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the morning
this is a catholic church
only a moksha

we have about three pages
so hopefully we can finish this this morning
i would get me lead the of the thickest
ah english english by from page six
go very bottom of this piece
ha ha ha nine free from the baton
even if dory or demolished people
lot to do evil be based on the criterion of human publication
and encouraged people to do good things based on conventional measurements
these are nothing other than not do you have manifested rarity
in general
buddha dharma is the same way that we hear it from are hacking teacher for the first time go out radar we experienced it in the archimate stage of the result or practice
this is called the beginning is correct the end is correct or the cause of the buddha and result of the buddha cause and effect in the good ole he's not a matter of the discussion
ah maturation or he called streams therefore unless we practice that cause or buddha we were never able to attend the result of the buddha because during expressed this principle
we are able to see the buddha dharma in his thing
people know many able to these pervade the entire one on so many lives and even though he will be have followed the entire during are so many times there is still salvation hundred declaration in
in not doing because everything good good good in the beginning in the middle and in the end doing good actor i yes it own nature foam body and energy and so on as they are
our because county have not worked in the case of the path she said even a three year old child can say so
she spoke in such a way without having the strings of truly expressing the to expression how pitiful three fat are you saying you speak in this way because you have never heard of the sound of
the wind or buddha do you know actually year old child or not there you know the prince flew over child being born as early as a reality sheriff those who know a three year old child must
also know all the buddhas of three times
how could those who have not yet known all the buddhas of a three times
no a three year old tired do not think that changed you have seen three are all tired you know them
do not think that since you have not yet seen them you do not more than either those who have known a speck of dust know the empire want those who have penetrated one dharma penetrate can have
don dilemmas also those who have not yet penetrated can seldom dilemmas do not penetrate one karma
when those who study population currently foley the he can have on dimas as well as one dharma therefore ward who study one speck of dust in a recovery study the entire
while it is extremely foolish to think that are three year old the child cannot speak of buddha dharma and to think that how to actually hold a charge of face must be easy to understand
this is because to qualify life and to life i'm sorry to qualify life and to qualify guess is the one thing will great tomato of course on the conditions of that students
an ancient toward head when you are fast boom you had a share or gallons or cashier or lie on to go on means the virtue of the target as cunning the dharma my wheel it is cunning that that amount meal itself
another ancient to the shed coming and going will lie from def he's nothing other than got to your body
for this reason to clarify the to body and to guy with a virtue of the lion's roar
must be truly the one single rate lotta it should not be easy therefore trying to clarify that causes and conditions and options about fully yeah all the time is lager a grey
great calls and condition this is because they allow sameness and define change between the causes under conscience and the actions of all the google's of the three times and those of a three year old tank
ah because you foolishly had not being able to hear the expression of the tooth guy awfully are all the time she never even questioned if there was such a disability and thus he
spoke of he did he did not hear the voice of the way in dolenz things that is more pronounced than thunder in order to point out that doling could not express the truth
he said that even actually year old child could say her caffeine
kill you did not hear that the on throughout over time
and stumbled on the planning of the dharma dharma wheel of that mazda
because was a must i could not restrain his compassion he went on to thing even though a three year old child transitional i'm katie or call the person cannot pull the plug defeat
what he meant was that there is an accounts a three year old child can see to express that truce so we must carefully study eat there is an occurrence even among the key our old pal
awesome cannot practise so we must endeavour to plug if it carefree
he meant that are you be the child's ability of expression and perry up to you not to the tank
i leave the old person's inability of practice and practice entirely up to you not to get all the person
it is the prince prove that the buddha dharma like to be hand expanded and it's essence embodied in this way
ah show bogans or schork moksha true that my treasury not doing evil presented to the ocean the kaushal holding g on the evening of honeymoon in the second year of in no appeal to to forty

so this is our part of the organs comment on this story about so adoring and
you are correct in
goldens and your from may have very unique comment or comment on this kind of corn stories you
very different from usual understanding of the story he got a in tradition and he tried to kind of a squeeze much he our our understanding why expression of fatima
his work he's really he's incredible
ah for them to he he know ah
they make that a story you have baffled pushing the pain
two completely different story
without changing anything
and he read for example album together to buddha nature and all living beings have buddha-nature into are all living beings and empire beings are buddha nature
and easy to an expression is either thing he was that it was a gentleman sometimes who were once for another time but he the express some pretty common experiences as sometimes energy need i've been on time and he
he revealed a very deep meaning of this expression
nicola of the in burma
and i think he could go in who had a thing because using chinese are expressions because he was an opa chinese because can you give your kind of up you know fully language
for tiny the people in a korean public such a way it's impossible because tiny sent into one happened can the sentence means only that fingers means but finn in or for now agreed thou foreign language for as to reality
to check you know the meaning of a to wipe and the
meaning that entire one complete sentence for tried to convey his are coming after kicking each and every was and especially in change a characters we can see what we can lead that in many different
ways if we just noted
the contract last sentence and january and check each and every chinese ah flat
and he believed how i think ah
from in very different ways that hob
from dot com on au natural way chinese people read
i think that both he's kind about me for the or source of magic and i think he's doing the same thing on this story but in this case she is not for successful i think
naturally some characters different chains
ah even within change one challenge child can i can mean different things and the post ah
and you know in fact in sentence or complex china the people will be in chinese character only one way but
because we are not chinese you know fast that we have to check each and every passivity older characters ah we can see you can read in completely different way than ten people here that bump
for example fan i'd it the english
ah the beginning he know i can die rather than pages are
i have some you know american friends and when i returned to the patterns apartment or a noontime he had ah i'm going to entrenched and i thought she was going to family tree drugs but he had
creek lodge said
i was wondering have had to go in new
he eat like here five actually think to go
no for after pony to go me to go
he doesn't go anywhere how gratitude to go
you know
before i can go native english speaker in this question it never happens to go to go through something means getting out our plan ohio intention of our future
so only shouldn't photo lab can have him
christian and me to can find in catholic interpret the in different ways military the english speaker john nearby finkel i'm i got an example might be in our newest st louis arena everything it's raining
and we know if it had not met mean nothing it means
in japanese refill i'm a up up contain during during the pudding
by putting your shoes it it is raining
i can not
many american christian fabric it means that the i was christian happy fifth needs hobbies raining
can we should really qualify for this
and i can get really interesting this means this will tell you that i'm alive in climate clock will be codependent ordination is raining
also i was the other phenomena are rather than once i've had it so happened that not come out so happy rpg a of here but something is lacking so have a the candelabra are happening but you know for native english
speak up to thinking cutaway is i think i'm not possible
i think that logan is doing using chinese excursions out that kind of a same thing
and basically on this story ah in no actually asked fuck it sm with his teaching that there must i said i'm not doing any evil and practice everything good
i'm actually said ah even three year old can feel her caffeine as a good thing simple teaching then now but it must have said ah even more three year old
a time to come a safe it
even eighty year old person can to keep or can park pithy the screen in this conversation a thing you know ah
didn't get a popup ah
how to say is easy but to do is difficult
bainbridge program for this
ah so that's all right nothing
so that's all it means i think and that is common understanding so in know in this a liking to get the was really severely quit failed
but that was copy meant i think i'm there much comment
and it should i think even for a dog and so different to squeeze a deeper meaning from this story at higher think logan where the audience that angry
he called shoes helping a but she should feed or more a mark he considering they must have ah
in a or the old of cannot do good
he helped i didn't feel anything but just
made a poor patient and lift i think a talking on him to say something something you are kind of interesting on profound
that fine you know she's worked here is not so successful i think
but five gallery

anyway so
he tried to
twist a good story
know how accurate understanding of doesn't muffled thing is ah
no he kind of a commonsense asked to do is to say is easy and to do is difficult
logan said even if dory or the managed people not to do a little piece based on the criterion of human publication and encourage people to the good things based on conventional
measurement that is that not only how to kill you by those who ah come on people's understanding
probably even that the mustache meant for but and priest gotten this teaching is nothing other than not doing or manifested in reality not doing it moksha and one fifty two is again
so he really want to feel good story shows much more be
and in general the guy remarking that same way that we hear it from a hobby teacher for the first time while without we experienced it in the ultimate stage of the yard or practice
in the fictional novels but not doing evil
ah he said well when we study in the teaching of an hundred somebody in the beginning the fleeting of amateur hundred crumbling is sound like not to do anything evil so the beginning
the article hundred somebody that is beyond discrimination beyond good and bad and see everything ah inequality or the homeless
you family shared the kitchen know that reality we hear ah
like wow
not doing any evil
that is how do we hear car from a had been pitcher for the first time
and here is our dog in think
finally i've found toca gordon's occurrence in the final sense or buddha dharma so finally picking
and so ah without we experience it in the ultimate stage of the result or practice so in in the ultimate stage overdesigned
a teaching of parameter from the crumbled either fame
that this indication it's not mean ah can jump to be no need distinction or discrimination between good and evil and like to ah
a big choice to do good not to do evil
but we that such ah parthenon
folk using personal will power and ah exclaimed nation if we fully awaken to the reality of in our interconnectedness than not to do anything below the summit of cough as the just a natural thing
what scared you know that our action either fame not doing evil that why i ah translate this was not as are imperative that as are not known not doing have any even and doing off everything
good and clarification of
what don't mind so this is not our ah the things we should do using our personal effort but these are are all the have been doing as the way you know ah
good grief
that's all
so but it for this teaching of are not going any evil doing in all everything good and purification of our mind
get pitching not only for the been as
oh look even roughly yellow tail can understand but this is a kind of our lifetime of buddha who have free completely algonquin to the yankee
so in that sense that
at picking on the even funnier or tablet can understand and hey and teaching ah even eighty year old person cannot three practice and the guys are just doing naturally are the thing practice
so if we can free he you know
kelly out not doing of evil and doing or good and codification of mind we are buddha

so this is called the beginning is correct the is correct
so if we hear that pitching in the very beginning go to a study on the track fits of dharma that is to cause of the food
i'm being funny we need to the preferred food our practice in caffeine
so this is what is meant beginning is correct candies correct this is ah kinda law ah come on the an expression
if beginning is correct and is correct that mean the beginning is wrong families and wrong so you must be careful ah in the very beginning because if the direction we start to walk is different from the ah
cartwright the direction the more we walk and the more we practice we get far away from that direction we need to go
so if the beginning starting point and direction at the starting point is not correct
we know try to go to the correct our destination and movie the are correct result
so this teaching open up to him even and practice good and cliff purify our mind is is a shows the like reflection who should call on this pitching
he's buried not the only for dinner but even that good us
is nothing teaching
so the cause of the buddha and the result or buddha that is saying cause and same cause and either a gun that thing
cause sunday effect picking up other way is not a matter of the discussion had had a different maturation what he called streams this in these different modulation while e-course teams are hangover
tom in used the injury
but not only ibm about the for in ah teachings i got your over taylor
ah different modulation in the translation of his you cook

you could in ah
the other is a could car into used
image you crude
it was gonna do with code orange already developed
and that
he called streaming the translation core do

oh good
in or car
yeah are many other kind of ah ah what about in the car in our karma and our electoral system or teaching
but for example are know identical car means you know if they he
clarify our ah analyze our ha consciousness into k today as
and explain how we create a kadima tasted the canada because of the seventh consciousness ah topic called upon us are in english lit sometimes called the eco consciousness
grasp the our deepest concessions called area as me
so we got ego consciousness think car and in our ally consciousness all got experiences with dig we have done as dog and a feeds
ambos an ego consciousness as these seeds as me
and and based on this grasping ego consciousness to a seventh consciousness control the first six consciousnesses both are usually consciousness caused by a lot are a company in between i and color or shape
and he hadn't found the announcement on taste and i've come on paste from the encounter on some kind of our object mind and mind can counter something happens that the the function of our mind or consciousness
because seventh concessions grasp the says club in in ally of consciousness but flab ah seventh consciousness control the way gold six consciousness or walks that finally our consciousness
our our thinking our view our bar is distorted and become self centered

that's fine he can vote we see a same thing because ah that she is stored in the area concessions are and each one of us for free even can we see the same thing we he view a evaluate a different race
and we take option or react in different ways
and that is how we create our people think that kind of my the karma
on the fee
you know that higher consciousness continues even finn oh yeah ah our consciousness doesn't go almost gotten to work that happening for even familiar sleeping often we are faint unconscious to and a concert
witness continues or discontinue patient is called the kok waterfall
it's it's not our fixed entity like on a beach are flowing for it impermanent
thor beech allies on the parish every moment
in each moment it's allies and each moment it parish our next moment it arrives again and parish again that not extended ha ha how they experience with continuation
and yet dominant
so are higher consciousness is a collection of ah many different chromatic are good and evil
other fees
but in each moment a consciousness is neither good nor evil it's new dumber
for the cause can be good and evil we really do something good and something able favour action we do either good or even though as a result the next the higher consciousness in next moment
it neither good nor evil it's new to her it's always to
hundred and either seen as a kind of our our percentage of feet you can do or how much copied we do and how much he will be that we do you know he will feed or good faith are who are to seed as toward for we can feel the to
we ah i have a tendency to the fatty even things and tendency to do i can have the second good things
but or even though you have such pendency grow up a bp
at a personality thing this personality or your home is new to her for each action can be called or evil and that are you know
bring about ah ah
ha eager to get to bring about a painful was how returned or suffering and good kid bring about our joyful who present still for
a moment a moment when they see the result from either good or evil
that gotham itself is new tunnel
and yet this pattern has cause yeah
a possibly to do either good or even depending upon how much good food and the to feed idea that we cannot you know i mean this person is good person or even person no matter how much you know fade over igloo
the karma there still is passion is new nutella document dance ah perfectly to change can happen how do we do at this moment
that means that painting of a cooker even though that god
cause can be good or evil that be that it is different from either good or evil it's newcomer that the fuck with a give voluntary
how mature up karma not cut them out this article effect from a cause
that is well
should of course there are many different usage of the thing ah what depending upon their school so different one naga our example of usage of the squad and car is girl
the amount com is acorn
no to floor
in the same amount of i think up the walk a lot of power
i don't have you tried english word
somehow in on the car is the incurred exciting the we
even even good having the really causes i how painful it reach out greeting a same degree
for the how can i think
corresponding call
he feels heavy i did my you can run with will just come on
now and will have paid
through exchanges are christian but anyway dog had the visa with tons
in picking schools but he an important point in the will teaching talking writing is ah the cause and regard he would agree apatow buddha when a different phone with kind of my favorite color ah
and for him it's not much kind of the simpler the that cause bring about because without it
how we have unusually practice the cause or buddha will you will never able to attend the result oh buddha this is are important point at thorns

this means don't worry about what kind of ah cause or caravan
you know take us to the hell or heaven forbid we should concerns is how happy the causal buddha
that can ah take us to the a little buddha
could she added insane with teaching of know doing evil doing good and poof qualification over mine is a cause opened up and this is also decided on buddha

and because goading expressed this prince true we are able to see the buddha dharma in his of things so getting dorians candover interpretation ha ha can finish
christie meaning of a boring thing i don't think during gary jelly when image
had the conversation but during kind of a how can it fake
ah twisted and don't do for upcoming three
boy his own idea who are wired into dorians now

so even though many hebrew these hobby the entire world console many redditors and even though he will be had swallowed the entire dilema so many times
i said yesterday at a time of dogan and single nautica it happens to second century that is in japanese history that i kind of change thou ah lung social fitting gift home ah
in para and browse our government has almost took completely changed and and becoming ah ah so-called in the royal society
ah governed by sunlight or warrior class and with two or three century to and four three hundred and three yards it's our our process of changing one system is falling apart and another system has appeared
you know ah established forget are so many confusions
in know it's an anchor ah
no doubt
communist countries or sarah for its idiom for on there are many different countries you know
establish a was shot down a countries and also of system has completely changed forget better so many many confusions not only are political battle for economy car
on confusion
and the time of dogging or the fame
so did i so many people things happening
and people that that was another decent people fought the age of large parma that community know practice or no enlightenment is possible to this community only creaking exist of kind of idea on paper color
but garden
sure i think that the a thing in the sentence is no matter how you know
ah much either with fields
kami eight different tiger so thank you are wide scale he repeats is not doing and if we practice that not doing then we can be liberated or free from a will be no matter how improve ourselves our
for happy hour mark looks like feel that mean death always possible to change depending upon allah
option depending upon how will you give so
ha told him
but very kind of positive even though he knew in are able
family who copied and ten or for happy
she's way was to
escape from la crema
i know about capital about society and deep move the class be more on pains and do our a block is good and change the fulfilled the from that place
and of course a fire he was living if she was alive that didn't happen that he's teaching i made ah great difference to the for society erica
you got know
his his tradition become again out of in our establishment and lose the pounds
in japanese
ah society from the sixteenth seventeenth century

that thing about we awake to that possibility no matter how able to dislodge looks like to if we do have different something why healthy than can always a possibility that we weekend change make change
that it i mean you ah
does not even big has no evil has no fixed nature it's empty so we can change
so are there is still salvation and degradation in not doing anything with up because he brew has no fixed nature
and because everything good is good in the beginning in the middle and in the end during good actor is it's own nature foam body and energy and phone as they are
i think japanese society today has same kind of programs that can put our ethical are cold without being supporting tapping for thirty four february hundred years have i think almost free
the bottom destroying taking a bath
i'm especially after one of the want to him know we lost our
this of morality or ethics but ah control or a bot japanese of therapy a pizza our ethics are based on cultures of teaching
i'm also our ethics kind of bar are based on the family system
ah and are only not only but most powerful
a driving force oh it know which opens peoples activity is making money
you know make propriety her more will fish and cross
gonna steer
oh yeah until now and because of that know
if any that many of japanese people
ah not gandhi business month but all or most many of japanese people for you we can do anything if we can make money and be it it's not illegal
you already idea your company or fish kind of i'm not a good way because has nothing to do good and evil
in know if we don't direct contribution or can get anything that kind of attitude i think it's not very different from are not to a raven hundred good
our activity is not based on doing good i'm not going the able but thou activity is
i'm not doing anything we can make money
so will get out so many people things unethical immoral things happening
in japanese society not only for so-called able people
but even that predictions and the arduino a delusion people in a very big companies and even policeman was called pictures
got our fence or the ethics
i got caught many programs in japanese society now i think
but the fear in our eagle has no fixed major so if we've had to change or can change i can get it hot dogging want to fail
he said politicians
who said business and i think in this country winslet
assume the thirty law
and if you look at certain places
you know people say they are never any good but i think japanese
stay there as the time
i'll just
that is that correct
yeah i came back with the kind of our confused her idea about car people who so british covering people that current para shoguns and somebody like graphene but not iv our ethics for the pot
your fire europe you also find that kind of
our expectation
hi there i'm the vip by a difference
you you're a poor japan but still there was helping idea and people died to fall a pretty savvy people climbed that he has no such you know ah the called walk anymore
i don't want do not poke cosmetic councils heritage through i'll talk about their financial thirty
but i think the same thing happen

so ah
even though he knew that i so many evil be happening even control the society that he
they had some hope because okla this idea how to tie them up our understanding of emptiness
no matter how been on
why the even did even and yet still now major is empty so conveniently can change
how no matter how small good deed is good and because ah equality of ah in on nature foam body and kennedy borgia fast for of the pin catchment her happiness
ah he go back to qe because joy had not to walk in that place or this path she said even three year old child can feel so
she spoke with such a way without having the strength of to the expressing a to expression
so he didn't understand the remark on how could he flew curry fat are you think you're speaking this way because you have never heard of the sound of the wind or buddha so it seems to on
do you know a three year old tired or not they know the principle of a child being born as a reality safe
now he came to the point that arabic well he discovered a three hour tide and eight year old are awesome
she's asking do you really understand the for three year old child is an eighty year old passion is and he said those who know a three year old type if you know what three year old the reality is
you also know all the buddhas of the three times
because you don't understand the fog kui three year old child you don't understand or with of in three times
how could those who have not yet known called the google's over three times know a three year old tired
do not think about since you how to same three hours or children you know them so
he children and to know for the our children he ah is different and do not think that since you have not yet seen them than mean to death
in a few times he will do not know them either
so to know onto c or not
have not nothing no he's not getting the same thing
for if we rarely see and understand three year old tired looking thing you should see or know all the good us
oh yeah i think the organs men are free or a our old tired is a causal buddha
and buddha is a mature the for more three year old tagged
so if we don't understand because he cannot understand present
why you feel understandably that you understand the cause fab
it's really uphold the boy or a town and hot dog and want to save three year old type is a part of this need to according to a dependent origination it's or and our know
media dartmouth be born and stay for a wide and if a player for even three oh yeah obtained ah as reality of life extra expounding donna

oh no
so those who have known a speck of dust know the entire world
so one speck of dark and media got months with an empire that to r corbyn can bring those mission
the the same thing so he from understand the landscape dust we understand empire are to our go
those who are who have penetrated one gunma can it's penetrate can fathom dogmas or for fulfilling really pick pickup one not obese and it then we pick up ah this environment
those who have not yet penetrated can on dartmouth do not penetrate one dharma

so this issue again talking about the studying that reality from the host from the of post one dharma or once a cold dust on puffin like off and from the host tapis data or network or st andrews
when those who study penetration penetrate thoroughly they see can further delmas possible as one gunma therefore those who study once the of dust in a recovery studying the
entire life
i think ah in general corner he had the same thing
ah printing printing one thing is printing concreting entire dharma and family study or encounter one dharma on thing we at the expression
hi forget that i can hear he he fed are thinking the indians or corn so to daddy sincerity do for the we are doing right now
and penetrate one thing one properties then that is the way we can penetrate oh ligand dartmouth
so ah one time one thing
each time a thing is really important to focus on one thing at that time
that's the way we can create this entire park

it is extremely foolish to think that a three year old child cannot speak or buddha dharma and to think that had a three year old tide of faith must be headed to understand a
in our no convention on this is true but i know are remote buddha dharma ah even fab three year old child thing might have really deep meaning
ah this is because to qualify and crash clarify this is the one finger great matter of cause unconditionally or good as student so we have to really deeply study forty three year old town
and you know i'm lucky that like after bath and eight eighty year old person with and with my god what was going to die for merida may home
ah so by studying for his three year old child who study life or buff and by studying happy eighty year old person
that ah is this who are life on this means
so he had clearly study both three year old child and eighty year old are often
that is he's a singer great tomato cause on condition of grad students
a point to allow gateway your insurance or black without way
i'm ancient toward he said fan you are fast boom you had up share who rely on to rule on
ah i don't know or who deficient or the it seems no one no
but the happy this thing is i think about have friends or family with i was born
in or he stood up and walked ah can buy elections was ten bucks
eight directions he'd i don't think he will come to us
i'm here she said our coffee the leverage
the idea that his client to on hope the new born baby
i'm hammering a he all babies
his fame the in clean finished all buried my bone they are crying that crying is for the fame and the good good film i'm only on another one
and what is a fast lions or so even a new one baby can ah do the lion's roar
and the shell the on zero i mean the virtue of the pilot as tiling the gadamer weed so in our newborn baby can turn the got amalgam of course you don't the second money but are i'm not on the human beings that every
thing ah not only new new boom our baby that everything is gary counting the dharma eu because dharma wheel means that way things are counting changing moving
so each and every think are really experiment explain expressing and expanding at alma
and this is counting the dharma wheel itself so the way things are
born and continued to exist for a while and disappear
you know each and everything
in all leave
com die in this way and each moment of a things he's really expressing their dharma in impermanence uranus and entire dependent on the nation
so another ancient already said coming undergoing going didn't die from beef is nothing other than that true human body
so our home life on this is our body
this coming and going living life on this is a month no i'm coming undergoing within the man pain and not so she's ah was that is coming on undergoing movie knife and this service
i hundred c canada applied for
fit you with qur'an transmog migrating but
according to gorgon not only talking about some the mascot this are coming i'm going with williams and fella is ah
nothing other than that through human body to think our body
so favela is not something something we have to or
escape home
this is a way we can deep expounding studying and expanding
our for this reason to clarify that through body and to and dial combat you open lions ago are so even we have cupboards you have the lion's roar
must be truly a one single with tomato
while singer great it matter is ah the expression he was been the lotus sutra as swung single lesion or to that appeared in this wound

so it should not be easy of course therefore trying to clarify that causes and conditions and actions of a three year old child is rather a great cause and conscience so we have clearly deeply
daddy ah the action and feelings and coded on the conditions of three year old baby i'm not only three or or three year old are tied but we are kind of a continuation of that tank for
but reagan him if we studying fifty five year old between person who can be the same thing that is how we can pan know better mommy
so time is always now
but it had to are looking for the show begins of the show over the nature
this is because vieira finish and differences between the causes and conditions and axons of all the buddhas of the free time and those a free up course tend because he out or retired and ah
a good as in three times are different and also than from sinless to let to get his family is different from thinness and this different from from things same as a difference and family
oh nobody each every being leaving the they to are called media dartmouth

ah because coins foolishly have not being able to hear the expression of that truth by a three year old child she never even questioned if there was such a possibility and thus
he spoke of he'd be
legacy ah
i'm toys understanding is our common understanding common way of thinking
ferguson she's not crusading are on the e coli that he's ah ah questioning to have to eat your new boss do you really think
pp in that way to see the truth of i three year old time
he did not hear the voice of away in during the things that is more pronounced than thunder thor rings are teaching is as powerful as about thunderbird
still we don't really understand would not be outta here are you from
so think we need to listen
to that
during the master during the boy for go in and also the tradition to the sound of ah babies crying and also found the bodies tubes and found or wins and jeeves
as our expression of dharma
in order to point out the adoring could not car in order to point out that during could not express the truth she said that even a three year old child could fit her a theme through i three the
the during could not say ah
how can i feel more ah deeper or ah lofty truth or burma he only said really kind of a common if can teaching
ah but that is complete misunderstanding of key
course according to dogan
we did not hear the li-ion roar over time
unscrambled on the planning of the dynamo we hope that the master
because does a musket could not restrain his concussion he went on to say even though a three year old child can say so
i'm katie year old person cannot plug the feet
so this is another are teaching from our during the master going
the between didn't understand this nigga
ah i can get a hotdog want to say
and our common understanding insane as i think for the choices that means ah during teaching is know
he needed to say that we've got to do
but according to bergen for during sabbath not the same thing
ah fuck he meant was that there is an appearance a free up time three year old child can see to express the truth so we must carefully studied at mean that garima who are too
cheating is not
how can completely on the philosopher can discuss about reality back to square reality can be said that even by three year old child it really include reality
ah but there is an utterance even an eighty year old cousin cannot practise so we must endeavour to practice it carefully that this even a key or or the person cannot practise
is not negative
but this means our practice is endless get no time we can say i needed a goal for by the joe toku ah he's saying how appropriate khakis endress
at least putting another expression doggy new thief with record georgie tomato off going beyond that
so get no time in we practice until a our old few we continued to practice you know we our practice cannot be complete
no matter how long good practice for new yeah in yeah eight year old year old there how will your practice eighteen year old person can do or have to do the practice on three year old baby and bradley
top twenty year old are young man and fifty or or or from under a t e our lord patten are different and the faint practice doing good i'm not doing evil and be pretty high our mind in
each condition of each each each time each moment are after each day each day we are different i think that for you we need ah
ha ha
we're making our beginner's mind
you know ah now i am not be now of our our
all the pattern i feel i nine days of i'll be there is parking is omar or can be coming to a
current my practice at all python is paying for how you know i need a do not mind to the are on all the python
so in each day each moment that we are new so we need ah
to keep picking up mind and the fact that we can do how we can practice at this moment with this condition of body and mind and really important
so it's not that motto for neighbor finance twenty my practice was low and mistaken want after happy as he asked my can become much loud and that's why i can be a teacher
the that kind of kind of a common understanding but that was cool
well in my twenties i had the way to case we can i be undermined of tpr on to pass me but now i'm fifty seven for i had to create my real purpose most suitable for this condition
i'm at this moment so it's not that matter and announces three year old baby or to be old pattern ah nokia camacho ugh but we are much rob
i've kind of a conventional way of thinking we can pay for the answer clearly or put each one of our life
each moment we are and what you don't baby who is this condition
i think i could have doesn't want to say using the expression jove poker
so in our english translation ah
a two year old bottom cannot practise or i'm michelle it a discount drug companies hedge fund their meaning or not
and i don't really understand the next for this he meant that i read the title debating pob expression entirely up to you not to the the time i leave the or the park
on the inability who practice entirely up to you not to the old person
i don't really understand how does mean but over this means we have to study and practice by ourselves it's not come a christian and i expression and practice of those a baby or the old often but that is a motto
out of ah food and oh yeah but the our own mother alone problem of our own practice
and nick
a sentence this is a final death sentence
it is the prince principle that the buddha dharma must be disarmed expanded and it is fishes embodied in this way through the things away we had to grab this
get it out of my

so you know
ah shut the here you will see i want to
say about this are about this was and not doing any evil and practice good
is that are we don't ah
avoid evil and practice good based on that discrimination
we make something good to be done something bad should be the appointed as our our personal it for the all our conventional who are you at his kick ah so called are a car
on moral code but really he finally awaken to the reality beyond had discrimination between good and bad ah week
good and bad grip evil deed naturally become not doing and cookies naturally become doing and as i introduced a story of temple unusual yesterday this means we need to
purify fab has never been in pure had not rocker has never been ah you find
our mind eating pure and create suffering we have to kill clarify our mind than we can stop and suffering and they should one know that ah push it blew our interpretation of
but that buildings practice who are clicking is not that kind of practice because our mind eating fewer out we have to please our mind than we can stop suffering
what can we have to qualify
al-abadi online likely to already pure that is a point on blogging practice and if we try to understand this kind of enough a decision as him from the kind of contradiction but before we understand to understand
defeating in power in the kind of a complex top ah history of them i think we can say the the candover how can i say integration of in the frame off that feet by tissue and
up here the i brought home futuna august sixth patriarch law and sister
i keep enough ah writing the are written on for haven't we already know but that is
the not the thing and his ancestor was aging he asked his the is to compose bosses a expressing their understanding of burma and the fastener ah
fast monk for her the bank could be a assembly issue are composed
poems such as ah the body in the bodhi tree the human body is our for the three to your yoga enlightenment
the mind is like a korea mira
at all times we must strive to put a sheet on the must not that the dust correct
this is fuck are you
since insert understanding and if film our city know ah the topic for this bus of not doing even as because our mind a thrill killer that means people your mind if you like a past ah picking on qr on the queen
meet up so we have to keep polishing that he a multitude of curiosity called not mind steep for me how so how this understanding of ginger and who came from tank of one income
petition of this was so not doing
i think camping in order not to the dust ah escaped on the lira we have to keep ah questioning and this posting is a practice
and fatal your mind or a pure mind is dust
so according to this class teaches bath and this is
no pushing good evening or not to the the meet our jackie
ah you know or when gothic francistown load another plan hundred p
in all the bottom get a two points to vices but his body ordinary has no tree
the media also has north palm
buddha nature is always clean and pure
here is there room for dust so there's no fucking fat loom for does to come on stick
i'm putting his foot on
you know
fuck is never defined
so this didn't hr cannot be divided
always clean and pure
an analog make another film is another pulling by renowned is the mind in the bodhi tree the body is a mirror spanned the mira is already originally create clean and pure fear can to be stained by dusk
for it never stayed never folded
angelica volume that hotline is from the living room
even one single thing be
exist and that is in a car that i'm six year old rapper in sidra
anyway weekend that corn or kinda usual i mean she's a teacher said you should qualify fat is never defined or food i think is a kind of are in integrating these two pickings
into one taglines
you not even though buddha nature
never ah ah find it's always clean and pure skill we have cool quotient is pushing pushing fat is never followed is our practice
according to go him

you know that is a kind of are leaving no further trampoline japanese monasteries in andre green every every every buildings in the tempers every morning we got any
and tax practice continue
i think the time of dogan and or came or yeah we are really month we are both that we don't clean the buildings because it via daddy
but we keep hearing on cleaning every morning ah to are gonna feel manifest the creepy on creams or
and also by doing practice or in that tub
attitude we
police how our body and mind
ah i think that is fat logan
want to teach us english writing according to my
incomplete and of canton
ah idea to appreciate your patience again
finally he got from the clock
ah any christian

no christian means have completed and was touched
for doggy dog

well thank you very much
so now we're going to do a cleaning
good practice
because it's bad
after families