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today's the trailers the

the morning
there's lots of kids here this morning this is a monthly am children's lecture
so the first part of the lecturer of the i'm talking mostly to the children and i wanted to ask you if you've ever heard of the word good will before
have you ever had good will
and what is good with
do you think
were you give up something yeah it's kind of that's part of it
did you wanna say something
when you give away some
down in the basement we have a good will it and then said i don't we
who's been to the goodwill exam center before
how do you like it done me
the goodwill how come what would you like about going down into the basement to goodwill
jana you can take
somebody else is i wanted to say something about goodwill the goodwill it was insane center has what we call the good will which is this place down in the basement where you can bring anything you want and leave it thinks you don't really want anymore
and then other people get to take those and is this exchange all the time the goodwill gets filled with bunches of things and then they're taken to another goodwill ah that's another place with san francisco where sometimes people meant if if the clothing is needs mending or things need fixing people like good will
all the other good will take care of those things and then offer those for sale
well good will
so it's this feeling of giving something right giving something up very freely because you just want to give it away it's time to give it away
ah the thought that kind of thought of good widow is a very
shall i say that thought is not just a useless thought
and the buddha talks about i'm having a thought of good will which i wanted to talk with you about a little bit
do do any of you know how to snap your fingers
okay now when i say three everybody snap your fingers okay one two three
okay you know the buddha said about a finger snap
it's very interesting the buddhist said that in the time it takes to snap your fingers that that much of a time that the lasting of that amount of time if during that time you have a thought of goodwill
that person who has such a thought at that time is called a practitioner and or a practitioner as somebody who practices the buddhist way practices understanding and compassion so if you ever thought of goodwill even that last this long
that thought is not a useless thought and that thought
means that you're practicing buddhist way and following the buddha's advice and that you m he also says that you can eat the food that's given to you
feeling that it has a purpose
okay so that's a pretty short time and then you know the buddhist says
so if you what if that's what happens when you have that short thought of goodwill what about if you have a longer thought about goodwill that is really that has a lot of
ah effect okay so lets everybody step your fears and while we snap 'em when we say went to to snap have a thought a friend goodwill as friendliness and our feelings non harming towards other beings okay so let's all try to see if we can even have such a thought in snap of a fingers okay one two
two three
that's pretty fast did you have a thought was pretty hard ever i thought of goodwill said so fast
should try to get as everybody in the whole room me one two three
so now that's if you just happen to have a thought of goodwill and if you happen to cultivate even with the this length of time the lasting of a finger step if you think a little bit more about goodwill or really pay attention to it that has lot lots and lots of
one way you can kind of lengths and that time is to say something like may all beings be happy that's the sort of a big thought of goodwill for all beings ah so let's snap her fingers and think if we can may all beings be happy see if we can get it in the length of a finger snap okay one two three
now that is an enormously big thought you want to know why because are all actions that harm people or on all actions that help people come from a thought first but action
that down the action follows from a thought in your mind so there's so so if you have this thought
first the actual follow so to have a thought may all beings be happy
action can follow that
so i want to tell you a story about someone who had this kind of thought actually you know we've been having this drought for this is the fifth year of the job how did everybody feel about this rain we've been having
read wonderful didn't feel great to have that rain come down
yeah and at tassajara rain for three days and the creek is filling up credit

yeah yeah
that's right
doesn't everyone feel like karuna refreshed by that well we're in this terrible drought right now and there was during the buddhist time there was a terrible drought going on you wanna hear about that what what he did was to stories about a drought one it was a terrible drought
to and all the the crops you all the things that were growing were all shriveling up and withering and dying and all the lakes and pools and when they had these things called tanks where they build something that filled up with water where you can take a bath inside they were all dried up because of this drought and
the fish and the turtles that were in some of these lakes the water got smaller smaller and smaller until there is just like mud and they burrow down in the mud to try to get to water but they couldn't really get it get to water and the buddhist saw them kind of in the mud there and when the hawks came and the crows came with their law
lance like beasts their lance like beaks and they went swooping down into this dry lake and they picked up the fish in these flew way and they picked up the fish and the buddhist saw this and he had compassion for these animals and he said to himself
i'm gonna make it rain
right this way did he he had a kind of schedule where in the morning he got up and kind of took care of his himself and then he got dressed and then he walked into the city and gathered alms gathered in his in is begging bowl food for the day so we did that and then when he came back
he called ananda who was his kind of
a real good friend and his attendant who kind of took care of him and he said ananda bring me my bathing dress because i want to take a bath
and he was standing by this place called jack havana where there was this tank that usually was available to step into and take a bath but it was all dry down to the bottom and and nana said oh but my lord called him my lord
it's all drivers nothing there there's the water and buddha said to ananda is the power of the buddha great and anonymous said yes my lord he said go get me my bathing dress so and went and got the buddhist dangerous and then he stood on the steps about to go into this tank and he just said i would like to take a bow
bath now
ah up in another realm where are there was this sort of vibe one of these hero type gods he was sitting on his throne or alverson is stronger i really really hot underneath and he thought what's going on down in this earth realm so we looked down and said oh my goodness
the master that's what they call the who wants to take a bath and it's there's no water so he called the thunder god who was his friend and he said the brutal wants to take a bath so the thunder god put on one cloud that was his undergarment and another big cloud which was his over garment and he
sped off into the eastern realms with clouds and the cloud gut as big as this room and then it got his big as the whole kind of block and then it cut one hundred times bigger than that and he's the this thunder gods swoop down and pour it out of his face and his mouth
all this water
on this land that had been all drought filled and torrents of rangers came down down down down and filled up the tank and then it stopped and the pretty brainy and took his bath
and all the monks who were practicing with buddha said it was because the buddha head this compassionate thought for these fish and these tortoises that were dying ah and by the power of that thought this rain came
he compares possible
are you think about that
and there's another story about a drought which is a little bit different
drought was covering the land the same way that crops were all withered and the animals didn't have anything to drink and there was a group of
you know to whom it is
yes that's right so this was a group of five hundred hermits who lived in this mountain and they lives heard of together but
they practice separately so one of these hermits felt very badly for these animals that of dying of thirst and he decided he was gonna do something and you cut down a tree great big tree any dug it out dug it out dug it out dug it up to it was a big long long long on trough do not a trough is like a big canoe he dug it out
and gathered as much water as he couldn't filled it gathered and filled filled filled to the trough as all filled with water and then the animals came to drink and they began to drink and drink and then more of them came to drink it begin herds of animals came because this is the only place they could find water and this hermit kept filling
the trough as best he could filling the trough and and he became hungry games working so hard but he couldn't stop because the animals were all drinking and one of these animals finally realized this fellow who's helping us so much must be hungry let's all of us because there were so many animals bring a piece of fruit when we come to take a drink the next time
so all these animals each to say one brought a banana and when brought
a breadfruit which is a certain canavan crew and an alpha grows here but and mangoes and all sorts of fruits until there was so much fruit there that there was two hundred and fifty wagon loads of fruit that were there and all the hermits got to eat so that one huh
hermit who was trying to help animals and and and have them are not have thirst
he not only quench the thirst of all these animals but he ended up feeding all the monks to buy a because of this act that he did because it is dean
i'm not sure
it was simply as the animals couldn't get to maybe there is a well or something that was down deep he had to bring water from there someplace where the animals couldn't get to so
so this is the power of a thought of goodwill goodwill or friendliness are helpless
that's right yeah i think he may be dug down and got to the water where the animals couldn't do that kind of digging think so


the rabbits are good diggers they can get under a fence like them i'm not sure they can dig down down down down down down to where the waters when there's a drought because sometimes is very deep under the ground
so that story of that hermit shows how what what one what a thought of good will can do an action that falls from it
you know there was a route
yeah be hard to get through
so let's let's do our fingers snap okay and and let's think a thought of friendliness and ah i wish for everybody okay all beings ourselves and all beings okay that they be happy and free from hatred and
free from thirst and three for free from illness and and all those kinds of things okay so one two three
okay thank you are very much

they they go
go full body surface

so ah let's see
this last store they talked about the hermit who on gave the water to all the animals and then the animals wanted to give something back to hermit and they up fruit and
can you hear me okay
this and that fruit ended up feeding all the hermits
and this story to me is a beautiful example of
not only the power of a of a thought and the action that follows a thought of goodwill
or compassion
it illustrates that beautifully and it also illustrates
fundraising it illustrates fundraising now
ah i've recently been asked to work in the part of zen center which is called the fundraising officer the development office and i've never done
fundraising before what started as fundraising
ah specific fundraising our fundraising i think for most people has kind of a bad rep right bad connotation will be i just kind of and unless your fundraiser you're not really interesting fun
that true
and fundraisers are a little bit suspect like used car dealers
i remember i someone signed up for practice discussion with the end their wife said as they left the door don't give her any money

so and i also had that feeling about fundraising in fact it was one of the areas having been sensitive for a number of years i was very happy to have somebody else take care of that and not be asked to do it and
but since i've been doing it i actually find it very very ah
ah what shall i say i'm right livelihood maybe you could say or not only right livelihood but it's actually the essence of what happens here just like that story where
the a hermit is doing
through the hermits insight into compassion and feeling of interconnectedness with all beings right
ah this particular hermit was a he in the story but he or she does some activity in the world okay out of
out of heart you know out of love out of compassion and then that's appreciated and then people
just naturally want to bring fruit you know wanna bring a present want to offer something back and that so it's this win-win situation it's not like someone is losing something in order for someone over there to get what they want
ah the situation is completely mutually enhancing
naturally that way it's a win win situation
ah they recognize this person is working so hard they don't have enough time together fruit for themselves together food so will bring the food and they can keep doing what we can't do for ourselves and back and forth back and forth so this is
this is true fundraising ashley this is the young this is fund-raising in action now i looked up fund raising
looked up the words in the dictionary and fund
not so surprisingly comes from a word that means
the bay basic or element elementary or the foundation the foundation profound ah
come come from the same route
and it's a fund is resources or money set aside for a specific person per purpose is fun is a fund
ah the word raise means to make appear that which hasn't been there before
as one of them
definitions ah or to make grow right
so you have a situation where
that the fund is like the foundation or the the basic resource on which you can build and fund raising is to make that appeared well how do you make that appear in the world
how do you make funds appear how do you raise funds
and there's whole you know there's fundraising schools in all sorts of
lore about it and technique and but the basic the basic way to raise funds is where you do something
out of your thorough understanding of what the need is what what what need there is in the world and this is recognized and and it's as it's which you can it's a circle or it's a m
you can't tell where begins and where it ends if you're doing that than it so suzuki roshi talked about the dharma wheel turning and the material wheel turning and they turned they've got down when way you can have an image of it is that they have little what are they called gears and when one turns the other turns there
the arab
they're connected by their teeth you know by the gears so in the dharma wheel turns the material world took turns to
and if the dharma will isn't turning the material will doesn't turn and if the material will doesn't turn for example if the young if the animals just kept drinking and drinking and didn't one of them it didn't occur to one of them to bring fruit this poor guy would have to stop
bringing water because
there are limits to body and energy and stamina and so forth he would give out at a certain point just
he couldn't keep going that way so when the material wheel stops this a spiritual stops to because they are so interconnected
kazan joe ken who's on one of the ancestors in the lineage dogan some
one of the damn heirs of
the grandson of dogan says some zazen
is just to illumined mind and rest easy in our fundamental endowment
thousand is just is just to alumina mind and rest easy in our fundamental endowment
which is to say that every person has a fundamental endowment fundamental meaning it's this said this is a given this is basic
origin source there before you know it's their fundamental and down i looked at endowment and endowment has to do with dowry to endow is to give a dowry
so a dowry is your our well
that was interesting to me that that's what endowment means to have her dowry where you can then
depending on which system you either pay the dowry or you have to have a dowry in order to make this connection of 'em marriage in this case
so thousand is just to illumined mind and rest easy in our fundamental endowment
there is interesting also that the root of the word fund or fundamental were from the route comes also the word fundament which means barracks which means your bottom you know so it's so perfect for our zazen because you you know in order to raise funds you gotta sit down on your bottom
you know and your fundament and them and raise make appear ah or rest easy in your fundamental endowment and
and that activity if people are aware of or
people then want you to keep doing that because they drink from them as mixing my metaphors they drink from that trough you know that's getting filled so they bring fruit right they bring the breadfruit of the mangoes ah
so so i'm trying to for example rate of is getting boring about fundraising him noticing people are living oh
so for example i've been working out a fundraising proposal to
for zen center and in writing that kind of thing you have to first you can't just say well we need money for this this and this and this you have to first go back to the fundamentals right what is it that you're offering are you actually fulfilling a need or you actually offering water to drought thirsty animals or not
hot either any animals there who want to drink and if there aren't i am that's not the animal's fault or it means you're not offering something that's needed somewhere something's off right so you have to first before you can ask for funding you look at what it is you're offering and is it for filling a need it's very
it is very basic to fundraisers called the case statement right and you have to really ask you have to look you have to scrutinize what it is you're doing and if you can't answer those questions first what what is the need your survey and dead and editor and if you can't describe that
it's pretty hard there's no fruit no fruit comes
so that one of the hardest parts about writing this proposal was
looking at sense in a very clear eyed are trying to ah and say what is the purposes and center is anybody why do people come here what is it that thereof
does it really met would it matter a one way to look at it is to think would it matter of zen center weren't here anymore would that make a difference to people let's look at if the it wasn't here what would that mean would anybody care so these are the kind of questions you know and sometimes were you when you're in the middle of it very involved you actually don't know anymore
or why it if cancer what the purpose is what is it serving what is the water we're offering
so that's a question that i'm actually putting to you folks many of you have come maybe some for whom is it your first time here today
okay and everyone else has been here some of you many many many times years and years you've been coming

so that that's really a question what is the purpose of zen center and and what
what are we offering
now this fundamental endowment zazen
ah zazen just allows you to the mind and rest easy in your fundamental endowment
you know for a wales and said it was talking about trying to get an endowment raise money for an endowment presents in it which is something less of institutions do they have the endowment that's in the bank somewhere and then interest from the endowment takes care of operations and and so forth
and we were advised very strongly by someone not to get an endowment not to go that route for various reasons and some of the reasons are when you have an endowment and the money just comes because it's in place you begin to lose touch with are you may lose touch with
on the people who are coming to the place to for whatever reason because you don't you begin to lose that interconnectedness of those two wheels because the material wheels just gonna spin it's kind of disengaged or can become disengaged
because you don't you don't really need donations or contributions because you're okay and the tendency or what can happen is the institution or really are a church or whatever can get further and further away from what the assembly feels is vital and with the assembly needs and
ah because you're not locked in together anymore
so instead of having a fundamental and instead of having this kind of endowment a fundamental doubt is there
but instead of trying to do this other kind of endowment the feeling was to fundraise for specific things that are needed and ah
and make a clear and strong case for why those are needed and then people will respond to that
the same with our own fundamental down with that thousand lumens the minds and allows you to rest easy in this fundamental endowment the young
this rest easy does not mean
that you leave off ah
what work in the world or leave off
compassionate action
in this tradition the buddhas and bodhisattvas or the awakened ones and those who are practicing in this wave fundamental to this practice every time you sit foremost in your mind is compassion for all living beings that's part of the sitting
so resting easy in the fundament in your own fundamental endowment does not mean ah
that you forget others and you get to rest easy
fundamental endowment is ah everybody's fundamental and dominant if someone doesn't understand or is suffering than you've you know
and feel for that person because you know how it feels to you know that you want to be happy you wanna be free from hatred you wanna be free from ill you want all these things for yourself and each person is like that and so and so compassion arises for everyone so resting easy
in your fundamental endowment oh
it means that you sit on your fundament and make appear on
these resources and then use them at will use them for whatever is in front of you whatever needs to happen you never end you try never to forget
all living beings all beings living her not living

so that that is part of our tradition and sometimes when you first sit you actually can say something
to remind yourself of that that you're sitting your meditation practice is not for you alone and unless you know when you come to goes a view of has as an instructor who said when you about your cushion and when you bow away
that to me as i was a reminder volunteer cushion is to everybody who's ever put their fundament down on a cushion
past present and future new bout them you can understanding of there are
the aspirations they have which are the same as yours and then you turn around and you bow away and that's too
you know all beings past present and future and they're all right here as i sit myself down ah
they are all included are all included

the young in that story about the finger stamp
in the in the this is from me
polytech scope of gradual sayings of the brunettes is the name of it is finger snap and
the i changed it a little bit for the children but what what the buddha what the words of this translation was it said oh monks in just the time of a finger snap
a few to indulge in a thought of good will
such a person is a monk
where i changed it for practitioner maybe i could change it again for practitioner but anyway it and
such a person abides by the buddha's teaching takes good advice and eats the country's alms food for some purpose
and then there's a little footnote which said down for someone who isn't acting worthy it is bitter to swallow a hot ball of iron been to eat our food which is given through charity
that we have this meal chant some of you have heard it's a long chant and see it starts out innumerable labour's brought us this food we should know how it comes to us
receiving this offering we should consider whether our virtue and practice deserve it
now many people sort of a choke would mean it's like they look at their plate of food and they say how can i possibly scoop up lasagna now
and i remembered i first came to zen center that i would always been particularly brought up short at this point of oh you know rather my virtue in practice deserve this food display from and then i read this thing about it's in a finger snap you have a hat
add you would have one thought of goodwill you you can eat the country's arms food for good for some purpose rather have
and i i know that for a number of people this particular saying has always been like why do they put it in their the and i can't mostly i can never feel comfortable eating because we're very hard on ourselves i think our
we can be very hard on ourselves and we don't we forget that we actually have had it just the time of a fingers i've we've had a thought of goodwill or cultivated a thought a goodwill or
attended to it and what of and many that the last part is than what of the person who makes more of such a thought not just a finger snap it makes more of it you know actually dwells on thinks about it
so so everybody can eat
with love
not to forget this though i mean i think it's a reminder is my virtue and practices or have a hand thought of good will eight you know have you hooked those bumper stickers have you hugged your jail today
and further on in this finger snap
little chapter it talks about harmful thoughts
which and actions which followed from harmful actions follow from a harmful thought so it's kind of weighing the two together both both of these appear in mind and you can actually cultivate one and a each
perfume the next thought or have a own
the the thought that precedes the next thought has a it's one of the causes and conditions of the priests of the following thought the preceding thought is one of the conditions were having the next thought so so they're they're interconnected in some way and the absence of one kind of thought will will allow another kind of thought to come up
because of this this is so if if you can get into a ah a real run of negative thinking you know and the each one of those thoughts perfumes the next or is the causes and conditions for the next next month
so this finger stamp you know this even this one brief that of goodwill has it the quote is is not
this is not a thought in vain it's not a thought of maine or
this is not empty musing this is not just soooo to do or i think this and then i think this this actually has or any thought has this consequence is cause is causes and conditions
so not to take it for granted will so i've had a thought for a finger snap but you can actually get into ah
a train or a whole time have very negative thoughts you know
and in one of the things that helps with that that makes those kinds of thoughts wayne and allows good will and software to arise is mindfulness mindfulness of your thoughts because often we don't even know what we've been thinking you know for long periods of time you run even be able to wow
tell so many work what you've been thinking about some mindfulness and earnestness

so i just done
i was gonna talk with the kids about the fact that the war was over and
but down it's not what
i felt like talk him out but
i did feel a l it was in lecture actually wednesday night that meld that one of the abbot's said that there had been a ceasefire and but i felt when those words when i heard those words was the kind of
ceasing of something i have been wholly very tight to i don't know if
so when you heard it was over or this aspect of it was over the fair
fighting i felt a certain it was right kind of in at the heart chakra kind of kind of with go alluded
and i didn't realize the extent to which i was kind of holding
what i've been talking about you know the harmful actions following harmful thoughts and so forth via
a full blown kind of manifestation of that which starts in each person's
body mind is something like the war that just went on that's that's really no different in terms of actual you know the mechanism of it then what each one of us knows very thoroughly of how actions fall i thought

so it is that was sort of parenthetical but not really
so i i want to encourage everyone to
i think it's really important and i want to encourage everyone to examine this question of what is since and what is inside or to me what is the purposes and center or what's offered here is it vital to my life is it would it matter if sense that it wasn't here anymore to me really and if so
ah as i think it would be very helpful to sensitive to hear about this what isn't working what
what makes sense what
what is not life full of life here and what you want us to do and what you want to do because then it's then it's not them centers doing this and i'm coming and just feeding or drinking at this trough and going away it's more like this is my endeavour to and i have an investment
and an ownership and it's hear what you know what we came up with for this fundraising proposal for what is in in the purposes
same center was this very tight paragraph very short in fed it paragraphs what is then followed by what is the purposes and center and the purposes into was so short be combine the two because it looked like
it just it looks her of strange but what we came down to as the purposes in was this is word for word but it's to convey
suzuki roshi is teaching and practice
that was the purpose of zen center but
and what is then had to do with this fundamental endowment and ah when you sit and feel the fundamental endowment or the stillness that down
is the ground of our being
when you're in relation to this or i should you can see relation ah when this is experienced know
i should probably read it exactly to because it it was so tight that if i try to paraphrase and i lose it
anyway it had to do with opening to yourself and to others in the world once you understand this fundamental endowment and rest we didn't say this but the rest in the ease of your fundamental endowment what happens is that you open yourself to all beings
and this openness so it's not human centered it's all being centered and it's interconnected with
all beings and and then activity flows out of this so so that was then and the purpose was to make a place for this to happen it when we got it down to the tiniest thing it was to to convey suzuki roshi is teaching and practice and to make a place for that to be conveyed because it's kind of hard on the street
corner so to make a place for them and then any other thing that comes out of that any program or any
social service or cuisine or guess program or anything that comes out of that
ah is just a response to what individuals and society is asking for
so it's very connected to
everything around
so i am i really feel is important presents center to know from you all who come or who live here what's working and what isn't working and ride