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good morning
ah ha
i started to cook on ah but i would have five of sure you so in pages to of this are hung out
the a few paragraphs
but i would have five therefore all beings are themselves or weeks
such your form such your nature
through rarity is true truly through reality that is such a phone and such an nature
appearing in this world as only africa and as together or buddha he's the expounding practicing and verifying
of the true reality of all beings such expanding is being able to completely penetrate although it is complete penetration it is being able to
because it is not for the healing the media or the end it is such a foam and such a nature for this reason we say that the beginning the middle and the end
our or good
being able to completely penetrate is that true rarity of all beings the true reality of all beings is such a foam
such your form is being able to completely penetrate such a nature fattier nature is being able to completely parity to penetrate such your body such your body is being able to completely created such energy
such energy is being able to completely penetrated penetrate such a function such a function is being able to completely pastry to such a cause such your cause is the being able to completely pinot
great such a condition such a condition is being able to completely it such a result fatalities or it is being able to completely penetrate such recon pins such recompense is being
being able to completely penetrate ultimate identity of the beginning to the end
the utterance of ultimate identity of the beginning to the end is such that is turi manifesting itself
because of this the result of result is that it is not the result of cause and result
therefore the result of cause and result is is or to have reserved for us result
this result of product the phone nature body and energy therefore the foam nature body and energy and so on are a miserable and boundaries to reality
this result it does not have a select from foam nature body and energy therefore the phone nature body energy and so on are all true reality
when these phone in nature for the and energy and so on are entrusted to the reserved the companies cause and condition and phone that of distract them there is utterance
that is eighty or ninety percent completed
when these phone nature body energy and song are interested to the result recompense cause and condition and so on that do not have distract them there is utterance of hundred percent completed
i hope we can access to
the i had a question just about robert
page for me
and emphasis on the for measurement of all things so are those
chapter ten title flutter flutter the like that paragraph eight or
the these a number with a paragraph and
a is the eighth paragraph e out from the beginning
what are the other numbers like this is a number of the sections canterbury i made there's no such things in the original logan know that me i'm sorry
this is the tokens ratings
and i suffer
first i have can understand when i have take spring

okay i start a will five
ah therefore all beings are themselves all beings about these such a phone such our nature and to reality is is truly true reality that is such a foam on such a nature
how cause these to means that too
rarity and all beings
reality or brings up a each and every concrete beings each one of us and through reality is the reality of all up over us so true reality is kind of obstruct
so this but not exactly but this is an america phenomena on human on
something common was all beings
but reality that are allow all beings to be all beings is to reality that is a kind of our ah come on not understanding or common usage of or is a whole or older beings and through reality
and is he in the case of human beings this is aika this person and buddha nature
according to broken or beings with nature
for entire beings are buddha nature and yet we are also believe diluted beings and we do so many things against to the nature them for this book or being entire being satirical nature means so that
for that concrete fundamental beings and truth or reality at is is the relationship between these two
is i think the point of gorgon and here his these two are completely same thing
guys no such as a frog to reality be beside all beings each and every concrete things
so the such a phone such a nature too fast to have that ah it happiness that all are all beings and or or consultants are also to reality
ah and appearing in this world as only a buddha and as together with buddha this only a with and together with buddha if he hope
he with flip

the of cause me she came from the sentence in the lotus sutra on the a buddha together with the buddha can penetrate the true reality of older beings
these ah be know
the subject
no penetration penetrating to reality but here the and use this universal under your weekly the only and the and together with the buddha as a but as name
only buddha is one name of bermuda and together with the buddha is another name of another buddha the though engines you use allowed
make this kind of twist
sometimes for example finn in show bogans or job or too easy

joy's practice and which is of course buddha and he is dignified you conduct or decorum
come on the way you're reading this is practicing good as unified conduct that is you know he or she either way over leading chinese practice practicing on practice off with as a easy or dignified
but logan's the the completely different way
as ah
this go due to his wound was and each another words and girl was are now
a name or buddha
one name wrong with our first name is practice
that means each
and every practice we do for the sake of dharma well ah be spraying caprica missouri that's crap this is buddha name is joel gucci fogo his practice is buddha
i'm here this visit dignify the column our conduct of vision with named practice buddha
ah way though anthony the this very simple tiny the sentence so it's completely different if you know tomato we the reddit human beings practice put as our practice but this practice is a buddha so put up buddha
practice but as practice
in the same way he read this you able to as a name of one vigor and the only two hasn't name of another buddha and it's a kind of a ha connotation connotation during which only the means pizza
ah here we only with independent only one
and together means
means with albums
this is only one buddha up is independent from any thing but also with i always together with all beings
so you're able to the and year with the has
in any color patients gave chronic conditions

he is a verified g his phone

so the he's talking about each and every biggs or beings and all being supplied as
the buddha
and together with the buddha you able to androids
and this accurate
appearance appearing in the world is same as same expression you know used in the lotus sutra that each an all buddhas appeared in the one to show the true reality of all beings to
the living beings are enable them to and gavin
so each and every beings appear in this world each one of us are legion one of everything
as on the buddha and together with you put up
and those appearance coming and going you know ah reality of impermanence and erosion is changing moving and or arising and patient this reality of impermanence and eurodisney so washing your car
are all good or only a buddha and together with buller they are or revealing the reality of all beings
but you know that kara or gonna beliefs on the trees that is you know changing however crowd in your ah sky
how are those france on a table how or routes
how caring stay for awhile and disappearing
and ah show it cause but
great cause is to show that reality bowl games and it's really showing reality of our beings that is impermanence and egoism in some interdependent origination so each and every beings are themselves without named only with the on together with buddha
and those in our arising staying for a while changing the shape and this are getting his
ah he said
he's the expounding practicing and they find of the true reality of all beings
so here are buddha does not mean that special group of people who attained so-called enlightenment and come through disallowed to teach others to teach all beings but everything all beings appear in this world to show
on d v and teach us a truly idea of all beings
because coming and going on
got the clouds coming into the sky
is everything all beings alberta
one contains the clouds
together with a keynote

ah i think fuck the thing is there's no such distinction directv team phenomena on new mental phenomena a new middle
i guess you know through reality beyond or besides outside of all beings
has that is basically popular things
so all the things are three you know faxing and expounding burma because dharma is the way all mess up
so all dharmas are expounding how they ah that that these reality of all big does nothing either the beyond you know this phenomenal word is some truth or reality behind or beyond his fellow
our was in future we're living or beings within this phenomenal world are only put that together with buddha
ha so each and everything is expanding dharma
and practicing now
and terrifying
lima and that is true reality of all beings
is not
she's like a know
maybe only beach
because i only i understand it
i don't really understand it
and he said ah such expounding is being able to completely penetrate that means we know each and everything is complete a manifestation of reality of all beings and yet
complaints penetrate that means we have to practice study and practice to penetrate even though we are in the midst of reality of all beings we have studied we have to enquire it we have to or round how to deep
according to that reality of all beings and do we have to train ourselves to live in that way so
you know if we simply hear that everything is true reality and or is buddha than this is the dogan first question can why we have to practice why we have to make their fault why we have to go through such a difficult to practice training
in order but as an ancestor had went through such a difficult training and practice and i paint way how if everything we've already buddha and everything revealing the truth why i have to practice i haven't this study whatever i do whatever i
want whatever i think is reality because everything we've put up
that is the in question and i think appears that i can hear his answer to his question can the question he had a friend he was teenager that is you know
well as a for you know each and everything is expanding practicing and verifying that reality we are or so we also have to study focus and verify this reality that is our practice so because
we are living in this phenomenon word in which everything is deviating through reality we have to study we have to practice we have to make effort to leave
not being blind to that reality
because we are although we are getting more in that to are the reality we almost always lose sight of them and we think i am
the think i was a word i am most important everything is a good this to or be used for the path of this pattern satisfaction that is really basic delusion
so ah our practice is kind of our ah tan over the upside down way of doing things
i was going to ask what
in reality
crazy to get teams
what is the truth especially since i thought

ah i think know go directly to the reality of all beings or true dharma and that is truth
that fan because we are eroded and we cannot say that tooth or reality you know ah even though we're living in the midst of that reality that reality is something we have to inquire we have to with such we have to
how can i find
those and then we're in the process of in order
looking for the that reality i think that reality is like a tooth which we don't know yet
so even though we are living in the midst of that truth we don't know the truth so we have two sides tattoos at his trend thing
that is what we're doing please
that's coming and going is buddha
ah of the is is there very the the buddha
so how are we going with mind as psyche is i think so
it's prominent
and it's not substantial is no it'll i got barbara's coming and going from package would
appreciate that passes or
well i think i was seeking is a way we appreciate both it goes in a fog coming up and going away we don't fight against him we don't try to eliminate him
but but we grasp them as most important thought my salt and i try to take action based on those thought was so to reality become of erosion
i'm really lose sight of reality but in a been those shows are coming and going it are coming and going there's no route and that doesn't deceive us we are not be ashamed by that was do fifth thought
in innovation
but they our daily lives we are often deceived by with my foot so we have to be careful
ah here we
so although it is a complete penetration it's already complete three penetrated reality still we have to and we are able to you know such look for and find and plan and
try to
eve based on this to reality
and because it is not the beginning the miserable while the end
it is such a phone on such a nature for this reason we say that the beginning coming through and that the end are all good
how is she out to him off
started talking about ah
the reality of all beings with in time

beginning either and in means past present and future
and we any think the buying clothes ah from the past
to the future
sure at present moment
and the future
and as i said yesterday and i talk covered ah and such in his
way we can prove i say it was phone and if we have a function of
support from the or other things than the c frog
i'll start to grow real bite you on the finally pecan ah
three has flower and fruit
so in this case this he is our desire of
ha previous life
and it grow and then it's their clothes
thirty within the forest berries or feed that create the life toward a future
so yeah each and everything is existing within this process of ah
cause and resulted
hundred conditions
that means version with or other things i was in our space so we are living with in education she wanted to our core katie pendant or resignation with in space and time
on each and each and every one of us is connected with all things in the past and all things in the future
there's nothing defy we can we do service after the chanting in within us know after that dedication we chant or with us
stay some time can guide action on three times can direct action means with ten direction space and say times mean this three times
we chant the she is she wishes on the san marcos and mccoys yeah hold on me
this connection is network with in time and space we are each everything we are here is connected with all beings within can direction and all buddhas and bodhisattvas
who's in time past present and future
ah you know this is kind of our common understanding our time and space but organs and the present
ananda view
not a view that it were that is a view i think that is
we are in the process what we didn't have a frog or stream of time and ah we desire to with some things and we are and we are because of something in the future
but he said
hey to moment is completely independent
it has nothing to do who is passed on the future
i'll tell you the reality is only this present moment
the past has already gone so it's not there and the future hasn't appeared to come so it's not reality reality is currently this moment and this moment has no rings
if they're the even a slightest things we can still cut into two and decide his past aside a future so doesn't present moment has an all rings puppies zero
so president along it is only a kind of ah
border between ah and being this past an endless future so and pass the is gone and president has not yet come and put i mean future has not yet to come and present moment
these jill
that means time disappear
does not have seen called time
this is the another
view of view our thing campaign freeze said president on it is zero not no rings
and yet this zero no legs
entire future is a i'm sorry entire past is a deflected by included and entire future is also different take on included
but this dog and view about being on time if we want if you are interested in this idea i'd recommend you to read show bogans or orgy

who is a being
can see his times
have you in that chapter the shogun the he said being and time is completely thing
the english time and time is being
you usually we think game is kind of a traveling with in time for time is it i got ah you know river and we are like are both that go he said that isn't not priya reality
the real reality is being his time and time is being time is only the way we
try to
understand that change within impermanence it wasn't understand the change of things you know we kind of assume this flow of time so time is production noble were thinking there's no way of being
in time is not really are being tagged with way of thinking
the player but i'm i'm i'm talking or beginning with area and end
in february view vulgarity of time and space in that way in ah ha moment is completely
independent moment
so ah
condition fact logan says in the gene in ginger corn using the analogy of firewood and ash
you know of course in a fire fire wood finn fire was a bond it's become
but can firewood
at this moment fire wood is just failed failed stayed in the he said in the dharma physician have failed
and the pig in a the and and the getting up before
hunger is after before was in on fan failed before fire to become failed it was our
live tree fan tree was cut and sprig and ride the three become failed and fame fire with was a bone ban can become much but at this moment fan the fire wood fire his thing
ing in the karma petition was filed cause know
you get like three already it's already gone and as have not yet come so only filed is there i'm using this reality of failed or a past is included and old
future including hush included
so each moment is completely independent moment from it is as in know where the before as are violent and i should go that killed out for you
i'm become another become the part of another tree
so this is a process of transformation but in a moment has she is completely hush and and fiery with is completely failed and
three is completely kid and see it is completely seat nothing is that you know was thinking we
in on difference cause vicious result ambitious called ambitious reserved
god as are thinking this is a you know correct
but as a reality reality is only this moment this present moment
so there there is to way of doing things
the regression
i think so i mean
who is in this moment
you know we are free from this causality
we you know i attentive at this moment
i'm just do what ever i do
for on for now i'm talking about this strange writing
this is my karma you know
because i have been studying bergen and somehow my teacher asked me to country united state
and teach talk about dogan in english so i'm doing my best so this is a part of cause and result because i became my teachers disciple and my teacher asked me to come and i came to united states and as my
a to my that case study on our mission i'm now we're talking about tokens idea of the time and being and this action action at this moment are cause something else in a future
but when i'm now i'm just talking i have nothing to do with fact my teacher asked to me it's gone already gone and what may happen tomorrow has not yet come so fat i'm doing is just for i'm doing
at this moment
and reading this you know talking now i'm doing you know those are entire past the which has already gone is is here
the as a part of my life at this moment so within fire with the entire history of in know those are seed on t at there
and also the future as a to the ash our next part of next tree is already there please
his intention
of course not but without intentional i cannot be here you know i can escape
i mean i don't want to escape but
i because of my intention on my willpower
i came down to talk about with strange idea but ah my intention is very tiny part of it
you know i'm in kind of our part of our over you know
about wave of buddhism came from is to the west
and i'm part of this they know boundless movement and my intention if i wish to get up at four thirty and come down to the window will come down to this whole to talk or not of course without my integer i can do this but business very tiny
part of it
guest mixes
because of effect as you say that there's a subject
oh how cute things subject and object oh you know we you for example the ah
the past them for his cooking is you know making fire and the of and so does the subject who is making fire on the fire wood with his band so subject of the but the subject and object is also working together as
are you know ah vinci i've been thinking
holbox or and they are function
so it's there and yet it's not there
the service one million times out a way to break the subject
i think so
but but still subject and the walk in vienna
same as every subject
you know i'm talking because you're here i must speak are you a listener so i'm doing something and you're doing something if no one's here i don't talk i can talk because you are listening
if gets noticed now there's no speaker so speakers someone speaking on someone listening
create this situation this work working together
that is tokens view
where what am i talking or please
i think you answered this earlier but i'll check for this reason we say that the beginning the middle and the and our whole good
why are they good
this really that
this expression beginning middle and in our good is ah i expression used in some has improved i think a lotus sutra this is about her process of
one how to practice
i'm ah
using the guy narrows your with feed and trees but with finn in buddhism cause undesired is discussed this is about our how are both sativa
what i was in our bodies or
you on practice and study dharma and ah
come in our buddha this is a process
so cause is arousing body mind and we practice and
can we say the time as froze you know for example fan i'm seventeen a faster to my teacher's book and the i don't know why but somehow i wanted to his disciple
so i went to our university to study buddhism and i was ordained when i was twenty two since then you know i've been practicing
the orange teaching and my teachers teaching and ah you know
i'm not sure if i'm getting mature i don't know but somehow it seems so so are intervening know asked me to teach because now people ask me teach so i tried to do my best this is a process within the time cause and conditions but
for this ah beginning with a the beginning that mean the the and is all good means
from the time we announced body mind until we it again buddhahood
everything we practice and experience in this process it good it's no comarca of this is not good being a gaining we are getting better and fan we become up without its
finally good but this is kind of ah our idea i'm i'm kind of our goal oriented idea unless we reach the goal is this activity has no meaning
but this are beginning middle and and are all good means this is just entire process is put us
so beginning is good it's not of course we are in mature and do we make many mistakes but still what was in targets way this process this path would have path that is one puddle good away and finn we are in god
we do that is also another part of with away and even friend that we did the brotherhood that is simply a process of hey part of this path
so nothing nothing for this expression beginning committer on the end our good for this is also ah if the beef but when we arouse body mind and tried to practice ah and are working to
wow perfect to get was all beaks please
even in am
what we think that's fair that's
could you could you say it again
i think
the process
which had like him
as as intention as the him
turns out correlate them
and are hard and that's a problem and the was the process but still have they
painter a bad one yeah you know often we don't walk responses three to four three but we go this way and this way we deviate from this
i'm from this path
same as you know what i said we are always period from there are just sitting and yet important point is to returned to this disperse
this returning to disperse despite our truck is repentance and also now
how can i say you know how real is so dependence is not ah just a apology know i'm sorry i missed surgeons had a mistake but repentance allow us to return to pass through the track tight truck
so yeah we our is making mistakes were always very careless and ah cause in our hands
bon pain to ourselves on gaga's but in each time we need to make repentance and return to the truck
time as
every moment of being that is everyone that being good how is it good when we practice
apply this every moment is a practices
he's no other viable we tried to do our best
and yet as a reality been always deviate from the costs of about so whenever we find we are deviated we tried to become this awareness of a no deviation
and be turning his repentance louis almost moment by moment specially now that i've when you know we deviate artisan and return to that is how do we do priests earlier we talked about absolutely allen must include
relative scheme what we're talking about sounds like an example of that clear when when i'm sitting as i sat zero in the moment he
call but my intention brings me back pain so that liberation doesn't include him
like and too many thinking
so at this moment from we needed to go and began to were elevated but next moment we out again we abandoned
so our practices moment they are the moment by moment and variation is also a moment by moment it's it's not a tomato now we're completely zero this person and can we reach the goal who will become completely enlightened buddha but in each moment
this until tokens deceit practice oh buddha you know off
appearing the buddha or beings appear as a buddha to help us to the a link to that reality
ah well
how to make this point
i'll even more korea
this means that flow of time i'm starting point and goal i tried to introduce a
section of shovel enzo buddha nature
and i think this is kind of interesting anything
the ages
he's discussing our data allows you have seed and from season tree and flower and fruit
ah this is from show organs or buddha-nature said
where is our certain group got that thinks the buddha nature is like a seed
home or grass or front
so she's talking about the same thing
from this seed receives the nourishment of gary marine
everybody is it i got ah teaching from books or teaching from our teachers are from a lot
my friends are from anything and we have received got a marine in our ally voyage tough can sprout and grow
friendly seat received the nourishment of garnering it begins to sprout branches and leaves flowers and food appears
and the fruit contains says within them
this operation is bred from illusion in in the an enlightened mind so he's criticizing this idea
can eat very interesting
and of his point of quit criticism arguing against this idea is
even if you yourself should horde such notions
he was status should penetrate in practice to the truth that feed on our and fruit and fruit are each individually the i'm unveiled with the mind itself
so this is chrissie she's a criticism is
we just think this is a process seed grow and you via room for a lot on bear fruit or next generation of seat up yes
the this group of people on this think this is a process who is a new the ah stream of of time but for building want to say is each time each moment whether it is a
time while that about position of the seed er fra our fruit
each moment is ah
because rife
so what was it would see flower and fruit or each
but individually individually the on geared to the mind itself and beard
you in a he
and beard put a mind this i don't like is a translation but ordinarily expression dog use your situation

fishing thinking care i mean read
how to my mind but these are ah visited israel i got baby
babies called the ago in japanese like big tent
davies heart is pure i know erosion
and this action is used as a sincere heart was in your mind
and in distance mrs translation die
i added matthau and know mama do but somehow he they use this word on beard and i don't know how this means they include a mind and the a mind is they put a buddha in the i broke it
there is obstructed locked soaked and written not broke focus
i'm going continued foods contain seas and why the seas cannot be seen
from then the seas root stem and the list of the brand image
although they are not brought together from elsewhere
so fan they grow or different things are not came from outside
the twigs and branches develop and market price and the main trunk takes form
this is not a result of something inside of the tree for something outside of the tree so it didn't need us something inside know that new our something from outside but inside and outside work together completely together
and allows a three two rooms flour and bear fruit it's not that to trees personally individually effort
it's a totally function
since it always happens
the same way through our past and present
when why we to accept the views of the unenlightened
i named i mean the idea of growing from seed to ah
the root stem branches twigs and leaves are each inquiry the buddha nature
you know those process of going
in each stage is a perfect
manifestation over their nature
can i i was teenager i knew nothing about than and buddhism i hadn't i had no understanding but somehow i wanted to sit so i sat that doesn't and almost forty years later i think i have a real under
is and minds are then today and my cousin forty years ago in a same them
that is a perfect manifestation open or buddha nature and i was nineteen and now
ah you know my cousin is another perfect manifestation of buddha nature and problem is fun i was and i came to sit in this pasta means to have pain
and after a few years since the guys started i started to products sitting or can i was younger enough after a few years of practice my body adjusted to this posture so after that about almost thirty years i didn't have pain and yeah i sit at last
last several years i started out playing our game so indifference i returned to their vacation
so now i'm a beginner to sit with page anyway
you know if you forgive ever stage when i was a teenager or might drink as for just forecasts on the few years i feel i'm very lucky that i started to practice so young and i could see my entire adult life from the point of it as in
so i feel very fortunate and yet i cannot say no an i of course i i was a mature i had fought eroded i had saw martina mistaken ideas about the then about your life
about the world and the i knew so many things but but the way my buddha-nature manifest itself
and now i don't have an added to the so much to things
so i it seems i'm kind of
but it's not really mature but i'm losing energy to be foolish
so i'm not sure it's our improvement or just that change maybe tessa change
each stage you know not just thought has found out that we are living based on an environment post subtle about and making your phone to are not direction even though we deviate from that direction many times videos of pants
still for our efforts in each moment in each stage is a perfect manifestation of with a nature
i think this
heating oil inside the of gorgon is a deity helper at least to me
you know for example as as i said i hated my teacher's book
when i was seventeen i was high school student at that time i had many questions about life i didn't know how to live and i was not sure if i wanted to live or not i couldn't find a way to the to do
and a friend of mine had the same questions about life
and he had us
arrange his family someone who went to and to practice our killer under german or she that was ninety sixty five
it was a yeah which imo is published fast book
and which my friend stayed at fantasy during summer vacation for two weeks or so hundred cameras are gave the newly published book to him and my friend allowed me to read the book that was fast and company with return would have said pitching
ah the title of the bouquets jekyll or it's not published i've been translated yet i direct ideally want to translate fan i have time
who is in this lifetime
the would really change it or the time in my life
this so that was nineteen sixty five that was and often have guided that book i wanted to go to untied to do fishing with my friend but somehow because of something i couldn't we couldn't go and i feel lucky i didn't call
because if i went fair to the session five recession if and i was seven seventeen i'm pretty sure i thought it's not my thing
i wanted to go but i couldn't and in december that a fabulous died so i
it was a chance to meet calculus because i didn't go before
and are in the next year in february my that friend had a surgery
and he died in july
he had a cancer
because he was very young account or grew so quickly
so he died when he was seventeen
kino even finn even though we are like allows bodymind we may die any time so if our practice is
meaningless or is until we reach the goal or until ah the tree grow until broom flower or fruit than people who died before that we are product is meaningless what if you know in a
each moment that is a complete manifestation of the nature than nothing is meaningless so i
really feel anchor
this teaching or dogan i've got to put on asia is helpful in terms of reality of impermanence

here we are
so we're in the process was in came
hundred space from
fees to the ah free mature three but in each moment it is good
each other
well i'm sensing something that's contrary to support his meeting allows for compassion
how did you say
relating to each day
being complete birthday
cannot as a and said king each and every stage of growth
as a practitioner in we are supported by we need people are many things and of course we need our willpower to continue to practice and be a attentive and put our entire energy for satire we are doing
and yet we are always making mistakes or sometimes we cp sometimes we're lazy sometimes we think are there must be something bigger than what i'm doing like we're always thinking what i'm doing a rough thing
but still you know that in whatever condition everything is supporting and with supports something so this is not simply this pass on the ngb your action
to attain so-called enlightenment but this is how the way all think front foot work together to the fact dinky or total function means
and because we are supported by all beings we have to
i appreciate and you should have our gratitude to all beings
because of distance
local interdependent autonation we can practice and study and the we can be ourselves so ah to me nothing a function of each moment

so that a kind of to way of viewing see why it is doing things time as a as team gimme our stream and we are going through stuff from start starting point to the goal
kind of a common understanding of process are over practice in time and space but another way is each moment is complete time and complete paper complete time and the concrete manifestation of are truly reality of all beings
also a circle because as you're saying we've seen
seems to me
i tell you that this photo he said inch of organs or josie our practice is a cycle it's not not ah straight rain or to like a circle
need each moment we are no body mind and practice and awakening and
prophecies you you're what i eat a banana but this
continue endlessly

next paragraph i think
he's i don't think i i have to read this again
name is complete paragraph he just said
being able to completely printer it is that true reality of all beings
so being able to complete penetrate is
our practice activity despite this is it serve true reality of all pigs so truly ago of all beings is something is not something fixed mover is priceless
but the rko ball or beings is a process and activities as a practice
so this activity to trying to penetrate
the reality of all beings and this
pro practice is reality of border beings
and this true reality of all beings is such a form and he continue until from such a for me the fast of can as and finally being able to completely penetrate ultimate the i
identity of the beginning to the end so he's had his thing here is this can sadness of reality truly reality or beings is simply one thing everything is
i didn't come this these ten are not really can sing but this is ah
one thing can names of one thing

and add fish

triumph to mommy so i started talk of please
as as we're talking each morning when you down as a way means
from reality
it's just one moment continuously continuing and this is
is arising and was there is no this moment that will x small but we talk about much peers glass these shoes are occurring but an ashwani there's no such thing i'm wondering is
i think you know i said there are two you reviews of tioga time on his time as or fro from past present for the present to their future and time just this moment and as i think another time as he said that
polka music that time doesn't throw can't move from ah
for them from the big barn until the end of a this time and space this is one seamless moment it's time doesn't flow
and i think you know
even though we are giving
since our food is a flow of time stream of time
and yet this present moment
these kind of a gateway to a authority that time that doesn't fool
you know for a trampoline gondola or the section of is your gumline he said when we sick ah the spraying with amygdala even for a moment for a short time for a short time means in always hit
maybe fifteen minutes thirty minutes a period that in short time
but when we sit in a short time this sitting in a short time is completely one with entire past an entire future
the have
and are also entire being in a universe and this entire time and empire new bus is i think it an eternity so ah you know we sit with know busy lives we can sit so much
because we we have to take care of so many different things that finn even for a short time frame we sit
and finally dairy ah how we are on the focus on right now and here
then that
this moment and this entire time and that hasn't from but these eternity
he's one thing so i think our practice of moment each moment is our gateway ah
to go eternity was timeless stylish to at home doesn't flow
i think that is fun though they said about a thousand
does it make sense
we his cousin
kiss so when we're sitting us maybe it's easy to like to the hearts skull because we don't have to do anything right we don't have to act we don't have to make a decision on
life is very hard said diluted dot scope and isn't that because we we have to think we have to decide what to do we have to make choices and right
how is it possible to live in that timers time when you're acting when you have to think good question
and i have noise
i mean
i can get the the question we have to keep asking asking to myself to ourselves does know you know fixed answer you should do this way i'd like to way
one for example one thing and mentioned in kinda kilcoyne he just one to get work together with all beings at this moment
then we are wrong with economy
but still no kitchen in a temple and busy street or different
while working in a company and working in kitchen on the way to food ingredient and ah but small number of coworkers and working in a very competitive business why are different so i
don't think as a fixed answer to this
how i wanted to know he would write down the name of that ernest tubb spoke about class oh
okay that is start new partner

handsome italian yes
any of our christian
no question

instead of sexual the others
ah it's a particular section
i don't remember it's in english translation it's a section of a who or something like that
hi for it
yeah i can like come next time