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the you should describe how to the ah

the of
clearing the cache yeah
they use our way or rarely garcia is to cover or left florida and uncover the light
he saw this means
right shoulder is uncovered and shows that is covered because i knew get away with wearing maga
i don't think i have big things you can see and there is a way to cover both sodas pretties or form for the metadata and errors
whoa both sure the sagas are covered sometimes that test is exposed on sometimes cupboard
they cover both sarah from day where the large large ago or more than sixty ponies this means
ah there's either way to put on of alcazar ah
what you see the buddha
on the me out at nevada home and about the guy from canberra that buddha they are new to them he covered both shoulder
nothing to put this meant and another example from sometimes that chest is are exposed
the next to the me altogether standing buddha had me that it is the amitabha if you see the schedule and colors and the mix to the marathon that his a testing the export
and both so there are other
these are the two method of to the that ah okay so in that way and
ah the he has it all on or more than sixty ponies means
in that
happy lose
he go from nine job to have been appalled
in and
i'm to ninety he called living and phone
twenty one to twenty five job or cold
the is to the english
i'm not
anyway he ah
guys globe more than fifteen job focus on had sixty pounds
because it's already has full and eighty three it's joe had
for a four hundred and four
keeping times for me sixty four this sixty funny
now lives episode
more than
fifteen job for fifty states
a guy like that or and thus or teacher we are focused on nothing
and the friend we were hashana we could both is over the left arm and shoulder
i think we can see this site on the side apples but left and and soda
and the front edge cause all by the left the soda
oh that i love soda
and how
the front page got over that if soda and house over the live
ah upper arm
ah from we put on allows you love that song edge passes over the left soda and the house down behind about the outside oxide large is goal
we focus a not for so is still around here but i'm to be notified like nevada and goal behind the folder at this republic means
there are many other ways of reading castalia we should make enquiry old people with alone experience and practice so if we had question i got how to put them
focus on easy to ask
but means not come about to be written
you should receive instructions from actual living example
so i didn't think i need to target more
this account and they saw the we're in china
and next from next paragraph
the kind all that the complainant
about something
seen as i said he the at twelve forty below or six chicago the shovel venmo and almost all of them he creekside others
the either need to talk about
read those are you know
how does he received and that kind of a day severe criticism against
ah forgot establishing and people who have authority
many people are not believing she has been
i moved to a countryside
can we can he was hoping ago he was very pretty car again
ah so i just read ah
another guy partner
for for the hundred it was so young for a all in japanese
kim was at our team see what the what come on tall or in the puddle defeat japanese colonization
and song by so dynasties kinda got name for the dynasty in china
if we want to know that
young is from fiber to

five or two to five
five didn't not getting young
the in the pie dough dynasty
phone us and put our own won't be found out this dynasty he said we react and like so i'm thing in from
five pp civil to five eighty nine on next to unsee or z with from five eighty one to six one think and feel free
chin or tim
and tongue is from fix a key to
nine all seven
i'm from his own that to song dynasty one is so-called know that
ah i'm because they moved the capital from the nose to the south and fathom
helen song northern song was from nine sixty two eleven twenty seven and solid southern some summer is enabled twenty seven to two seven
the and nine
creative assembly seventy nine
this is that yeah in order mongols invaded to china and a book by the on the established a mondo
so can and zero the a good return on that the during the southern song dynasty
anyway so all of us let's see
seven hundred eight hundred years
many scars or both the higher than the hinayana in arabic with renounced the work of doctoring on citrus decarbonizing got those were not the ultimate kitchens and wishing to say
daddy we authentically toss likud kadima older buddha or sister
without fail they took off their fulmars shabby logs and achieved and maintained people think curry taught me to the kaseya or the and sisters this is judy giving up the forest and the regarding to the team
you know that foster both dynasty young for the time can bobby darin mccain to china
put up the evenings the beginning of the history of them until ah
the time of dog and v ah
fabulous century
so this in a forest and enemy is from that point on i need them point of view so not all chinese and japanese buddhist agree with this so

again we can clear that organs and gps discussing r see the history of britain from the point of
then schools or convent school at these candle not against but think they are superior than for good teaching schools then school people said they transmit good as martin but people
oil or getting schools klasnic good at it was a
only understood incorrect any good as a
keating's recorded in a citrus but a vast progression they consummate from person to person from pitcher good pitcher and the teacher to disciples
hi that mind or had a gouda
and pending a handlebar
forgot their masters
ha before studied to become zen practitioner b y that long seen other cater for gold pitting school and they changed
the abrupt abruptness and become so-called very monks and the masters at the time that have da da vinci insisting they also change the casa blanca
ah the true dharma of the pepper that are originated in india
i can be seen through
many of the masters in the past and present cut off the narrow views based on the human sentiment unlimited measurement of ordinary human beings so would i could see the to gotama buddha dharma we we should cut off our
our view is based on
at human sentiment
that means ah ah
created produced by allah discriminate in mind but we should see the truth or reality of all beings directory and already to that reality
that these kind of on ah
how can i say
the point of them
i'm the
how know then people think than is ah
superior to other schools of course each and every but a school thought they are more superior
in autumn
in what is grief but i interesting point is none of them said others growth are not bliss
but they said we are superior to others
our practice our teaching and practice is more kind of a point the essence of her painting or can
how can i say work larger group of people
but the practice is more jamie
no those as the way in know it with a school and of x establish their own schools
because both the water with us underlined of living beings i made up being are non-being that kittens practices practitioners and principle of mahayana and hinayana
hinayana can't be contained within the limited view of ordinary human beings in these days is mean that we should see and study and practice gamma rays are daruma i'm not with allah
common sentiment
however as he is that a building over said however
montana instead of regarding india as a good over the dharma some people consider their own newly made up committed small bins to represent actually roma
such things did not happen for building the news kind of criticizing ah
tiny the people who created together with buddhism nothing's
did i know how many comes in
why japanese then in know karate
this up at this place is accurate talking about ah okafor some for some people ah in china created a new time
oh okay sir
different from ah
now kiss are transmitted from india
i therefore if people today
who have allows body money
want to receive a cosigner focus on they should receive and the main thing the crusher that has been authenticated transmitted from india by a bodhidharma
the muscle not regime and where kaseya with a newly created design
and so is quit citing a fool made a newly created design and that
the had to in on this money i mention the name of the founder of tiny to be nice cool man than door him
i gotta pass dog and when he quit him so he is a kind of critical against or deny our tradition in china and in japan so again we could see he is speaking from the fuck
old ah
my higher not preset point of view against a pillar present
in this case
the authentic korean personal kid kaseya the first to the one that has been authenticated transmitting generation after generation from the director through bodhidharma of sour cream and cute
eating of coffee without missing a single regeneration
the long run by their done about team and defendants are they all think curry thompson into the cassia the lines that have been newly designed in the tang dynasty china i to that time of none
gun dolphin are not the authentically completed azalea
i so he's a point out that yuri newly designed as the alcazar during the two don't come and after a china
but he didn't mention puppies on that is a problem than we think about the history of orchestra in photo perdition after dog windy
so he be
he thinks particular phone was title of okafor is often carry your credit three transmitted focus on
and of course a shit because he in always
for the already wearing that kind of okay you know people practice with him you know
is that authentic okafor but ah and keep by the time by seventieth eighteenth century people didn't know that kind of photo locus or told and mg ah
was wearing so they had to handover sides oh god to or authentic for mobile okay are either on seventies eighties century in japan
and that is
that such is a kind over a false open your whole but because we're we're in now
anyway i've got a break out at that point
so does keeping were my dog didn't have some criticism against are sadly are kind of book issa
he ancient times and present the kaseya wrong by the monks who came from india ah all like the buddha ancestors authentically transmitted cache
no then have a long cause i like the one poorly designed by the monks of the preset school in china
those who do not have sufficient warnings buried in the cassia of the preset school
those who have korea understanding discard them
now he started talk about as authentic orchestra in general the virtue of the casino fascinated by buddhas and ancestors is korea and easy to trust
the authentic transmission has been truly contained cut the locus or he has he received from kinda unusual venting is the authentic okafor and so she has it
it's not a foam has been handed down and still exist in the prison
each person has that he inherited casino and translated delmar from a teacher until today that the means that the years old organ that authentic caucus i has been transmitted
those ancestral masters who received cassia why all peters undecided with who have mud in verification and translated the dharma minded the discussions both teacher and students share the same away
putting same practice saying
that these are often green a transmitted guess but he doesn't really describe fat while the phone or tablet guesser
forever he does need to
therefore we should make the kaseya according to the diorama of making casino
fitch has been authenticated consulted by good and sisters
because this own
is the authentic transmission or ordinary and sacred beings human and the heavenly beings and go along and goals have been verifying it for a long time
i'm not sure
having been born while this diorama has been spreading
nothing fills it with me with the authentically transmitted or okay stop covering our body when the cassia even once
and maintaining it even for a woman
that is happening that policeman talisman for protecting our body to attain i saw possible awakening we got fame so to turn this authentically often characters nikki focus on here
to protect our not only body or be body and mind
in order to practice to attain unsurpassed i'll be awakening that the amateur hamlet somebody that the bulldogs are everything
so busy that a policeman protection of our body and mind
he found a body and mind isn't guide with one phrase go out one does the and got him
damn guy with a the expression that means really penetrate
even grand phrase or dharma penetrate to our body and mind
he's become the said or radiant radiant like so long culpas
gradient that is because william like of wisdom
and that will finally lead us to the unsurpassable awakening
so disney study dharma
studying our kitties is of course i said to her again with as well them
and if our body and mind is died with one burma and one goodness this determine goodness
in this case need our actions
our practice and putting on okay soviet workers are is one of our practice purposes
look finally played us to the answer as a good old
witness saturday weddings kaseya it will be a thing so he studying dharma
ah by leading citrus or with is thickest and
any kind of practice you know
it will invoke as our our the revelations or a show or sip of course doesn't and other practice using our body and mind our all phone i think of grazia
although our mind and folk allies on the parish in each moment without abiding that is empowerment everything will be changing and impairment
and our body also allies is under parishes in each moment without abiding nothing new boss thing that all always changing moment by moment
that is no reality of life and yet the you created from our practice we certainly have time to ripen and i asked to the emancipated even though in know things are impermanent and chain
aging but the one actually we do and are good and
not good for not even handful of or thereby wiping right
ah that's happening at reserved it when the plant a seed or
persimmon you will get a personal truth it was returned they agree or siblings we will get a crew fruits sometime in the future this is a our priest through cause and reason so
if when branca or ah
got some make somebody that the some understanding an awakening and also practice
what how long it might be
it will bear fruit
it might be the
like not be any other data quite might be happy as data while it might be no in the next lifetime choir millions of years later but and sometimes that said ah we bring
the about the foods that is arabs are the principal of cold and
reason for cause icon
the casino is also a mom made no are not my man-made
neda with abiding not without abiding or i'm sorry
yeah right
ah the see neither with or by the
without a writing
it is hoped only i grew up together with the buddha can read drink and yet the virtue are paid
by a practitioner through the shapes and maintain pcr will be without fail completely and will agree about the ultimate result
so this in dogan van de goede canada tapped out the shogun the an entitled
the sink in guy
seen in the
ah decree on the face a people people baby we're trusting
a cold and be that is a pattern of right tackle the show bougainville and thought this principle of called and result is something we should be leaving we should trust which have facing in a
means we don't really we may not see that these are with this lifetime
so without a face you know we may negate or deny that this enough principle of pole and result and in in case of our practice to again with that
could it really clear that we don't get that is added with this lifetime
at least to me



the boy
ah yeah an article
in on because oak
the machine into this one example because of in the past lives are path to lives we play big songs already drunk is something that file we can be here
hundred eighty sheboygan them or in waukesha was in the window but can we can be running out or something we did in path lights so in the future lives between the he got a afraid we are the the unsurpassable or
but of course we cannot see the result the always gonna see a past life and we can see the future lives so we need to begin



yeah that is long point that was the acura to guy different from other
tactile go to show go with know this is not for philosophical and look for kirkpatrick nina
but this sauce that he nor his face in with is getting on the in this case with this girl so he our do we can see under phase of dogan adhesive really faithful buddhist
specially in chinese tradition
yeah so we can see in a busy with different phone kind of the organ we are familiar with
but muscle not completely different i think so when the see
that as aspect also and only
a this but also
you know i can lead to insult is awakening and start a sexual awakening
where i can be about writer but he i said you know about casio alcazar is he also need a manly you are not money
this is manmade or not man made his

ah ha
and move

side to make it
so much i ah
is the saga is something made
man made a mint condition this focus or is made with subbing for like
ah with certain method
by certain person or people good so busy really man-made thing and it ah at the same time this is what my men
and also ah
neither with abiding by the is who showed you

so do
and without or by the his move
the show
you know again
didn't say much with her and the mussa the again to cover all under me to on the moon
and later the siege


yeah this is them as during the
in the case of buddha-nature he said the pool buddha nature the move with them into this is the in the same thing so we have to remember or he is the best teaching is are getting here
said he said something in pays twenty two
i have twenty six
second sentence
oh please tempting to we should creating gratify the material color on the measurements
all good as casino
we should study rather it has something quantity starting point of me is all
and ah war is that quantity is new
and next one ah quantity is has a cycle foam what is wounded soul this is who saw and the mood for
and ah
mood for something for the phone
your in quantity

this is a point i broke on saturday morning you a by introducing the when these comments on the phrase from the diamond sutra
and i think this is very important to understand that is okay soft
the teachings of gorgonzola so i direct the token that point i didn't more
so the the also ah
discuss it on everything from
who and the moon
and important point is
ah both and lady
without you know me or worth all and moon needed and
i found
this means version of all a the moon are needed some logo his own so he'll
oh and he would it and on the moon so to know neither root nor move both will normal that kind of now
they seek to say in english
died out
get a full
ah something like a pet rock
this is a expression from the philosophy was getting overseeing a car
and in the diamond sutra it says
i think you already know with merely famous saying fonda bragging a barometer cetera and diamant to died one of them
she would be
yes all ever ah material characteristics
what is derision this material characteristics his so
ah this song with all
i'm here for the shuffle
so far is illusion does the forms we see is illusion because know it's all changing but we feel we see and a faint we make our image
you know and grades are the kind of our closet
it's i got we are taking a photo
the reality is changing and one moment later busy different
the exact cricket it he had this is is only this moment next morning in different and yet feel will take a photo
i'm pretty dark studied things
he saw the phone i see and create in our mind as the form of this particular kind of fella
the in danger corn than this of course we be fun
so yeah yeah you know a dark some making this on this but usually grass but we see
so the now
diamonds that are said his was a saw a phone is the region
under wish to see that then we can be deduced from our dream by accident to back at your team
so severe the book we're forever and my paleo characteristics during terrorism
but whose sole crusoe
a is that all characteristics all characteristics are so so that cell phones
ah fuck no catholic know characteristics
i see the canada
this is phillip we see all the phones as my phone
that is see that the canada
this is a pity or i seen about why they do
so we shall see this phone is not really a foam foam is the region
but thought we should see this phone at work home or no phone but without the phone then we see propaganda that is beyond any phone while fungus about about with that the phone and in this case mr better than that me at google
as a person but other than the reality on the team
so we see the film but but really see the phone is not home
so this phone should be negated
and be the liberated from our according to that for attachment to the phone or hatred or anger to get home but for the thing and passing or anything not his inauguration
according to the taking overseeing a bath or we should see see at our employees to be developed to be flown are training to setting things
that is this kitty a that ah diamond sutra
and it's common understanding of getting off
ah the mahayana buddhism
ah of course dogan vinci was not against that teaching
but he's a understanding about this phrase is kind of unique and it's important to understand
ah fuck he meant in or he discussed about everything with from using you and the moon and need i would not move
nothing but i try to that is what i'm going to cook as he made a comment on this phrase from the diamond sutra on saturday morning i briefly he introduce but i tried to discuss about the handling is
i got this phrase a sober windows ten good

in this school from ah that i'm insisting canada something
that phrase or sentence diamond surprise

so so
he thought
your life

show the soul
he soul
ken nolan see all photos
foams us ah look phone or no phone
at alibaba

in sogo gains open sea organs and quote this sentence
in any problem

this up
change the he ate young
he so
he feel he has a heat heat in his usual
he's killing you're right about under
so seeing all form with as no phone or not for is seeing puck canada is ah

is usually play the usual been correct the way of reading this sentence but as usually bougainville twisted israel reading
ah has a restock
ah she produced common understanding of this centers and saying
they think to see the many phones shuffle many songs
but to see the many film with as an old soul is just to say that canada this is translation by ishijima
in other was raised think
this is comment about a common understanding of his friends
they think the was describe think the many forms not as folks so as no phones
but as the canada
truly a function of smaller thinkers
small fingers
in a recovery study garage like without
but the reality of the was fit the buddha interrogated is not like that
this is typically go here
it's defined from you've had he how he like inc issaquah okay
diandra to see the many folks and to see where no phone is to make the pagoda
at was at once there is talk about into and there is the norm attorney
you see the difference between usual leading and organs were meeting the huge a reading that many all phone for many forms i'm making pc to be negated
and we should see no phone then we see that america
but here to him just thing is to see focus on phones and also to see no phone both is to see the government
so saying foam is not negated
lucky the point
he so to see you want to see a thought what to reality which to see both phones and no phones while we saw and the phone
and it either is a fund was to see both mean it's are the hated each other for to see it goes way when negate both when that the means
when seen but we don't see
makes and think so
anyway i'm next
target range of code
our songs comments of their mr hogan
coatings the founder of hogan school obtaining then
organs ah comments is if we see the many phones as no phone
who are not them making that the canada
so he hogan negate
noting that the diner
he said before we see many poems or all homes as not from we don't see a photographer
and pagans comment on this things by the master hogan
i don't have time to read entire coming so i just those few sentences
the many phones shuttle the many foes are the form of the canada
so he
does not negate forms she doesn't say we should see all phones as a new phone or not form because from a terrorism but he's an all foam as our forms of america so we should clearly see
that phone
each and every phone
and there is no instance of them having mood with us so that is not the film of the canada
does a typical dorgan
that means from we just see some iphone phone
when the need to say to see format phone is a diorama does seem or phone
ah we should never see this concrete song has no phone so do the opposite we never see form with as an old phone
from his phone pity on
can we say from is no phone we are still thinking to tried to connect home and more form together
and that is but we do in our mind we using our thinking mind discriminating might want to goes to concept many forms and no phone
is to you're thinking but i also dogan ah
try to show us we should see the reality not thinking about a reality which has said are yankee experienced that reality than what we say is only forms
if we will see food as no phone we are thinking
even though this is a foam but this is the illusion impairment empty so we should regain his form is not a paper
can we think in that when and that is how can we use and do from weeks studying the teaching of emptiness
still for we do in such a way we think about empty emptiness in that way he has been thinking we don't see the emptiness itself
to see the form just as phone
and to see no form as as no phone is to see a parent me to see the area in
what's thinking about
and to see it as an old soul is leaving the father underlining are when
to see all forms at north phone i don't answer is reading the father i'm running away stuck that we escaped from
the real thing we are facing to
so this is almost opposite of that are in a common understanding of the diamond sutra sing so wishes know the i will focus on the phone or you're facing that is a way we see no phone
because always no phone whether we think we're not
and that is to see the guy other
they have a asserted that because this concrete song is just the from of the operetta is concrete the phone each and every phone that is of course impermanent i'm really noticed the reason
why use him but
this country the phone is just the film of the canada we say that the many firms should be the many phones so farmers is just forms just i just phones
this is truly a scream discourse of the great vehicle and they experience for the mustard of many ah district
i'm ah little data he said the many firms are the some of the diorama not known phone
well she's a comment continues but this is very important point to understand dogan whatever he discuss about like a dozen
and now she's discussing other da casa
and in sober games or how how is are having how english eating both oil
i recently discussed the set a good at pay the same thing and this so for him to see emptiness and to practice emptiness an update to read out emptiness and to experience emptiness is
yeah see a phone each and every poll will encounter
it's not a motto
when we see this phone and thing or if it looks like a full practice practices really does not exist at all
not is kind of a common understanding go thing about wine penis and we think that it the way we can liberated from a clinging to this overtime
you know
for example had a virgin in soho games or doesn't seem logan dingy in a discuss about the story or polishing a pattern of basil and an anger cool very famous stories though i think you already know
battle and sitting there them every day by choosing all day and nanopores his picture and came to been p and as are you doing and pathways in i'm scrap thing garden
empty and city
and or
how do you expect from in ten have been happy to your invitation can you practice them and battle i thought i'm becoming a buddha
then the longer cool
picked up a piece of stone and pain
and studied the patient or on the stone stone
that's i didn't understand at this means so he christened have are you doing the must have i do
and the non-toxic and personal time to make a meal
in this case a better are nice and mira is without other night and while with them
then battle asked
how can you make a meta by placing a time
then long a person hi can you become a buddha
by placing yourself
you know the common understanding of this story is long or demolished bustle ah to not to quitting to the form of without them
because enlightenment and buddha is beyond phone or folders so don't going to the phone or even sitting
that was cool understanding of a notice this story
but instead the general attention volume vinci kind about how can i say almost completely changed the men but the story
if you are interested please try to read their the interesting a discount

yeah he said god getting over employees with a medicine to halloween getting of emptiness is a medicine to allow you to become a to be shared from that craving to the phone but
if you are putting into emptiness they have no medicine contract siblings

he is also

ah yeah enough as it different from now i know any we studied nagarjuna
we don't know how to do you know everything is negated sandwiches distinguished to be liberated from any idea
then but he does a very happy we should do
and have no gains saying for example in this case a question time you know that them is
then is a phone
that express no com
that makes it
so which have to practice again
but come on in common understanding
of that the the story is or
yannick nyanga who admonished
brussels a consonant or cream clinging to a form of that in but though he said form of the cousin is it said expression expression of no home so we have to keep sitting by people have coffee with cream into the phone
it's not nothing

it's kind of to vague question if you know coming out the southern teaching or things or six failure or our ancestor on dogging i think i can
answer but had a difference between china and building is to big
the reason why actually discussing the swing
pendant we study the
teaching mobile and things was in your car we tried to become free liberated from a coolness
and if we we are not careful it began a kind of escape to add to that somewhere beyond this ride of homes
that makes us
and we are seeking that kind of somebody somewhere else you know other them
and that is a mistake
and also in a so you know
okay so
alcazar one day in one know the names of occupies missouri at the me go without fault
if road a focus eyes roll with at home
i will have to know where this particular form of rope
a ever for me to cake or even without the without any form a prominent
know that
if we're not careful when thinking that way that aeration
doc is enlightenment in what he care for nothing
but in that is
how can the data kind of a part of the same position as a able to do a the way of life
but that is not duggan's practice
logan been practices to we have quarters ssc and penis and that we should be liberated from the quitting into the emptiness and it being liberated from create calling to the emptiness or and phones the to see forms just as phones and to take
carol forms to use a phone
and to live together with that phone oh how can be
nothing while dolan benji
of and percent and former practices
how to put on officer how to solve okafor how to use homeopathy how to do in newcastle or better for explanation given how to use styling or how to wash our face on how to brush our teeth or a be
all of him these are homes
but these phone to be the gateway to await me toda
tourists or emptiness or without the phone
so ah to clinging to the to no phone is kind of more
kenya program us
so order to see the apparent anatomy the idea of all things we should see clearly see both phones and no shame
that fine canada whatever he discuss about about buddha-nature he said oh buddha nature and the war would have nature and another thing is joe with m h i enjoyed practice kids buddha-nature so we the practice guys knew i had seen or damaging
i can fact the logan said in sheboygan the i'm talent show and he's saying about a about go the same anything this is a global aviation and this is our know without the phone therefore we have
to ventilate and ah value this particular for mobile giza is in because this a the expression of homeless reality
that it mixes
any question

when i finished talking about that point other part of a joke is not so difficult
so we have cried my needs
let me think
ah those who do not have the good karma from the past even if they go through one lifetime or two lifetimes this a the fifteen
about damaging
why had already countless lifetimes will never see casino where kaseya trust and receive casino or glorified and understand cache cassia is so we should see sar workers from to sign as a foam as a particular phone
and hours so as no phone
in china and japan today we see those who can wear kaseya on their body and they are those who cannot do it
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where know that it depends on whether we have good karma from the past or not
so it's not our because of our our condition of being wise or foolish are rich or poor but this is pleasing to ah
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because of this is we have already received caesarea qualcosa and maintain it you should be a delight for our good karma from the past the not doubt the accumulation of meant and piling up for grabs you in
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if we have not yet received the casino for shouldn't wish to assuming
well this lifetime we should make effort without getting to print the first seemed oh goodness
those who cannot receive on the main thing caesarea be called of some children's should practice the papers in front of all with a as and the three treasures or buddha dharma and sangha
ah the movies this planet earth how are they putting people in other countries must wish that the co-pilot as dharma and rope is authentic carry transmitted and exist in their countries as in china they must have deep regret
and so have it has not yet to be authenticated transmitted in their countries how fortunate that we have been able to encounter the photographer the world or not the ones dharma and room that has been authenticated transmitting this must be the power
with the great virtue of pride and yeah not add in the past clients
so we're all in the process
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we have to be very careful
you know you have to see aka cell phone as a phone companies as about this acura to mobile kisa and orcas are without the phone that means you know this entire network of interdependent origination if it weren't to on
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in this this type of orchestra that has been transmitted
in gains are argue it again tomorrow
so and yet if we take this out and we already think oxide is no past boundless reality than we do decide to concrete practice so we had to be careful in both way
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