should follow they can it off
hey if he interpreted different as if you're following him as if you check cashed him
chasing some does not using that it had to anything pay about she's dispersal progress
letting go of him falling because i've done visitors practices and ultimately there's to tracks
it may you it's technically him
yeah that's what he's
yeah he ate are chasing saddam is chasing i thought falling the salt river dogan but logan said never listing means this chasing never finished never done yeah so if you're chasing isn't
the community has no time i thought stopped so there's no time we can test
again thinks that his own armies so i'm reading his territory invading any kids
times is getting very picky whom oh
bending his territory comes outside of high seek
that might be so
bring this about that
can really talk about that when i meditate so
from a when ask it there sometime soon i go into a huge empty space that
i think you have women l moment than the phone i can sit there and still here with my eyes of food and be and this huge
space there's no space i'm sitting in his under i mean could this not be level and now like now you can i set this huge empty space from the way that it happens is just chasing shadows from it is you if it comes from
the lines on the wall channels in a ryan room so you go in for this place then
i think this is literal this sounds exactly like what it is that i think this is oh amazing thing about his practice is so it is a regular if i think so literally i go into this fight is food there is no separation between me and the inside and outside
and then just like that you were talking about before who when i come back and the opening that to resume them packing winds up at who have run out in the garden and go yeah there is no separation from has process so you had that same
kind of experience with discussion back in such good hands off of work
yeah not i mean it was think i never had that
like i
the one of the first machines i didn't have from ah for wonderful
that was a freeze
she mentions thought that when we become aware of the thing is him
was like simply chasing into shadow sisters
if it's i didn't use this for if it's misunderstood on allowed to first separate from the thinking who can wash thoughts flu and
when you were saying from my own experience as soon as you become aware of you
like was just kind of us mansions a fundamental misunderstanding words juice or following your boss or seem to me
what what i'm thinking about i wasn't going to do tomorrow when i was doing sauce and thirteen i only realize it
after the fact him not watching the thoughts him continue otherwise if if i am i'm actually thinking there's no way can be aware so when i open the hand who actually aware of what has gone on before
your experience
i don't know
i really extreme and fifth please actually of when i read this line or wanna hear this way it seems that he's simply chasing the shares never been arrested i guess i was thinking of it more metaphorical it comes chasing the shadows of understanding interesting
how i interpret it is done when you say oh he's just he's just out there you know his practice his understanding that he is
you know that he's expounding basically this whole paragraph him just teaching say this guy you know his is chasing the shadows he said the way off of that field never knew resting is i never got it down that the uttermost thing
maybe video medical plan
danny chasing shadows is you not really dealing with the real thing with what's important
doing something foolish thing
not exactly the american election
from where another meaning was chasing shadows settled or is always together with this person so philip we ran facing the shadow that shadow is coming with me so there's no time disgusting in is done but this one meaning of chasing the
saddle mean discuss tissue i felt sad or myself so an the long i have to down to plan and then i far as i'm running saddle is a running so there's no time as follow that we're chasing of padded shadow there's no time we can settle down
that is
who i'm pushing for meeting
so probably go raising chasing following the phone doesn't work
i mean i know fix the understanding yet about this part of this writing so good i'm still you know
trying to see for doing things so we don't think i'm getting you i'm still studying
and the next he ask a question thing inside and outside are not one k the buddha dharma not there that means this person said ah inside an on-site out one rarity
surely eating your plan dog ask if they choose to side fairly to put at dharma
that means this person only see the oneness does not feed
hmm tunis no not the one with so doggone is always in always trying to show both side so does does
fate is either on and outside a one is not enough for dogan that for i think this person we are always willing to say i variety so to see oneness of this to his awakening but i do
he is we have to go beyond that awakening of oneness so we began to ah not one as again to this afternoon to artistic reality that is
during the always point count so to go to to see the absolute or ultimate reality of oneness is not enough we should feed please
ah we should see that many different characteristic within that oneness or emptiness i think that the different organs in england your column he said in often we hear we fail are both in the ocean for us that we see many things
but when we continue to say and go to the in the midst of ocean when she said we only see a round shape of ocean but his attack is not the goal he should say that we must the study
god fucking derive ah
various cat
dimitris characteristics of the ocean
one this one's sakura means oneness of the awesome but wish the see many for the characteristics cuisine that oneness
and he said what are his for a fish or things like got paris for ah heavenly beings or painted i got during and before the are hungry ghost or die jaguar
would it goes about our headed widows or that is an icon
to do either cost us so depending upon ah that person's situation distant pay out one seems very different at the front door insert in charge you so that i know there are on piece to be three-piece and four piece of kinda actions so
so far even though we are the only one with can direction the scenery or this ten direction word a different he needs time so we hope to see not only one is but also within this oneness are many different characteristics or thing on his
so i think this are christian has some meaning
so you know
he didn't show against him
does he always devolves by i think so
that example grampians michelle
you know we cannot return on
just a witness
a subpoena yeah
he never saw dogan just emphasize that just want to see always says was to yeah the for example against the show show bogans was sure he said he discuss about the nature of known move with a nature and the with with nature hallways
suddenly clearly see that there is nothing to gain like the great space that mean there is no bridge
nothing to do is like agree
i think is right per second
handling keep asking what is inside for this outside
an empty space has a boss shape on the boundary is the others of the ancestor so he saying that open side of this owens statement i said ah empty space has no shape on the boundary
he is that a awakening of emptiness nose shape no bungling no form
logan again always of against his saying
and sisters had a shape on bhandari
that is actually an outgrowth in sheboygan the cuckoo or empty space and he caught the cohen story of a secure and the say go
ah secure asks fatal go know how to grasp the empty space
i'm sober for if i know i'm he
hey aren't sure our patient if you grasp to ensure grasping with space or air with hands but i think your said that is not the wage to grasp empty space and wednesdays or ask them how do you grasp the empty space and he grabbed
a person knows that this hundred
to grab the empty space that means empty space has shape has boundary and pain
gotham is this five scandal is empty so to to grasp the air to me anything but in order to grasp the emptiness emptiness we have to ask with five scandals because the this is only way we can
grasp the empty space so empty space has shake comic body and mind
that is empty
he's trying to show always the other side of
you this not in this case or and say statement
so what is empty space
that means without five scam that or form guys no emptiness
what we think we need to see emptiness we're beyond five is candace oprah
but to grasp describes canvases only way we can grasp emptiness
but if i the how to settle a thing for me the emptiness and the implemented form
but we're looking for anything is beyond this phone
according to the organ that is a mistake
he's an engineer okay we make the mistake of looking into his outside before
so we returned to support and he's inside the corn
what isn't there ages anyway that even really can't find it
it's all entries it has to be antibiotics for to beyond the body you know that's probably
penetration of it
that's a good question
thank you ask a dog and
the publishers
yeah that is how we developed by one understanding you know we christen to dogan in a praetorian is trying to show the other side of this the must i think and so we have got kogan the or another side go get my in overlook that
did how we studied aroma with dawkins guidance so
leading or studying show potenza is not memorizing for his thing and accepted as a other of jury in on to fix system of teaching but we need to have a dialogue between for his same thing and are christian
that is how we continue in a dog in practice so we having a question is very important and of course because the is did he doesn't give us answers we have to find the answer by by ourselves
the way we continue our practice understand the dharma
ha henry i suppose that on has not yet known what they emphasise empty space is she does not see the empty space
he has not yet grasped the empty space he has not yet struck the empty space struck him this species another expression
maybe it has something to do is yours a plan of a bill
linda been you know about his as a pipe i plan on winnable
coquina the berries right we got an entire body of window where is like a mouse and always ah
discussing are talking or expressing ah
franconia with a wind from any deductions
when the bare doesn't make choice now knowing the from north or south or east or west but together with all beings are into berries always the script expressing i'm discussing ah emptiness
so striking the emptiness and he also use these expressions tighten the emptiness in
rendell or does use on my it's not the only the time we track the emptiness and also first of the time now that sound is always
the wanna continue kiss you i think
i hope i can finish this section he mentions arising mine and moving thoughts there is a principle that the mind does not move
this up to the
definition for to mind is my if in mind as many different meanings if mine is our thinking it's always moving but dog use this mind as our mind is all beings and all beings is a mind being show ballgames or so
shinji limits the mind is it safe buddha don't cancel this mind in a expression and function vivitar is mine that is what mine is itself or beings and all beings is what mind for this were mind a same as true yeah
ep in if mind is defined to got to reality than it doesn't move that means it
but reality of all beings is a gunner
ah and how is where arising mind within twelve hours
hmm this is about a being on time being on time is the you one thing so was in twelve hours already being with their nothing can come and go come on ago because being on time is always together always one from timing
is there being these old and they're so nothing extra can come in
ah the mind cannot enter into trouble us so there's no tooth separate things twelve hours and the mind so might can't come into
and the trail of ours does not come into the trail of minds
because this to out really one thing how is it possible for the mind to eyes
what are the moving thoughts
do the thought move or not move or do they not move or not not move so this is the way we examine some one thing you know how full following the dogon even logan things should be examined in this way
and this is how are here though he works with colon was our any x expression of fatima he me it have been even one phrase from many different dialect
and always creekside something
her always showing the the other side
ah fuck is a moving like and fact is there not moving like in our in them sunset jaw
ah no monkeying and water sutra is a mountain is moving
i'm and does not move and he said water is always moving and yet what i never move
he always felt two sons
and fuck does he call thoughts they thought the exist within twelve hours the trio hours exists with insult do they exist when they are no dichotomy is
so she's not she's not saying some another kind of a different kind of truth decide for this there must i sing at his doing the checking checking out
try to make our mind flexible
he said that it is easy to understand if we simply facing arising mind and moving thought within twelve hours
passero we understand easy
does he mean we can easily understand the whale or good ancestors you saw the away is neither easy to understand know a difficult to understand that is why nine way or another merkel and jam she or coffee
the manga case long ago ezio founder coffee if a to as your disciple bustle do it or mother
this is about our story of are producing a pie
i got time to talk about this story it around so the story about along we need a long explanation
happy for you are interested please leave a show doesn't seem or acupuncture needle doesn't
hmm but a long ago practiced with his teacher showing on the six transistor for eight years ah
until she understood
on the anti-christian of fat how come we've had is this that does come
and a bustle practiced with manga go for fifteen years
anyway engage in the whole hearted practice of the way been no under the guidance of vip each other for many years so there's nothing easy hundred anima or with way
of course nothing difficult
what is takes a long time in this continuous practice is it served with at dharma
ah and he said suddenly clearly see that there is nothing to gain
he has not yet seen the way over down assistance even in a dream
he can how can a person with such inferior capability
wish to understand easy
who is she doesn't like this suddenly clearly see
chris see is like a dancer way the sing and the reality for to the scene
he's that is one that the reason he didn't like the expression can show can show you the same nature
of course seeing the buddha nature and according to him with anita cannot be seen in anyway because put them into is a way things are
i guess no no out with seeing who can discover and nothing no the a new reality or buddha-nature which can be seen
i can judge that he has not yet free investigated the great we'll put our ancestors
he put up with a guy out law as he says how could it have reached until today
so it seems his great fighting this their master but maybe not
any christian
thank you very much