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first time to visit
the person

tonight i would like to talk about
buddhism as a matter of
we hop on hurry keep her
when she saw people who translated as are waking her
who said that
we all have a waiting car
how about you
well have been
the buddha
pain in my
we looked around said
how good it is to see at all
people and all to happen
so that when we see
in an enlightened way or fully awakened rain
what are we see
how good it is to be had on
how good it in that all of us are people everywhere
no little thing
i'm readily channel
where'd you grow up
whatever the students across the world
how do we want them
hey can we how do we realize that every one of my life
sunset really impressive for the school is how
does the soften
an open
who prays
the beautiful
we said the album
i'm a lot of confusion is bob
when i found that in my own
journey and of so many people one of the main seeming obstacle for assets students
here's how can relate
where did you see an agreement family farm in ourselves and in our world
how to open to that
when are fighting on a we talk a lot about working with negativity working with emotions
but it doesn't matter what tradition in law or this world that with a crush on that people as
hey can we people once they have somehow same thing for larger family
have some sense that the past thirty how vast possibility of being proven
and how rare is to have it
having seen that then even more you wonder how to be like when seeming
confusion fear depression friends
undesirable things like seeing himself and saying
seemingly out sad
what i have been caught with what i have found to be true
is that by opening whole heartedly
you all parts are the down
my doing what in some sense nearly feels ah who a dangerous when unthinkable to do
i completely open to things in ourselves that we find frightening for that we find a ah
what we find
i'm pricing on this concern with and environmental
but opening ourselves to those things but instead of going crazy instead of becoming mean instead of harming others but actually happened is that have brought him
well see ourselves that we're that closely
that really
it's very painful but it softens them
it saddens us because we realize our kinship with our other key
you begin to realize that there's nothing that will see outside of yourself that you will not harm
our own my own problems
when take a lot of people a dancing and poaching of pick on harm when you know that one where he said something like i know
i mean girl thing right around the world thinking him
i'm the person being murdered and one of the killer
when you look to yourself
you see everything moving that
you ever see on the outside
when instead of it making you depressed or
are angry and sorry
because we've seen your council
for him
where the practice that them
we are given away that are beautiful
were given a practice at the time when we take the body south of them
on this out
take your meditation practice is called com plan
e o n g out in and it means taking and sending
it has to do with
being brave now
to face reality
it has to do in copenhagen your bar which is there looks like saying cultivating fearlessness
when has to do with cultivating its softness of you very much thankful as cultivated with bravery
are ripening or connected remembering the bravery went wrong path
which is another waves of feeling it's kinship are all other people of all living things
it's the practice where you purposely
as whole heartedly and as friendly as you can
your own pain
actually i'll describe an excellent
but the notion is that your room to feel their own pain
so completely that you can realize that it's feeling the pain of thousand
and then equally the practices water running down that are opening completely beyond roger and town opening outlook the vaccine ventilating are all that sense of being caught in a small
a painful place
the tomlin is about this concept
and then the story is that a man named a tea shop
when from india to tibet are very long time ago
when i buddhism has been introduced to the bed already been with a very degenerate stage and
he went there to live and reawakened losing the best
and then he had already been practicing this right himself for some time
so much so that you care for the most valuable teaching in the world rice
the people who lived with and all the conflicts a bad flat
he was sad to say that them the greatest teaching come from community that so that brings up everything
the tibetans love to tell the story about how when he went to tibet he had heard that the tibetans were such
lovely gentle thirty three
then he decided to bring he had been very keyboard with him who was mean
and vastly i'd never had my work and he purposely brought this primarily fellow along with him to keep him awake and can make sure that you never are
i've got arrogant or thought that he always the be born with the of side
that features well to tell the story because then the story goes on the saying that when he arrived in fact he realized he'd knock
so this practice that he brought with it is very much like the story and other words it's not just such a painful or grim matter there's a lot of sense our vision that goes along with winner and a lot
of openness the wow
for some sense in this practice at going to feel pain for it and also went on to have a sense of humor or some sense of lightness which is another way of saying
having a larger perspective for going beyond your remaining assumptions about it
have a technique with practice
heck me begin with several opening
beginning of the technique is somewhat like just sitting for letting your mind often
when some sense of like i'm rather than are sitting meditation
my people doing another with tradition just sitting and reading your mind open to that
this is how we practice begins and this is the ground the whole practice
the whole ground of with practices it's a traditional call absolutely will be cheaper about to say the ground of the practice is
absolute realization of filled with a sense of openness beyond any kind of now
someone at the beginning of his practice depending on what their realization of openness is lamb just simply connects with that it was the background of the whole thing to which she continually return
for some people this is simply remembering something that makes their heart of sometimes of gesture of kindness for other people would remember the ocean or sky
many people who had some experience in their meditation
i have some sense of being able to easily remember the sense our openness
but at any rate but in practice begins with the sense i'm simply open to larger
which traditionally it's called
opening to absolutely going to keep them
then the rest of the practice is has to do with awakening the flag
what's actually said is it's a practice of
how to dating relative furniture
which is to say that since we have awakened are already since the awakened state is always hear from
we can connect with it at any car
and this case we do that by recognizing how we suffer and how we can let girl
so to begin with
haven't let your mind open then there is a stake in this practice when breathe in
i'm you live in dark heavy hah
you actually actually visualize that you're breathing in black heavy across to all the point of your family
and then when you breathe out you radiate out some friends of radiating out right lie and whole
right away you breathe in again visualizing what you're reading in ah ha ha on happen when you breathe out radiate out from lamp and cool
when sunset was simply a metaphor
her being able to feel on the in breath
stuckness of panel the heartland of home
sort of heavy and dark quality of pain
which is to say that you're actually connecting when this first quite visually where the sense our
what it feels like when you get angry
when you get angry you will get hurt small
an appeals dark and if you have
has it also feel happy
basically it's a with large
brilliant world that we live in some will just very small and time and self centered on the field theory rather than him
and you can feel it my bag
when you breathe out that again another way of visualizing somewhat metaphor of the feeling out
unconditional love helping them
what it feels like any experience you've ever having a good feel that when that guy preconceptions and just open beyond pleasure and pain
some sense of same things as they have a sense out
vastness of lightness
since i've called the house
so i'm in breath and breathe in black and half of outcrop breathe out radiate out from and for
the south here is that run to feel
the pain from the own breath and willing to open everything out and share said our openness
by this practice is very helpful one for all about
because of the fact that women how much medication with down somewhere as they still very subtle for think be comfortable and wanting to avoid pain but somehow the practice a else on that com
so having flash are open and to begin having visualized black or the and product in breath and right and for on the opera you do that until it's synchronized on
him that like outdoor rock climbing
then we come actually to the heart of the practice which is the cultivation of loving kindness towards yourself
at this point what you do is you purposely
how about conceptualizing it we promised me to evoke anything painful to move on anything under his arm and paying probably milan and we do not have to name it
in fact it's best to be able to do with very simple and straightforward them by have perhaps the thinking of face of person or just without too much elaboration thinking of situation and that causes that sense of scotland to arrived in your car
send a black comedian
so i'm an inbred having touched into that situation on the embrace you only going from complete them and feel it profoundly and the outcome
what's the sense of ventilating out of that reading ground
in our lives we tend to either be fixated on whole article
or somehow are attached to space i patched the fence or from right field of enlightenment or we might feel he experienced for we might feel it
pleasure or comfort
from spiritual sense or rna every day said
and this practice tends to undercut both of them because i'm inbred you feel
the pain quickly and only he can just a sense of feeling
from the our from equally are willing to shrug off and problem
and since of the outfit is wiki hackers to relax our and ventilate a bad thing it's like as if you were putting space around the
around about

have you can do this
and connect with this as something as real and not just something that's theoretical
when the next step will be them
to affair
because and then the next step when the final step is that when mean in whatever pain is that your field
we recognize that all people are were a few of them
and that all people everywhere get stuck in that very same way
and by all people everywhere
spin off into tremendous confusion just because they feel this kind of field
so when you breathe in but the last stage of the camera when you breathe in breathe in
not just connecting with your only like you breathe in so that you feel so that all other beings could be freer
you're going to feel for the own
sometimes it's express that when you breathe in
are you breathe in you
it's as if you're taking away from all the people breathing in all the pain or a movie and feeling it so fully new sound
then on the accuracy the out and we'll send out rating eight out the sense of belief that sense of relaxation it sense of ventilating the whole thing
who says of some sense of connecting again for this openness that you
perhaps were able to make at the very beginning of time
and we share that with all
whoever haven't worked for a living now than ever wanted
so in this way the very things that are usually like on onwards
painful things that we wish we could get rid of that we would like to have the power that we consider obstacle to our is that we consider a pain in the neck for out on these very thing instead of being obstacle instead of being intruders instead of wrecking the whole
and ruining our my math
instead of that they become very means by which we recognize your kinship with of a be
i think it's safe to say that if you do not
begin by making friends with the negativity confusion fear depression resentment and all those kind of thing it yourself
we will not be able to catch an act of compassion for other people to are feeling upset
when ricocheted first
wrap me respect me
he told me a story that i'd like to share with you
he said this was the practice of writing back
and it's a practice of awakening your park first of all to step running be able to be are unconditionally loving towards phone france oneself
which began focusing feel for it in fact and then be added to that guy
and he said
when he was little as a teacher taught him his practice he had difficulty doing
and then he said one day or whose only around eight years old he looked out of this rendered to fire
and down the wrong in the courtroom
the work with to astounding the package
when the puppy was gone repackage
rendering and boring hearing and laughing
and then he said after that he had to mg of think of that and you can also do the tax
so it's like bringing up whatever problems often very helpful to do it with that part without
but you can also fill it with memory flash back
rather than those memories that causing you to the average probably to present for on fitter and world some and building a subset of enemy he just simply recognize that human beings
have been through all kinds of why they do it because some new that a fair arrived the man and then they strike out and all kinds of cool and mindless right by is simply to try
to get rid of scheme
so you can take them airfield like from up north and instead of blaming the not anymore
you can read them in feel him for me in your heart and on the opera radical create as much space as you can prevent the larger for the sunset of ventilating a powerful than the asset
on first you do it the with things that are personal to you and then having contacted
the realness of pain of human pain when they will just take the next step are realizing that normal breathing or can be breathing in the pain of our everyday and sending out sense of the last
a nice
i'm when we've done it
the when i'd like to open the app for question

if you don't find it too intrusive how i will read this template patches
it actually has four stages the first is the opening second is the visualization outbreak of the to our qualities of experience the black on indra no lag on the aircraft
the third is connecting with your own personal feelings up
i'm a pain suffering forever that might be your anger and resentment you hear whenever it might thing and the first step is extending that out lol
so rather than from you've had a current remember all that i would simply say each stage and you could dream really good stage in my say
to move on
however at the end
i'll just say now to sue the practice as you like
which is to say that you can always return again to the personal thing at a time to make it more meal
but when she actually told me was that he said if you just through the practice or cultivating my tree or a loving kind of for yourself if you just work with these feelings are feeling early and letting well for yourself it's too
it's to i'm just get it doesn't undercut any kind of in either cooling ultimately it's too
get too caught up in our personal situation are really said can just always do everything for all sentient beings if they've never very real it broke out among said that was all very well to i've tried to save us anything but i have a lot of trouble with my husband
now this practice had to deal with using the feeling that we might have unresolved feelings might have about your health but feel like you're a lover of child the father your mother to the bath where key chair whoever whatever it might be working with them are now feeling
so that the universal thing is real sort of real personal and business
some this practice with bring together the absolute the violence
and this is the practice that a teashop brought that became the chemical thing
so when i hit the gone into the first jackson
an and whatever way
possible for you
you my open and relax and for people that have never done any medication or harming them bit of medication or feel that they don't really know what it used to that your not just remembered something like to present something that has a sense of openness
to it for instance in the ocean eight or the sky
sense of something sense of britain's that music theory

when breathing visualize with black heavy approximately one of the point of your body
without radiating out right flying
we've been revalued making the breadth of april
in this case is trying to exaggerate inbred exaggerate the asset that
the should embrace the address

hey in black and impact
we have like minded cool

hey listen to synchronize
black in

hmm think of the face
what brings up on his sounds painful feelings you
way in feel that fully and only complaint
what does it feel like
when we outran the sense of relief and relaxation of now than blaming the falcon
when i became queen and he was calling
does that feel
feel completely and thoroughly and then often out such a relaxing
but now complaining
try to remember or
growing up something very real to me
the painful
when the brain that are here early
in brave enough to my go and completed
he would fully recommend conclusions and if it changes into another thing that's fine just keep writing with
and letting god


hey realizing that whatever it is your feeling that all those suffering this phone
when we him for also games for yourself or others news from by the people that you know how the people in the the in for everyone will be willing to favor completely solid others to be freely
from the outset send out the sense of deprivation
from relaxation and alchemist sense of spaciousness
so that all games with saffron
have a sense power
opals and his face some sense of being able to let go of the kindness and fixated quality something
when feel it again for calling all that sense of opening letting go from the outset for yourself and paddies and continuing was re doing for herself and for others


so know it said that the a wise person
which ones that are worthy of veneration
hey feel confusion same way we do
what they are confused
am i feel fear
the are
sell some her
the reason i wanted to present was tonight because i
i sleep through the practice
what's as the crane important that you already have a civil practice of meditation and
in fact that the sat for quite a while that's best
i know a lot of people the current have sent along
am i
right to bring it up so that family could have some kind of distress in the form
working uprooted sort of realness of the things that sort of vegas not a crack was sending our lives
and we could talk about those kinds of things not a
not an abstract way or not in income
since or the sense of grudge for example a back with same but rather on
also simple that is enormous benefits are not generally
at this point we could have questions and if anybody wanted to leave at this point
you that would otherwise some there was saying we could have some questions could express your doubts

he was on
i'm back
while actually know
i win the battle between a around
whenever you
he said that are cheap was doing it she was doing a comment she can be to get started now on the and grow
the dark heart
and wasn't able and easily read girl

the instead of two things that people have covered with the practice of one is that when another is that even though all day long may have been walking around
for of conflicted emotions they sit down and someone
i'm getting hurt anything
visit know
for that you can actually it's a very it's actually good practice to remember in that post medication you know just when actually things come up and then there's a slogan be grateful to everyone because there's a sense of guess the person that is trigger for you take it off your conflict with ourselves
and you could just how
lay flat on this practice and take this particular attitude
but in terms of the getting stuck me home
if that happens it's a good to return to this the black and white back to the abstract and to me the sense of it metaphorically because you can still connect with it in that way and it's easier to
i'll do it with comments or or qualities and then perhaps if you have something that a sickly very frightening or the contract gone but the key thing is that we breathe in an equal rank threat to what you breathe out and that you don't just leave and and whole that you hold it moment
then a little from and then a big in indirect or the other way around either that it's equal in
and you can go back this a bracket he was wrong

why is there something you do instead of were really understand if i'm a bit the from the wow
am fairly new day will
well what is your meditation practice of that dream
right i hear as intended
get off my back on i was enrolled in a while
this is or with the main practice he always is just bring out sprayed on just signal using out the graph or whatever no patrons technique new jersey ma'am
that the basic practices and with ground as the whole thing result is the basic meditation practice formulas practice they when thoughts and rise who left and down
and this practice is only done
in addition to that for instance if you were sitting for an hour he might do it for ten minutes of the our
when he was sitting for three hours who might do it for twenty minutes at three hours
if you want your pity and it's can introduce the idea of purposely ago your heart or ripening away from a prosecutor
and it's a practice are raking up that sense of rubbing crimes for itself and for others my trip on compassion and then are in fact any of you that we're here tonight who have no meditate before i'm sure was very hot food this i wouldn't happen
because it takes a certain of stability of mine even to keep your attention on in and out
but was one has somehow to stabilize
right or they will do that i also find that people who work with healing professions from buddhist practice there with they were never had a known officials said because they it's a real for them or it's right to work with people that of saffron and they feel so greatly need to be able to
work with the feeling sabbatical
and they can never quite easy for think to sancho wow
good the practice
when it's simple
it it's like ants a little color of the energy strength of our little sort of turns things as a little thick
just when you thought that she didn't that
the like
when and baskets or check on a picture or break your mother in law
graphic sexually

i find the right when i view it to find the incorrect as under threat from the same issue for very question
yes that that sometimes pressure republican

but i've always been curious about that because sometimes it does get quite and pence that way but definitely instruction is can just one can be very deep and breath and it can be a very long as
a i think the notion is that more lives in order to men falling
and that will order to
the make peace with ourselves and our world it's necessary veiled reference touch you calling for just a moment and then go to favorite prevent field have something he felt really trying again and can girl so that one doesn't become attack either
two spaciousness or cool
so that death
one time on
i was given the instruction ah yes i went and i said that i was when i have found someone and i felt very back down and i really had lots something i'm right to feel that the about it
but the problem was i had them that two weeks ago and i still feel bad about that so i went to my paycheck and i asked about this and he said
oh me two minutes for we met
i always remembered that you didn't say we i don't know down and don't don't feel the spectrum produce a sense that knew you could feel the regret completely and in your heart mantas let it go
service practices about that in fact all tracks written that of that that's been facts about that get this practice is just a little bit more gets into the relative truth of things and and makes or slogans that go along with something like be grateful to
and then
things like that
what lg president of the with you may have long heard that i like it so much t v yeah
he he had a
this dreadful man in his community and this dreadful man was young and sour and nobody like it isn't the nicest for cancel thousand people can write him because he was so funny and disagreeable i'm nasty and and so
they kept asking for cases they could please get rid of this person i finally said sure you can we could get rid of and that them we'll just have to get somebody else environment
hello i'm sarah we find in our lives as that there are these things like this that we actually can't get rid of and for people that the gravitas and want to wake up we're really asking for these people laughing i
so that we sometimes describe it it's like the a dog that bites on your army we just can't get rid of it but sometimes painful issue in your life that you can't shake either because it's an intimate relationship this isn't going to just go away or perhaps it's because
some of the time or perhaps you finally have cancer of the right that this kind of thing that isn't just going to go away to the a good practice for some sense that you need to
see the root of pain and suffering all together and be able to feel that we and next like so that you know
who are actual emotions that's the way we can discover new employees
but then there's a sense for having discovered an emptiness of for the spill channel on the realness of
and those two things at one point the alongside of sensible
what is that happening
aside from
really i might be like when isn't appropriate way
this is an excellent way to deal with finance
a fear is them
here is somehow and companion of them serious secret
i suppose it's a companion of anyone who i'd say by definitely if you think that the spiritual life is going to renew fear you will be mistaken
he is inevitable
if you really alive
and if you really want from now and then you're going was going to be accompanied by female so really the path is not one of overcoming fear that it's are not making such a big meal so when you agree when you feel fear read it in an effect with like mozilla
become very intimate with and then training wedding vow to match for the maleness we're riding down and here again
so in that way fear actually becomes motivation with spurs you on one now in some sense curiously ironically spirit the wrong to want to know how to get rid of fear but in the process we learned a lot more
so not be afraid of fear might actually realize that explain teacher and then is inevitable if you really want him
understand happening
christine was the now and talk about dark knight soul
when that's not there's something can happen once
what is the last night of the soul
well our this term comes from st john of the crop
and that basically means
and that you have had the illusion
that there was something to hold on for and five is nothing to fall onto and you go through a period was fear and helping habit
well that nothing can fail
we can go to we're moving to forget about it you cannot practise medications together data
we can't do anything get away from it
and it seems to be phenomenal
from the perspective of them british medication is something we we now see truth seeing the true nature of reality could still from the viewpoint how are you on
i'm not wanted to let go out to that he hasn't of that you can fall on and long distance canopy
so they said you meet the buddha
kill the for them
say no hold up anything however when he first experienced that in the issue for it
have you say this practice g recommend the meaning of your eyes shut my eyes open it doesn't know
he doesn't matter
you can do anything anywhere
for the eyes closed it's easier to
we were pointed about some house
open his health plans one
hmm be reading it for
interesting for me
well when we take for the south then we were instructed to do it as i say for like ten minutes of an hour sitting twenty minutes of a three hour sitting something like that
so you could do it like that or you could just do it when you find yourself
kind of push away
or getting resentful and justify that
when your emotions and begin to get really solid brass an excellent time to do this
and actually to do this properly you would sit always will sit for when guess so
when having sat for at least ten minutes or longer would be better than you would do this because then you will have much more access to openness then will ruin your good packets are thinking of his person and that a situation mentioned environments
stuffing to do an hour before he blasted
he could you could not
encourage yeah then you should sit for half an hour least before and after
looking for the record industry
is it important to do it a day one
oh wait we are instructed to win every day
however are we usually don't
expected impact on revenue
that's a system use it will be feeling he asked to be very eyes or i forget about all that it for long periods of time
and that advance
i remember it when i find myself getting really stuck
the bar from painlessly i might remember it
if that of nowhere during practice periods it's incorporated into the practice period vendee with every day
would be perfectly three months now
i know people do it as a group or individually and he will get emotional
we can do it as a group whose if if you were having a practice period and are you in the group will they do it individually or anytime anywhere
yes people get very much longer
in fact ah
ah in working with it it's very challenging because there's this one thing as i say which is that we can't feel anything
i never deserving that you get caught like a your question we get caught in the emotionality
so just like any practice you do your best
if you found that you are getting more money in breath quality and couldn't ventilated
it's best sandwiches and the time and go back was sitting practice and work with an emergency room the usual plan
because definitely don't want to i have the practice at the a creating fixation and bad things
but you see ah
what was so valuable to me personally about this practice when it was first introduced me as i realized the was quite a lot of hypocrisy when my sitting practice which was to say that suddenly and ways and i'm not realize i was using my sitting having to pull everything out
and then when i was actually asking out to contact the church things up and way not only not only that that's actually take on other people's neurosis
the that's so allows really act on my sitting practice so it was so valuable who turns a poem dedicated after that and also how to live after that because it's somewhat shows you where you're at in terms of how much really are you able to run itself how much really i mean able to have
heartfelt passion for
and this practice shows you where you're at and then we're not expected to just be a bodhisattva which is to say enough is expected to sit down and ram we'll have our overwhelming like and passion for doing this practice actually awakens your craft
if you can do this practice you will find that might feel compassion nationals are awakened from that's actually for fanatic
most everyone starts with
very little like the and probably no compassion
however you have it is important to have the aspiration and that's why it's given people activate taken the money stock without they aspire to want to give up their own privacy and put out its first
the day time that are who was practices away and cultivating
that's what are they will be running is wishful thinking
which will thinking or with self angry
when we can you give saving yourself i am going to be rubbing and i am going the compact and that's like planning your next failure however you sit down with just the intention through the practice as as best you can
no matter how well or how
no matter i didn't know what to use those kind of the west you say
whatever your experience of the pair practice is it will be er wait to book your family
who will have humor
is there
it itself
no for me
he said
that's the alphabet so inbred datasets success here you'll find in that
say someone does something
when with you and so much
we feel betrayed or whatever
let's just say
with his practice he began to know if one more that there are infinite trigger it will trigger on your own down on it
so the point is beginning to feel now there's a famous story which have a lot of your heard which is that if the orchard shoots and out and the of how best to pay attention to the our on their part says the elegant are
he fell on
in same way that the that's of this meant that is paying attention to the arab and hot so you need someone has triggered it off and really has only two men take know your description mind of wine on with
ah blaming them and then if we can talk that's not right then maybe the next day field without blaming them nevertheless there's a lot of spectacles on is good one
and the notion here is to instead of all that is more rosa
we just rewrite something that triggered something created with stephen you and here's your up to me to feel conclusions and then read a girlfriend went on the outlet
actually that's not saying this is really that with a lot of sense of radiating out was one out or open up
whatever helps you sir
work could running around
have another image is like it's smoker
ha in has this right for on the chin and it really hurts
and the venue going to sit on the rim of the deck brand
how the story really bad like you know how much
ace and openness there that somehow and the sewing kids a lot different than and was sitting in the dark room she did i combined with was so i suddenly there's a whole no effect
what's gonna happen that to fight with somebody in your house and then going up on analysis looking down at that house and that little
and then the fact that stuff not in that have seen some sort of
how right he had sent one problem
sir alfred is some sense of broader perspective ventilator
it's something that people it's insight that people have thunder their craft
and then embraced his field from the outset
when right reasons
get you time to last
or citizen
the fast
it's somewhat fast with somewhat fans
the reason it's fast as because that sense of openness
now we know if you just can flash if there's some sensitive opening
when you want to just experienced that before you start making something out of there were some sense of this me and ran quickly fairly quickly i really yet your own speed but when trying to work with in bethany
upset because they don't worry you weren't be recycled army one
when you have
you say you are working with anger and was based in where they wrong
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