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in ten
eight great awareness is have been enlightened be
and this is based on her mask teaching which buddha came just before he had passed him to passed the on went into his aim on sir it's the last teaching the buddha gave his disciples and it's the last
jessica the gentleman that was kind of an interesting
cemetery there
maybe we should keep working on it for have your children
that worry about an issue
in cosmic significance to working with ease
they're so these eight awareness is or their eight practices
why they're eight understandings
ha ha
many of us are doing these trying to live the fees already but to bring from for
and you make them conscious and we might want to take up one or more of these are for the summer and focus our practice on one aspect
these are all although we say a are they're actually from all the same assets or one
one might
so you'll see as i read them how an interconnected they are awesome are really two separate just a different way of talking about them but they he's each point throws a different light on on what we're talking about
he said
eight points
sounds a little bit like when i just read an easy way to become a buddha the first one is have few desires
the second one is and knowing how to be satisfied
period is enjoying prime to
of serenity and tranquility
the port is exerting meticulous effort or intelligence
the fifth one is not forgetting right thought or unveiling recollection
sixth is practicing summary
seven is cultivating wisdom
an any is avoiding idle talk or vein top
kind of interesting that the last one has to do with speaking usually in this will sound very familiar to those of you who've studied buddhism a little because there's an overlap with the precepts and with the or parameters and the eightfold path
most of which and with an or samadi and wisdom but in this listing
when end with idle talk linda
so the point of practice is really
to be
where will almost can't get too
right now
to get to this present minded by
something in this crap
i think some of us through shower swift children charles his work is we actually achieve
on the body and breath and were able to bring life to r memes to our arms or hands
where the shifting of late
taking are reading the main thing all the way to time
why chest to today it's a dissimilar method assumption to davis and a long time or just are lifting our arms and experiencing
the movement in the shoulder and show shoulder girdle and the arms when that are very slowly
very subtle
tiny gps but so rich such a rich awareness and a frog is going on in
and then i got they carried away
she had a stint this endlessly after death down partly because somebody complained at choose
and at some point my hands and arms with way after nine my breath is sell him
oh and the feeling in my buddies
so free i wanted to jump which extended ceiling
that kind of awareness
bringing life to i
honey to an activity is something that's within or capacity needs in touch without need any special tools special instruction need a quiet place concentrated price
then some encourage
the body really
what's wants to be free and wants to be
and awake
when some of your name st joseph campbell's
series the power of myth
meander as a book published a book that this material with lectures interviews in there he said
people aren't really interested in the meaning of life but people are interested in is the experience
and i actually
and will take about that's true
lily are searching for waiting for that moment of really be
in i love and that boom was in the body
his experience
what it's like to do in the abdomen
lions be throat
what may happen who's being your hands
hi i'm really grateful to charlotte and sell in charles books for
bringing their they work to rust a sweep and reminding us or something that we talk about all the time
and earn it's we can do so much because and where we're thinking of that and to i like thinking about something you should do instead of
he said do
he's eight practices or eight awareness is are not hierarchy cause i've said it's more like us
the horizontal circle and as been practice
we become more and more deeply and suddenly aware
the death
hi tech difficult
i'm the depth of opportunity
with each one
he knew somebody said to me the day or those of you who can my guests and the handle
sitting here yesterday when they yesterday was one group and a date for another group sitting all day
one person said today
even though i tried to be present all day and new an effort to be with my breath in my past it i needed help and investment in touch with nice errant
i wasn't i wasn't really there
will be so high
that's not an uncommon experienced a son
something between us
harboring some curtain or some bail
and then sometimes i just drops and rewrite in our by repressing for sensations and think sandler
when i thought not
so i'd like to talk about them a little bit and try it out to be to systematic because every time i try to get systematic it goes flat so try to keep it a little livelier
oh my senses that we can't be present because we're afraid
here keeps us from actually
just been where we are being ripped person we're talking to and in the activity were doing
when present in zaza really afraid to be in
that is that
present month
the promise of something
but we may not know
promise of something that
sample my mind knows
it's the unknown for us
too much of the challenge we don't feel
up to
our bodies not ready our minds
so given that
most of us have some difficulty virtually all of this
we take on this practice we call sam
bring us into the body said friday practice
and to
allow us to see soften the body and live in the binding become intimate with the party become acquainted with the handbook the up and through this acquaintance
gradually break down the resistance the fear the anxiety but doubt
so that we can just
i experience
in sasson we understand the late ourselves
roger and to see with this phenomenon this mind phenomenon is
and the first
and that's an antidote
to this to the way we are
and so this first awareness
i haven't your desires a out a restless night
reminder dissatisfaction the mind
when the mind of agitation
when were agitated inside because we not content with the we were always wanting a little bit
more a little bit different
when we're not content inside were looking for a stimulation outside
if we don't find it outside
as we noticed in and we still made ourselves inside
the mountains to annotated with unfinished
one beat ourselves and to cook up a livestock
who gets milder this restless mind
what is the
this is the fundamental teaching of buddha summer
separated from we are
because we think we are something a little bit of life the compendious
the make up somebody that you can on and actually
policing tells us teaches us and our experience in zaza used it there is only
impermanence there's only he arising and kinda falling away and sensation
her feelings
a thoughts
a sensory experience
hey antidote
the teaching is that everything is it life is ancient trenches life is incorrect
everything changes
and was six as him an actual effect
which the mirror
stomach that anyone
die for entertaining
and little by little simply to sing
attention and body begins to relax
that was interesting to me the watch in the workshop that riddled by middle with that intending but simply because he's focusing on the exercises are the breathing changed freedom
relax and in thousand we didn't bring our breath down to are apt to take it away from the noise and grain the active braking local stimulated raman
bring it down to our apt in calm ourselves and
had this practice has had new dimensions one is
promise he added is an ancient
work to find a balance between and stepping back
going for it and actually
hey there are two aspects are one appointed him
so the first practice he was having been disastrous
the most of decide to register the material things
this practice brings out the from resume
getting close at surprise but going to get interested in television sets
lucy eyes
what the designers that we earn
hang on to even when you let go of some material design is like gluten
the desires we hang on to or the deck desires for it and recognition for approval for fame
when he asked
hey well thought it
in august two better than other people think admired
i noticed him
when i went to his wedding that so long ago that i inadvertently found myself by the very classy dress which i normally wouldn't have thought
and then
since i bought this rather classy grass
all kinds of
there's arose with it i was suddenly and
catapulting myself into
a new level of presentation so i needed a shoes when needed a handbag and i needed various other
i need a future events to wear this for history and i needed a car
partners who would share my new style of clothing and i didn't know where i was going to get out is so i really took the inspect
and i thought about what a funny turn around this one's for you to do
not exactly
i realized that what i'd done was a desire for a brief time an alternate way of life
i'm desired an alternate life from the life that i'm reading
and that was represented by his quest gas
it was started going through my mind i hadn't for new medical and the i realized how are we are always
desiring alternate lives
and the life were living
another sexual pregnant and had an eight legged friends
a better position to of everything birmingham
and that we get into a lot of trouble because
we can imagine life other than a life worth living
when the deep teaching a buddhism
where's the
there were only living this life
and imagine a chain imagining alternatives
this then
suffering is misery
tremendous agitation and chilling the restlessness
so the second of these
awareness is is knowing how to be satisfied
that's one that we have just one
of energy
exactly pretty jittery what does it take to satisfy us
does what satisfies me today satisfy me tomorrow
how was
i felt so nourished by the workshop to guy that the satisfaction of breath and awareness
presence in my bag
and i think all of us who downsizing for some time i know that
people's satisfaction that we have
is the satisfaction from sassy
the promise of my breath
my body
the presence
no breath and party
and the pilot
the experience of the knowing of our life has its
wrong guy
so thousand once again can be
a model
sasa is a model for this
life of food as advances
just as
zaza is a kind of renunciation
and understanding which are focused and ninety nine
a renunciation of
the opportunities
the world with the censored censored form
and a return to
to come to our original nature
and the theory
the third of these awareness is is enjoying crime to
maybe literally that means going away from the clamoring crap crowd into the forest and out of writing the arising and perishing as
in another way and giant prior to his again experiences as is the
being in our lives in a way that doesn't add anything to
it's the non doing of our life
sasson is now i'm doing
hey books car of looks quite or thirty nine nosek to the manager
homes as and were aware never seen
tremendous flow
it is i'm i'm terri
knowing this endless change
oneplus transformation endless relaxing
without commenting on it without adding too
his point
credit so even when with isn't a guest season after a relatively calm winter weekend
watch the energy cup with the watch the evening to eyes and with practice my neck
the can practice
not expressing their impacts
not rough watch that feeling with not practicing these i had easy to do and we just
we take it on as an expanded what do we learn about so
practicing not acting on feelings
practice not the minute we asked our healing for grab it would gravitate toward one person or thing and we push way something else
after right way
i'm always in a tug of war with like the cracks in for always
absorbing it into ourselves
we think it's all weird for us
les miss its independent existence or we'll be checking it miss it
so somehow to rock at each thing
without the coloration of desire or rejection
is to be to enjoy quite
like punishment
and that's of course cutting against the big green
hellboy habitual be which is always react or always we i was grabbing things i was pretty things
so sassy again
and shows us how to develop the capacity software of or strength of attract the softness of my to be present
have just met funds from
through us events
hoover must've had a very wide texture map and very wide texture night so the medical team for just come to me
he didn't reflect him
and then
diligent effort meticulous effort
really says
it's like crying endless drops of rocker
i stop eventually
a whole
so divergent practices every day
what the continuous effort
had also been willing to take a break when we need to eleven to refresh ourselves
and intelligent effort
is setting realistic goals
in production task will temper
that will give us confidence nine
i've gotta a
to engage
the guy rife with adequately call practice the directive
not forgetting right thought was to continuously come there
i am here
you they come back to the three treasures i am brutal diamonds on
huda as
dharma as the kitchen
sunday as the honeymoon
the between
self and everything between different to me
sameness indifference
continuously coming back for forgetting that thoughtless continuously coming back the awareness of our identity with all my life are non separation remember
in our willingness
to make the effort to be allies against the interconnection
practicing submarine is
correcting her
thoughts and and energy
when i was thinking about this when i brought about how many times
it seems really hard to get across the room
i'm pregnant in san francisco because i not sure whether russia and the telephone com and comfortable at a letter have a chance
look up a book at times but we just trying to promise check move has a mind was called you in various directions
when sometimes it's really obvious and gross like stay in the middle bedroom and can't move that will be proof
other times it's very it's more subtle vicious some interference try to do something they actually
we have some other agenda
after seeing some writing is no more trying to bring our agenda is to checks for quitting
so that when
actually doing whatever we do completely wholehearted completely home
when we have had that experience as i think many this offensive school it's a wonderful encouragement
despite the difficulty of free our minds
the proper doing it he ended the day and i think activity is unusual post work than he asked me as if we see so much restlessness it
but in the dining room or in the kitchen when he actually have the use of our arms
stomach rags
her choice him
which act and because they are tasks to do that have to be done
how many this it's worth it's easier to find concentration and stabilization
and the expert is cultivated wisdom
inside watching films coming
going punching things by
there is anything that lasts
we are only our activity
we are not anything in addition to arrive
who can know we are good and the teacher with them
when there's no one fifth there is just beginning
so cultivating wisdom is
actually studied this phenomenon
the pass away and hoop houses come and go
her anger arises and passes
agreed if it's not acted on actually fences
when that inherently
our experiences that life is somewhat frustrating for always a little bit frustrating for a lot festering
and actually knowing that we act out of this discomfort in an unbalanced unsettled state of mind to most of the time and continued to come back to stability to to come down to
countess imbalance
and and
writing i item talk
and dead try and let his talk which gives you something to hang out
and a lifetime
his act which takes away your assumptions
whenever your understanding
i hope that i had to get a new entry
if i have this just an carnage for it is just
something else to i'm here
is anybody have any comments or questions about
what i've said so
i appreciated you're talking about on our imaginary life for life or that we imagine we could have the work in the moment the rashly and for the moment could not quite actually
the improbable
and and i wonder how much of how much my life is spent thinking that because i can imagine this out of state thinking that i can get to it if i do x y or z and so on
i i guess i her and i'm making this perhaps because i want to talk about two things you may not go together
with the ideas of zazen as renunciation is a little makes me a little squeamish and much more our comfortable with your calling at return from because i think that fit that that picture of if i do x y z my
crude are some fearing for her renounced these things than i can have this this imaginary line
he wanted something something to them
where you make that connection from the again he had more comfortable with says and as return game
return to original nature e s into her enter the present experience
as a way to avoid
to avoid the at the idea of zazen as
see i call it renunciation because i feel that as it is a very radical changing the way
medical examination
all our assumptions of what life is now
you know the staff matter
which achieve the military and most diverse are doing zazen with the mind of attainment and we measure our success we had a good period of have some really didn't have a good services
going to be
i think it's just
illuminating to say that this is an endless source of division
were endlessly imagine another period of thousand and one who do is the perfect as and that we read about someplace so it sounds like somebody did and if we were doing bad instead of what we're doing
will be
in summer
as the injured cause he says such beings are deluded about in food
and it is boosted our enlightened faster version
so somehow we have get break that heck
except in the right to feel okay
with this this is the only body i
this is a reminder
this is the intuition
i can either settle into antipolis finally after trying everything i can to get away
i continue to chase me
so it's a one thing we do so one thing we go want to don't want to just be here
it has for everybody else that this is where we are i see who's this
it's fine with me i want you to eat
you're not easy
it's okay with good for you to be healed he had i can cover
i would coming back
what's not in that why are we the fish and why do we stay a decision
or we have an over abundance of in some people here somewhere
but i think the and of elegance is decisions
how to present the superman
then the other image that you mentioned at the rock and the water dripping from the kind of patients that that water is i'm also as with a hey speaking of now with was that's that's what is required to actually allow ourselves to be right where we are
with the patience of want it
emigrating his idealistic
it seems like and that was true i think would we started practicing with suzuki roshi there was a real sense of if we did this if we were really got hello for ten years or eight years and we'd get to the other shore it would have been analyzed it to the other side
and we were unprepared
for the actual fact that the more we sit more in touch with you with our actual
kadima and the more we see
how greedy how deluded
how ignorant i can be hard
and i'm more willing to be course of practice system settle into
conclusion division
you know recovery sense i said he hadn't yet we are from the beginning warren has buddha and we are deluded to the hand
and somehow we don't want to settle for that
somehow each of us is gonna be the exception
and it's true that each a purchase the exception but only cracked sitting in my seat
can i become buddha
you can't sit in my seat and i can't sit a york
but you can fit in your seat and the buddha that you are
somewhere in there that kind of
reality a kind of acceptance
this little fancy thing
here is the passage way
to saying the buddha incentive fees are one
being this probably being wholeheartedly this and should be
is what you see as be when your whole heartedly he were should be yourself i see him this week
have you see a you don't see it
gets out this is very simple obvious teaching credits so hard to do
we're talking about it as the summer
that launched a good bit
so if very something inherited you can take on actually study actually study with them
diligence and interest prior be interesting
i mean when you see your endless divisions
oh that's how my mind works it wants to get out of spite so i get a pretty dress in pink and isn't that interesting but i don't want be
product movie
he's getting late kingdom and the markets some he said
i promised the ina i'd say something back the actually as
but i think i'll say that fortunate because we are going to have it
the opportunity to my afternoon for of afghanistan practice
and the ceremony tomorrow night is a returns was a reaffirmation
the buddha nature
that side of us is our original nature
which she's constantly being liberated and expanding as and fixed for
which is supporting
are sentient being surrounded our karmic side which is covering our food side you may go back and forth
and in the ceremony we will
take refuge in that pay homage and will take the vows again
as an affirmation
at this acknowledgement of the boot of i said to him
we you know and we touch and we a survival of food
but each of those hands and chairs
hey you there

many or injection
the and better
the beginning and british way to the