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good morning everyone
before we cut to
need tokens in as asheville bougainville to hold you so i do like to introduce a little more information about this expression and also teaching about this expression and i got helps
our understanding of for and want to say english writing
ah the expression shovel just so
as i said yesterday ah if i to that
really teach or two's
oh each and every beings is so short is beings and just so is to avoid it being so our dharma and just those guys my car something that makes dharma i
it's said i got your human and humanity
oh buddha and put a car or buddha nature
so the soul is something ah i was correct
we cannot see and he can
yeah new buffer you know humanity is shared by order human beings each one of us are different i wish i'd like concrete being but humanity is all pervading all human beings share humanity
that is a difference between beings who are dharma and parramatta

this duggan's writing is a whole the so is his comment pastry on the expression
from the lotus sutra and this lotus sutra is also translated by camera jiva a person who translated nagarajan as a muslim garb konica
and so ah camara zebras translation work was very important to
and of a create of
ah that chinese buddhist philosophy
have you ah this expression told him quote in this ah he showed his soul is occurred in the second touchdown of the lotus sutra ah that title is
a in the translation i used a tucked fruitless wow factor for us
however translation is skillful means
skillful means or our experience means
that georgia is sanskrit clarity is papaya
you the second a tactile the lotus sutra the fast tufting a fast a tough town that lotus sutra with i didn't say anything he was sitting in my station called more yoga shows on my the
samadhi or something that i got ah infinite meanings
and are emmett the light and even late in kr telmo art
and people who expected that villa was going to
expound very profound and absolute gunma
nothing's out end of that a fast data and
in this second chapter that
buddha started to talk
similar get something like this
it is a very beginning of that second chapter said at that time the world the orlando one
realizing quietly and query from contemplation this contemplation summary
just shouted put there are so good as folk to a shy petra
the wisdom of buddha is very profound and infinite
but the first thing he said the wisdom of the guys very profound and a feed their wisdom in this translations for wisdom school but i don't know if at this school means
rob is ah ah a mom move in gar car gate
the gator wisdom that means or teachings buddha's teachings about with as wisdom is difficult to understand and the file to enter
so that the server cars and the protect our with as count apprehended
this is what i taught me to sherry putra and he's a hero ivanka that means my understanding my wisdom is too difficult for you
so you can understand it
ha and with a set free
fear for
ah because the buddha's having in fellowship with countless hundred thousand myriad copies or put us in i put us practice with many number is good us in the pan
describes perfectly practicing the infinity roll dough is karma you can eat dharma of or put us
the boy with really and veracity advancing and making their fame universally known
perfecting the very profound on proceeding pigs ah dharma
i'm preaching as opportunities had its meaning so difficult to understand so burger has been is expanding the absolute dharma fit is very difficult to understand
then i shyly putra ever since i became buddha
who is various reasonings on the various problems
i have widely discussed and untold and by contrast how true methods chua ask if means
have let living beings causing than to read all
to leave all attachments so because that but as the reality to the awaken to and but as wisdom itself is very difficult to understand so buddha has been our teaching user
in ah taboos
and also many different kind of skillful means he never thought the reality itself
he thought about reality using some skillful means
and a lotta fun the wrote us what i wanted to say is now he is ready to show the reality itself without ah using the touch through means
ah fair for because the atlanta is all together perfect in his tucked fullness and parameter of wisdom
ah sorry putra now wisdom of the canada is broad and great profound and far reaching his mind his infinite his expeditions are on in
paid heed his paws he's a fearlessness his vegetation his emancipations his contemplations have an able to him to enter into the boundaries realities and to accomplish
korea and preceding good time
so basically the that is praising himself
i shouted cetera
the piperita is also to discriminate to discriminate everything for each that our laws or dimas scale-free use gentle was and cheer the heart of all
ah petra sensor is speaking the buddha has all together fulfilled the infinite boundaries unprecedented dharma
and mixed he said sharing at he said enough sharing petra vr isn't no need to say anymore
so without notice have to say anymore
you know he started to talk about this our for it dharma but they said without hesitation
because to discount for server cause
because the law which the buddha has perfected is the chief unprecedented karma or low and difficult to understand
i think this education of waiting or expanding came from the buddha's hesitation of teaching after his ah attaining awakening he stayed under the bodhi tree for ah says three weeks
with the and he had his on to stand up from ah that seat and to teach because his vulgarity or truth he awakened to is too difficult to understand for many living beings
and ah indian got asked buddha to start to pitch and put out a detect is twice and the third time he accepted
and in
here in the lotus sutra instead of the indian good salad putra is asking without to expound the dharma and the ah rejected twice and sad time she studied to talk that is
so this
oh father of lotus sutra and the
beginning of with as teaching after you know fan that book good as that starts to that from his sitting under the bulletin
he has some connection
anyway before she stopped get to
talk about this dharma he said
only a buddha to have our please are buddha can cause i'm the reality of or equidistance this reality will of or a distance is showed just so

and organs and a pickup this expression the store as a patron of a shovel gonzo
from displays of the lotus sutra but according to the modern cars in the original sanskrit in this praise because no sunscreen try for a so
but so this is a kind of our kumar idea of us create creativity he put this expression shovel you saw in here
so only a buddha to get out with our buddha can fathom the reality of or existence
the true reality i put true
p of all
i'm not sure true reality makes sense or not it's kind of little redundant but i want to ah used to us on the soul because of tolkien's writings
and that is to say does this in reality of all beings
these that is to say or a distance for all beings has such a home fat or nature such an embodiment such a potency fatty or function
that's your primary cause such a secondary cause such an effect such yard com pins and such a complete fundamental whole here the lotus sutra ah stop a can sad
venus and that is fat though in court in shovel gainesville and this ten such this is really important in especially chinese can guide teachings i'm going to introduce later but geese can such his cousin of the also a good
is in dollars in our creates a wrote etc so this is also this can certainly see the also audition bike manageable
so corrupt manager kind he was very creative translator
creative transition and honest a direct translation is sometimes opposites
congrats team
if kumar algebra didn't translate the lotus sutra in this way
a chinese indicating
big mainly
established by can they t and also logan logan show you still doesn't exist
so we quality riser really important person to understand you know can they teaching chinese than by teaching underwent teaching
those ten setting as is our at me for to lead in

ha so
hey geeky
oh and how much your dog

ah the pronunciation soul
geeky so in men
you and then even a car
paul hundred
much too
group funny
kook show
in this translation for his form
show is in nature
on pay he's ah

the quiche these are potency
so is a function
in his cold
in his co-star
english translation this essays or prey primary cause
cause i'm in is secondary cold cold

and eight one a sponge is
no effect
and the contents
he come in
and tense final run is a complete
our concrete
fundamental the whole
able to return at it
holy the evaluate your theory or
this means each and every being
as a reality
each and every beings care of ten sadness are called fat enough
our vastness or new the in japanese

so it said your the so know they show you the pain nausea geeky new this use it in music in musica news if whole
so these are called certain sadness and they can do everything has interesting aspect
he put his foot or this lotus sutra translated by corrupt montezuma is saying and this is a whole just so and
both us that doesn't explain for this means
just really stop
recompense the companies
another transition
it is

how much
heel to toe toe
i explain later at this means
so the lotus sutra doesn't explain for these means but my understanding is these ten catchiness
within his transaction such as fast five
ah he fought through the uniqueness of each being
the future or characteristic or popularity of each being here keeping have a truly unique form
and unique nature
and unique body in this case for me something we can see so looking appearances and nature is each class on how different personality in the case of human beings and
daga daga nature cut that cabin nature and each things how eco nature
and tight hey i said embodiment but i think this is just somebody eating healthy body or substance i'm teddy in that show with this philosophy there's no substance that as a fixed entity
but as a ah
can forgive
think we have some substance
or body hung each on each things hurried own unique poking fewer i trusted energy
some energy each hop on
all beings have eaten power or energy on potency and function
saving her mom thing is walking while block or the is working and i'm working everything is working
so each and every being has it own unique features
and our next call i think shows that each and every thing or unique individually in give you give out of being cannot exist without relation with others
and six thousand six and eight he and the car
which six and eight effect to i decided
our cause and result is a relationship with in time
ah in know for example ha seat over tree is frantic
you know as are regarded know
ah the tree glow and room for was and bear fruit
that is cause
and presented
so each and everything is within variations picking cause and result you know if it is our desire to have previous you know life
and this feed is a cause of a future life so each and everything is a desirable the something previous and cause of something in the future so everything has connection or is it
past and with your future he said if i could cause and result i think means so is it without a cause up with
without that in causality
the cause sequence of cause and undercooked nothing can exist
and i think
seventh and ninth as the this is this translation is secondary cause but he was this is translated as our conditions
pardon me
come fish
some it ah
penhaul is a conference or retribution
it is for example
ah you know even if our siege of some sat in front is a prank it on the soil
if guess fighting condition
this is to sprout and grow go ah feed you can't pay you know you
this all the conditions that help afraid to sprout and grow is in or conditions such as are
ah i see need a few meet you
week humidity
i'm sucking temperature on sunbeam or those without all those are conditions ah faith cannot sprung
live cd is you know for the on the table it can sprout on the seed is you know ah cooked by human beings
it's that cannot sprung and grow
for all those conditions that helps ah
i skied to grow is ah
the durations between defeat and all other beings
i'm not only that are conditions positively you actively helped or directory have afraid to will such as such as our humidity and temperature
thing is things or the fact that ah for you can brew about doesn't come to pick up the see to eat
that fun something didn't happen
is part of the conditions so narrative thing didn't happen is also a condition to fit that help us is to sprout and grow so not only things happening to help feed grow but also things didn't happen
is also a cause condition for us is to grow that means everything within this universe is a condition for a seed to grow even the know fighting distance between son and
the earth
if that this has is to little more crosser when the
as isn't much hotter than typing faith can grow or even we kept what we mean cannot breathe
so guys are fucking distance between fun and earth is a fun of the conditions when small tiny he sees can sprout and grow and coke and produce something
so actor you everything
is a condition for everything
everything is connected with everything either conditions
and a family the seed sprout from continue to grow as a result it ah
the three rooms frolov we think that these are to of his course but this is art is not only for only that result
oh effect of this shade
giving a activity of this a seat but finn balor
somehow it hasn't
the a friends from to others
when louis c custody for us japanese fan we see tables and blues in the spring we feel happy
thought that is not the purpose of a seed of i don't know the terrible from territory has seat or not
that is not the purpose for a cherry tree to make us happy but somehow it has effect but they become happy or because of in many for was rooms we can no further from for lot to the buddha you know this is not the part that isn't
flowers room
up front living but somehow and flow a plant bloom flowers
it help us to practice
the oracle thing we can gather ah
in a fruits
you know anymore with above can eat the fruits
and the fruit eaten by the bad can be carried some areas and ah
next-generation derision the seat in an exploration can grow somewhere else so and also has your gun
the in easiest poem fan from our rooms know ah
is up
for definitely visit the from
and even though for our doesn't invite butterfly somehow butterfly visit from
and butterfly and flower help each other
butterfly does something for the flower and from you know ah honey or nectar so somehow ah has that resulted also
as connection with all other things in the universe i think that is about this
a television or the content means in the case of verizon this of course means feed is ah arousing bodymind is a starting point about that pissed
and we study and practice and we grow and become mature
and fun we mature the in certain degree you know we can oh
then in the beginning or yeah held by many things we need to support from all being surgery not on the teachers are are are buddhist books and also the sangha
those ah
the conditions we can practice
and we become mature grow and mature are that because children and the bluefin defendant where it becomes mature the in certain degree we can offer something to other people has our support or help of other people's
that's a good practitioner or as a teacher
and ultimately finn won't have to have become a buddha
this is not the end of this process can the factor that become a buddha
you know put that is to teach as a buddhist practice to teach all other beings so in the beginning or in the process we helped by all beings
and shouldn't we become much fun we can also for both others
so this the company needs ah
a fruit
that has something to offer to other beings please
hey don't understand the difference
the results he's are easier i got
for you can we study you know ah something to become a teacher
you know we study under we must have something we against hacking knowledge and understanding that are little the study and then we he must have second degree
i get a license to teach
become a teacher at is
but you know
to have to get something
ah understanding knowledge and skill is are deserted and become a teacher is the company's distribution of that isn't it
for is it is a connection with within this person
i didn't know in the beginning but by studying something now i understand this and then i understand this you know i can teach
so this is a ah
team god is a connection with in me was in time and in and coal is a connection with me and other beings
so we had our boy had to attain awakening that become buddha in
would a used to teach
i think that his car and whole
before seen this using how six seven eight nine prove something he had in common that i i couldn't catch casualties
okay i think this for is the with others he produce a fast five is the uniqueness of each being and the next for his relationship with others
the relationship relation donations in iowa
if anything cannot exist without relations with islands
so this is my understanding of this can nine such venus freeze
phase body
difference between form and body
for me is our parents looking in
each one of us has a human body for looks different
right at is the appearance booking form something we can see
ha and number ten
this whole is beginning and the maths is in this ah
home beginning means number one and the months means number nine that means from number one two and one nine
ah are kill means ultimately
i'm tall fence equal
one and equal one i'm saying that means these nine he's not nine independent items but this nine is one thing as a whole

just makes us
and that means
these name is not been so different part of one being one existence one thing but ah
please just one thing
everything everything hasn't read nine ah for the at a restaurant aspect
nine a prospect and these nine on not separate each other this is one thing
that is fat a how much killed pole
when this translation
said they are consist can see our complete the fundament or whole i'm into that translation is their consistency from beginning to end
and another one is undersold identity of the beginning and end up through the identity so activities nine i one thing
this is my
understanding of
was teaching in the lotus sutra about the reality of all
how is each and every being has it own uniqueness unique form ah
nature body energy and function
and it
each unique be we are unique being each one of us is unique being and get this any being cannot exist without the relationship or support with others so this is just wanted this a so as to side of
yeah interdependent origination one is each and everything is
you know
is connected
who is everything that we are i got not over the dissimilar indra's net everything is connected with everything so each node
it is
ah looks like independent being individual being we don't see this as thread this said is transparent so we don't see that traits so we think each and every not or being independent and individual and unique and that is true
and yet without variation with other or other beings
you know this cannot exist in that sense it's being as the individual is empty
in was safe nature without connection or with others you know not canada doesn't appear in here
and yet eating or has he gone unique form our nature body i cannot see on the function so this was suicide of clarity of all pings are his uniqueness of each being another is ah
a connection with all other beings within this network kobe caribbean and volatile nation
could you say a little bit more about usa usa such so for example you just describe it and you didn't use the phrase such can
such a nature such your body etc
yeah this is such what does that had to the okay
ah mike
we crowded or one minute and the such seems to point to learn
thirty swag know the means ah popularity and beyond the popularity both but this is kind of our interpretation in candy tradition and also ah
an interpretation of dogan by photos of muslims new the help
ah as to find no on the day you're literally means like
there is this
like this

this coming this particular i think i know is this is not really disc something like this
you know it is that i got i got ah in doesn't seem to gains and set by the is a frying would i come back it's not really a bad but it's like a about
it's like this when he says like a very lives new
yeah this one
so you're always like something back and this
that means you know need to undo everything from each and every particular think is
not necessarily know to three distinct
they not secure said
not a necessity or not
not always so
so he said not one not to the night that is another expression
over emptiness not one not to or not will not move
but anyway this ah
you're there is no the log ah i've got to used as a translation of vastness
you know pronunciation of customers but the process in canada
topeka is it's it's like this
and english translation is vastness
so dakota new the on deafness is one thing
sardar khan is yes and no i'm in that case new are is there is kind of how can i say contradicted each other and yet you're there is one pink
so this is ah
hi i'm going to go on this car get three things in here why isn't your and that is there and the fact that is no they are the one thing
you know in region as teaching but there are two truth i wish her the truth and ah ah convention on all iraqi with truth
where i have to see related
this offer a truce and relative truth is one truth
i'm can tenders critique this meal three
instead of to choose can they facility
permission freighters

some tiny
and those three choose our crew
okay i'm too
who is emptiness
and okay is up is key
care is
oh i can cut you
happy the now for compact people i experience
how can you ensure you the middle
just means ah is keto cool is considered to be that awful truth in our original kitchen on the care is relative truth
how can this experience this three truth came out of my retinas miami car carica and it said
everything posed by causes and conditions
he's empty
therefore it is tentative pig it doesn't really exist
provision are being for original provision for
so it's their baggage not fair
and to and this is an aboriginal said everything
coming i'm going wheezing causes and conditions is empty therefore it's provisional and that emptiness and the problem
what are now provision is meter
so these are three
where you are viewing one reality
because everything is cause coming and going arising under perishing who is in time and space it's empty i make provisional that is a meaningful to me too
i'm in the case of nagarajan emptiness and provision is called to truth but in can die second i t called these three tooth
and he
the kind of are not a create that the t thought kind of up
the station based on both three choose fast ah
we should see or fruit provision are pigs are empty so which the see ah emptiness of provisional beings pieces you call the crew crew guns for cool com

counties contemplation one ms patient ah
the passion
so thing for visionary you know each and everything with he is provisional beings and yet we he have a tendency to see this is really other things and i want this to i hate that
if to say and finish of all beings is to be free us from cut kind of cringing or attachment so fast we have to see the emptiness of each and every probably a lot of being nugget called the crew guns know that too
become free from are clinging to our idea
and ah
next is k come that means we need to
yeah how can i say we should not going to this emptiness sometimes or usually often we couldn't fan we see emptiness of all beings will cling to the emptiness
how do we forget the importance of each and every being in navigating likes so we have to can from in tennis to profit amount of being
without probably cannot being there's no have things called emptiness emptiness doesn't really exist emptiness is or the way probably beings are
that families think we see emptiness of all things that means we feel we were able to our idea of cringing or attachment than oh if you we are free and do we can do anything going want
tsipras of empty for emptiness sickness caused by clinging to emptiness so we need to become following emptiness to ah your news
this is called cake com
we need to go from go go go from here to atlanta and via to hear
we have to return to progress united beings because that is the praise we're here jelly
and to save both way at the same time is called chew gum or to come as and
this one

this coming to see or to contemplate
and ah
you know sometimes his garden concert to be cool and there is conceptually k this particular thing and this particular thing is provisional and it has no threat of nature it's empty
is for your means it's like this and yet it's not it is this package not it's not really feast it is like this
that is remaining so your and them
are contradicted
and you're the one word ah encouraged to size
this see truth ah is a basic kind of us for tell the chinese buddhism or check not only it probably ah tao is immortal
you know one
king in fridge to kind of book point things he included right in under young in and young working together and in wonderland working as a whole is one
say well as you said are in the sand or kites ah know if feature sauce
peter for us and there is planting scheme
and stood and tells another
but why are they lying that is the root and branch began to the sauce
ruth and root and branch pecan this sauce in shoes
there are in some loci there are three things
within this you're in our basic foundation ah
source it's creatures sauce on the parenting state had there
so reading one dlp to kind of opposite
he's working and
ah make things happens i'm changing
that is a basic idea of a chinese buddhism fees next the same ideas specify the whole my soup
yes yes
one of those countries
on this one
coco is archimate
pro is equal
but it's not equal really good i mean that it had during discussed was not discussed that thing said in the very beginning of fiscal humble the scramble is a part of the a his shinji in feature though in describe
i've how to use or aoki the very beginning of skunk or she said food and karma when i'm saying
she said this goal by number equal i i translated the one nine vehicle that iron said another equally strange if we run that you know if it's vehicle get must be two things you're free to run its can equal the english arabic or can be used so we used one
on the same
and yet in was completely really she said with toll is not a toll of comparison and say impair or equal but this store is toe in that
ha so to tall gawker that means at his show to talk i'm kind of having somebody i knew that out some york somebody some yeah cummins absolute equality
two facings really equal that and kind of beans right
i would personally or phenomenons inseparable inseparable are incompatible
think separable
ah poor soul talk
show total i have such
okay here we yeah
so i started to already spoke about can teaching
that this can fatness
and so i continued can they pitching about this girl
lisa hall just for and ten sadness
this has something to do with this three truth

in ten days those camel happiness faster on is your

at according to can die t cause ah he read this in three ways a fast run
he changed the order with one

but i could
they saw into or
a in our lotus sutra but he can they can achieve read
yeah tomorrow ways machine just change the order
t to can they cheese a person's name the most important the master in can they transition
t e

in japan easily perhaps this cheeky
but in chinese italian pro-nazi serious pronunciation and t she lived in that ah
six centuries along the same time always bodhidharma
this whole new and another way is a soul
you're there

she just change out of will see chinese characters
she is the user either way to lead doesn't lotus sutra
and so this is a visit
and so you
and tea or tv said feng we ve this the phone you
this is this shows the
crew come
that means this
if you're
can we
the in this order to me this phone is new and this new is not necessarily not the so that means empty
and finn we with our plus
your their soul
in this case with your the is ah
has your keep
modify a soul
so this means soul
as ah
so as sadness
so that is nothing other than sadness
ah right
so when you wrote it in the translation it could be former searches
nature as searches body as such this
but yeah that is hotter during his during the in shovel denzel
i think find note to use a way of leading the same things
i'm confused now
for as noisy is that type of thing
and this
take on the why it is
ah so that is rice this
the that that show's popularity for probationary key
it's not sort thing and yet as a form of bisping it is like this
and in this case this show is for so form is there
no this is kind of are very subtle
we'll be leaving things and the interpretation in chinese we cannot translate the englishman so i'm sorry and i can take screen
well in english using my poor vocabulary

but then i think
let's see
the sanyo is one fast on this is a second and this is sad according to teach this just saw this phone is known is a way we need this of our
cool the contemplation of
ah emptied so we see this for this form as emptiness who are new and second one is
ah can we translate
coco nagasaki so ah that saw or form that is like this this particular thing
that is kate
ha you notice for form of disdain
is no
i'm the star the thing is a any fool can be so is it said of there
thanks mixes
or someone else in the middle of the boy he has testified
i'm sorry
anyway this is how can i t v or t use this in all teaching from pass it around on the ah
to reality of all beings and the teaching of can sadness
another teaching the in candy ah using disconcerting this is called
eighteen in some them
so this is another thing

ah in some sense

i hope guess this book some can be teaching but i can't find english book on kindle teachings
gonna stink
eighteen i mean to worry
ah thought
well so
i'm it also scoured from into one more than gothic time
on sunday means three thousand
this means
chung everything at this moment includes the thousand
what three thousand and i know
ah with three thousand
hey fuck you

you gotta come during a lot
can fast fix is sixty or remove from sarah
you know ah
ah career of hungry ghost any model i should or fighting speak human beings and a heavenly beings both fix and i should have
schuler barca for archaic alberta buddha or bodhisattva and the buddha those are called ten ones
and the first six record our call from sarah
i'm a next falls
ah no arms or light of speech therapy through our bodies that provides an amicable settlement not that ah
corey corey people
and this fandom those in canada teaching within each of those can one
ah another the name is included
so within the hill that is a hero from harry to our the buddha is included
even in the world or buddha hell is included
so different makes one hundred
and each brings in this one hundred word has ten sadness that makes
one of them
and ah gotta see kind of another free kind of second is up one that is you are the oh ah the living beings by the overdoing beings and it shows your thicken and second
it were the of
five this canvas and the father is why are the of ah
i got ah
enrollment or forgiving beings in the environment
boy see i think that means the world of human beings if it's you we are now giving as a human being some thinking and aggravating things that practice run they will of this reality canada is we are all you know but it's just a collection of five kinda
as as a elements
and the fab is you know all those things as as human beings are living beings and five scanners are taking place
that is called three
what and disk
ah makes three thousand
this means each and every or everything's in think payer you have them alarmed is included within this one
moment or i'm thought
this is a very brisk keating in candy and i think it is important to understand token that means
the and all other things in this empire that my one is one thing
the smallest v entire town germs is included because
is connected
i'm so this one thing and this empire things beings are they are connected so often we pick up one thing we pick up his entire network
so often that is ah i think for to him
as say failures example when one person sitting even for one moment this the entire universe become enlightenment so long pass on the activity or auction influence on in influence empire and milan
it came from is kind of idea i hope i can explain what better way but for now because my invitation
that somewhere in this text tone
it's from can they teaching
but i think it's important to understand is fat dog dorgan his writing this again
he would
it's almost can fact an inheritance
what sort of concert
oh another thing so this is are teaching in chinese a ten day and another think ah to understand the fat dog and trying to say is something to do is japanese ten days
and how can they put it in was transmitted from china to japan by japanese and our staff was a name with the site your
he revealed that nine centuries
how and he founded a monastery on mount he died
yeah yeah from the capital kyoto and his school penn guy is one of got to most powerful
abridged are established establishment from ninth century and care today especially finn the time of token and ah in it became among buddhist monk in this putting his tradition
japanese tendai and in japanese tonight the pitching or we are so it is so

you're kind of a transformed from a chinese can die in chinese ten dine in chicago i just saw is the right as i translated to reality of all beings for all
shehu nor just saw
and yet in japanese combine papers start to incorporate this as show whole is just so
all beings
is itself through reality
it's not a motto of true reality all february beings you know all phenomena are being seized provisional and with always changing so we can't grasp and do we cannot rely on
so he need to see the reality or got ah
concrete being fitted to always changing
so this daughter martha or to reality is something that doesn't change
where is it it's pretty doesn't change within something changing
quagga as i like a human and humanity humanity you've gotta change but human beings is always changing so this is a concrete to being and this is kind of our reality or vehicles could come complete beings
fergus is hunting abstract and really welfare and this visa particular beings
and that is how you know think the lotus sutra return is tending understand this expression to hold you saw but in japanese candy stuck it to say to think without what beside all beings or this concrete each and a
we particular are being is coming and going or rising and patient there's no such thing is called to reality
that is kind of
the different between chinese tendai entrepreneurs tendai so in japanese
they put ah
the strong emphasis on punctuality
pizza and everything which is impermanent
therefore everything it always changing and it's really know kind of it's not reliable
but besides that thing there's no such reality
ah that mixes
it's not a model some of as abstract reality puppet hidden within concrete reality combat beings
but this concrete being it's always changing and empty
is it serve to reality so wish not separate keys to
and this is the same as dorgan said about put their nature
and in the baby move show organs or put on a child tolkien quotes ah the you a famous statement from the nirvana sutra all living beings have the nature
he read this statement as all beings and entire beings are to the nature that mean means with our nature is something which is exist inside of it giving beings but the way things are is buddha nature
therefore each beings is with nature
and a case of for the so dogging also did not wear this way beside each and every kings because we know thats ah thing called through reality
we talk about very nature or when we talk about sure without reality is to my mind
she was to try to envisions fixed concepts and feed him
probably has something to do with western heritage of greek thought were chair was supposed to be an embodiment of sitting on up some perfect share which the first know whatever got to hand
i think that
integration between chicago and this was a quite a same
this is it i got a day he did this is a rare thing and this has been kind of be perfect
this is always imperfect and this is perfect and universal and doesn't change circa cause it and they think pierre think how do we think you know the other things are things are always changing and imperfect we cannot rely on
them so we try to find something we can be a young it doesn't change
that is the way we tried to sides the truth
but ah
who fought are
tendai and go in his same is
this is only way to visit only pressure can give there isn't anything outside of like yes
i think this is these things this point from the lotus sutra and ten the teachings in japanese chinese and japanese is are kind of our helpful information to fellow
we need tokens writings other worried i don't think we can as unhappy same
any christian
okay and give