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i have my like what's been the translation
here's a list of mine is actually he says papers she found the laboratory
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coverings and these all are like is comings i'm kind of one covered up going to see things as an hour
so that around them so without out and it's an in his explorations and so when you see
from all that stuff is about seeing into reality of south as yeah
the there a long way and will be this and reminds know is is a coverage are not buildings anymore
and and therefore he is this hobby is no fancy system
i want to see little the back in coverage however i'm alone in this country
we'd like to your own deeds of
your agent twisted kind of your own needs to pass the really hate dilution rep the fruit of those needs comes up in your circumstances
we moved here and now so and then certain circumstances which are really not very a piece of to my practicing or here the medina and all or understanding the truth or
when there's some circumstances writing the homeless guy is a dry pan for a certain route as rebel and is swarm homeless presently see an occasionally power
i'll bet the nationality and he says he as he steps on the skies the newspapers asked what system and
that that situation is not making dessert he needs he actually not sure we sort the basic needs that are necessary or first for you could be able to hear into your needs if she needs food place to sleep we medical care
the answer to everything and this is this since this is the kind of service and and us will be a hindrance is kind and they will be
the a hindrance to your own sneak into the nature of reality
grey shop around at things like reading a delusion and restlessness random trust was a whole list of things that actually if you have those kinds of
those are what's covered in every for example his favourite see with into the nature of the emptiness or similar depressingly you want a time
lemon pepper
on a boyfriend girlfriend or whoever hears the is found the turkey doesn't arise when you're caught in that kind of kinky for long
the emptiness
the emptiness of that million or less that's where you put your release
so mostly you can be coverage from the crowd
i'm a third one year around it is basically empowering that
what we usually see an unusual way of looking at rallies that their subjects and objects and that those are both entities apart from each other separated san diego we here an article here that in itself according to police
understanding which is an understanding other medications have a period of those applications a nearly true around
comes out of vacation experience that we are is no subject and object so that the fact that we see such as now he's all over the place you know valley manson we'll be here when he knows you
i see that in itself is yeah laughs covering on cognition come and we don't see that there actually is subject was subject from object the reasons are and the simplicity is just subject
it is just subject and it's section is that there's just object minutes
hi only so that that's what this as reality that we have is coming from yeah yeahs j n y that j and eight comes up ryan says it turns it has to be the same as meals uses g and of vaccine
the occasion the and companies and some
so mine is no is this is what keeps you in the house is my no with our aim is all fears exists among the in cremona beating up afterwards soon as we have you haven't tried the same airframe
in non-american either to for years now
no chemo radiation in some way
save himself to his life again from a face awareness of detail and he never a drop
he felt he had to tell the strong and that was somewhat he'll to go growing patients who need to tell the story on happen
and it tells the story that hate having him out
he tells it
independent neutral raiders have a lingering pinochet
some fear nose hairs exist this is clear that live with and with game day out of
my own discussion on the description of those value of the destruction of
simon is to hear that it's like
our than the mind is no because without any hindrance no cases it is a very it's cough
some soothing it's very soon and that i'm assuming it with means you know and
so men
her on is going gonna a man for example that we know your thread
i was reading this book about less alaskan girl
nice very good with the wolves and later average he had needle and her to has heard her room night which rendered to survival a at one point or next act was taken by this kind of normal and she what she had ross and most importantly owner with know this knife and
neil and in prima letting this having a the other friends slider and pointed a man your shoes off i'm are about image of down for the absolute basics of a meal and how we are like some as
suddenly why about that
yeah seeing into the white sands as anything
on your own self as empty
this is an this stuff is is the discovered this is coverings away with the on crowds away from simon
so that's a discovering mrs certain and decide on a him so happy to share with you about new found and the word new banner one of the roots this is this is agreement that the carson was scarred as the way in
professional wisdom literature and he be spoken is saying that random items in your family react when she's covered so nirvana has to do with the ultimate kind of unobstructed and uncovered freedom
how random spot cummings how
re shot him yeah i'm ravenous having second spirits and wasn't around the feet and
those countries necessarily by their very definition a prime the southwick having envy or me your aggressions of it has to do with thinking that is a cell phone here i felt a needs to have stuff in ah
and say what kind of conditions and seeing it your own time conditions
is that belief in separate itself so young so i seeing into the emptiness self all these things have i'm uncovered in what we're rapidly so know
here is directly and now
five hide from every convenient you right
close your eyes
so a way that sound
that's what i wanted to talk about the and i don't wanna can i be some kind of heavy
andy like song
maybe you're asking so as
ah so basically this insight into the and permissive on the times categories
comes to ones on awareness and
practice and sitting and you're not sitting you can
you can start right these practices that i gave killed children now
i've been standing seen that everyone has the same fears that you do and
can you stand in the they're coming from and out of level compassion and so what we end up doing is in act as even worked as a would
if you are restricted face and say
you act
at our compassion
even though the price transistor anything there are no self and others
just so will help on you not know his history she just surrender that in canada inside a mountain can still practice helping on movies or rent one
so the promise of how can you offerings like one person and one leaving the on principle matthew i'm not
nice building high standard we gave them our papers to find a new if you really us
standing right now
thank you very much

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