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Most likely a talk from the Tokubetsu sesshin.

Auto-Generated Transcript

cagle promotion much of that from our go you know the table you know that got a nice community iowa
are there is a scheduled for seven days ah
during seven days the disciple
copy the teachers some would see things by handwriting
it is called a cake kegel in japanese
oh sure some i gotta know whole
spare they
damn boy know
gay g g
how do our foyer countries
damn poet ah the ceremony or greasy being the dharma from the teacher
the first day the it start from our
for a clunking ah two suits me so
osaka hammacher i'm not the the i know
shows how mama didn't know from other sources i dunno
renault for not remembering that not gonna yours has stated i get a two yogurt or know
hi zanna can kill more the muslim guy hike was the rugged yet
so the disciple make prostration are showing gratitude ah
that he could he can receive the dharma which is has been transmitted from teachers to teacher up to his own teacher
another guy eighteen two men or ana doesn't go in a startup how do you up as hundred toga was criminal attack on the or no jolla can be wrong
feel whole go to rap music iran and iraq that
so the first day after morning java or morning service the disciple who are for is going to received dharma transmission practice this hoy con kim
they didn't do not talk in era or show some other shows no home that muslim
and is funny guy hi
as familiar that the first day of our that he's a teacher
first are
but disciple follow the teacher
to bow to make prostration first teacher posts make prostration then the
the disciple follow the teacher
the kernel oil can kinda you must store men do not hide the are still some i thought wasilla a time i did top of the guy ohio that much so after this whole campaign
teacher and disciple again on make prostration to each other
we i talk in new are shown know who are can govern our the thread proud mama
this know whole the so-called the guidance some play maddie side corner gaya hai that
this time the teacher or sit with a cross-legged who wrote as petition and disciple a make our diet and some by the most are
respective way of persuasion are stretch the ago the fool instead of unfolding as we do at the mornings as so it's a most our highest a form of showing gratitude so the disciple make this are
to his okay on to the teacher
right they the full lucky do are in my friend got more nagato on a through to you the newer hi honey i have read field
it's not only are within a buddhist buddhism but in in general where we ask someone
to the something
first we have to request
yeah we have to make requests first
grown now
gaia halo go to continue to show us rep the grass source grandma did or not they can compile good
why they must stop to the social men you know home on when you're heading
bro you go about tonight so wild the disciples is making this are surprised duration the teacher receive the preservation on sitting posture with gus show and after three prostrate
son's teacher beside this phrase
the dharma gate of buddha to buddha ancestral teacher to ancestral teacher ah

he's has been actualized or has been completed and it's a phrase
so after the teacher receive three persuasions he teacher recite this race
the corner katara know when then with our
she'll look weird regarding honesty
hen or not your cousin it i only know diligently some of the eyes argument
for no no relevant this go wild
hi honey
dolan then the noodles and the or nine ios halima both a little than delicate up you might know about would go with the hands of men general whole on windows really you could go are a doctor that
oh no call the nra's a credit or you could run a not guilty
when dog and then you went to china and driver are around a meeting or various are teachers there and finally she met
ten ten the unusual engine and then do they make prostration to usually mg daytime new georgians said disgraced ah
i did only transit the same same phrase buddha and buddha ancestral teacher and ancestral teacher the ah
face to face dharma gates has
being completed for her has been up to eyes and ah does the first day our teacher teach us are beside this phrase is are coming coming from a this episode
which happened in china between dog and xinjiang
a map me ethanol hamlet a hidden in law wants to nevada data
promise has a not the guinea pig to be awkward begin up or hide the over the argument for your have on your high think with that many now at the neil hundred market
my explanation now is our our to make an clear ah about our
a particle succession and horizontal succession on the text
in english
the oh no
oh sky it'll all get out of to you got a lot but i love the palm villa local know
budo the address that can go now
i wanted to one the toronto mercury mercury up coil matrimonial humano morality or don't know how many your niece of yours the first a it was today missouri to the know this your state person is under vacuum on no locator
you crypto how example spray reddit building one
there are many stories about the martial artist ah but budo in japan that disciple practice so hard to get a scroll from the teacher and a the final stage of this practice ah
there is a ceremony to receive or to comfort those scroll
to the disciple
i can know
cattle car hundred taka you
oh i'm around the thermal no open demo to that saigon or proper role will get it will come in your urine vision was still won't put all that much
the flower flower arrangement or tea ceremony the student are try to wants to receive the innermost ah
teaching on this tradition right car for our enjoyment or tea ceremony both teacher and student
work so hard
a and or know right i started all get to the damper are zucchini it as my demo
it's got on know i done the tomato rambo would to see on an active an argument
the to have a the ceremony or dharma transmission during five days
this are disciple has to finish
making copy of three things by handwriting
he gonna you know
the know your regard more rather more type of the whole has got to ten kind of that granada
schools communism
the on the fifth day after a night sitting
the ceremony for our
transmitting precept
he's a hell and fifty pips day
the first is an american and are you up from my own or candy
oh god damn foreigners victorian era argument and next day sick day at the midnight they'll be held the ceremony for transmit think dharma tempo
canal then pay them for not keeping up with the legitimacy only go go on a right that you must call you mean you know or hi show any ties then die iowa does not go shown eyes that me
start talking
i forget how i have a somewhere that my grandma no go no kokoda submit their or mine it's gotten thunder call you i have no got the wow you're really working
so on the first day disciple make prostration asking ah teach us help tooth
fulfill this are think i transmitting precept tempo transmitting dharma ah
the the meaning or prostration the first day is asking teacher
his help to finish those are important ceremony on people they are six day are without program but
well as the answer answer to this prostration the teacher said are already go the diorama gate of or face to face has completed now
that means the
the heart mind or buddha or bodhidharma
he's already are manifested or completed good today or this moment
a comet trail predator and know a kitchen area
okay here are still no regrets no no she saw an all cocky with this my personal has of be skewer as you must get them all
kono title mri they suddenly he showed today snob or not gallery which has a hammer that has gotta know now that it to you on other sites on remote start feel for you could build up killing me it's had enough get ever i feel more know them
paul then kind a menorah
oleanna like it there
so the car
work to make copy some are three things by handwriting or the ceremony
comparing those three things to disciple or receiving ceremony receiving will be held bader not the first day but already are
between don't already on the first day the transmission of dharma between teacher and disciple
has completed on a first day if our
and also that transmission has to be proved on the first day before they have those ceremonies otherwise a are there cannot be a
transmission darmo precept
there cannot be a transmission in a soda school
a what the gullibility we have hundreds of your ready to they've got the heirloom for now got up recovered hammer know where she meets the eye you gotta love 'em i know what to stretch the no idea i do not go in debt
what we are practicing at the dojo or here each over the activities
he's a following the buddha's are instruction and ah
also r
following the body dormers
china girl you know they are customized slippery scripted up we know how to get them are the sono was the conductor he got through still do academic
so each of the activity
ah accord with the teaching of buddha and answer of teachers
for now costume was in i on or cook analogy gonna you can cut up just finished in a only to you promote because you know how does the state know manuka got know katie online like
ah the practice of this special seven day is a a one of the forms are with which we try not to or off the track of the buddha as a buddhist or of the buddhism
he frantically now conquer career it's about i will not taught us that gotta get their resources the item or a subway modern adorable
they have we i how a terminal bank go through are you a dinosaur photos you have a panel show me your model domino they've gotten before you you're not yeah you gotta go up on from technical dollars
the engine know that whatever we do we make a airport we're going to reach the final stage for example are in the from your with as for buddhist practice the the final goal is to become buddha and for to become buddha we make practice
or to enter the university we make are we study very hard work to get a certificate or
a to are graduating college we are study we think the
gore and means in this way but this case is pretty different from that type of our effort
whoa you put to our target than do that killed organ donor manger no matter how are either
cgm a lot call you an afghani your knee since sydney arsonist could have done
this kind of things is well
described in a podium of show bogans or such as our show or manager showed his writing of transmission menu is our face to face our transmission
the for you
hi she'll cut up more how to get there early so stereo how much to additional the i love you not criminal girl your cake or through academic
so in this are seven days from the beating both teachers and disciple are already buddha and they meet and practice this seven days schedule
yeah nippon villa or adopted i and know
here are still it must have that
katanga than the local hundred your ceremony nippon palmdale at tsa put a monetary cut up or know he'll my that they will get them are told a name to diet through
the cornerstone of monaco know when the not no hope on wanna call you cannot have go in atlanta
ah i'm helping the kinda rally in japan i often i have a talk for the parents are for the mothers ah
i sometimes talk about discussing our it sir
when kids are children receive something from someone else ah
j a pope pose like this this is our our someone could present a gift on children's hand this is a form of receiving
something from them or other person
all of them a cast for repugnant her mother doesn't last that of qaeda in the pill my i star up corner protectors are know will get you gotten under your control one
so you know hook hook i joined the the handful when we do doesn't so this a form of the hand is a
comes from the hook i join the means are this form or the hand is a form of the buddha so i i explain
ha for the mothers like this
i bet curricula or know i know how can you not only know all the local coil wound is hugging on who no i know you want to that monitor
when we receive our the food know in the morning with all key we hold or lucky like this it's the same a form of our
yeah is it's same form of as the or to in swarm and this whole casually it's the same things
they have a totally rather have him ask the locals go mars you gotta put to use butter or knockout ko corral for iraq
the in japan where we start eating we say it iraqi documents which means are the kind of this respective expression i receive
so it's come from this fall
whatever the goomba oxide on i am the of to you can go do a knockoff the economy will not have them on our work in there
so this form is a very different from that are
we choose pick up something from a many choices but instead of picking up but we just received
from other person on my hands
viet nam you're not happy political career are and nine
so we don't know what will be put on my hand
we we don't know what's gonna be on my hand
an annual not have on a criminal code will get the theory that though you will get that you got doesn't have you ever wanted they hand on come on your hide them and
so this way of receiving we don't know what's gonna be on my hand and whatever it is we receive it
otherwise it cannot be called that way buddha's way of receiving
write a letter know insanely cut them from a thirty day you will not ski yeah cut then i told in you are going to die recommended that way leaving
has to be like that has to be same as this attitude because life does not go as we wish
knit a little bit on that hanlon like tony scott the it just now it doesn't i dug up
for you can look it up
hump on me neither help you got all they are not uncommon
maybe my top
this example is to be off from the text but i believe that this kind of our
feeding has to be ah ah
piney under the ceremony or dharma transmission
a renault oh know to the young dot
how had them or know marty my the from now cut them on your canaveral homegrown tomatoes get another day i must cut up looked at what happened on my fit the will know cannot carry on then for then diagnostic under was in the a lot
must be only on it i was there monument
after the prostrations are
time is a difficulties something else have this after the prostrations the disciple visit each building each horse and each a whole are has the buddha's or bodies had to was so
the disciple are prey
those each buddha us or our bodies had to buzz are
pray for that the this seven-day practice will be finished or with without any problems or difficulties
so martha you know or kilda your wife yoko ono it's a voluntary was adolescent german work on emma's i wanna do you with our da da da da da da da around the young israel home from oh god
so their not tiny so line i don't know
her dog and not cut out wasn't not cut out the you know how to integrate the that up oil all and in other work
when disciple visit our those are whores buildings disciple besides the mantra
each sound like like that it's comes from the oregon issue this mantra has a power to sweep away a or the obstacle
for the practice by the power or buddha or bodhisattva so while visiting ah
ah disciple recite this of mantra
the it'll still memory
guy was are they must go to you need
sure height are still money on the guy was the hamlet little calculate refer you know it on a cognac video
so they can i don't worry man
after i finish after visiting holes ah then disciple
request the master and receive are all that is instrument or tours
necessary for are caught a making copy or three things by handwriting so he received all the necessary or stock from the teacher
your new york now comedy i cut up for the kind of feed them on separate days you don't either
the paper is big so our teacher gives it the disciple also our instruction how to do how to deal with no things
no soil gotten our country with the field for the disappear from our etiquette other to receive the item as cut up real nice mira you don't come out and amendment
it's are not necessary to explain the this these things because most of your finish this ah kind of things quit making coffee
teachers three things maybe i maybe on it's not necessary here
they given the occasional macro okay you have grow up nice the first ah is to make a copy of catching ago
i cannot get you have go to some irony was so right
if with somehow either through in that until tonight they are now to get to know i owe to you is done before disciples start making a copy of a kitchen ago the disciple recite a dicey durrani
and make prostration to buddha and our ancestor teachers
it's called do so right boots is buddha saw means an assistant teacher right is prostration with dies in the ronnie
a she's gotta she's your mother let's have hammock some i you go right up the i never had to do it today i do like a documents cut up throw you know mile tempo e penny you're the you're not a demo
the group on uri or do a good you uganda you what whether they he didn't need or know repetitive hammer or i still have an ideal meal for new really musty first the i had a hit the van or a little the rocket the guy halo
through recall you yeah you got that
so from buddha to the teacher there so many ah teachers so i decide to one name of the the buddha word or are teachers and one time bar so for example the roaches case he asked about eighty one times
as it's too many so on
usually it's divided into three sections then the morning be done on night
ah disciple practice prostration three times
so one name one preservation
they are getting their goal is monique have conquered a commodity you can conquer external program retrieval lucky
of course there are people are some are very fast making copy a sound very slow
the corner i know or can get more did a good worker
they'll though you're ruin a hierarchal go to do the article for you are correct
so even this our restoration but it's depend on the parsons are
quetta speed fast or slow
that hire you a monopoly mother now going to you not call your dog your dog can not build the month of them
oh no can't euro coil hamlet rural georgia for yoga daughters in the oklahoma
the usually at the dojo or are the daily schedule maybe from for am to nine pm already fixed but during the seven days the decide to focus on making copy of three things by hundred
hey promote program in need
hematologist just got the duck and cover the okanagan your dembele yeah some this amount for you katara kite to but our disciple must not are
skip those a daily schedule making excuse that i have to make coffee or something that's not good
rather then i really like going
soil hundred no longer royal go in your hand another are no accurate the here's the rug so even during this seven days the disciple has to join but as and or are is
the senate or service three times a day and by joining those activities star
then are in addition to joining those a daily service daily our schedule disciple has to finish are making coffee was some three things
a diet intimidate chronology to that goal this you must go canada in you up for know now that i'm your probably my fit her family got them more still kind of color for couldn't remember the first the hi bonnie about me a lot from ah no she she'll talk this
no way we know fuel because the documents state first the
i didn't the familia mother critical going after the hundred and our had a lot you should israel
so first day that disciple finish are making
copy of fatima grew and next day second day
disciple are
unfold to the big paper and the end
ah both teacher and disciple qatar
this thing of small arena
the roofing or and of use the blood mixed up and using a brush and ah
it's called go in the cross are this guy
both are decide one teacher make us see you
by crossing a drawing crossing rhine
you can help popular hill volgens don't know what you need the environment
this things are feel that ah
using the blood bleed from the little finger is you can see our description in cherbourg enzo she she shows her
to what would the then the somehow got know that o'connor that it he prayed gotta you gotta on taiwan a whole new competitor and tokens and it's or she sure says this manner
he's already done in china and it's a came to japan
a adoption will quickly him as the micra cause for know i've never know when we get got a hamburger or pay
gotta put out that hundred and offense in the you know to to check a my to tell matter how do you live money
before i came here i was being suffering kind of pain or lift part of my head but fortunately there is our acupuncture is from france so she are
treated him with veneto
yeah as she took a hit a up for know me know how home on the animals that our company we cannot have found i don't have the key right there right
so are she are inject the lots of needle on my feet or hand or years and last night that she put the are also kneel on my
this part of my head and it's bleed
the blood came out
economical or can retire on a key recipe adapted up feel of how to building i set up for the right do we do the data under current value over that are you ready like she said don't worry about it because the that blood is a bad glad stagnated glad
so it's okay with the it's okay don't worry
yeah katie methanol go in my beach culture so elaborate field that's like a doubt in my hand
the blood for meetings this year i must not be that kind of bad bad
a hooker because i'm not going to and to you gotta know your take on lotta know the from until russia cadet
so the blood is a symbol of the oneness between are the disciple
teach and buddha
oh no sure that the you got the the sunny day lucky daddy must cut up for no other that's enough of them all
you know that they actor or come up too much you'll not the popularity you know
cuddle tired i look at them on are there are people who said are because the to bully or to get a brad we have to cut the finger so it's very painful so we don't have to do just with
the mind we can use a red ink instead of glad there people who said
sell the this
a corner okay you have to know going up commonly open a lot to me coming on in new up go you are in a day in demand immortality donna on up with the this wrap the comment on the new are ordering you know hey guys
after a the second day that it's the focus is making seal and next day third day the most of the practice same as a or first day but this on the third day
the focus is making copy of our or daisy
which was great mother
the free market you can get onto to iraq get up cnil kind of mean you are trivial matter how can they have gonna gonna going on that
so on the third day decide disciple has to complete making copy of a dicey than next day as he did a for the kitchener cool of fold the paper and
also same are making going cross crossing ceo with the teacher
a very common in are you must stop
just because them are yearning it's gotta hide in my state are so yourself with iraq and yet the fifth day it's kind of highlight of the the one seven days or the disciple make copy of she sure writing or
cornell extended to go again then this another you look at the new children we've gotta talk federally will get them out that from no actually want all of this guy do that he hid in the
are there is a show at age which are dog and and received a directory from the new jersey nj in china
throw you got that will a that the will argue fifty go again than this amount through the day got them right family i would tell us have no kokoro get out you know they'll pull for lucky
so the the making a copy of show of the teacher is aiming at receiving the are the heart or mind or bodhidharma where buddha shakyamuni through dog ends and the seashore
they would you see or a day
today that didn't know more on the not yokota don't have to pay for know this this of phenomenon that hotel the hammer know take a whole mythical amended there was a to academic para una foto storage area so major morally or not i hunger got their ankles
doha then going to go up it
so the this way of making copy is are
very different from receiving the kind of graduation certificate or something like that because it's
that kind of case after we finish making a copy that she's sure become mine mine
not like that on the exactly on the process on a on the process of making a copy we already feel the oneness with a buddha so it's not the soap separated the result and the process is more separated
like i you study and received a certificate or on the process already the
so there's no separation between the process and good result
we're gonna go to our billion didn't either
sheboygan the american anymore and they had italian as that
q what they do they cannot i know what data did you don't know for sure we have been whether or not the owner can we do our that you are reminded a whole tight i wrote to you got on a on the canal or call you got all you added the argument
so he ensure bogans or dog and our road his experience in china visiting various places are greens a which belonged to means i score and so on and he could witness our he could see are several she sure but he said all
oh those are sure
something like certificate which was given from the teacher that you receive the darwin like a certification
and it is different from the seashore in darwin's sentence
hey i'm over on of them all nigeria congrats that are and get out you got all billion than euro except know how to do so in shit the volume of show
is emphasized as for doesn't practice to
can you show go dota you had a remote tuition in the arab i love to know how can tuition they are you must cut up had that i my my another then top up the other know doesn't call you quit lines
for example we if we practice doesn't are aiming at attaining indictment or cancel was hattori
this case are the satori is other the main things and there is a difference between the are
it doesn't before sad indictment and after a meant so there is disc two different doesn't if we are practices in ah
aiming at our indictment
he then pay them porno alternative to one national standard is that a couple nagano
hamlet know how kids yoga to the know anatomy
then they are highly muslim color from not how up or no
how did your company you know gotta no one actually done
i want to talk about more about a
transmitting precept or dharma or meeting dharma about the
where i cannot talk about the air or
on the text so i want to move into the text
on about the or a bad car succession in horizontal succession
i can feel of you know height they you know you are reminded that guy of a a nova novelty i still am at all
require the a panel and to meet your home of that will that girl have an area for a know happen often either you are happy to be real gonna hold the and that the genotype hail through the got than the hurrah you go to the
call you put the lovely you added them a bird car succession and horizontal car successful means our o'gara being the the age of teacher and disciple and bert car succession
the dog who or ball up this way
and a horizontal succession you'll go to eat
gonzaga over up over a the dogs over up this way
the economy how it will come out and got a that go you colonel you need
have a horrible good
hurry up when it moved
we're gonna you know
kind of out all of that you know
coronado from permit
on the fifth day are the
the priests there is a ceremony for transmitting precept then on the sick day are there is a ceremony for transmitting dharma and on this ceremony but go succession a horizontal success succession is performed
hey colonel potentially will go to you know
i still have not got up repeat them mulatto quarter value
your county
the only right that happen you can dial plumber
for you with the rather
so today to hear what to get our but vertical and horizontal succession is a part of the ceremony of that transmute dharma transmission and judd time on the t the masters besides the phrase ah

you're gonna run that for nicole and i
cut their know you can learn couple in the media and know that the muzzle
must recite the phrase which means succeeding to the dharma extends horizontally
in the ten directions and bot gaudy to the end of the three period
in this case vertical vertigo refers to the three period or past present and future it's a term the time and horizontal refers to the world wars in the ten directions are proud of space
what you are ultimately oil but all you gotta america britain i only online of that i got to that the guy with a typical you are familiar with knocking the carnival old icac a whole season bizarre quarter
go down our army the proliferation of handball or denial that dogma
you or not i phenomenon know good in an afghani or not i e o the quantity on it'll go to their
so this of doc regime is nothing special because every morning we are the more the service when we make prostration and we decide our or buddhas can direction in three-time it's already this phrase is
did i the to so volgens don't know that i'm in a lot of you're not gonna need dog and the things that need or summit in my diaper
as for rye hi are prostration dorgan zingy explain a very are
well in the volume of that durrani there is a volume which has a was food diaries durrani in this volume dog and it explain about persuasion
come on you're posting in this demo vitra almost got stuck in a hundred your mother an apple pay and then the company i'm not that are you want to talk on unhappy that
so are when we do today ziggy go to get the the both to to juggle open up just a little bit but it means that we have to understand this over a ping not just this much but whole
both jungle over up hundred percent
become what one juggle but ah
so in our parents over of justice this much but in in your mind we have to understand it is over a hundred percent
yeah actually do not like you are he saw this in our own of that was how can you hear the it for know when you're not that rural contaminated real cop green and so were we do today to are but go succession for
first the disciple
stretch juggle then
a teacher over up his zagreb on the disciples ago
you could you are
yeah i showed this to you kite your was laughing matter they see that that was the know any saw work from as i know
does symbolize the cherokee that dashi is under the t teacher
did this year this hyper is under the teacher
some of that will continue company para di hails the normal provider of gotta read this cause decay i've had a big deal for the guy halo
i've actually found that you are edition of lot kill her picture on ahora now
show a photographic i mean europe eat pray new programming map
so if a teacher and disciple over up there is a hundred percents they can't make prostration so for practical reason they just over up this much and a disk this case are ah disciple make nine prostrations
but a teacher or receive those prostrations with gus show or just only one time prostration
this is your to this is a hope that that he suddenly guy he had to give them all yeah didn't happen to be that you were gonna run run run
this the sort of the you wonder up your on i good thermal hundred nine hundred billion europe for you i i have been recovered or gonna have one hundred rupert on that day
so this ceremony implies that of course that
as he explained the years or crossed day the disciple and teacher are one but but the in terms of a transmuting dharma
there is our our gay or this difference or discrimination difference or discrimination ah between teacher and disciple so how did that density is implying a this kind of difference between master and disciple
sono try that one girl from garage padua go on monday a whole new look at it
he's a little this is that
work all night with the remarkable or america for there are certain other men are i the i do not hurt he said appropriate today guy down refer you to monitor that are now hamlet in the world who got fit you can we die hailed from a book you know
he tell him a whole that mattered standard eb roof is are in me it's not that work winner
you will need not not ability and i took the data get it on guys that have to go and low scores contaminate first is that they suddenly that halo you on day
you'll go to get a horizontal succession is very different from you ah
this time r j bow they make prostration are facing that same direction
all together
and ah they make procession taught three things and three things in is a the symbol of the must undecided to is one
and also the dog who discuss our masters teacher or musters job is under the disciples juggle and cause also this case
in the mind we have to understand that the it's over a hundred percent but also discuss practical reason they just open up just to deal with
they are no go around the rial with akira are sending look at the city on you know only cure high oil that so facing toward us somewhat three things teacher and disciple or make prostration ah the same
our altogether nine times
you can know
having priority work on the wire hook you up or either
i bet it happen
about a guy that you got though get this result of the day guy on the fit
he took a the that
so today a year go to get through a practicing performing this to year what ziggy we realize the the oneness
ah with a buddha and ancestral teachers
it's time to stop my dog and are still there a couple of car
time so feel free to ask question
how can we got into the six day
the perfect together since our this exam and adhere to the most everyone
continue to think i say can you said the facing to continue to the middle
make me
our students to show crazy sister woman
the computer
hi crimes a door you could say no to the need and or this door she showed a ticket viscera a qaeda degradation is times you've the those in need i hope you the most ago called they were some monster ulema icc or shootings
so are to make it clear when
disciple and teacher make prostration ah
at the same time toward not to somebody but
but she sure
issue is a symbol of the the oneness or equality with the buddha announces on teacher because provide a unique and are covered you my friend and a ten k i hold her to get prepared money is not grow faster
so already the disciple received a catchy ago on the fifth day
at the ceremony old rock
transmitting precept
oh are also than a billion liberals in the earnings everything and refer to the contrary known
an extreme conditions are complicating the
and you said the master of science but and the riddle inside edition
the them from ah
pressure hype to tag
a dog to show a quarrel between to know your neighbors said accompany you know this could work
so no pop up towards the ah you can maybe i translate the the teacher decide the phrase
succeeding to the dharma extend horizontally in the ten direction as parents or something like that but
the teacher doesn't decide this but keep it in in his mind
during the mid july teacher in a super secret drawer but that
and this can get a degree
green chair
is it permissible to chair for the the proper to lose your roku or kind of chair or to sit and roy more
i mention what i'm going to get beyond don't want you know you gonna win download the girl she's a won't get off it is not going we do it today when my eulogy of over eating thought the at the longest that era to global on took an soul for you
rely on it doesn't guy not kill him difficult and know honey from them availability oil a nap products could then on whenever he must have for your scholar program or condo going up a couple of go at cubby area can often normally they swept that read about more
or new angle a permanent scowl at the bottom line that's awesome i had a group wrote the roman right for the demos you
yeah twenty nine where i said oh come on high
there's gotta dorgan then did i know on no doesn't return or die i still do or and like you're going on less demo know those engine a whole crucial calcutta don't that they are anonymous
fedora and i get him the a related topic the nail on the other senior like promoted the and narendra perfect medium i
it's a great come on struggle cappuccino i notice you so pay
i it's a to use the chair but the it's desirable to sit and just a poster for that for the teacher to sit on the poster ah
are there is a scroll which the illustrated story of dog and changes our experience in china and so when dog and they make made a prostration and news avenge he was deceiving or his prostration wasn't sat on the chair
but it does able to sit on this was a posture on even on latino
a portrait de roca del cauca jonathan the you're gonna see cannot me or your then when the i got the long don't get up for the any lms script
the grow this was man
we'll tackle that an app that allows a schedule that you don't not to mention executive director
the palm villa know how to get home after sudan know any a or show that the so no will cut up one doors and the real know that us
in japan there is our ah
ceremony or
the in which the the priest son sit on the order where a buddha was our or shrine
and i do question answer
a hotdog and haven't got the yeah no data that
right do i realize that more fun know that happened why they are you must cut up cut the soil rather than got a kiddo is the threat they are not a his cadet
so the teacher
is are taking a role make playing a role as a buddha so it's desirable to do it with thousand and posture
a rather watch the on the rest in one don't get to your hotel marina store or are you might nip on the yoko granada building that's not highlight kosovo much do i stay rich people report a dietary is pretty lucky
the so you got that rather looks to recap of the i'm i'm not i'm not
in japan or the priest use kotaku ah to respond to the question with sitting posture but that's not a ah
fancy writer
does not so a grace for a beautiful using a stick and years ago with sitting posture
a gun that occurred over the throughout the was your other stood up put them on you'll have to have to look at the soil could the taylor doesn't know erica to data in iraq
so when the the teacher sit very high praise like order and sitting posture
so even will stick he can reach to the disciples so it's already are
corruption or of drug
he had end to the money he found on have to cook anymore than know kind of only would it be acquired the crispy taco delancey need money hitler community called keeping posted by citigroup were going to my family
political kind of hundred that get the league commitment
there is a episode over how does mg the the poor marble over there the about of a hazy when he has are salmon ceremonial is installation ceremony is to innocent high installations illinois
ah she are was sitting on the older but he are
came down to the floor and ah asked the the monk who make a question what you said that he hit the the monk
cause the if he's keep sitting on know that he can't do this
he's got

really around
received permission
so i don't understand what is it about right
either that or situated
didn't change
i know somebody to revenging dota show about a al-qaida italy don't know a donkey to you know connie or no lucy to portugal and or gonna show at i'm a graduate this iran iran the she was really only know that the cake about this what i wish to the know the okay i do that
him to your image up for some also been conquered to sort out to sit on all
arthur murray oh no no no guys who wanted to know going to go up and night i know
a lot he does not have are the quoted that they could have been intentionally i think my handler ninja no proper tail when i
production so that he will rescue that mosquito you got them out right here i have i about or didn't know that i excited to guy urea and up until that did the good eleven
as a natural human psychology we have a preference vega i like this for a teacher or i want to get that temple so we have a preference has a human psychology
utah you're talking the or know imma gonna show them a formality of another reality you will need feel good about consider a car to go to i don't know what would i see you over durability
if the relationship with this teacher is strong to become difficult to change the teacher
you either somewhat to layla i don't know whole get the them they're not to use your meal credit days you're you're in the usa part of the oglethorpe where can i know anyone them all they can you grew up in
so was the person receive a somewhat to from particular teacher it's make a the disciple
it make
it's become more difficult for disciple to change
the teacher
the soil for from a in the for know my mine yeah that return on on okay you're creepy reflect on that button avoid thrill that i see if you feel a need to quit though or call you and i put them on the thing is so there are people who was received some mods of when a particular teacher
and in order to change the t the the master the return
those are three things to the master and their get new somebody from another teacher but there was this kind of wow
are people so exist when you are in the only killer on i was have a ton of life know how does not call a lot of my country and you'll get opera you show me on when i'm in control me for it or not the adani on and for the the only equipment
a no meta and i got fed up a good daddy the you gotta either neither so in green's schools schools is a in cash on a it's a certificate that you got same enlightenment as mine so if the who does not have a somewhat or don't
have that kind of authority
some mods are increasingly don't on me and the now time was in console to kong i have happened today must get a demo or denied the habitat so or not have been inadequate so in the in windsor school the inca show maze or ah
most valued for in their way in the sodo scoop the somebody has to be valued like a certificate in doing so will go to the the idea and the content of some an english of is different but the in terms of value
has to be same
they didn't of a local or no or no internet hide that from a kids on the royal also that our cats in the only item when i was rather than i realized how much a kite that fedora it as i eternity read up on a panel of donnelly adani according with that
you were going to cut down to the nevada
in a tradition
the disciple received a master's a portrait ah
calligraphy poem or some sentences written by the teacher
those things are how the same all authority or
value like somebody in sort operation
they almost hammock the they are properly or back in the narrow margin in africa or whatever ask that you know that dietary doing
and they're just a episode or story which explain why he wrote some was even
do i have the only woman i was found this that know he found those them a cocktail cannot get enough that got know they and i do you know that
soon one day my hamlet located the right so ill look a lot i feel your not on me
he felt that they stop or so you got the night a million and a hotelier think you pay for they did not know what the design of over a rather than a hundred and a proper other get the rebekah
phenomenon know what alioto you are or have another took the someone from what i had royal hotel key basically a on a our that i still got iraq there was a person who criticize
this kind of this receiving a conferring summer to saying
it doesn't make sense just receiving kind of written paper a secretary at the night
these are kind of he greets a whole selling a ceremonial which he exclaimed this morning there was a person who criticize and saying
we just we should receive our
the those authentification directory from the buddha shakyamuni so we don't need though this kind of ceremony direct we should wish we can get the certificate directory from the buddha shakyamuni
you're gonna hear was touched on of anger got that they are not i revealed i know can guide the johnny availability like the for you on a particular skill gap something going to show us your medallion and a photo nicer they are the man in america grow your not he hundred
so this person's idea is similar to our rinzai whale
understanding and just giving and receiving the paper doesn't make sense
i took over from a the event near the remember that the auto and the to work you up
mona hamlet brasilian one hundred a night
no manuka can go go your slow cooker that showed that they is a dining out there i'm tony ortega how i thought oh god am i am i don't really like that he tied down to you at all
i don't know that know that there are no i don't know only to do this tiny little coding cp manager call you at
so are other a respond to this person's criticism or bungie note i want to
say that the the somebody is barry completely differently from a that kind of certificate ideal
somebody is not just a certificate by performing or through performing those several days ceremony
not only in mind but also the the body through our body ah ah we the arise the an actor eyes the oneness with buddha and ancestral teachers that's his point
a senior nakatani okay clinical signs that was the protests is ago
outta here too i hope i get the kids you may cause haven't get a feel good garage that obama called your time to calculate the state ideology i nice shelter they see that or through grow you my yoga cannot it and i could ever have i seen danny padilla
goku that where you can show on a terminally ill and i i'm not as them all when you are not only one around
now the the a people make a copy are getting ago and a hand out to those kitty meow coup to the believers in at the ceremony of are giving a conferring the precept but if we we like
lack ah
but by
making copy by handwriting and performing up prostration between the teacher and disciple
if we lucked the deep understanding of these things are just a handout a paper does not to make sense
you can get a new mexico my path
the the sky
so it's it's time to stop so please asked the if you're a question the second time
so now i still do thank you so this is his name was think tank a dense on this up