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i'm sure cutting out i was showing cassia
var four counties
on cut off her a
the of i meant show era of a barrel or painted brothers show em all case and photos shake to roam around a
ah in terms of how towns ah so said there are four times
cassettes again or the first one the robe of a shepherd panniers as wrong way i think most of us had one when cut the my players into pasties and show them canada
but the usual okafor and had robbed of made bogus means trend we don't have enough my time
we can on the fate of
sito web app
manage at the cutting we can put the or borders on it and show it
doesn't have different growth
oh on
and next time the robe or two brothers and instead of putting another are different clothes make somehow i don't know how but for now make up
trains are increasing and so and make a modest you know that to save that crowley
that is code show your aim
and the singer said no one age is simply by getting pretty well set up a growth my that borders
only the article that edge in some and this money in for a shammy and so many that means ah ah novices
look for our monks food ashamed the painter yeah
and dog toys for when a proper motions
the can cache how we should be shape and maintain garcia bang showed was suitable method depending on tomorrow or have obtained so depending on what kind of material on how much my patio we can make choice
ah a next run is about how to the speech the buddha said the of poker protests over three times i borrow his phone
bug can pitch stated that makes sense okay

i think
when i am i think that was sharing throw or someone who fell
before they saw the bucks pick a so our fingers pitch and
somehow the pitch broken and i meant for a pack so i you have to make it how can i say not strong album sorry yeah they made it to so with backstage
so next decade post to ten parameter for that help
he will be discussed about the fucking the job my career that fatigue called a photo a is the purest
oh brothers over three times considered a to pure i mean hello know if county ranch
besides his motif from when the from the way to available beside from though it i know preferred by from for dollars in original pillar
also in medina got up i had monks to receive shave and of rob is from about ah right people
and also in addition the material both at the market praise when donated money is also pure
oh joe
where is our integration regarding the limit of the number of the days to make a log we are living in the degenerated edge of the last dharma and in a remote blind far from that with our country
no matter how long it takes it is better to some rare sheep and the maintaining pressure can never you are motivated by the fed through had this means in denial that is regulation about the a player
seattle times depending upon it how many jobs i think five job to so five year old guitar take i think the limitation was two days and seven joe joe for five days or something like that
dakota in your lady monks try to so so reach know that to to avoid something than to do
i think two days i mean five days
but here
dogan the need a
kind of modified degradation
i think so i think so
i spent a record
i think he made this modification because he himself
thought okay sir
said know she's lay students a couple ah
i'm your wife of your couple
herself woven fabric
i think they lived in kyoto now hasn't been the name was show them ball
ah and pay the couple donate the my patio to dog and vintage and he thought okay so by himself and that da casa ah had been transmitted from logan
lindy to israel and the second ago to be hazy and easier to pick the uk is yours ah monsieur de maya and asia asia to kazem da
don't have ah yeah that's a good guide to kill them and a kid on
the founder of the disease and became chasm give it to may horseshoe pits by nope she's major that mayors who go back at your causes and by georges i guess i'm just to get another measure if i grew up case
and koba for disease but this dog engines okafor ah was transmitted to may hospital and the from may horse hockey to it was transmitted to digest okay
and that died she was a famous for his ah poetry collection of his poetry is to in a popular now and guides you dancy worth from cashing in climate the prefecture soft i he received transmission team
went back to kiss you on the founding a few temporaries ah well of them was are
sure ghazi silver the in kumamoto now that's what it is still the out of course and ah murasaki course became a i would cook says the show was huge
so what he was almost almost abandoned i'm peter
the until the beginning of ten twentieth centuries and the person for the name was murakami saddam i tried to reconstruct past show boise
comes although she was a about the guy gg no not that is about caucasian in nagasaki and
murakami those get ah
the whole and reading quota but so good it didn't have a max hall
ah saw from nagasaki quarters he became the about of a show was he she and category dining noisy he had a kind of up idea but makes show was into our encounter tomorrow
ah grab the center and i thank you know sheep are raised funds to build a soda or monks hall and it became my international center and i think about twelve thirteen years ago
actor they had thou fast or international angle
next year by years died i think so around nineteen ninety or ninety one
but since then even known or something course it that away also ah the so was he has our international angle
i think they still don't have electricity
they still cook way to failed
anyway that was founded by this person died says okay wendy and another temple founded by dated ngp was called cozy also in kumamoto and that dog in the okay saw the by dog and andy is still
how can he not at the temple but are the templar as a museum of the climate city to the store to keep it in a perfect temperature and humidity
anyway so dogan funny joke aside two in this world
kumamoto kumamoto
i thought a probably
dogs under the and to know and a money thing more years she had to your lord the cherbourg angel had to give dharma discuss it at him a home and he had to bring on teach or everything store and on think he could show that are
wow okay so so quickly so she took time but find him modified this regulation
for himself
so she said because this is where you're living in the degenerated is your grass dharma
hey he discussed about anything earth she is not so how can i see
and about the idea of that
add is of her last tadema
but probably getting the only one praise he and other major compromise
so innovation are encouraged us to so okay sacked by ourselves
and next
section is about ah
les papers
the shipping okafor for ap proof
logan's and says
it is in it in an ultimate teaching well mahayana
that able a paper on the human or heavenly beings the shape and maintain a share
now both king brahma and king sobre la shape and maintain cache of these are heavenly beings that king of fat heavens
and some statue of a one
and sakura his indra thought that was ah gods in the indian mythology but within britain may become our guide young good of a dharma and some statue of these are guardians
we are okay sir
these are excellent examples of the world or desire desire underwired of foam be the first to have to provide flu hours while the desire while the old phone or go back
and word or no phone i mean
in the human realm there is no way to calculate such example means there are many examples so we cannot calculate how many there are many lay people who received and ah
we are or okafor
all of that name bodhisattvas receive under maintain cassia
in china the he picked up and february are examples of pay people who received a precept and in this case was such a precept and okay
in china both empire to of the young dynasty's and empire young of the same dynasties achieved and maintained cassia
ah i think you know you are familiar with and put out on of young dynasty this is the person for had a conversation between bodhidharma
she supported buddhism and billet many buddhist temples and allow many people to become with his monks and financially he supported the summer
saved the precept and were there okafor and gave lectures on fatties address
and emperor young old three dynasty
this dynasty it right before tang dynasty and this king or emperor i was in the film between six or four to six one seven

the interesting point of this and branch was her pocket good it was after these important died the dynasty disappeared
maybe they spent too much money to support southern region so i i'm not sure whether to or the emperor support fucking population too much is healthy or not florida shape over the country
and that ah ching was okay the thing i think you know about king asoka
well i don't think i have talk about king asoka
finally see fan before she died or he he had only one or no not one but half piece or mango fruit to donate their finger on the have of mango
and me ah and during a tang dynasty emperor our daily or what i saw and the emperor should ask show both who are a share on cathar studied goodies
teachings with monks and ashamed the bodhisattva precepts
ah other laming underplay play women for the shaped casino and but a precepts are excellent examples for the past and present
in japan a please shotokan received and maintained cassia
when worked out on the lotus sutra shelley mother debbie cetera and so on he experienced the margaret as the many of the heavenly beings were bringing joy to throw us this person praised satoko
are in japan is short occupation is very important person in the history of japanese are prison this person sort of base leverage or meeting he was born five seventy four
i'm guide six twenty tongue
and buddhism worth of sharing me from korea one of the ah dynasty yoke of in korea to japan in the ear of five fifty two
so she was born data tab within buddhism bot truck was in portage but were introduced from korea to japan and he
there was a kind of i struggle or conflict between town political a powered with in japan in everything japanese quote emperor could ah and they kind of i felt each other and so the
since you're doku supported buddhism and ah during that kind of up i didn't want better i this printed he was very young but he vowed that if or we can win this battle
i we build our this temple and that was ah so he built up later after he became ah regent
i'm a crown prince she made it a template in off a guy named stand minorities
and another one in nada named the whole jersey there's stand noisy was banged down unlimited many times but that ah he or she it seems horrid you as ones band
after are so prince show to died but our huge dog wooden structure of for energy is ten the oldest wooden structure buildings
in the road towards spirit so in the seventh century and it still in good shape
of course that is a national treasure and as a whole new she is ah kind of our study more activities for japanese yoga terrace school
in japan we call that could hot sauce you
and whole g was the praise we are thirteen or she's healthy quarto roissy studied your went out of teaching

then stand noisy

technology in ohio
at the time osaka
in a kind of while
here's either pot first the a japan not know the currency our end and the fee so when the ship came from china ah soccer is a kind of our entrance to japan and i also got to know
rather capital at that time ah
i'm not a not so far so it takes maybe one day to go buy a horse was horse so i i saw uptight fast build the stand noisy
and he made for years and it's he he named
yeah the temple probably in the camper i'm not sure and he it said traditionally said he gave lectures on three citrus and he made a commentaries and the
commentaries of those three sutra meant by him still
ah both free or two of them out mentioned here the lotus sutra
and or show mother debbie settler i think you know this sidra this cetera he is a kind of our record oak a teaching by queen a woman queen
to show him allah and this is one of the sutras one of the
i'm not the first one of the filter us in fitch the idea of a buddha nature
is ah mentioned
and thirty one is you macular edema accurately camera kennedy sidra
but in on today's scattered are always skeptical and many skirt doubt this goes recommend commentaries why
manda bay selcuk place or not and many of them said no
i'm kelly john mccrae is studying these three commentaries by showed the principal and he said in on that no evidence that gives a while to in japan
it could be eaten in china or korea so maybe these are not
ah five fifteen tongue or other scholars
think favorite a five thirty eight

anyway from this person prince show taco gave a lecture us on visitor us it said the omen of heavenly beings raining generated flowers happened
said about and and bratton so did a kind of ah common expression of something ah excellent
first vein the buddha dharma has been spreading widely in our country so after prince shada good but i didn't start to
straight and take notes in japan
oh low price short ago was diligent of their country she wrote the also the guiding the teacher of sherman and heavenly beings you can do what he was he was a crown prince but
at the time at a time the emperor was a woman
i know the name of sequel see cook know ah soul
the emperor cycle or prince show dogs and
so after he became a crown prince at he was a reason that means he actually he did
you know the work or governed country so actually he was that ah
how can i say she has no political power
but he also studied buddhism and supported and thought as teaching
as a recent one of them most important work he did was our he made a
seventeen constitutions competition with seventeen at the corner at christmas a bit to pm
and within the constitution said we all should be he should replace tagged began dharma and sangha
ah so she was a badass in boyish on the father and mother of all living beings
these days in our country japan although the material color on the measurements of caesarea have all been disturbing the
still which i hear the name kaitaia this been simply how out while the prince show dog with efforts
so he had no you didn't have a criticism against the isaiah ah but it's japanese buddhist monks are yielding but at least there is a on because i was prince show dogs ah effort that is a point
if he had not destroyed the able and established the toes at that time we to be in a thorough through condition to be that we leave if he didn't support buddhism but it will not
take root in japan
or later emperor charlemagne also received and maintained cassia and the body fat about precept miss and gonna show
every twenty four
all night
oops this has the emperor who
made the
fabric guy with great buddha in nana
fire him friend the great buddha was at i think few years later
after the great but i was completed the chinese when i had mazda
nineteen came to japan allied to japan and display are good shown to share with the bodhisattva bridget project from that a chinese mean a master
ah you no doubt story of inviting in the chinese must muster ah big ah was written and a nobel nobel by a japanese really popular
a novelist whose name was in a way yes she and the title of the nobel was can peel know yoga
he got mediocrity
okay that ah
no sky of the temple buildings and camp your means is if i do the name of the era that ah this from this must our guns in king from china
and the story in a cemetery japanese monk who went to china and in by asked guns into come to japan and they had to be a
in a difficult ah
trump's he they made the they tried to come to japan are five times and the first four times than you failed because of typhoons or stones or some kind of our political reasons so i took it
them almost twenty years
and ah
you know at that time fan
ah people who went to china sent by japanese emperor or government for ships go together
but failing gaining guns and came three of them ah
how can i say rigged
so only one ship aligned unfortunately on that ship gunjan was so they could reaction they could survive
yeah i really liked that nowhere and the know that it became our movie sought i think i don't know how long that goal maybe in eighties so if you want to see i think it's a can find somewhere but
i'm not sure it with english subtitles or not
but i feel like the final sentence you know it with a novelist lot about you know
there are two adventure
as i said at the time consume was became blind so she couldn't see the great buddha
but the or you know or the nation brought the form is in front of capita
and ah
among the several japanese monks only one of them survived and came back from china with guns him and that path i'm busy the in the norbury so it's not too and historically to but in the nobody said the person ah
thought it was good guns he was brined that when he couldn't see the great buddha that means going to put up is not so great
i mean what are the better than that without you know come on many of common people worked so hard and many of them died
they never came from faraway so it it was like i'm getting a pyramid oh i know many emperors in a bid great buildings cost ructions you know many press in the word but they are not merely for the sake of
people but for the ethical
input as authority and a monk
thought the great with i was also one of them so he said
you in he felt happy that guns in was blind
i'm a nurse
i am not sure button it
in many us but i think before ah
start on baggage i think of course they had ah who are gone fundraising and one of the fame another famous japanese buddhist monk was an image jokey
from many people please

hey you know iraq
thank you
so it's difficult to tell whether to get such a great thing he could run not for people
we're still talking about
yeah now in many people who visited the great buddha and for even for people from outside japan and pay know how can i say
bring some income to japanese people
so it's not completely ban
and know many people you know either maya the buddha and through the madame day appreciate you know because ah compassion so others
lieutenant can it really bugs for project it difficult to say to nearly entirely good thing
that is another one that was buried i don't know when
the someone know that that was much newer and that was
indoor pool area but this one in allah is that what i structure and go with as structure for this great buddha was is still is the largest with us to obtain the word
i if you have a chance to japan to go to japan i recommend you to visit the temple it's really great
it's called icy like cold az

ha anyway
therefore whether we are on the throne or in the polytunnel retain us we should immediately regime to casa and the bodhisattva precepts
for human body there is no greater happiness the than this
and he pick up another point on some say the cache casio ashamed and maintained by lay people in cold a fingers kicked growth or secure our loan that is ah bucks which is not used to say
oh it
according to the commentary on ah get a good ah cool
it said in a commentary on my custom mccaskill is our for the democratic i'm in english she can is ah summer down the person and behind beach this is a kind of a ah
man you're a fool meditation practice summertime be presented in ten diaper tradition by making by can buy t y t g can die together is the greatest ah have in candy tiny the ten the tradition
so because the organs and he was ordained as a monk in ten by tradition he studied via text
for he was young
but in this can i take it said you know ah lay people achieve on the we're ah ok sir but they are that the out your is thought not ways backstitch but i think you
ah this is one thing and another thing is on earth they fear when lay people go to a practice trace they should bring three dharma rogues tooth green to screening twigs like a toothbrush
rinsing water
eating bugs or aoki undergoing mud and practice pure practice the theme as monks do
ah ancient
all these terms may get these instructions so danger or
quote from the techies the in candidate tradition
ah but dogan zingy doesn't agree with didn't
family said in this a text and yet as the authentic transmission from without assistance until it today
cassia given to king's ministers lay practitioners and the chrome people are all bugs tinted
i don't know how he knew that my of his opinion so ah oh the cache https sewn with a bucks pitched please

ah maybe so but for him in a gap or mahayana buddhist practitioners i bought set the bar so that distinction between the people lay practitioners and monks and priests are not essential
we are all what is at the bus
in that ah rd buddhism the distinction between lay people and monks are really korea
but the mahayana their boss called are both set of us
on we in my know does seem the same precept
specially in japan
you know both gay people and a priest or monks receive only the in photo tradition gandhi a sixteen precept
give know
no difference between priest for monks precinct and re brockton as precept
and another set of regulations named i shinji
shinji is a pure standard
for pretty in a for their communities
i'm i'm the sole monks for all rushing the be practice in a monastery so does he know ah
lifestyle are different between monks who lived in a pimple or monetary and a people but either in terms of precept we receive the same precinct
ah la worker long
the in our family name of train 'em
the ethics and ancestor had received but of cassia find a hero lay python
nathan an excellent president at mean even though i mean i'm a bot dolly python fan heater shield transmission from the fifth and vista given but he received a buddha kaitaia
dog and point in there no distinction between day people to caesarea okafor and monks were praised okafor
as i said in therapy cargo located in asia and overthrowing hashimoto losses uranium is in japan they even read people a heat or three robbers
and the i remember some play a practicing as put on okay of him they came to anti age and a participate efficient
i think they interrupt introduction of the book when hoilett eaten by commission she also received three rogues
fuck of all caesarea is a banner of the buddha's disciples
if we have already received it day by day we should validate it by putting it on our head as i said the new put our put okay so no hedman showed our respect and gratitude to
the guitar and to the plan and dharma and sangha
and we praise it when the top overhead go newcastle under the side the following bath
how great the law or preparation is
it is the former's rope and a field over happiness the step-free wearing that apparatus teaching i vowed to save all living beings with my translation of the object prince

yeah i did
but i i think it makes to launch so i omitted unfold but they do you think it's okay to put it unfold grid added read added

so after with chanting this was when you put it on
we consider cassia all guitar as our teacher and other cuba
ah cuba
i think we you know how to bathe of him
buddha sakyamuni buddha died he said she had feuded owner should be taken care of by lay people not by monks
and ah good as funeral than i lay people from eight praises
and they didn't funerals so monks didn't because my mother had monks should focus on studying dynamite and practice
and last the re people from eight proceed
divided but at the radix into eight pieces and brought back
but athletics to the or on place and also i'm very minute cuba
impeach good athletics is enshrined and also are for important avoid falling important phrases
of good a drive
i got lumbini park via epidemic born and vr without being enlightenment and the finn buddha ah gave first teaching for discourse and vr with died ah they re people did a tuba
since then stupa had been ah
well maintained by day people not monks
and come but if god
think that play people food
to carol does tuba
ah you know and that was the kind of are already lol a group of people through
how can i say started mahayana buddhism

and we saw a stupor ah and are at as stupid but there are certain group of people ah it took care of the stupa and also ah you know many people came to get it has a pilgrimage
from in a garret praises there must be someone who kind of are made explanation about the teachings
and they're so in order to make no poker back up with at life and birth teaching they made a relief relief
ah but as life
and ortho that a story from gattaca that describe how would a practice in his previous crimes
the or of those explanations became a kind of obama will poke literature that trade with as life i'm a bit of teachings
and one of them were data car literature and another is ah
at by cookie data at yoga with italica not she are kind of a poetic form or good at a biography one written probably among both people and both people started to thing
in a natural tulsa know monks at military they he are practicing only for themselves to enter nirvana to attain enlightenment and enter nirvana and both people started to doubt or question we're not damage
nc's practice and they are the main be studied dharma and create a system of philosophy so-called iv dharma and for oh the late point too late british point of view but they are doing i can barely scratched the itch
work and my station
look alien defined from pub with a with our god lay people and tribal all over india and help you know lay people also
that's what was one not a theory about the origin of mahayana buddhism
so fun dog and then said we pointed up crosier okafor as our teacher and as a cuba mean can we put on okay so you know this is stupor
and a relic is in it at the me i will practice is both athletics
so in that sense we don't need to know credited the those prices without streaks if hill
that is for this means
so after washing the ortho were put it on our head under the site with bus
as he described before
and the buddha fed when a person saved the head and though we're not caesarea this person will be protected by all of the death
when a person leave home to become a monk this person we received offerings from heavenly beings so when a person become a monk and receive and put on okay some they are protected by buddhists and
supported by
a heavenly beings
did a quotation and dog and dungy said we should clearly know that after shaving kid and up marrying cassia we are protected by all badass
the cause of all good as protection the virtue of unsurpassable awakenings where be completed in a future if we use for keep practice wearing crasher

i really think i have been protected by not going to cause the okafor and but you know including more and also audio key wow
i'm a television
you know specially when i practice packrat begging
i practice begins our first thing the i was practicing and anti aging because untidy was a small poor temple
we have no income from less our community so we supported our practice
i thoroughly by baggage
i'm the we didn't charge
the people who are coming
but our food is very you know
ah my for expensive actor interesting and was ten on for kenya's she
get she did kendall
every month i mean not every month or ten times a year except february and august because it's too cold and too hot and user we had that bad
did see forty to fifty people
petition for five days fishing
ah so the judging from cooked i could buy half if for forty to fifty people with violent we didn't have electricity gas or electric stove for it was really ah
how worked for her she is very smooth
but she was very touched

sometime for the vote on york fishing we had
eighty to ninety people
but she did of course will get to go ahead power in know i've met as possible we made the preparation for the my prayers pushing recovery for cutting them up before city stuck and we did are missing
atop them during the break a break were in twenty minutes or so
but all people work together and done
everything within twenty minutes and we done to the dental
and i get a crap
fight i was that untidy we we did about the ways you know i police are several blocks together so i really liked a a it was when i got you know taking a walk hiking which specially minted about in kyoto so pretty
but after he went up to japan from massachusetts i enable by my fave so i had to do a cartwheel by myself
and it was very different from the bucket i did a campaign to get a difficult
without a car we hold odot in front of our ah face and we put on a bamboo hut and we are cuomo and
and torn down ah those centers
and awoken on the street
oh yeah i have got from ah
recent yeah it seems they're doing well
so maybe in a future
we can to the clubs in this country also
i had someone in marin county are doing the classroom

anyway thing i did cut by myself i fear it know kind of are intimidated
very different
and i felt i'm good for nothing and i said i'm i'm doing across because i'm ready i was translating i was
living by myself as a caretaker of a very small not brew
my friend for on the temper allowed me to nip their free i thought i'd live there and by myself or knew we had our fishing with few people and i am sorry on target i have no other that social become accent nothing that it's not true
can i had some income besides pikachu i bought books
i'm gonna it really is our top that book buying books are in bloomington mouth
anyway as i get back at the two or three times a month and we i receive about
about three hundred dollars
and that was my income and i spend about half old got that amount of money for ah
thank god kind of home beauty and health insurance
and so i did
about how probably got me never go on one hundred fish and fifty dollars a month
and i was sitting by myself daily and i had where i had a fishing one five datasheet each month with a polite a friend of mine i have actually offering high on my dad my brothers
there are few people every month and i worked on translation of tokens and whichever oh she's texts into english
ah and i did pikachu
ha ha
that tiny in on
although i'm practicing
when small number of people and i was working on translation theory no no japanese people who read english translation of logan
they don't need to so i have no interest in complication town japanese people through i you get begging to as interface i i didn't say pretty help or support me button dream equity in itself me pretty fab
for me so i picked out sometimes i did get a teach to do this way and sometimes i i thought maybe i should do some kind of job you know that to the make some income to support my practice
but from our i didn't want to
i have a kind of rock crusher nine that i felt really me but i continue to do the counter
and sometimes i
i'm i was questioning to me why did people make donation to me
no they don't know me and they don't carry know what i'm i was doing so even if they make donation they don't really know how i you spend the money
but somehow because i put on or without a role
and ah ah
i get a cards in a traditional way somehow they trust me trust might not me but that didn't know me but the past my activity
so you know are donation is not to me back to the flea treated really
so ah during that time i really felt i was protected by that production of buddhist practice
and okafor in a people knew how but it's monk ah the big or a of way i can ah i did the crowd to be made rationing not to me but to disrobe i think we
it could be they had no reason to track me and
you know getting that time around
kind of a fake monks who did the classic
to make money
so some people are very kind of us kept iraq with have i was a very ah ah buddhist monk or not
but still in a day from arrow made donation you know that donation was very small yet he can sing to us all a pattern
sometimes some people give me you know one hundred yen that means
one done am today
it's for i really felt still feel that i hope i could continue to practice
even though i didn't live in a monastery i he could continue to practice because of the protection by yoga and all the people in know makoni so-called ah ancestors in revenue
tradition but all people through ah
are transmitted maintain the buddhist tradition
i know my practice
so i don't think i could continue in practice and working on transportation with only my personal way to power and they fought i'm telling my will provide it's very weak i couldn't continue by myself if someone you know support me
we so ideally appreciate that protection
okay sir
well we have five more minutes and i don't think that you know
time to start to talk on the next fiction so if we have any question
are any comments please
say something


ah i think it's because would i had no phone and also but i can say
here's a guide that is the
boys point even though not could see everything he couldn't see the top of his head that means to over his head in proper in ahead but i had in higher than the top of that ah
but heavens
oh the right or that i and white of phone
oh and that means ah
song brahma and the king shop around and received the main thing cassia this two kings of ah
adam him and add a good example
in got right up the guy on the the phone
how long
ah let's see i went back to kyoto nineteen eighty one between eighty one q
ha i started choker photos in sentai in an empty for factory we married in eighty three
and she was advantage for one more one ear and after thin after we started to live together
i did a
for a while but not geography
so maybe
at between eighty one to eighty four for three years

is with similar she retired in nineteen seventy five and ivan can my thatcher at the is in in that year seventy five and next or and seventy six and by the moment can the current a location

darwin darwin
you mean though handwriting yeah yeah
of course in obesity written eight hundred years ago
yeah you can you imagine you know english literature little in fucking century mixed together with is latin or and greek
i don't think come on american plead that kind of writing
you know him pretty quote and they use grow quote from chinese in a transvaginal buddhist sutras and freedom use our tiny the expression so it actually written in japanese but it's not really japanese
so no one
can we start to establish your bougainville
we cannot study without commentaries
and today we have many not too many been several times
translation of a show gorgonzola income modern japanese
without no translation or the common currency
unless we have special education to study organ we can clearly need if she'll bougainville

ah it's not really forgotten but sheboygan the wall
he not copy by hands
and thought about can two or monasteries has a kind of a treasure and they are not worship schulberg angle
and if a person or like one wanted to read show bougainville they had to travel to the temple and ask permission to copy show bougainville and it picket keep them know several months i pleased to you even cop
so it took
it's not intentional but the number of people who could read show buganda was committed
on only resin ah
kind of our intellectual people within photo tradition funny
ah and in the seventies seventeenth century ah they started to
probably i'm going to talk a to be covered ashes to your photo than in seventieth century tomorrow so i'll talk about the but they wanted to ah
to is to him