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you know you don't have to worry about traffic i have voice projects to mars or but you are the other one will vary when you have any way
this will never than them
i like it had people do
and he ever wonder when you get a chance
and surpass can agree for the gardener
so very many a totally can now that i had the chance to read the so can you say when you chatting
that means this person really worried
back to chant is at this person really going to teach hey there i supposed to believe that except like that but is not what the champions and by and ah
okay right it means nudism is as unsurpassed penetrating
so and allah
it isn't me sir
below is described as a know ultimately said total simple for the obvious right age and the other hand
as a captain worry a difficult so on the yeah
short comings a good speaker and teacher were always be infinite
and you can't wait that that two matches to serve back wow this is the best we this morning
the doing their best and i'm doing my best a
and that sort of an imperfect anna
the situation is wearing his practice and always lies
i'm terribly in situation and
the urge to perfect it i guess is that
an avoidable were always tried to work
you know
because students will find other cultures and and pettersson sam and whenever he placed outfit
having the right and wilson and everything is perfect as possible but
now the frequently that just eliminates more
i relishing became the confusion
and sometimes sometimes i look at zen center and i see it like remember the last scenes in her to leave spent her starts off in the beautiful mansion you know what it's kind of someone or something new
it's a full of servants singing riches and they're happy and they are they get along with the romans and everything's perfect in and i live through this series
accidents and misfortune things get worse and worse scores evidence out and in the guys but a slight ali's resume
we have in the of and he gets back home and as mother's sister have fled to say he didn't come are falling down it's out for dust and the servants well come on it is no riches nurtures jews barely clinging on to life
and but also it's so i looked around it really scary something i was an estimated just barely
a crumbling shy him on the fines on run over again and again on the servants of god but then i remember i that invented areas where they found the christ were care that receiving
several town
any situation that can always be looked at and secrets imperfections and i can tell you that town
a it allowed i don't know what you're thinking
usually when a person comes to the first time and when the first few times to place like it a to be taken you know sort of idealized mind back and medical represents something pure and clean and true hopeful and how bad you know i think you know people little better and then you so
i'm taking more like well just make them understand that to them or anything worthwhile
after a while i instead of the i must be some better than
as be some other place i know that is somebody that are really exactly
but am i was here again the goal will be a dead center with the now when the great true enlightened teacher suzuki roshi of who was with i doubt most popular prisoner every map everybody loved him other people
people who didn't get along with each other in attack people in those people no matter what they said no say something gave how they found out to be you know thing
and they dodgers were than totally in love with since it rush so that that i had it sorted it was like his mass love affair
and and around
we know there was like words many doubts from the people who have been a glow chaplin's man in online
ah but in those days i'd say there was an equal amount of doubt complaining and degree and things out to be like this which have more rules which and less real solution eat this type of food we should eat that kind of food and steelers endless amounts of ram
i'm complaining shortcomings and people were constantly leading it wasn't good enough step i can so that is one
well then is something i'm sorry i can't do anything about in that chant camp for to rectify that and this
and perfect that situation there are things that can be done steps that can be taken to help eliminate your you're right and mind and make you happier in that sort of film and and we have to take them on that and the more
and maybe something somebody says or does sunday might encourage you to help you with basically it'll be that if isn't a cause and result in a that it will be the result your own efforts near own and that
rome practice and knock yourself as they were a practice somebody else
no one of the and for
i on
just the few things and recommend
on ah one is like you
so some people can get in to something like but his practice and you know where they get up really get off on an even if they're not enjoy in on this idea that it occurrence it must be good for me
the ah i think there's some truth in that in in that any phenomena really feeling
in a be anything and inform you are an inspiring and learn from ah
and that negative emotions and pain or ten to put in a rather nature know it is something you don't want to be attached to so they lend themselves or sometimes too
attachment and observation percents way the prayer and put you can also
the detached from and absurd pleasant experiences are neutral experience with an unusual was supposed to be the hardest to
i understand
and the most subtle round brackets and supposed to be back
the neutral around here now
ah most heads
the most people in the i first edition practice and susan has some sort of pay are you know maybe some sort new national pride but pains but really if people understood
but after a while i i am taken to match with somebody figure out and the pleasure also is
is phenomena that can be observed to detached from it patrick that nicola
neutral states and you to be early even know that there that's that's in further development that's very fast graphics suite practice with
ah notable states but anyway when they underscore the sailors and three i take one of the common problems in zen center and
three people were cousins instead of is this idea that if it hurts it's good for your bad experience i learned from know it was on illustrations but i'm so grateful i learned so much remedy it's a wonderful and if i take and i think to be careful with that and ah
because everything and think and all the attitudes you have a right that you are here your program yourself for the future so you're in programming yourself complications
you tell you subconscious
that you've gone bad experience so you can learn
so since i mentioned
without taking a poll and anybody said no i don't know if i believe that principally what we are right here is pleasant states of mind
one thing i take you can do or whether it's buddhist or not is just deciding what to have was states and nine
and that even was take my cats one will be glad to turn into a learning experience but you don't need to have in order to learn key
yeah and i think it's good to try to program yourself and find yourself toward it
pleasant states of my and for it somewhere peaceful space i'm only going to get catatonic which is another occupational hazard my patient that's natural history
i mean i have found so much anymore and you know the different times from the very convenient would seem like you know some sort of movie people floating around
from syria isn't really sort of would map on set of lower the warnings or breakdown
so and i don't think we should care feel that back to
desire in pleasure design pleasant states of mine are physical pressure something like that is ah
when something wrong and buddhists
but if if you study buddhism if you studying life
your you don't find that
ah two men seeking of pleasure are
president states of mind and sometimes cold storage your life and
an uncle acid states of man in the present physical state so you really got to figure it out for yourself any balance all that out see how it works
i i think basically what you do is just register intentions with sound like you swine
we just make clear how you feel and then
you know well that your lives now on anything i would say maybe news is typified as business practices in going about your life there's a difference between to practice be maybe it's
turned down by the time we know they don't have to be this bad i get as much pain i can be happy which is
is it's a universal reason for cracks it when i'm sort of thing that point maybe you start standing a few things maybe even read some simple to talk found students teachers or something and
might put that point that that then this design to habits buddha said when records very like than i can be happy
you know i can be answered when it's a one of the stories
you understand the the designer the happy is not what makes you happy now and the many of the so you can you can be just obsessed with his desire to be happy
you then pretty much since may have to limit yourself in some ways there wasn't really letting your happiness is just limiting your activity and or of course the great limited areas and yeah
rare for some period
time around
on a regular basis
you decide to
not and to see what's happening
i was finally your bad are
basically what everyone does an extended jams follow their thoughts and discomforts this that that there's little breakthroughs
there are
i'm definitely states of mind or beyond
just coming wondering guns
so city no limits you a great deal and then you know you might say there's some age is a limit to how you might start off with a few close once you know
area that you know hiding every night or and i'm taking lots of brothers and stuff like that is pretty everybody knows that that those for its with way down and make you unhappy
but i think there's another and was a limit your activity as much you can always been these capacity that you're out of it i knew usually all wrapped up in a go down with the man trying to come this whole complex interactions
thoughts down and then really i you that point is is just continue your life and just to the little things you're doing there's really not much more to it than that
ah so it's good to them and your activity so as last so that was watching ninety pounds settler activity is superior insists that it's easier to watch and it's easier not to get too caught up in it
so you just watch it do it sent and g and others remain economics turn and said
and where they have no belief system
ah and whatever belief systems there seemed to the year guidelines and suggestion zurich this was issued their and this the way it enjoys you know whatever suits your came in he always find this sutra that comes afterwards i was just an expedient teaching that really doesn't exist in his as things states any no matter what it is nearby
nine and this are going to practice always go through all this endless suffering and endurance reports and then you're going to attain nirvana inevitably you dedicate yourself back as he will escape the will forever be known as such as is just getting
you know just an expedient teaching and is really
you know we have to be funny soft variant francisco area we can ever february i was knowing separating that sort of thing but if you don't like that you can just stop with secretly lot

one now
so so i really think there should be and
in inner circle practice there should be a joy bad right
that's that's good buddha buddha would never have allowed us to wear these are like roads i mean i were a total blank roads because you know nice what i was given but these are the black robes whenever of a black robes and china black it's the color
when people that wow this is where it landed at school it was being the here in america is the color of debt that is completely wrong and i certainly hope some day we change that in any of the saffron bright colors and everybody know you're happy and insists this is helping improve your life and especially when an even to
slaves to has been in the family you can quit that and join order and we won't have to and so evil mother in law beating up on your life and young man you'll have to pursue are you won't have to be slaves to
you know making money and raising a family on the stage rallies cultural overlays and obligations
are these days it's not quite that were pretty much entirely the lane
yeah we are entirely away religion in and out of a shirt caught up in the social interactions and obligations and this amanda written it's a little freer in this country is probably a zillion times with distraction here the murder was who anywhere else
us but i think that's on sort of infinite said the the the premises grab the saffron robes and you know where they get him the ideal as they get in rains from gonna hit reading since i was the history of dead people that directed the learn the our transition
like washington and and they sewn together like this you can't see as the squares and everything time saffron i mean why it was a canopy would look at and say well how does your acne people were having a time when i do that too and so on his face i hope this can emerge out of
a lot of the zen forms of buddhism is at its it's it's very hard to see that sort of message are now is that sort of mine serious and dreary you know if you get really serious and dreary and understand yourself so he could picture
that you know i'm not saying that going around and having a lot of fellow we were going to be smiling roots
lost out another name email about it
the do that
daddy smiling and
you know and then you think you've really got started and those things you probably good for you that you know inevitably short while later you'll find myself grabbing some sort of
gotta hand it
so anyone i don't think there's a thing
prominent to get here
well that employees by were so but it's it's not just some sort of fun like when i'm playing in the playground or something like that and one of the types and
but the sort of friend i think you have a for practicing buddhism is more alive
ah the joy of giving sort of thing right
when things about growing up because to learn to give and take place during giving and mattress and receiving ah and
practice i i think emphasizes giving ah
which i'm getting and i think about it that comes out of gratitude
and just glad to being like that to having a my bad and gratitude for having the opportunity to better and even heard to you but you know they might be something i more to life than just you know i'm rambling thinking
are your enemies are twenty one
can you forever and general thing you've can eat from my bad that means you can be very very again
what's a propitious page it's very fortunate earth very fortunate moment in well
you can feel in our lives we we have all this incredible amounts of wealth and friends and share so much and everything so raider in this like you know all the people that ever existed in our history you know let's say wow that's just sacked when i wish i'd have my life almost everything else
in our friendly
at low brow and can i made a a sort of thing and that was of damn it's you know there's just like no gratitude for ali
wondrous material and spiritual gifts there are so i anything you know like good in a point like that to my consciously look at it is iliana maybe i should be grateful you know that sort of dark can actually
lead to feeling grateful because granted i think is a honest and true response to
any as situation the existence or know any sometimes more difficult to find a granted with you know finding a needle in a haystack sometimes ensuring you know what am i die when children are dead and euro and businesses bankruptcy
yeah progressive nerve disease and and i know on people find themselves in situations like that but
i'm finding out
i'm ingratitude feeling gratitude situation like that telling them
and that can be real activity
practicing understand me
helping others
i think the desire to help others are the intention in up by this is very important don't think it's good if you think about it iraq i think again it's more something and register so on and and now
fairly universal in the prism is to found to save on since in pays ah
and you know where he is better to do that in a formal way periodically reddit granting happening up the
one of the time is so many members because
in our tradition were told not to think about bet that we don't practice to help balance that we don't practice to help ourselves that we that we practice the buddha dharma for the good gun
and that stuff that just helps stop you from having some i inquired concepts
there are the time that are in the way is just beginning everything but the vow i think found said on since things very important you get a foul deep enough and they won't go away and you don't have to live in reincarnation to pakistan and and threat and i was raised with
recognition sewing i i think of it and i think that that i i think ahead of the three traditional view of reincarnation was just you know i got you know it's what am i going to turn it into and we're constantly refining now and it is a very hard to control
have you know it you've got the factors you have now they just keep treading in the to other things and i think that the knee president's unpleasantness of service the
the scratched special thirty years as lots build sort of decisions you make it into minute i especially in terms of how much pain pleasure you have brought other beings
so that thing i think the of our to save on sentient beings are bound to incidently benefit all other creatures and he put yourself in then i is
is it is good karmic guide insurance
i will tell
i will say that it's an essential part of our practice but not that to i think not that by altruism not thinking over time you ran a sacrifice myself records were constantly an office phone is ringing gretel is good to do things like that for the soup kitchens or
we'll just some of the things i was thinking as i took a shower to be
sleeping cream
hey here and and and i think we are fortunate to
to have run into buddhism you know activities in adolescence it's pretty plain is pretty a free and fair
phase to get stuck on looking into is not a really have to cling onto leaving of your acceptance and app and there's no object but many things that isn't is giving the tanzer am really can't practices unless shoe totally himself
alpha and
what's probably harder than getting away am i a welfare
getting up smoking
when does not bad
when you think about when our again think about him he had to watch canada going too far it's better just to sort of like i said the soup
notice to register that as an intention and then see what happens that trying to are trying to greater things your story
and as regular she used to always forms without trying to help other people and you get older you see how that they should just try to help that maybe didn't
helped so much or maybe they can learn i think about it i get so rice work in was with sts in the sixties swinging or the nuclear freeze voice i'm sure i'll do other things like that are gonna read back and i painted i know anything at all and ready up with a well
you know i hit anything this in glass that sometimes with aren't stanton's ah blankets friend italian you think it's telegraph is the third settings
is that
and buddhism i feel the same way as any i've ever dealt with is about anybody has helped me is that any benefit from it down and as they've been any benefit from them
when buddhism it on one hundred and sort of tennessee goes they only religion i know that predicts the and to get for hours like that about is and most religions and well little by little every will realize that were true religion and then i was the you know on the day of judgment and what
never we got it comes down here the mormons have a date it's fairly soon hundred years you know maybe as well for guy thing
and pretty businesses says well leave it on and we pretty good for a while it'll be really it for a while now be so so and then obviously it's total shits and cleanly disappear
an anna you can arise again at the stage and so big because santa here is the concept of hudson river

where did they say to a sometimes they'll say in on tv
i'll take you and sixty trillion calpers they were had to actually begin at the time and then i'll say i was your area in german and means that you know you've been hanging pastime you going to continue to hear every single lifetime lobby practice practicing get around the time to weep anything in time
i'm just look and see what you think for yourself and
come back to censor some time sharing with the meatless
for someone